How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch: An Easy Guide

    The Nintendo Switch is a video game console, which was released worldwide in many regions on 3rd March 2017. This special console is itself a tablet that can be used as a home console or as a portable device. This device is very popular as the users can play together as a family. Today here, we will discuss the process of how to turn off Nintendo Switch as from the Home screen, this device only offers sleep mode.

    There are some benefits of turning off your Nintendo Switch or put it into the Sleep Mode, like:

    • It’s a good idea to turn off the Nintendo Switch, when you’re going to be away from the device for some or an extended period of time. For this, you have to know about how to turn off Nintendo Switch.
    • You can also turn the Switch into Sleep Mode, which can easily turn off the screen and almost all functions but helps you to use the console again with only a single press on the button.
    • Sleep Mode from the controller or by pressing a single button on the console itself while turning it off, which needs the use of both the console and the remote at once.

    As with any kind of electronic device it’s a good idea to turn off that electronic device, if you’re not using it for some time. This idea is also good in dealing with the Nintendo Switch console.

    In this way, the hardware can take a rest, resets any potentially problematic software, and helps the batteries to charge much faster.

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    Steps of how to turn off Nintendo Switch

    After playing for a long period of time, now you are wondering how to turn off the device, right? To completely turn off a Nintendo Switch you have to follow the given steps:

    1. First, you have to hold the power button located on top of the console down for just five seconds.

    If you find it difficult to find the power button on top of the Switch, here’s a picture to help you:

    how to turn off nintendo switch


    1. After that, a menu will open before you. In this menu, you have to select “Power Options.”
    2. Next, with the help of the controller, you need to scroll down to the “Turn Off” option and hit the A button. If the Switch is undocked, you may have to tap it with your finger. Only after this step, you can successfully complete the procedure of how to turn off Nintendo Switch.


    Just remember that, after turning off the Switch completely, you will need to press the power button on the tablet for a few seconds to turn it on again. Just turning on the Joy-cons like in the sleep mode won’t be enough to turn it back on.


    How to send the Nintendo Switch into sleep mode?

    When you’re just taking a small break, then the Sleep Mode of the Nintendo Switch is a better choice. This option can turn off the screen and send the console into the energy model, which is low but allows you to resume your game right where you stopped within just a few seconds.

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    There are three methods to select the Sleep Mode on your Nintendo Switch.

    1. The simplest way is to just push the button on top of the console.
    2. The second way is that you can enter Sleep Mode by holding down the Home button situated at the right-hand Joy-Con controller, next to selecting Sleep Mode while the pop-up window appears before you.


    1. The third method is, from the home screen of the Switch, you can scroll down to the task icons at the bottom of the screen, and after that, select the Sleep Mode, which is in the far-right corner showing as the power button icon.


    Therefore, when you do the process of how to turn off Nintendo Switch from the Home Screen with the Joy cons, you can only put it on Sleep mode. Though you can put it into sleep mode when you are away for some short period, still switching it off will be the best option for the times when you don’t have the chance to charge the battery and want the battery to last for some more time.

    For getting further help and assistance regarding the process of how to turn off Nintendo Switch you can always contact the experts.


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