White German Shepherd: Top 5 All-inclusive Answers

    “You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him.”

    – W. Bruce Cameron

    Truer words have never been spoken, right? Who doesn’t love dogs? Well, I agree that there are people who are afraid of dogs but even they love to look at cute puppies even if it’s in a picture or from a distance. Admit it or not but this is true.

    So, if you are reading this article then I assume you are a dog lover and so I will try my best to ensure that you have a good read. Today we will be talking about White German Shepherds. Well, there are a lot of misunderstandings about this breed and so here I am with some interesting facts.

    People often think that these White Shepherds are albino, but that is far from true. These dogs are just white in color and are pretty much similar to any standard German Shepherd. So let’s get started with a background check and then move forward with all the facts about the White German Shepherd.

    white german shepherd

    A Background Check

    The White German Shepherd is nothing but a normal German Shepherd but white in color. These dogs are just a variety of German Shepherd that is bred in the US. The height of these dogs is similar to the normal German Shepherds.

    An adult male dog of this breed is 22 to 26 inches tall and female is 22 to 24 inches tall, and a healthy dog weighs about 77 to 85 lbs. These dogs live about 12 to 14 years, I know, we all wish our dogs would live more and more but sadly it is what it is.

    Now, the most common confusion when it comes to a White Shepherd is that is it albino? So, the answer is no, these dogs are not albino and are naturally white in color. Well, there is one thing that you need to understand is that when any animal is albino, they have a pigment deficiency and their eyes are pink, skin is pale, and hai is colorless.

    Whereas, your White Shepherd has brown or golden eyes, a dark nose, their skin is pink or black, and mainly they have white fur which gives them the name. So basically, A White Shepherd is just like any other German Shepherd, it’s just white. These dogs are muscular, strong, have erect ears, low set tail, I mean you get the idea.

    So, these White Shepherds originated in Europe, and as years passed by they spread to other parts of the world starting with the US and Canada. As I even mentioned earlier, these White beasts are bred in the US.


    Comparison Between German Shepherd & White German Shepherd

    white german shepherd

    Well, if you still have any confusion with how a White Shepherd is different or similar to a standard German Shepherd, here is a table to clear your doubts.

    German Shepherd White German Shepherd
    They are loyal, smart, and active. They are loyal, smart, and active.
    They have erect ears and are muscular. They have erect ears and are muscular.
    Height: 26 inches, Weight: 85 lbs. Height: 26 inches, Weight: 85 lbs.
    They are brown, black, creamish, and shaded in color. They are white in color.
    They have comparatively softer fur. Their fur is stiff to touch and long.
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    Are White German Shepherds Easy To Handle?

    white german shepherd-1

    Talking about handling dogs, people generally are concerned about whether they are easygoing or hyper. So, when it comes to the White Shepherds, these dogs are very playful as you would expect them to be. Their personality is very jovial and they can even be serious at times.

    Handling these dogs can be a task given their enthusiastic and playful nature but if you treat them right, it is not that tough. Anyways, we care about our dogs just like we do about our children so there shouldn’t be a problem regarding that.

    When you are around your dog, they are more active and cheerful compared to when they are not around you. I know, they sound just like a human baby who is extremely comfortable around their family.

    Getting back to the White Shepherd, when they are not around their owners or there is some outsider, they become a little conscious. They have no intention of harming anyone as long as no one bothers them, they just want to check out the stranger as they sense a change in vibe when there are new people around.

    However, if they feel like someone is going to harm them or their owners, they become protective and start barking. But if they feel like there is nothing wrong, they stop bothering about the new person and get back to what they were doing before.

    So, if you look at how these dogs react to different situations, they adapt to their environment and sense the vibes, hence, their reaction varies accordingly. One thing which is notable about these White German Shepherds is that their situation awareness is on point and they one of the smartest breeds of dogs.

    These dogs are so loyal that they can literally risk their own lives in order to save their family or owner. So, when you see all these things, it is pretty clear that these White German Shepherds are very well-balanced and surely one of the best breeds one could handle.

    How To Groom A White German Shepherd?

    white german shepherd

    So, let me make it clear now itself that if you are one of those lazy heads who are least motivated to do things, a German Shepherd breed is not for you. I am saying this because these dogs need to be groomed adequately.

    Often people are concerned about hair fall in pets, so Viola! You will see that hair fall is a common and major problem with these dogs. So, wherever your dog goes, you are sure to find your dog’s hair lying around. And one suggestion I would give you is to avoid any black furniture, otherwise, your dog’s hair fall problem is going to be pretty evident.

    Speaking about grooming, a major problem arises when you adopt an adult or grown dog. I say this because grown dogs are not habitual to grooming and you may have a hard time doing so. So, if you plan to adopt a White German Shepherd it is best that you bring them home as a baby so that you don’t have a hard time grooming them.

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    Well, as I mentioned, hair fall is a major problem, you are going to face it no matter what. There may be very little hair fall or there may be a lot of it, but it will surely prevail. So, it is pretty certain that you will need a proper cleaning set so that you can keep your house clean and no dog hair is lying around on your furniture.

    To help you out with this hair fall problem, I am mentioning a couple of tips that you can follow:

    • Firstly, brush them on a regular basis, so that you can get rid of the tangled or broken hair at once. This will save your furniture and clothes from excessive dog hair. Also, brushing them regularly will keep their fur healthy and there will be less hair fall.
    • Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that, don’t wash your dog every day. Yes, you heard it right. Bathing your White German Shepherd every day isn’t a good idea because doing so can irritate their skin and affect the natural oils and moisture present. So, you may wash your dog twice or thrice a week and that would be enough.

    Other than taking care of their hair, it is important to clean their ears regularly and cut their nails when required as well. So, these are the things that make it the best idea to adopt a White German Shepherd as a puppy so that it becomes habitual to the healthy grooming habits and doesn’t cause you much trouble.


    Is It Easy To Train A White German Shepherd?

    white german shepherd

    If you are wondering whether these dogs are trained, then the answer is yes, absolutely. The White German Shepherds are one of those breeds that can be trained so well that once trained you need not worry about anything.

    One of the specialties of these dogs is that they possess herding abilities. Well, these White Shepherds have a history of guarding sheep. Basically, the farmers used to use these dogs to guard their sheep and these dogs, being so loyal, did their job with excellence.

    Talking about training these dogs, you will find that these dogs are very cooperative and will not let you down. I say this because these Shepherds are very smart and will adapt to new things quickly and even execute them in perfection. So, no matter what you teach them, the White German Shepherd is going to be an excellent student.

    I have even mentioned above, but this quality about these White Shepherds is so special that it is worth mentioning again. These dogs have exceptionally well guarding abilities. They will give their everything when it comes to guarding their owner, family, or even sheep. And this is why A White German Shepherd makes a great guard dog.

    Training these dogs is fairly an easy task as there is not much trouble in doing so. You can train them for different hand gestures or whistles and you will get amazing results. They will respond to you so well that you will be proud of your white beast.

    Lastly, I would like to mention that these White Shepherds are pretty emotional and get attached to their owners easily. They are so loving that they will treat you like their own family and would do anything for you once you have a strong bond with them.

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    What Could Be The Possible Health Issues?

    white german shepherd

    Health issues are the most common concern for dog owners as no one would like to see their dog in pain or suffering. Talking about health issues in White German Shepherds, they may have allergies and it is important to treat them.

    These dogs may have allergies from different things like airborne allergies that may include allergies related to insects or food. However, if you notice that these allergies are growing or your dog is suffering then make sure that you pay a visit to the vet so that they can examine your dog and treat them appropriately.

    The most common health issue encountered in White German Shepherds is hip and elbow dysplasia. However, this problem is known to occur mostly in older dogs and it is said to be a hereditary problem.

    These are a couple of health issues that you need to be aware of. Other than that, there can be normal problems like infections, lice, skin problems, eye problems, etc. which can be treated. It is important that you consult your vet from time to time to keep your dog healthy.


    Is It A Good Idea To Own A White German Shepherd?

    So to answer this question, let us look at different conditions. Firstly, as even mentioned earlier, these dogs are extremely enthusiastic and jolly. They love to run around, play, and go outdoors. These dogs run fast and are very social.

    If you are one of those people who are too lazy to play with your dog or have a very busy lifestyle, it will have an impact on your dog. This is true because these dogs love going outside and love socializing and if you prevent them from doing so, they will end up becoming aggressive around other dogs and people.

    So, make sure you have proper time to spend with them and let them socialize at their pace. If you think that you can’t meet these requirements then it would be best if you don’t get a White German Shepherd or even a standard German Shepherd.

    Other than that, if you are a fun-loving person and are ready to commit to your pet, then this white beast is one of the best choices out there. A White German Shepherd has all the qualities that will make you happy and joyful. I would even say that owning such a dog is as good as having a baby and it is amazing.

    white german shepherd

    Closure | White German Shepherd

    Well, coming to the end of this article, I have tried to cover some of the most common questions about a White German Shepherd. Truly, these dogs make a really good pet and if you are up for it then you are really going to enjoy your time with this dog.

    I would like to even say that if you plan to own a dog then it is really important to commit to taking care of them. You should keep that in mind that you are taking care of a life that will be attached to you and will share a very pure bond which is an amazing feeling.

    So, if you want a dog just for the sake of owning one then it’s not a good idea. Other than that if you are a dog lover then this White Shepherd will surely bring you joy. Lastly, if you have any queries or suggestions do mention them in the comments section.

    Till then, always remember that Happiness is a warm puppy!


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