How To Charge Crystals – Healing And 10 Interesting Facts

    how to charge crystals

    Know how to charge crystals and heal your aura with crystal healing. Crystals have the power to cleanse the aura and clear energy blocks. Alternative healing is energy healing letting positive vibrations flow through the auric fields of the body. It promotes better health, thought processes, and relationships.

    Crystals heal various chakras in the body and balance energies. Stress, depression, body aches, and emotional blocks are the common problems faced by many. Crystals have the properties to absorb negative energies and clear your energy blocks raising your vibrations.

    Crystal healing is a pseudoscience and an ancient form of medicinal and spiritual healing. Its roots are in Hinduism and Buddhism. Different crystals and semi-precious stones are used in alternative healing. This method is used for energy healing and is not an effective cure for diseases.

    Your mind remains stable and relaxed with crystal and energy healing letting you have mental clarity and stay positive. When you use crystals for energy healing, it is essential to cleanse and charge them regularly. There is a method to do it and keep them energized so the energy flows inside the body making positive life changes.

    They are also used for meditation. When you hold crystals based on the chakra you want to heal, it balances the chakra you are focused on to heal. You can start with chakra meditation, use binaural beats, or healing music to start meditation, and feel the positive vibrations around you.

    Relationship problems can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being and has a ripple effect on everything you do in your day-to-day life. Crystal healing removes energy blocks, traumas, by moving out the negative energy flow out of the body. It generates positive emotions of love, compassion, peace, and improves our mental and emotional states.

    Each crystal has a specific healing property and is used for healing various ailments. If you suffer from heartbreaks and emotional problems, rose quartz is the best crystal to use to heal your relations, experience, love, and harmony. Blue and yellow quartz are for self-awareness and self-assurance. Purple crystals are for spiritual healing and intuition. Green crystals are used for promoting good health.

    Ancient History Of Crystals

    how to charge crystals

    Vedas, Egyptians, Sumerians, and numerous civilizations used crystals for various purposes. Romans used amulets made in crystals because they balanced energies. Certain amulets made of crystals were used in battles in ancient civilizations for protection. Crystals have a protective energy and can be utilized to harness positive affirmations and fulfill your goals.

    Ancient Ayurveda uses crystals for balancing and healing energies. Red crystals are for boosting root chakra, sexual vitality, and balance root energies from lower vibrations or excess. Crystal healing is based on quantum theory and electromagnetic fields. Places on Earth that have high spiritual energy have strong electromagnetic fields.

    Everything in the universe vibrates with certain frequencies. These frequencies are captured by crystals and bring positive benefits to those who use them. Every crystal comes with its vibrational energy field which must be energized regularly to experience healing energies and higher vibrations.

    Ancient Vedic astrology refers to herbs and gemstones to heal mental, physical, and emotional ailments. They are also associated with chakras. When you use crystal amulets or talismans, it wards off negative energy protecting your mind and emotions from psychic attacks and other negative energies that you cannot see.

    Incas, Aztecs used crystals with divination to detect and treat diseases. Healing stones like Lapis Lazuli were crushed and used as makeup by Egyptian royalty. A few crystals were used to awaken third-eye, intuition. Sapphire crystals bring astuteness and mental clarity and were worn by royalty in ancient times.

    Sacred temples use crystals because they release cosmic energies. That is also one of the reasons why visiting temples improves life because your aura absorbs pure cosmic energies. Getting acquainted with them regularly dispels negativity within you and creates a positive impact.

    I think the younger generation must be encouraged to visit temples regularly because cosmic energy brings focus and instills good virtues. Going to temples is not out-of-fashion but essential for spiritual development and personal growth. It can never be démodé. The ancients were good because they had cosmic energy that healed the world and brought better ideologies and wisdom to enlighten our lives.

    A few minutes in front of the Divine lets your aura absorb the cosmic energies of the universe. I think we as humans are lucky to experience all that exists in the cosmos. But, most of us choose to ignore it without realizing its potent power to heal our lives without performing elaborate rituals.

    One of the elements of the human body is cosmic energy which gets activated with the use of crystals. The energy meridians get stimulated with the use of crystals letting you gain good health, protection, and healing energies. They boost vitality and speed up the healing process when used regularly. When you choose the right crystal and know how to charge crystals the right way, you can experience positive change in your life.

    Ayurveda used various crystals to heal different ailments and diseases. A few crystals and gemstones are also said to bring good luck because they generate a potent energetic field around you that you end up seeing what people don’t and discover new paths of development and opportunities. Such is the potent of gemstones and crystals. They are only meant to heal, improve your life, and help you think better.

    How Crystal Healing Works

    how to charge crystals

    Crystals are healing stones and create a positive vibration when they are closer to the skin. They are a powerhouse of energy and send the energy back and forth into the universe. When you clear your thoughts and focus, crystal healing and therapy can help you reach your goals at a personal and professional level by providing clarity of thought and clearing emotional blocks that stop you from being the best person you can be.

    The property of crystal is to raise vibrations. There is no negative effect of using crystals as it only raises your vibration and energy no matter how low and negative you feel. It brings light and expels negative energy from your aura and surrounding space. You can either wear it on your skin or use it in any room for meditation or to bring focus and positive energy into the environment.

    They have a calming effect and keep your mind relaxed and calm when you use them for meditation or place them in your space. They uplift your energy and mood. When you use crystals with positive intentions, it sends those energies to the universe and amplifies positive effects. If you hold negative intentions, it eliminates them and creates positive mental energy, and raises your vibrations.

    A crystal can never manifest negative intentions because it clears and eliminates them thus giving you a positive frame of mind and making you feel one with the universe. We deal with numerous experiences, both, good and bad. It can change our perspective and create imbalance. Using crystals can remove imbalances and create positive thoughts and heal traumas.

    Crystal healers often say that the crystal chooses you rather than you choosing crystals. Those who are dealing with severe anxiety, trauma, depression, and other mental blocks can use crystals for healing as it eliminates the stored negative energy no matter how intense and creates positive energy within.

    You can manifest your dreams as it creates positive channels of energies within you. These are not miracle stones but when charged properly, they strengthen your aura making it impossible for negative energies to interfere with the positive shield created with the use of crystals.

    A lot of people think that the use of crystals is magical. But it isn’t. They have natural metaphysical power to bring positive energies from the universe which let you stay positive and have clarity of mind to fulfill your dreams.

    What do you need to fulfill your dreams? Focus, clarity of mind, positive feelings, physical energy, positive environment? All of this is what crystals do for you which strengthens your focus that leads you into fulfilling your dreams because your mind does not have negative thoughts as it does not let you absorb any negativity you experience and keeps your mind in a positive state.

    Fear is a negative emotion and a mental block that stops you from reaching your full potential. There are umpteen reasons why you fear and feel anxious. It could be your thoughts about what people think or unknown fears of the future, or anything from the past. Our life experiences create these negative energy blocks which can be cleared with crystal healing.

    Confidence is boosted when you feel positive feelings of joy. You can feel joy when your mind is relaxed. The calmness comes from crystal energies that bring pleasant feelings and change your thinking patterns. With a positive mind, you develop wisdom and clarity to make the right choices and control temptations looking at the big picture.

    Crystals are a powerhouse of positive energies from the universe. It is essential to keep them charged so you experience a continual flow of positivity within. Would you do better having feelings of love or hatred? You have the answer, right? It generates pleasant feelings of love and compassion no matter how bitter you have felt because of your experiences. This is the crystal therapy to adorn to turf-out and expel negativity and feel positive every day.

    Types Of Crystals For Different Ailments

    how to charge crystals

    Each crystal has a specific property and can be used for healing those areas. You can reconnect with your goals and experience healthy relations with the use of crystals. It removes doubts, fears and helps in developing intuition. If you feel stuck, the use of crystals can eliminate stagnant energy and create a flow of new energy that makes you feel enthusiastic to try new things.

    Choose a crystal depending on the area of life you want to heal. Many of us avoid our emotional well-being and feel withdrawn. We are not in touch with our inner child dealing with responsibilities. Moonstone helps you connect with your inner self and feel deep emotions that let you express yourself eliminate the feelings of suppression.

    If you are feeling repressed, unable to express your needs, wants, or feelings, moonstone clears these blocks and helps you articulate your feelings and understand yourself better. It creates a feeling of self-love, which most of us avoid; nourishment begins from within, by understanding your emotions and what drives you.

    Purple crystals like amethyst are a powerhouse of spiritual energy and make you feel tranquil, raising your vibrations. If you want to experience the path of spirituality amethyst is the crystal to use. If you lack in the area of love and romance, rose quartz is the stone for you. It lets you open your feelings and be accepting of love and feel the warmth.


    Many people find it difficult to accept love for the fear of being rejected or unknown fear. With rose quartz, you feel warm and more accepting of good feelings that come your way instead of feeling you do not deserve it or any other negative feeling that stops you from experiencing love.

    Intentions are like magnets, they are glued to your life path. Choose a positive intention to manifest and use a specific crystal. It could be a personal or a professional goal to reach. Choosing an intention with the use of crystals lets you explore the area of your choice that you wish to improve and it balances and uplifts those areas of your life.

    how to charge crystals

    Clear Quartz is used for overall positive energy and builds a shield of higher frequencies and wisdom. They are the most commonly used crystals for overall growth and prosperity. They provide tranquil energy that keeps your mind and emotions calm.

    Selenite is a powerful crystal that eliminates negative blocks of energy within. It purifies your energy and creates positive vibrations. You feel like a load off when your auric field is cleansed with these crystals.

    Shungite protects your aura from harmful energies from the environment and keeps you positive. EMF radiations from electronic devices are absorbed by this crystal. If you are working for long hours, it is possible to feel fatigued which is eliminated by the use of this crystal. You can work for long hours, feel positive, and stay productive by placing this crystal next to your gizmos, Wi-Fi devices, or anything that gives out EMF radiations.

    Amethyst is used for boosting intuition and feeling spiritual energy from within. It can be used in healing as well as yoga and meditation. It creates a positive spiritual shield that raises your vibrations and makes you feel enlightened.

    Black Tourmaline is like a protective shield from harmful energies and psychic attacks. If you are facing unusual health problems for which there is no specific cause, using black tourmaline can protect you from harmful energies and strengthen your physical and mental health. It absorbs lower and negative energies so it does not affect you.

    Carnelian is a fiery crystal that makes you feel energetic and assertive. You will find yourself asserting with confidence and vitality. It makes you result and action-oriented and lets you take action eliminating passive-aggressive mental states letting you achieve what you want.

    Rose Quartz has a gentle energy that makes you understand and feel tender emotions essential for love and romance. They infuse comforting emotions when used regularly. They are useful for healing love relations between couples, family, friends, and also for self-love.

    Tiger’s Eye has been used by Romans for protection against bad energies, enhance mental health and clarity. Roman soldiers carried this crystal with them in battles to protect themselves from harmful energies.

    There are umpteen crystals used for various purposes to raise your vibration and clean your aura. Your mind is free from negative thought patterns with the use of crystals.

    How To Charge Crystals

    how to charge crystals

    When crystals are charged, they amplify healing and positive energies. If your aura receives amplified positive energies, you can do better than you already are without feeling fatigue, boredom, breaking away complexities, and reaching your full potential.

    There are various methods to charge crystals. Whether you place them in your space or use them for meditation, it is essential to charge them with natural energies that absorb the cosmic vibrations from the universe.

    Rock crystals are mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures that are used for divination to bring all-around prosperity, love, compassion, and harmony in life. Sphatik also known as rock crystals are commonly used crystals used in making idols, meditation necklaces, and other spiritual objects. They easily absorb the cosmic energy of the universe and manifest abundance creating a sphere of higher wisdom and betterment of life.

    Cleansing Crystals

    how to charge crystals

    You can cleanse and charge crystals once or twice a month. There are different methods to charge crystals depending on their type, color, and size. The charging method is dependent on whether you are using them for feminine energy such a gentleness, love, compassion, or masculine energy for reaching goals and other manifestations.

    Method 1

    You have to cleanse your crystals when you buy them before you start using them. Cleansing crystals is clearing stored energy from the stone. Charging the crystal is setting your intention on the crystal and using a charging method to experience the positive energy every day.

    You should never charge a crystal before cleaning them. Cleansing is the initial process that removes accumulated energy. To cleanse crystals always wash them in running water that is pure and ridden of impurities. You can use tap water or water from a running stream to cleanse crystals.

    Once you cleanse crystals, burn sage or frankincense incense and open the windows and doors to let in the sunlight. Do this in the early morning for cleansing crystals. Hold the incense and move it around the crystals for 30 secs to one-minute chanting ‘Om’ to infuse the vibrations into the crystals.

    Burn incense in all corners of the room to removed unwanted energy when you perform the cleansing process. It is ideal to start the cleansing process in the morning after taking bath and cleansing the room with incense.

    Method 2

    • Mix rock salt in a bowl, do not use regular salt as rock salt can cleanse negative energy effectively
    • Submerge the crystals in this salt solution
    • Leave it submerged for 2-3 hours in the morning
    • Rinse the crystals in running water
    • Clean with pure cotton
    • Avoid using used cloth such as kitchen towel to pat it dry

    Caution: Cleansing is important but you cannot use water to cleanse all kinds of crystals. For instance, you can use the above method of cleansing for quartz crystals, Jasper, citrine, amethyst, or Tiger’s eye. A few crystals need to be cleansed only for a few seconds in running water and cannot be placed in a salt solution. They need sunlight for cleansing after the initial rinse.

    Know which crystal you are using for what purpose and choose the right cleansing method before you start charging them. If you feel like your energy is feeling drained or you are feeling negative, cleanse and charge your crystals so they amplify their positive effect. You can also cleanse crystals with rainwater.

    How To Charge Crystals – Sun And Moon Light

    how to charge crystals

    If you are using crystals for reaching goals and ambition, it needs masculine energy. Choose the right crystal for setting intentions so they can be charged with sunlight. After using the initial cleansing process of rinsing it below running water for a few seconds, you can clean it, burn incense, set intention, and charge it with sunlight.

    Place the crystals that use sunlight for charging under sunlight for 2-3 hours. If you are using crystals for love and healing relationships, charge them under moonlight so they absorb the gentle, feminine energy of the moonlight.

    How To Charge Crystals – Incense

    how to charge crystals

    Use herbal incense to charge the crystals with the smoke after setting an intention and chant ‘Om’ the sound of the universe to infuse the crystals with universal vibrations. You can choose any herbal incense to charge the crystals. They must be infused with this smoke for a few minutes. You can also rub herbs onto the crystals you use to charge them without lighting them up.

    How To Charge Crystals – Earth

    how to charge crystals

    Bury the crystals in the soil to let them reconnect with the energies of the Earth for a few hours. You can leave them on for 24 hours to experience maximum vibrations and energizing them with the energy of the Earth.

    Remove them from the soil, clean them for a few seconds under tap water, and place them close to the window so they absorb sunlight every day. You can use them in any room and meditation using them.

    How To Charge Crystals – Mantras

    how to charge crystals

    Energy healers and lightworkers can program and charge the crystals with the use of rituals and techniques. You can get them charged by chanting ‘Om’ for 2-3 hours after cleaning and burning incense.

    How To Charge Crystals – Singing Bowls

    how to charge crystals

    Crystals emit frequencies. Using a tuning fork or singing bowls can charge the crystals with the frequency of the sound from the singing bowls. Place the crystal on a flat surface and make the sound of the singing bowls, gongs, or use a tuning fork for a few minutes. It absorbs those frequencies and gets charged.

    How To Charge Crystals – Mudras

    how to charge crystals

    Mudras can be used to charge crystals. Mudras are sacred signs with the use of hand gestures and points that conserve subtle energies inside the body to use them for maximum benefits when you do it regularly. Choose a yoga posture and mudra after placing the crystals in front of you. Direct the energy of the mudra onto the crystals to charge them.

    How To Charge Crystals – Clusters And Wands

    how to charge crystals

    If you have a cluster of crystals, they can be used to charge small crystals by placing them on the clusters. Ensure that the clusters are cleansed and charged. You can also use crystal wands in selenite or clear quartz pointing it towards the crystals, visualizing and affirming your intentions.

    Chakra Healing with Crystals

    how to charge crystals

    Every chakra inside the body holds a specific energetic field that is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, behavior, and how we respond to everything that happens in life. We cannot control what happens to us but we can control how we respond to it. Seven chakras in the body can be balanced through crystals, yoga, and meditation.

    When either of the chakras has excess strength or weakness, it leads to problems related to those chakras. Using crystals to balance chakras provides all-around nourishment and balance in life.

    It is always essential to start with root chakra as it is the starting point of Kundalini, the energy within our subconscious that manifests based on our energies.

    Root Chakra: When the root chakra is healed and balanced, you feel joy in the every day, and there is no stagnant energy disrupting your daily routine. Cleansing root chakra with crystals eliminates emotional instability and root problems that you are holding on to. Balanced root chakra provides a sense of security, boosts your survival instinct, and provides a grounding effect for self-preservation.

    The root chakra is at the base of the spine. It is related to reproductive organs, tenacity, physical strength, and feeling grounded. If you are constantly feeling anxious or tired you can balance root chakra with sound therapy of binaural beats or with the use of crystals. Lord Ganesh is related to the root chakra. Meditating upon Lord Ganesha also cures problems related to the root chakra.

    Red is the color of masculine energy. Using red crystals such as Red Jasper, Carnelian, Garnet, and Bloodstone can resolve problems of the root chakra. You can also use crystals such as hematite, black tourmaline, and smoky quartz to balance root chakras and eliminate negative energy stored in the root level.

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    You can meditate with cleansed and charged crystal balls of the crystals mentioned for healing root chakra. You can choose these crystals to meditate upon root chakra and balance those energies by eliminating excess and strengthening if they are weak.

    If you want to surround yourself with these energies, place the crystals that heal root chakra in windows and doors so their vibrations are felt that continually cleanse and remove energy blocks from root chakra.

    Sacral Chakra: Above the root chakra, below the navel is the sacral chakra. It is an energy that emanates playfulness, sweetness, emotional balance, and intimacy. If you are facing either of these issues and lacking sweetness in life, you can heal sacral chakra with crystals specific to this chakra and feel the vibrations to harmonize your emotional well- being and experience pleasure and intimacy.

    Feeling joyful and experiencing pleasure no matter what you are going through happens when the sacral chakra is strengthened. Are you lacking an element of fun and enjoyment in life? Are you taking your life too seriously and ignoring pleasures? It is because the sacral chakra is not balanced.

    You become accepting of joy, love, pleasure, intimacy, and happiness when energy blocks are removed from this chakra through meditation, crystal healing, and you feel a sense of joy. It controls creativity, passion, sensual pleasures, and reproductive organs.

    It is essential to open this chakra so you experience fulfillment in life. You will not let fear or anxiety come in between experiencing pleasure, intimacy, or enjoyment. You develop sweet communication that promotes healthy bonds and close relations when this chakra is open.

    If you are obsessive-compulsive, impulsive, you need to balance this chakra to experience emotional balance and joy. Orange is the color of this chakra. Use orange-colored crystals to heal this chakra. Carnelian, Orange Kyanite, Sunstone, Unakite, Tangerine Quartz, Orange Calcite, Amber, Orange Moonstone, Aragonite, and more. Each orange crystal has a specific purpose to heal sacral chakra.

    If you are unable to enjoy the bliss of intimacy because of past traumas or emotional problems, you can use Orange Moonstone. If you are having self-doubt or anxiety, you can use Orange Calcite. If you are feeling in a rut and having mood swings that come in the way of experiencing intimacy and joy, you can use Tiger’s Eye as it has yin and yang energy that balances the masculine and feminine energy creating balance.

    Choose a sacral crystal chakra based on the issues you are facing and clear the energy blocks to experience openness and clear communication. You can express your feelings and emotions without self-doubt and anxiety and experience joy in life. Cleanse and charge these crystals with the same method and use it in windows or for meditation with a sacral mantra.

    Solar plexus: Solar Plexus is related to how to direct your personal power and assert yourself in this world. If you lack personal power or assertiveness, you can balance this chakra with meditation and crystals specific to this chakra. It is located at the upper part of the belly button and can be healed with the use of yellow-colored crystals such as citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and yellow tourmaline which are commonly used to balance this chakra.

    Balancing this chakra eliminates self-esteem issues and self-doubts. You develop self-assurance and a strong sense of self. It strengthens your personal identity and how you represent your personal power in this world. If you lack self-esteem it leads to negative emotions like jealousy, neediness, and controlling behavior.

    When you balance this chakra you feel happy with all that you have and have a better relationship with everyone you meet in this world. You develop a sense of appreciation towards everyone else, assert yourself without controlling or dominating creating a balanced view of the world.

    If you are feeling aggressive, it means this energy is in excess and must be balanced. If you feel needy and jealous, it means you need to strengthen this energetic field to feel a sense of purpose and appreciation towards yourself as well as others.

    To experience balance, trust, and a sense of freedom which also means letting the other person express their views and open up instead of controlling them. Controlling creates blocks and leads to numerous relationship problems when it is done in excess.

    Using lemon quartz boosts your sense of self-worth which is essential if you have experience illness or break up. You will not stay in that negative mode or emotions when you cleanse these energy blocks with this specific quartz crystal. It is used for a speedy recovery, control food craving or emotional eating, and feel inner peace.

    Citrine removes energy blocks of deep fears and insecurities and makes you feel optimistic about life. If negative energy is accumulated in life and is blocking you from doing your best you need citrine energy healing.

    Yellow Jasper gives you strength to endure and withstand misunderstandings in relations. When you are not disheartened because there are misunderstandings in relations, it gives you the strength to endure and understand what is going on to reconnect, build, and bring joy. It helps you march forward regardless of misunderstandings. Amber does the same; it helps you develop patience when there are problems.

    If you are feeling irritable, and annoyed, use Golden Heliodor. It helps you gain insights and know others’ dishonest intentions. It soothes your emotions and nervous system eliminating irritability. You feel empowered being true to yourself.

    Pyrite attracts wealth, abundance, and prosperity by helping you change the thinking patterns that are blocking your progress. They also provide you patience and strength to tolerate others’ negativity without affecting your personal power and optimism. If someone is putting you down, you can use pyrite to keep up with confidence and inner strength and bring out the best in yourself regardless of criticism and negativity.

    If you feel that your life is affected by dark spells, you need Yellow Topaz which has the energies of the sun that dispel these dark energies. If you are feeling strong hatred and anger all the time, you can clear these negative blocks of energy and channel your energy towards positive activities and thoughts with the use of this crystal.

    The vibrations from Yellow Topaz crystal also resolves problems such as depression, eating disorder, and create soothing energies that keep you calm and focused with a sense of inner peace and joy.

    The yellow tiger’s eye strengthens the willpower, and shields the chakra from a negative energy attacks, and encourages you to take the risk to reach your goals by replenishing your energy. Sunstone brings a sense of new hope and enthusiasm, self-empowerment, and enhances leadership qualities that do a greater good.

    You can choose any of these crystals based on the issue you want to resolve and clear the energy blocks to experience inner peace, joy, and reach your goals with enthusiasm.

    Heart Chakra: The heart chakra is related to compassion, forgiveness, love, and is an energy vortex where deep emotions are stored. The feeling of unconditional love for someone you love is created when the heart chakra is activated. Can you love unconditionally? The wisdom of deep emotions are activated when this chakra is free from blocks.

    If you are feeling unloved, detached, or withdrawn you can cleanse and activate this chakra with the use of crystals related to this chakra. When you feel intense emotions that are destructive, you need to balance this chakra. Rose quartz, emerald, green aventurine, rhodochrosite, malachite, green jade, and amazonite are a few of the heart chakra crystals.

    Rose quartz heals deep emotional wounds and traumas and uplifts your emotions with gentle feelings of love. It helps you form close bonds with family, friends, or your partner clearing stored negative energy created by past traumas and wounds. You experience fulfilling relationships when these energy blocks are cleared.

    Emerald is a potent stone for opening the heart chakra. It lets you experience unconditional love and bring you closer to loyal relationships. If you want to succeed in finding love, rose quartz or emerald is the stone for you. You view relations of heart with a sense of wisdom and understanding that deepens the bonds and lets you enjoy life to the fullest.

    Green Aventurine eliminates destructive emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns letting you find new opportunities. This is a powerful stone for the heart or the Anahata chakra as it removes negative attachments and brings you closer to those who bring positive changes in your life and make you feel positive. It helps you in choosing the right partner boosting your romantic luck.

    Malachite eliminates destructive behavior and thought patterns letting you experience deep bonds and warmth in relationships. It helps you get past the wounds of the past by absorbing negative energies and clearing the energy blocks making you feel positive.

    If you are going through difficulties in relationships, you could use the rhodonite crystal that lets you see both sides of needs, wants, and reason with disappointments. It makes you emphatic and forgiving.

    Green jade is popular for being the ‘friendship’ stone and strengthens the bond between friends and brings you, good friends. You could as well meet your tribe, like-minded people who share the same goals, values, such as you, and develop deeper and meaningful connections.

    Throat Chakra: The throat chakra is also known as Vishuddha Chakra. Lord Shiva purified poison in his throat and protected the world from this dangerous poison that was spat from the Vasuki serpent when the ocean was being churned for ambrosia. The significance of this chakra is to detoxify and purify.

    If your mind is polluted with toxic thoughts, emotions, resentments that eat away your mind, you need to cleanse the throat chakra. The color of the throat chakra is deep blue. Through inner knowledge and wisdom, we can eliminate toxic energies and purify our consciousness without ingesting negative thoughts and emotions from others.

    Self-knowledge and reaching your higher truth are the essence of this chakra. If you are experiencing self-deceit and living in self-pity you can balance this chakra with crystals. You can see your truth, clear self-doubt, and improve your consciousness to reach the higher truth.

    It strengths our belief system and eliminates toxic beliefs, faith, and clears the subconscious mind of toxic thinking patterns and ideologies. You learn to express yourself honestly without masking your true self. You feel the need to mask yourself when you cannot assert yourself. For instance, if you are not able to articulate your needs and mask yourself of being satisfied and content when you feel disappointment in your heart, you can cleanse the energy blocks of this chakra.

    If you are stuck with old patterns of thinking, postponing important decisions, and not changing destructive behavioral patterns, you can clear the accumulated negative energy in the throat chakra to bring about positive transformation in your life.

    You cannot improve your life without self-knowledge. Self-knowledge comes when you are honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. You can work on your weaknesses with this self-knowledge and transform your life for good. It also helps you get rid of bad and destructive habits that hamper your personal growth because you start being honest with yourself.

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    Balancing throat chakra lets you be ‘authentic’ without masking or self-deceit. It improves your self-expression and communication with yourself as well as the world you deal with. If you have been hasty and impulsive, cleansing throat chakra can help you communicate and express yourself with clarity and in a way that others understand your point of view.

    When you speak the truth, you worry less about what others think because you bring forth the truth with unique expressions and honesty. Your communication is a form of expression with a sense of purpose instead of mindless rigmarole. Do you chat up to pass time with futile conversations that do nothing to your mind and thinking? Balancing these energy blocks can help you express the higher truth.

    When this chakra is unbalanced you find it difficult to express yourself, gossip, lack the quality of listening to what others have to say, and speak impulsively without thinking through. Shyness, lying, self-deceit, social anxiety, insensitivity, lacking empathy, being judgmental, bad decisions, and not being in tune with yourself are some of the signs of an imbalanced throat chakra.

    Narcissistic personalities who live in the world of self-deceit, lie, cheat, manipulate, gaslight, and deceive others have imbalanced throat chakra. These are the personalities who are so conceited that they do not wish to see their truth, get an insight into their weaknesses, and gaslight to cover up their lies. This is one of the most common problems that must be eliminated at an initial stage.

    If you find your children lying, you can encourage self-expression and not restrict them from saying what they have to so they do not feel the need to lie. Children lie when they fear. When you provide a platform to let them express themselves freely without restricting what they have to say, you can transform them for the better and change their thought process to help them be self-aware of their weaknesses as well as strengths.

    When you tell your children, that it is ‘okay’ to be weak and do not make them feel bad or reprimand them for having weaknesses, it encourages them to build their inner strength without feeling slighted or downplayed.

    Letting people express themselves honestly creates balance and understanding helping a lot of situations improve for the better. This works well in our personal and professional lives if we give people the freedom to express themselves without making them feel small or bad.

    Lying is a terrible habit. If it is not eliminated at an early stage, it can lead to destructive and manipulative behaviors which could obstruct their personal happiness and joy of understanding their true self, potential, and fulfill their purpose. Will you be able to look into your truth without lying to yourself? Maybe it’s a good start to look deep within and transform yourself for the better.

    Blue Goldstone, blue tiger’s eye, turquoise, sodalite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, blue howlite, and amazonite are some of the crystals to heal the throat chakra. If you want to reduce aggression, you can use the healing power of amazonite. It eliminates worry, anxiety and fosters harmonious communication.

    If you want to understand the other point of view and get a balanced view of the world, energies from aquamarine can help you from being judgmental and have an unbiased understanding, dealing with fairness. It eliminates behavioral patterns such as feeling victimized, overreacting, and manipulating.

    Blue Quartz reduces stubbornness and brings a sense of focus, discipline, and creativity in expression. Are you unable to see others’ point of view because you are being stubborn? You can balance these energies and create a better understanding of relationships transforming yourself. It is easier to resolve disagreements when you understand the others’ point of view without being stubborn or self-righteous.

    Blue Goldstone boosts your intuitive ability and helps in self-discovery. You might discover hidden talents, needs, goals and fulfill them once you realize them. When you develop intuitive thinking you find answers to complicated situations within yourself.

    Kyanite eliminates self-destructive behavioral patterns and lets you be the best person you can be without masking. Individualism is what you seek when you be true to yourself, without making choices in life influenced by peer groups because you develop sound clarity of what you want.

    When you are in tune with your authentic self, you realize and discover your true calling and passion. That is when you develop an inner drive to pursue them without the need for motivation because self-discovery leads to inner drive and motivates you to pursue your dreams.

    When you are being true to yourself, you can make a list of things that you love to do. It could be creative arts, sports, technology, or any field. You don’t make these choices because they catch your fancy but because you consciously realize what fulfills your journey on this plane by staying true to yourself and being authentic.

    You stop wearing a mask, put vulnerabilities on your sleeves, not to offend, because you have nothing to hide and fear from. You know yourself so darn well from deep inside that the outside noise does not change the truth within you about who you truly are and what you seek. This happens when the throat chakra is activated and balanced. You live an individualistic life making conscious choices.

    You do not choose ambition or a goal because your friends are doing it or out of pressure. You do not go with the flow, you create a unique persona, life goals, beliefs, and transform everything around you and within you with this self-discovery. When this magic within you happens, no matter who criticizes or tries to change your life path, you will find an inner drive to reach it anyway!

    Third-eye Chakra: This is also known as the Ajna chakra. It is located in between the eyebrows. Mind mapping, creative visualization, and meditation activate and balance this chakra. When this chakra is balanced it encourages you to choose the right path eliminating temptations and distractions.

    This is the chakra for higher intellect and intuition. It cannot be reached unless the lower chakras are balanced and activated. This is also the beginning of reaching higher realms and the spiritual system. You develop intuitive insights that bring new thoughts and ideologies that do good to the world.

    It also boosts psychic abilities and helps you see the hidden truth and look beyond the veil. It is the ‘spiritual awakening’ that lets you connect with an altered state of consciousness. A place of imagination, consciousness, enlightenment, and perception. You develop novel perspectives when this chakra is awakened.

    You can tap into the vibrations of the universe and your consciousness is one with the universe. You develop wisdom and perceptions from subtle energies and look beyond the physical and materialistic realm. This is the state which most of the mystics reach taking a different view of the world that brings together a feeling of oneness from the wisdom and not wishful thinking.

    This is the chakra that governs our psyche and self-reflection. When you lead the path of self-discovery awakening the throat chakra, the next stage is to receive higher truths and wisdom of the universe awakening the third-eye chakra. It breaks the limitations of the thoughts and brings in the value of abundance from the universe.

    It helps you find the purpose of your soul and aligns your purpose with the vibrations in the universe. Your perspective and understanding broaden when this chakra is active and balanced.

    Lolite, amethyst, Fluorite, Tanzanite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, and Labradorite are some of the crystals for third-eye chakra. These crystals have been used by angel guides, mystics, shamans since ancient times to develop higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

    Crown Chakra: It is also known as the shastra chakra, the location of eternal spiritual bliss. When this chakra is activated, you feel enlightened. It is the place of the spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti. When this chakra is activated, you gain knowledge and wisdom of the universe.

    If you feel that your spiritual aspect is blocked, you can use these crystals to feel inspired and reach the higher realms of the universe. Amethyst, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, and Selenite are some of the crystals for awakening and balancing the crown chakra. You feel the vibrations from the universe that let you reach higher realms and feel the divine vibrations from the universe.

    When your crown chakra is imbalanced, you feel clumsy and uninspired despite feeling self-worth, intuitive, and having self-realization. These crystals remove the energies blocking spirituality and help you reach higher states of wisdom.

    How To Charge Crystals – Crystals And Aromatherapy
    how to charge crystals

    You can pair essential oils with crystals as a cure for healing various ailments. After cleansing and activating crystals you can dab it with essential oils. This energy muse can be used to heal and boost your senses. You can rub various essential oils onto the crystals to fulfill heal various areas of your life and experience self-growth.

    Crystal Essential Oil

    To feel the positive energy, you can infuse crystals such as flower agate, blue apatite, amazonite, jade etc, and place them in your space for meditation and surrounding yourself with positive vibrations.

    Frankincense Essential Oil

    To dispel fears and insecurities you can infuse your crystals with this oil after you cleanse and activate your crystals. It raises your personal vibrations and eliminates energy blocks and negative energy from your surroundings and aura.

    There are thousands of essential oils and crystals. You can use this combined combination to heal various areas of your life, remove negative energy and energy blocks to experience higher vibrations.

    How To Charge Crystals – Interesting Facts
    • Know which crystals can be cleansed with water, sunlight, and moonlight and which ones cannot
    • Do not use water cleansing for soft crystals. It can only be used for hard crystals
    • Do not use salt water cleanse for crystals that have traces of metal such as, malachite, selenite, angelite, etc
    • You can use brown rice cleanse for all types of crystals as it removes negative energies from them. Bury your crystals in a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours before charging them.
    • Do not expose the crystals to sunlight or moonlight for longer hours for cleansing as it can deplete its vibrational energy
    • Sage incense cleansing can be used for all kinds of crystals.
    • Singing bowl cleansing and charging can be used for all kinds of crystals. They can be charged within 5-10 minutes
    • Large crystals and clusters which are already activated and cleansed can be used for charging smaller crystals of any kind
    • Carnelian, clear quartz and hematite can be used for charging all types of crystals. It must be placed in a bowl with either of these charged crystals for 24 hours
    • If you are using your crystals every day, you have to cleanse and charge them twice a month


    Choose the right crystal to transform your life and know various methods to charge them to feel positive vibrations all the time and bring out the best in you. Tips to know how to charge crystals are easy to follow. We all deal with pain, trauma, and negative experiences which accumulate in our energy vortexes like blocked energies. When you clear these energy blocks, knowing the right crystal for you and how to charge crystals, you can fulfill your dreams and experience overall growth.



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