How To Charge Apple Pencil – The Detailed Guide

    How to charge Apple pencil is one of the most asked questions for first time users of Apple pencils. Though it is very handy and needs very less maintenance, it is to be carefully charged. It is very important to know some uses of the Apple pencil before we start discussing the method of how to charge Apple pencil.


    The Apple pencil has a very interesting history. Let us dig into the history of the great invention of Apple pencil. The Apple pencil was first discovered in the year 2015. Basically, the Apple pencil was discovered for the purpose of introducing a world for the creators to create more and more through the feeling of creating something with pen and paper, but digitally.

    The world has chosen the road of digitalization and technologies. Through thousands of technologies, inventions, and discoveries, we are moving fast forward to a world that will not be so vast anymore. The need to explore the world was very much important for people in the time period of the 1400s and continued till 1600s, because they felt an urge to know the corners of the world and establish a better life. But, technology today, made us sit at a place and connect to people sitting miles away, around the world. The more the day will pass, the more we will be close to the extreme digitalization of society.

    Thus, to create a digital experience that will fill more like a physical experience, Apple launched its first-ever Apple pencil on 11th November 2015. It is also known as the first-generation pencil and was sold at a price of US $ 99.

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    The question of how to charge the Apple pencil lies in the background of the Apple pencil discovery and mechanism. The Apple pencil comes with a 32 – bit Reduced Instruction set computer with Advanced RISC Machine-based Cortex – M3.

    The RISC is the kind of architecture that employs a small yet highly optimized set of instructions instead of a highly processed and specialized set of instruction. This ensures the Apple pencil users create the thoughts in their mind and present them digitally.

    Mechanism and the Build up process of Apple pencil

    The Apple pencil is basically designed to create; thus, the mechanism of the Apple pencil ensures that the pencil comes light, easy to use and carry, and comfortable to have features. How to charge Apple pencil often covers the topic of the actual mechanism of the pencil.

    The Apple pencil has been designed in a very artistic manner which helps the pencil to create flawless markings on the screen. It has the sensitivity of the pressure and can also detect the angle. The Apple pencil is superiorly designed with tiny technology covering a large part with wonderful features.

    The ultimate answer to the question –“How to charge Apple pencil” has been provided below step-wise.

    The Apple pencil comes with two different models, namely the first-generation and the second-generation models that can be used in the iPads. The compatibility of both the Apple pencil is very good compared to any other pencils. How to charge Apple pencil has two different answers as the pencil is available in two different models.

    How to charge Apple pencil – The charging process of the first-generation Apple pencil

    how to charge apple pencil

    The compatibility of the first-generation Apple pencil is found mainly in the iPads, which have a home button that exists physically with a lightning port.

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    Step 1: The first step for the question, how to charge Apple pencil is to identify the model of the Apple pencil that you have. Here we have provided a quick check of the product – All the Apple first-generation pencil comes with the full circular accessories.

    Step 2: After the identification of your Apple pencil, take the pencil and find the stylus portion.

    Step 3: Now, the stylus must be without a cap. The removal of the cap will let you see the lighting connector at the Apple pencil end.

    Step 4: The connector must be connected to the iPad. The iPad connecting port lies in the end portion of the Apple iPad. Connect it to the pencil and let it charge.

    The charging of the Apple pencil will need maximum of 30 minutes and minimum of 15 minutes. Let the Apple pencil charge of its own completely, and you are now ready to use it to create the world you desired!

    How to charge Apple pencil – The charging procedure of the second-generation Apple pencil

    how to charge apple pencil

    Step 1: To charge the Apple second-generation pencil, Apple company has improvised the charging experience to next level. Now, the Apple second-generation pencil users are complimenting the new fine edge technologies and praising it well. To charge the second-generation Apple pencil, you need to have a newer version of Apple iPad pro and Apple iPad air.

    Step 2: Now, when you get to see the features and model of the new Apple iPad pro or the Apple iPad Air, you will notice that it comes with more micro technology than before. It has flat edges with absolutely no home button existing in physical form.

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    Step 3: The final step is, take your Apple second-generation pencil and place it near the iPad pro or iPad air; because of its magnetic snaps, it will catch the pencil by attracting it near the edge. If you keep the pencil horizontally, you will see a dialogue box announcing that the accessory is being charged.

    how to charge apple pencil

    The pro tip

    So far, we have discussed the topic, how to charge Apple pencil, but we have a pro tip, or you can say a bonus tip for you all. The charging of the Apple pencil will become anonymous if you lack the knowledge of how to check the battery percentage of the Apple pencil. The answer to the question of how to charge Apple pencil is quite detailed and has step-wise instructions.

    You can check the battery percentage of the Apple pencil by checking the home screen of your iPad. On the home screen page, you will notice a section named the ‘today view’. The battery percentage of the Apple pencil is shown in the section of ‘today’s view’.


    In the above section, we have tried to provide you with a handy solution of how to charge Apple pencil. The query has been raised by many. The basic problem faced by the Apple pencil users is the identification of the Apple pencil generation. Although the second-generation Apple pencil has easier technology than the Apple first-generation pencil, both of them have a microprocessor and thus, it is comfortable with each Apple iPads.

    With the increasing popularity of Apple devices, there is an increase in demand for quality content related to the functions and features of the gadgets. Keeping that in mind, we try to provide high-quality content by explaining the complicated functions in the easiest possible ways. This blog on How To Close Apps on Apple TV: A Simple and Effective Guide For Apple TV Users will surely help you.


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