How to Call a Dog in Spanish: Learn some Amazing Facts about the Canine Fellow

    What do you Call a Dog in Spanish: Get Some Interesting Facts

    What do you call your dog at home? John? Tommy? If it is a female, then Lara? or Lucy? Such are the names we often find when it comes to dog names. However, does the thought ever come to your mind that you can call your dog in some different way? If yes, then you can try a different language except for the well-acknowledged English.

    Calling your dog in Spanish is a wonderful way to express your affection towards it. Your efforts to learn an alien language will express how much you love your dog. So, here we are. In this write-up, we will try to put some new ideas before you to call your dog in Spanish. Before that, let’s know some general facts about what to call a dog in Spanish.

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    Dog in Spanish: How to Say it

    In the Spanish language, a dog is called perra or perro. Well, the feminine ones are known as Perra, and the masculine ones are known as Perro. But, the Spanish language is not about one single term for a thing. Here, a thing can be called in different ways. So, we cannot say that there is one single term for a dog in Spanish. In general, it is called perro or perra, but there are many other attributions.

    In the Spanish language, a puppy is called cachorro(for male) or cachorra(for female). Whenever you think about mentioning a baby dog in the Spanish language, this is the word to be used. If you want to add more affection to it, call it by the term Cachorrito.

    If you like to refer to the street dogs in Latin American Spanish-speaking countries, you have to use the term chucho. However, if you are tired of your pet dog’s naughty behavior, you may call them chucho. It is a lovely way to adore your dog and put it into discipline at once. The feminine term for the chucho is chucho. Different kinds of translations can be found for this term, including cur, mongrel, pooch, dog, mutt, and so on. Try not to use it informal places. It is a popular, informal term.

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    If you want a more formal term for a dog in Spanish, you can use can. It is a term that you can use both for female and male dogs. Often, you can find this term mentioned in the news, competition notices, and formal articles about dogs. The term is a direct translation for the hound. However, people prefer to use it to refer to different types of dogs in Spanish.

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    Earlier, we have mentioned the general term for a dog in Spanish. It is perro or perra. Another affectionate term similar to these words is perrito or perrita. One can use it in both formal and informal contexts.

    There is a term for referring the dogs in Spanish, which is an onomatopoeia for a dog’s bark. The term is guau guau. The Spanish-speaking toddlers often prefer to use this term instead of perro as el guau guau is easier to pronounce.

    If you like to refer to a dog in Spanish in a roundabout manner, you may use the term peludo or peludito. It is another affectionate way to call your furry friend. Although this term can be used for any furry animal, it is a popular Spanish term for dogs. Well, this term may also refer to a hairy man in Standard Spanish. So, consider the context, before you use the term.

    Many pet owners love their dogs like their own offspring. In that case, a term is quite popular for referring to a dog in Spanish. It is perrihijo , a combination of perro and hijo. It is a casual term for dogs that you can use in a playful way.

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    No, the list is not over yet. Another term is omito. Thanks to social media, it has become a popular Spanish term for dogs. It can be used for all kinds of dogs- from puppies to grown-ups, from male ones to female ones.

    If you are in Peru, you can find an interesting term for mixed-breed dogs or street dogs. It is chusco. Such variety for the terms referring to dogs is available in other Spanish-speaking countries as well; for example- in Mexico, it is mestizo, Caquero in Costa Rica, Calingo in Honduras.


    Dog in Spanish: Terms for the Different Breeds

    Now, let’s know about the Spanish translation for different dog breeds. Many popular breeds are called as same in Spanish as in English e.g., beagle as beagle, a chihuahua as chihuahua, husky as husky, etc. But there are some breeds that have different kinds of Spanish terms. German Shepherd is referred to as Pastor Alemán; Spanish Greyhound is known as Galgo; Bloodhound is referred to as Sabueso; Purebred as Pedigrí; Mutt as Chucho; Poodle as Caniche.

    Tips on How to Command your dog in Spanish

    Although your canine friend is likely to be faithful to you, it is not so easy to command them sometimes. Depending on their mood, environment, and comfortability, they react to the commands in different ways. So, you must learn the proper ways to command them. If you plan to command your dog in Spanish, here are some tips for you.

    • If you want to praise your dog, you can say, Buen perro which means “good dog.” Also, you can appreciate it by saying Muy Bien meaning “very good.”
    • If it has done something wrong, you can rebuke it with a Perro malo. It means “Bad dog” or malo which means “bad.”
    • You must know some basic phrases when you are going to train your dog in Spanish. The Spanish term for “yes” is si and for “no” is no. The Spanish terms for “sit” and “stay” are siéntate and quiet, respectively.
    • Forbid the dog for any task with no hagas eso. The phrase means, “No, don’t do that.”
    • There are some common phrases often used by us while training a dog. They are “roll over”; “lie down”; “take it”; “fetch”; “give”; “wait”; “heal”, and so on. The Spanish words for them are as follows:
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    Échate- “lie down.”

    dese la vuelta- “roll over”

    tómalo- “take it.”

    Suelta la bola- “Drop the ball”

    Trae! – “fetch”

    espera- “wait”

    talón- “heel”

    échate en tu cama- “Go, lie down on your bed”


    Dog in Spanish: A List of Popular Spanish Names for Dogs

    Once you complete your Spanish training for your dog, you might want some names for them. And here comes the struggle. Many a time, people cannot decide the right names for their dogs. Let’s know some good Spanish names for your dog. We hope it will help you to sort out some names for your canine fellow. The names are:

    María, Manuel, Marta, Pepe, Isabel, Magdalena, Sergio, Rosa, Juan, Rafael, Pedro, Pablo, etc. There are some specific names as per the characteristics of the dogs. You can name a white dog as Blanco/a or Zorro is for Spitz-kind of dogs.

    Final Words: Wooh Wooh

    Although the dog can only bark, they do not understand the difference between English, Spanish, or any other language. But being a pet owner, if you want them to get trained in the Spanish language, we hope these tips will help you. So, enjoy your companionship with your canine friend. Have a nice day ahead! Click here and learn some essential and interesting facts about puppies and dogs.


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