7 Interesting Facts On Apple Head Chihuahua- Complete Breed Guide For Owners!

    Apple Head Chihuahua – Complete Guide And Interesting Facts

    Apple head chihuahua and deer head chihuahua are among the most popular small dog breeds, if you are planning to bring an apple head chihuahua to your home, here are all the important things you must know about them.

    The reason they are named apple head chihuahua is because of their round head shape that resembles an apple. This is an intelligent little dog with bulging big eyes and an apple head. These dogs are immensely charming and fragile but can be sometimes bossy!

    There are many different names given to apple head chihuahua like apple dome head chihuahua, chi-chi, teacup chihuahua, Hua-Hua, etc.

    It is not generally recommended for families having young children because it is delicate, it could easily hurt itself when playing rough. The puppy is very cute indeed.

    Brief History Of Apple Head Chihuahua

    apple head chihuahua
    Photo by Teerasuwat on Pixabay

    Chihuahuas are the smallest dog recognized by AKC as pure breeds. There are two different types of chihuahuas, one is deer head and one is apple head chihuahua. Know that both belong to the same breed and are not separate dogs.

    Although both are considered to belong to the same family, they are not interbred officially.

    Two recognized differences within this breed involved their appearance. Te long-haired chihuahuas and the short-haired chihuahua.

    Chihuahuas are considered to be the national dog of Mexico. Their name is also Mexican because they were originally spotted in the 1800s in Mexico for the first time. Ancient sketches of these dogs are also seen to have been spotted in Central America. they are quite similar to ancient Techichi dogs and ancient Chinese crested dogs.

    It is believed that the early ancestors of chihuahua might be techichi dogs.

    How apple head chihuahua is different from deer head chihuahua?

    The head of apple head chihuahua is shaped like an apple as the name suggests. The AKC has stated that bred requirement is an “apple dome-shaped head”. All the apple heads have a pretty large head as compared to their body size. Also, this is the only breed that has soft spots on the skull similar to the skull of a human baby knows as Molera.

    The deer head chihuahuas have a different head shape. Their head looks like a young deer. Their head shape is not as big as apple heads and they do not have a soft spot on their skull.

    Face shape also differs in both dogs. Apple head chihuahuas face has a distinctive angle of 90 degrees where their muzzle meets their forehead. It is known as a stop. The face profile looks like a neat shape forming “L”. They possess a shorter neck and jawline than the deer heads.

    The face of the deer head forms an angle of 45 degrees where the muzzle meets their forehead. Their ears look similar to a young deer.

    Physical Charactseric Of Apple Head Chihuahua

    Overall, you can estimate that deer head chihuahua is much bogger than the apple head chihuahua. Although both belong in the category of toy breeds know as teacup chihuahuas.

    The deer head chihuahuas ears are larger and erect. They have longer legs thus they are taller and heavier.

    You can expect the weight of these chihuahuas to be 4 to 6 lbs and their height is 6 to 10 inches. They live for 14 to 16 years.

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    Characteristics Of Apple Head Chihuahua

    Apple head chihuahua is a really sweet little dog. It is extremely lovable. If they are treated gently, they make a charming little companion for the owners. Although they do not fall under the category of aggressive dogs, they may still become and act bossy sometimes out of anger. They might snap at children when not treated in the right way. They are highly delicate dogs, if you are a first-time dog owner, they are not recommended for you.

    Loyalty and companionship

    Any chihuahua owner will soon know that their tiny little companion will do anything to please them. They wish to be around their owners all the time. They make great companions but due to their small size and fragile body, you cannot take them to harsh activities even you like them. They just enjoy being near the owner. You just have to handle them carefully as they may get hurt easily.


    They have a previous reputation of being snappy, bad-tempered dogs. People always think that they will bark a lot as they may get moody, but all these things should be neglected. Their snapping and barking totally depend upon how they are handled by the owners. These dogs are intelligent and very confident. They may bark at all the strangers and other dogs.


    They do not rank in the number one position when we talk about favorite breeds to be kept as pets but they are slowly rising in popularity, you cannot help but adore their cute face.

    It earlier was not able to compete for the position of most loved dogs because they were not registered by the American kennel club but now they surely can defeat all the breeds.


    chihuahua, dog, puppy
    Photo by Teerasuwat on Pixabay

    These dogs are intelligent and highly energetic. They are always ready to perform any activity as they are high-willed. Due to such characteristics, they might not be the easiest dog to train hence not suggested for a first-time owner.

    Despite its small size, this dog is bossy and determined to remain active and play all around the house. They often love testing the trainers by being their own boss. They may act stubborn so you will require a lot of patience and treats to train them.

    They can even push you at times to the limit, make sure you do not shout at them and gain control over yourselves. Sometimes it may get difficult for the dog owners but you have to keep your cool.

    They require struct yet gentle means of training to learn discipline and know that the boss is their owner. You must not want to push them too far by shouting if they do not perform well, this is negative reinforcement, and it has a bad impact on your dog. They might get scared and act destructively.

    Intelligence and power

    As you already know this dog is tiny, lightweight, and fragile. It lacks strength so it often makes it up for strength by sowing high determination and attitude. It is energetic and highly intelligent. These dogs often do things that make them happy and receive rewards from their owners. They want to please their owners but if they fail to do so, they will find their own ways of entertainment and mental stimulation. But it could lead to destructive fun, make sure you keep an eye on them when they are sad or angry.


    Apple head chihuahua requires early socialization with discipline training so that they are well-behaved and safe.

    This breed is highly delicate therefore they are more vulnerable to getting hurt. They need to have control over them in public places mostly to avoid any danger, They can be loving and friendly but not with everyone out there so they might bark at small children or dogs nearby, you need to give them enough attention to keep them safe and sound.

    Training is highly important for chihuahua so that they can learn how to behave in public places like parks, near traffic, around strangers, and other pets.


    Chihuahuas are not comfortable with other breed dogs but they do find comfort to live with another chihuahua. They have the ability to fit into any family group with individuals of all ages, but it is still recommended to take them with you and do not leave them with children fr too long as they might get hurt showing off their skills and a bossy attitude.

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    You need to keep your little ones busy by taking them for a walk. They might get bored of walking and try to run away, keep your tiny dog close to you in your home or maybe a yard. This small dog is highly determined but stubborn in nature. They are eager dogs and will do anything to please you for rewards. Also, the best thing about apple head chihuahua is that it loved to snuggle up with its owner for warmth. Isn’t that cute?

    How To Train Your Apple Head Chihuahua?

    You definitely require a lot of time and patience for their training to complete. This energetic tiny puppy needs early socialization as well as training to become well-behaved and completely stable at home and in public places.

    They are small and have a delicate build body, whichever exercise you are performing with your dog, make sure you are keeping an eye on them as they might end up getting hurt. Do not force any activity or training too quickly on your dog.

    They are intelligent and strong-willed and might want to complete all the tasks by themselves so as their trainer you ought to be persistent and gentle with all the attempts while teaching them how to behave. Make sure they are responding well to all your commands, if not try something that pleases them and they listen to everything you say.

    Although they are tiny, they still want to take all the charges of training because of their bossy and confident self. It is, therefore, crucial to establish in front of your dogs who the leader is before it’s too late.

    You are also required to set boundaries and make sure they are followed. Remind them regularly how to behave or what good behavior is and what they are not supposed to do. The key to getting their training completed is praise for good behavior and reward-based training. Once you follow these techniques, they will be obedient.

    There are few types of training you need to give your apple head chihuahua, they are- obedience, socialization, agility, and discipline.

    If you are not hiring a professional trainer to get their training completed, you can stick to the following things for their training sessions:

    Develop basic commands words for your dog

    Look for certain keywords such as come, sit, stop, walk, wait, etc for the of to understand what you want them to do. Make sure you stick to the keywords you are using and remain consistent each time you utter these words.


    Create training is very important for puppies. Buy a good crate of size in which your dog fits properly and get your puppy used to go inside the crate. Crate eventually becomes a tiny little home for the puppies and they start sleeping there. You might have to lock their crates in the early days so that they can learn it is not meant for sleeping and useful for bladder control.

    Potty Training

    Potty training is one of the most important aspects of training a pup. It might be a hit and miss for few days or few times but you can use certain tricks like using odors and mats to attract your dog to go to the same place or spot every time.

    Leash training

    Road awareness and voice commands are crucial for a dog’s safety. They are delicate and require extra protection for themselves. Make sure you give them leash training properly so they do not get hurt while on a walk.

    Health Issues In Apple Head Chihuahua

    chihuahua, dog, puppy
    Photo by Teerasuwat on Pixabay

    Purebred dogs are most likely to inherit some genetic diseases due to their small size. these dogs may suffer from the following diseases:

    Dental Problems and Eye Diseases

    These types of diseases are highly common in an apple head chihuahua due to their very small mouth and prominent eyes. Regular checkups are required to diagnose diseases for better treatment.

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    Dental diseases

    You already are familiar with the small mouth of chihuahuas. They have small teeth but due to their smallmouth, they become overcrowded which leads to the formation of plaque and infections leading to pain and gingivitis. They require regular brushing to avoid the build-up of plaque and avoid tooth decay.

    Luxating Patella

    Luxating patella is a hereditary condition that causes dislocation of the kneecap. It may further lead to more severe conditions like arthritis and pain in the bones.

    Collapsing trachea

    It refers to collapsing of the windpipe due to coughing, lethargy, shortness of breath, and difficulties in breathing.

    BAS or Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

    This does restrict normal breathing in apple head chihuahua. This dog has a compromised head shape, restricted nasal passage, and a short muzzle. This is quite similar to the pug breed ad may cause difficulties in breathing. It causes sleep anemia, snoring, discomfort, and strange snuffling noises when they breathe.


    This is a condition in which apple head chihuahua is born with an abnormal head larger than the regular size. This puppy will be lethargic and its development and goth will not be regular like other puppies.


    In this condition, the blood sugar level falls too low rapidly. It may cause the dog to faint and in severe conditions the dog might develop seizures. This condition eventually makes them weak. The main cause behind this is poorer nutrition or underlying illness or giving the wrong type of food to the dog.

    Other health issues may include heart diseases like patent ductus arteriosus or mitral valve diseases which require surgical processes for treatment.

    How To Care For Apple Head Chihuahua?

    chihuahua, dog, cute
    Photo by HG-Fotografie on Pixabay

    Few important things must be kept in mind about your tiny puppy. Here are few needs to understand:


    This tiny dog is highly energetic and does not require much exercise due to its complete daily routine. They will just do fine with short and brisk walks regularly. They are fragile, so getting hurt is quite easy for them. They should be kept in a secure place or closed yards to run around instead of open areas.

    Early leash training, socialization, and road awareness can be really beneficial for apple head chihuahuas. This keeps the puppy safe and determined.


    Feed them as small dogs. Give them a high-quality protein-enriched diet but make sure you are feeding them in small amounts. Be careful and do not overfeed as they do not exercise much leading to overweight. They require plenty of water a day to keep going. Make sure you are giving high-quality and right food as it can prevent a lot of diseases.


    Chihuahuas has a double coat and they do not shed much. You will require a good brush to brush their hair regularly. They are not required to be taken to a groomer regularly.

    Bath is only needed when it is crucial. Their coat can maintain natural oils. Use natural shampoos to protect your coat from inset bites and fleas.

    Cleaning Ears, Teeth, and Nails

    Preventing tooth decay and plaque is highly important for chihuahuas. You can use chew toys for your dog as chewing tough toys will help them break the plaque deposited. Use soft toothpaste and toothbrush so they do not get hurt. You need to trim your dog’s nails regularly like once a month at least to avoid any infection. Their ears are erect and need to be checked regularly for any infection or buildup of dirt.

    Positives and Negatived For Owners

    Positives for dog owners- why you need an apple head chihuahua

    • They are cute dogs with big prominent eyes.
    • Lovable ad extremely loyal towards their owner
    • smart and gentle nature
    • Forma a great companion
    • Loved snuggling up with the owners

    Negatives for dog owners

    • Not useful for becoming a guard dog
    • Tends to bark when bored
    • Do not behave well when left alone for long
    • Needs careful handling as they are highly delicate
    • Should not be left alone with mall children

    This was everything you needed to know on apple head chihuahua.

    Some interesting facts on apple head chihuahua

    puppy, dogs, animals
    Photo by vlaaitje on Pixabay
    1. Their apple head is considered to be the standard breed for chihuahuas of all types according to the American Kennel Club.
    2. They are more expensive than other types of chihuahuas like the deer head because of their breed standard reputation. They may cost 800 dollars or more.
    3. They are among very few dogs to have pictures and monuments from the 1800s. They are ancient dogs.
    4. The shape of their head makes their eyes look more prominent and bigger than they usually are.
    5. Mating between two apple-headed chihuahuas does not necessarily give rise to an apple head chihuahua due to recessive genes.
    6. When they are born, they sometimes have a hole called Molera in their heads similar to human babies. This is not something do owners should be concerned about.
    7. Apple head chihuahua may be short-haired or long-haired.


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