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    Is Trazodone for Dogs the safest medication?

    The development of Trazodone HCI is useful as an antidepressant for humans and is also used for the treatment of insomnia and post-traumatic stress as an off-label.

    After proper examination, this medication proved safe not only for humans but also for dogs. The treatment with this medication would yield effective results. Trazodone for dogs is included in the doctor’s prescription for change in behavioural patterns, anxiety disorder, fear and other problems. It comes in different concentrations in form of an oral white tablet.

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    Trazodone for dogs keeps the mood effective since it is composed of serotonin 2A antagonist which keeps the serotonin in the synaptic spaces of the brain for a longer time. Serotonin which is also known as feel-good chemicals acts as a neurotransmitter that is gradually associated with an escalated sense of wellness and decreased stress and aggression.

    The deficiency of Serotonin in our brain often gets resulted from a change in our mood and behaviour. Trazodone for dogs helps in proper maintenance of it.

    Trazodone for Dogs: Dosages

    The availability of trazodone for dogs is genetic and in almost brand name options and the dosages include all sorts of quantity be it 50, 100, 150, 200 mg it is available in every quantity.

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    Although the quantity of dosage varies from dog to dog and the stationary dose is 2.5 mg to 3.5 mg per pound which can be given regularly. In some cases with the advice of the vet, the trazodone for dogs dosage may rise to 15mg per pound every 24 hours.

    For the minimisation of any side effects a vet usually prescribes the minimal possible dosage of trazodone for dogs. Though there could be an increase in dosage of trazodone for dogs after consecutive three to five days until the fulfilment of the objective. The time frame gradually is dependent on the specific condition of a particular whether there are mild or adverse side effects.

    Trazodone for dogs comes in consideration of being properly safe and effective treatment if it is taken as per the instructions prescribed by the vet and the dosage is given in the prescribed limit.

    It is worthy to mention that trazodone for dogs should be stored properly and must be kept at the which is reach out of children and pets. Since the increase in dogs can cause a lot of side effects which can include severe issues like seizures and coma too.

    Trazodone for Dogs: Procedure to intake

    The recruitment of healthy dogs takes place when they appear for orthopaedic procedures before pre-surgical evaluation.

    After the day of surgery trazodone for dogs are prescribed 3.5 mg/kg, q12h depending on the condition of dogs. It is taken with tramadol whose dosage limit is 4-6mg/kg q8-12h for the reduction of pain and discomfort level.

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    After consecutively three days it is advised to discontinue tramadol and to increase the dosage of trazodone for dogs to 7mg/kg q12hit the maintenance of it should be till at least 4 weeks. If the condition is severe the dosage of trazodone for dogs could be increased to 7-10mg/kg q8h.

    After the completion of electronic surveys, confinement of dogs tolerance level concerning their calmness level, hyperactivity conditions and their responsiveness towards specifically provocative circumstances before the surgery period and after 4 weeks the evaluation at post-surgical level takes place within 8-12 weeks.

    According to most of the clients, the condition of their dogs significantly improved in moderation or extremely concerning tolerance level, confinement and calmness when they are given trazodone for dogs within 8-12 weeks after orthopaedic surgery.

    After the combination of trazodone with other non-steroids drugs and antibiotics, it was well tolerated and after proper examination, no adverse reaction could be withdrawn from it.

    Trazodone for Dogs: Objective

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    Trazodone for a dog’s man goal is to reduce anxiety in short term situations and it can be taken regularly for generalized anxiety. During vet visits, it can be taken for the maintenance of sanity of the patients or it could also be taken after orthopaedic surgery.

    For minimization of fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, it can give to pets with the advice of your vet. Trazodone for dogs can be taken to separate behavioural pattern based on anxiety with the help of behaviour modification training.

    The combination of trazodone for dogs with various other types of medications with the proper advice of your vet can be used to get relief from the anxiety-based behavioural pattern.

    It is recommended to give trazodone before the trigger takes place so that it would start to maintain the sanity of your dog and keep it calm as soon as the effectiveness of the medication starts working.

    You may also give your dog a dosage of trazodone if he panics during the visit to the vet since this medication would relieve him. Generally, the time of onset and the duration period varies from one dog to another so it is recommended to propose the examination before any triggering event for optimisation of the timing.

    Trazodone for dogs can be given in every 8 hours and above all, it is mainly dependent on the weight of dogs and its responsiveness towards medication.

    Trazodone: Side effects

    According to a study, trazodone for dogs is safe for an animal with few side effects. Some of the side effects which possibly could take place are lethargic reaction, sedation, anxiety disorder, various gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting with or without blood or diarrhoea, increased aggressiveness, prolonged erections like priapism and ataxia in several cases. Though some of these symptoms are uncommon and foremost it solely depends on the dog’s condition.

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    With the combination of other drugs like Fluoxetine and Clomipramine which also act like antidepressants, there is a gradual tendency for the occurrence of severe side effects known as Serotonin Syndrome.

    Symptoms like shiver, dilation of pupils, difficulty in breathing, tremors, increase in discomfort level can be possibly due to Serotonin Syndrome. You should immediately consult a vet if you notice such symptoms in your dog.

    Although trazodone for dogs is most beneficial as well as efficient since being an anti-anxiety medication it has minimal or no side effects like the risk of seizure and various other adverse effects.

    Trazodone: Precautions and Warnings

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    Hypersensitive dogs are quite prone to different allergic reactions so it is advisable to not give such medication to dogs.

    The dogs who are active on any inhibitors like MAO which is also known as monoamine oxidase, Selegiline or Amitraz which is commonly used for the management of treatment and control tick should not be given Trazodone. The dogs having issues with kidney, heart, liver should use Trazodone only with the proper advice of a vet.

    Any kind of medication which is administered to your pet acts as a tool to enhance their well being. Trazodone which is an adjunctive medical therapy which is gradually effective in behavioural modification program can result to positive behavioural changes.

    To increase the chances of likelihood positive outcomes you should indulge in active communication with your vet regarding the number of dosages, side effects, consistency in training your dog and several other factors.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. When is it advisable to give trazodone to dogs?

    A: Since the onset of action takes approximate 30-60 minutes so trazodone for dogs should be taken before the potential anxiety-inducing stimuli. Although it takes hours for a long-lasting effect.

    Q2. How long does trazodone take to be effective?

    A: Trazodone is usually included in prescription if the other antidepressants have not worked or yield more side effects.

    Trazodone for dogs usually takes 1-2 weeks to function well and sometimes it may take 4-6 weeks to feel the full benefit. Although after taking it your dog may feel sleepy.

    Q3. What is the stationary amount to give trazodone to the dog?

    A: The availability of trazodone for dogs is genetic and in almost brand name options and the dosages include all sorts of quantity be it 50, 100, 150, 200 mg it is available in every quantity. Although the quantity of dosage varies from dog to dog and the stationary dose is 2.5 mg to 3.5 mg per pound which can be given regularly.

    Q4. How much does sleep hours gets increased after taking Trazodone?

    A: Trazodone also helps in insomnia since it is very suitable for the treatment of insomnia since after taking Trazodone the sleep hours gets increased to 3-5 hours. According to studies it has been proven that it can cure both primary insomnia and secondary insomnia with sleep issues at low doses.

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    Q5. Is it true that 50mg of trazodone is strong?

    A: It is okay if you take a 5mg-100mg dosage of trazodone at bedtime. If the condition of your pet convenes then the dosage limit can even be increased to 200 mg since it helps in sleeping easily. Although those who are struggling with both depression and sleep disorders can take up to 300mg before sleeping.

    Q6. Is it true that Trazodone is hard on the kidneys?

    A: The pharmacologically active metabolites which are specifically exerted by the kidney. Although there is no specific data considering the pharmacokinetic disposition of trazodone or its metabolites in any of its patients who have renal or any other liver disease.

    Q7. Are Trazodone and Xanax identical to each other?

    A: Xanax is identical to trazodone in terms of side effects such as feeling exhausted and drowsy. Although if the occurrence of these symptoms takes place during the daytime it might hamper the day to day activities. However, keep trazodone aside Xanax and other benzodiazepine drugs can be proved to be addictive after a certain period even if used as per your vet’s discretion.

    Q8. Does Trazodone relieve pain?

    A: Trazodone, an atypical antidepressant, has a significant effect on serotonin levels in the brain and that’s why it could certainly heal depression and anxiety disorders. Along with that, it also useful for other various reasons and conditions. This medication is proved useful for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

    Q9. Is there any drug that is useful than Trazodone for sleep?

    A: All the drugs have few side effects. According to the study, both of the drugs trazodone and Ambien helps in improving the sleep cycle during the first week but Ambien reported more effectiveness even during the second week. So Ambien is more effective than Trazodone.

    Q10. How much time should I wait between doses of trazodone for dogs?

    A: The dosage of trazodone ranges between 1.7 to 9.5 mg/kg orally every eight to 24 hours another day. Although it is advisable to start the dosage at 2 to 3 mg/kg orally every 24 hours and then significantly taper up to the effect of it.


    Trazodone for dogs is used for improving behavioural patterns and also anxiety-related disorders, which also includes firework and thunderstorm phobias, depression, and to minimize the discomfort level after surgeries.

    The drug can be taken with or without having food. It generally takes 2 weeks for a significant calming effect, especially when used alone without the combination of other drugs. The most common symptoms after taking this are decreased activity and sleepiness. If you suspect that you’ve consumed over the limit then you should immediately consult a vet as an adverse reaction could take place.


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