How Many Times should I Feed my Puppy

    A Detailed Answer to How Many Times Should I Feed my Puppy

    When you have a little puppy at home, one of the primary concerns is choosing the right food for it. Then, the next concern that knocks at the door is “how many times should I feed my puppy”. The delicate creature needs to be treated well. So, all of these concerns are not vague. Being a puppy owner, it is genuine for you to have all these queries and concerns in mind.

    Your little puppy must be hungry all the time. Also, it may try to taste whatever it finds in its way. In that case, you have to take care of its food. Please keep all of the staff that are harmful to it away from its way of loitering. So that it won’t get a chance to taste them.

    how many times should I feed my puppy
    Daily Paws: Puppies eating food

    Different types of puppy foods are available in the market. But, make sure you buy the one with the highest nutrition value. Puppies grow fast. In their growing period, you must provide them adequate nutrition to strengthen their bones, muscles, and teeth. Also, nutritional foods bring energy to their bodies. And they stay active and playful throughout the day.

    Well, let me tell you here that puppy food is far different from dog foods. Dog foods are to maintain their already grown-up adult bodies, whereas puppy foods are meant to develop the little puppies’ bodies well. So, do not get confused between the two while buying foods for your puppy in the market.

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    Now let’s answer the question, “how many times should I feed my puppy”.

    How many times should I feed my puppy: Time Schedule as per the Age

    Before 6 Months of Age:

    Puppies usually grow fast. Even before they are one year old, their bodies become ready for external foods except for mother’s milk. In that case, when they are about six to eight weeks old, three scheduled feedings are a must in a day. However, it is not only for health benefits and growth. A feeding schedule helps to train a puppy well. When it eats at a scheduled time from a young age, his time for going out will also be scheduled. Overall, it improves the puppy’s lifestyle and makes it a well-trained puppy.

    From 6 months to 1 year old:

    When your puppy is 6 months old, you can consider him as a grown-up. Change the feeding schedule from three times to two times a day. Give its diet once in the morning at the beginning of the day; and once in the evening at the end of the day.

    how many times should I feed my puppy
    The Spruce Pets

    Keep checking the amount of food your puppy(or dog I should call it now?) is having. If it consumes excesses amount, it may gain weight which is not good for its health. Therefore, to maintain an ideal weight, you must give them the right amount of proper food at a scheduled time.

    For 1 Year Old or More than That:

    Once they grow up you can feed them once or twice per day. Switch to adult food if your dog is matured. Now, it is hard to identify the exact time when your dog is matured. You can take the help of a veterinarian regarding this. Dogs of different breeds get matured at different times. Some take 1 year while some of them take more than 1 or 2 years.

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    Now, as you know the answer to “how many times should I feed my puppy”, let’s discuss which types of foods are right for them.

    The Types of Puppy Food Available in the Market

    Though your puppy may not get the variety you eat in your lunch, dinner, and breakfast. But, yes, you can still find some different kinds of puppy foods. Here, we have mentioned them.

    Canned Food: Such puppy foods are kept in sealed cans. You can easily find this at any supermarket. Though dogs love to have moist, canned food, you must take care of the nutritional value of the foods. Due to the presence of a high amount of water in these foods, the nutritional value is often reduced. So, take the doctor’s suggestions about your pet’s need for nutrition. Then, buy these canned foods.

    Dry Food: Chewing dry foods is a healthy treat for dogs. It keeps their teeth strong; facial muscles stout. It is cost-effective as well in respect to wet food. Due to this, many pet owners prefer this type of puppy food. But, makes sure your puppy food has enough wholesome foods in it as it is important for your pet’s overall growth.

    Homemade Foods: Amidst the grandeur of processed foods, simple home-cooked foods are the best source of adequate nutrition for your pet. When you yourself cook foods for your canine friend, you know which ingredient should be put in which amount.

    how many times should I feed my puppy
    Dogs LovetoKnow: Homecooked food for puppies

    Though it is time-consuming, it is satisfying to see that your dog is getting enough nutrition.

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    Fruits and Vegetables: Yes, along with adequate dog foods, you can give them an occasional treat of fruits and vegetables. The vitamins, minerals, and fibers in the fruits keep them healthy. Also, their tastebuds get a variety of tastes. For fruits and vegetables, you can give them watermelon, carrots, blueberries, etc.

    How Many Times Should I Feed my Puppy: 10 Effective Tips for You

    Let us share some interesting tips regarding puppy foods. It will help you to keep your pet healthy and active.

    1. Do not Overfeed your pet ever. Even if it begs you for food, do not fall for its tiny, marble-like eyes. Maintain the schedule and the amount of food.
    2. A big “NO” for the chocolates. Though you may like licking the chocolate bars every now and then, it may affect your dog’s health. Click here to learn the bad effects of chocolates on puppies.
    3. Remove the seeds if you are giving fruits like watermelon to them.
    4. Avoid giving them alcoholic foods and beverages.
    5. Caffeinated drinks are also not recommended.
    6. Too much salt is harmful to dogs.
    7. Bones are actually not safe for the dogs, especially the cooked ones. It may disturb their teeth and harm the internal organ when they get broken into pieces.
    8. Never give onions to your puppy. Any part of it is harmful to them.
    9. For human foods, you can give them peanut butter, plain yogurt, etc. But maintain the exact amount prescribed by your veterinarian.
    10. Apple is a healthy treat for dogs.
    how many times should I feed my puppy
    The Telegraph: Cooked Bones are harmful to puppies

    Bottom the Line

    So, this article tells you everything you need to know about when to feed your dog. Also, you have found some interesting tips here. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. If you like to travel with your dog, click here to know the details.


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