14 Important Things About Deer Head Chihuahua- Complete Guide For Adoption

    Deer Head Chihuahua- Know Why You Need This Tiny Creature In Your Life!

    Deer Head Chihuahua is not just an ordinary dog, it is a big personality stuck in a very small body. This article discusses the confident, sassy, and a little bit feisty deer head chihuahua.

    If you are not sure to keep them or not, just know that first-time owners can definitely go for this breed but experienced owners do have an advantage as chihuahua’s attitude is something they will be able to handle with more grace.

    Like all other breeds of chihuahuas, they make the perfect dog for your family. These tiny creatures can fight the world to keep their owner safe. So, if you are planning to bring a pint-sized cute dog with the personality of a big dog, deer head chihuahua is the one for you.

    Deer Head Chihuahua- Complete Breed Information

    deer head chiuahua
    Photo by mikefoster on Pixabay

    Some of the very first chihuahuas were associated with Aztecs, so it can be said that Aztecs were among the first ones to breed deer head chihuahua back in the 1500s.

    Even back then, when all other dogs were bred to be fighting dogs, this one was specially bred to be a companion dog. In the early 1900s, deer head chihuahua gained AKC recognition. They split into two separate varieties, Apple head chihuahuas and deer head chihuahua.

    Deer head chihuahua is larger than apple head chihuahuas. You must know that this dog is not suitable for you if you live a country life or have children at home. They are perfect for someone living without kids in an apartment.

    Unlike most breeds, they do not need menta stimulation or a lot of exercises, also their coat is very short which means you do not have to spend extra money and time on their grooming.

    Here is an overview of deer head chihuahua:

    Name deer head chihuahua
    Overview Toy group
    Size 8 to 12 inches
    Purpose Companion
    Weight 10 pounds
    Temperament Confident and feisty

    1. Pros And Cons Of Having Deer Head

    There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of housing a deer head chihuahua. These include:


    • Excellent dogs for apartment owners.
    • Great watchdogs.
    • Easy to take care of.
    • Have a long lifespan.
    • Can be really easy to travel with.


    • Do not handle cold environments very well.
    • can be fragile so you need to handle them carefully
    • Typically bonds well with one person in the family.
    • Loves barking
    • Hard to train in the house.

    2. Appearance

    Wondering why the name deer head chihuahua? It is because of their appearance of course. Their head slightly looks like that of a young deer. They have a long muzzle, quite large ears, and the area between their forehead and muzzle has a slope slightly.

    Their ears stand upright and have a thin body with long legs just like a deer. Their eyes are round, full, and often dark brown in color. The neck is arched slightly, sloping down into their lean shoulders and long back. Their tail is long too. With this appearance, you will receive a compact little dog wh moves really quick with those dominant expressions (unline its size).

    3. Colors

    For deer head chihuahua, the most common colors you will see is different shades of liver or chocolate or fawn color. However, there may be different shades too. Although the most common include white, grey, silver, and black. More diverse colors are observed in apple head chihuahuas with merle being the most different.

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    4. Coat

    Deer head chihuahua can have either a long coat or a short one. If you have a chihuahua with a short-haired coat, you can just brush their coat once a week and they are good to go. Whereas, the long-haired chihuahua requires 3 days a week brushing.

    Both the varieties need to be bathed at least 3 to 4 times a week. One thing to note here is that the short hair chihuahuas shed much as compared to the long-haired ones.

    5. Fun Facts

    Here are some fun facts to know about this excellent breed.

    1. They are among the oldest dogs known as they were first seen in the 1500s with the Aztecs.
    2. They are the smallest dog breed present in this world.
    3. They used to be gifted once inside a bouquet.
    4. Wild packs of this breed roam freely throughout Arizona
    5. They are also known to be unofficial state dogs of Arizona.
    6. It was believed in earlier times that they had the ability to cure asthma.
    7. They are considered to be excellent watchdogs.

    6. Personality

    As you already know they are large dogs trapped in a small body. If we were to describe deer head chihuahua in three words, it would be Alert, Lively, and Confident. These dogs often fail to recognize how small they are. They have a boisterous attitude and are extremely prone to having small dog syndrome. You must treat your dog as a dog not as a child as they might show more attitude towards you as well.

    This problem can be cured easily with proper training sessions. These dogs love playing, whether it is playing with their owners or making small little games by themselves to remain entertained. You should often tackle them in your blanket otherwise all they do is run around the house and tackle with the toys.

    Due to their small size, you should not keep them with larger dogs as it may create issues. They are not known to mingle ad get along with other pets or canines very well. They do love similar kinds that are chihuahuas in the house. If you already have a large dog, you must take proper care and pay more attention to these dogs. Although, with a lot of training and hard work, you can make them learn to live with other dogs. They will easily tolerate other pets like cats or small pets once they are given proper training.

    They are more likely to bond with one member only in the family, so do not expect them to show love and affection towards all the members as chihuahuas are not known to do so. You might be thinking about how they chose that one person, right? Well, the person who gives them attention and takes care of them the most is likely to be their favorite and only person they will love.

    Due to their barking nature, they make excellent watchdogs. They do not howl much as most other sogs, they will simply start barking after seeing others. This is great if you are looking for a watchdog but these tendencies can create issues when you live in an apartment with a lot of neighbors.

    They are a little bit bossy but extremely playful. This tiny creature will just make your day. They love to burrow, so it’s best to give them a pile of blankets to sleep on rather than a separate bed. This will make them really happy and closer to you.

    7. Deer Head Chihuahua In Your Family

    chihuahua, dog, blanket
    Photo by Ebowalker on Pixabay

    If you are thinking deer head chihuahua is a good family dog or not, you might know looking at their temperament. Unfortunately, they do make great family dogs. They aren’t recommended for people having children as they bond with only one member. However, if your heart really desires a deer head chihuahua, you can spend time on their training and work hard on them to improve these qualities and turn them into a family dog. But remember, this requires a lot of patience and hard work.

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    8. Exercise

    Although these dogs are considered to be having high energy, you would not have trouble taking them for exercise as they require very little exercise and quite easy to handle. If you cannot take them to distant places, just a quick walk with some play inside the house is more than enough to keep your little dog satisfied and entertained for the day.

    These dogs are known to make their plays by themselves most often. This makes it quite easier for the dog owners as they do not have to spend extra time if they have a busy schedule. Although, you can join too in their little plays if you have time. Make sure you purchase some toys too. Just get them some chews, rope toys, and a few squeaky toys, and they will be good for the entire day without bothering you too much.

    The most important thing that many dog owners do not realize while buying deer head chihuahuas is that this dog cannot handle cold very well. If you are residing in a colder area, you can purchase some coats for them when you take them for a walk or somewhere outside. Try to avoid walking your dog when the temp falls below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. They will just require one walk a day that too for 30 minutes or so.

    9. Grooming

    These dogs are not known to shed very often and require you to brush your dog’s hair once a week. This was for short-haired chihuahuas. If you have a long-haired chihuahua, know that they will require 3 to 4 times brushing a week. Deer head chihuahua is highly prone to dental issues, you must brush your dog’s teeth daily to avoid any such problem.

    10. Diet

    Diet plays ab important role in any dog’s life. If you are planning to get a deer head chihuahua, make sure you take a look at their food daily. They should consume the right amount of food and the food should be correct and especially for them. The best food to bring for this breed is a nutrient-dense formula with very small serving sizes.

    Try to give them a high protein diet so that they receive proper nutrition for their healthy state.

    You can split your dog’s food into two meals every day. Make sure the food you have got is high in protein content and small enough so that your dog can chew it properly. They are also prone to gaining weight, so make sure you give them tiny portions and do not overfeed.

    They require 1 cup of kibble per day with 400 calories. More than this can lead to overweight as they do not exercise much.

    11. Health Issues

    chihuahua, dog, pet
    Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

    Few health problems in deer head chihuahua include patellar luxation, cardiovascular problems, and Moleras (also called soft-spot). If you care for your dog just like your child, you can always have pet insurance This will help avid seeing the vets with reimbursement for every bill from now on along with saving you from a lot of headaches.

    This breed of dog is relatively healthy than most breeds and has a lifespan of 14 years to 16 years. They may develop some diseases like low blood sugar, cancer, epilepsy, a loose kneecap, etc.

    There are certain things you should do as their owner to ensure their health remains your priority. Try to avoid buying your dogs from any puppy mills, breeders, or pet shops, that cannot give you a proper assurance and guarantee of the dog’s health. Second, make sure you are taking them for regular checkups so that if any issue develops, it can be diagnosed early and treated as such.

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    12. Puppies Of Deer Head Chihuahua

    These dogs need to undergo complete obedience training along with socialization within a few months of their age. You can take them to puppy kindergarten, dog classes, parks, and some social gatherings where they can learn to socialize with other pets and humans. They are relatively easy to train in-house, but you can always give them crate training so that they learn how to control themselves.

    Crate training is one of the best ways using which you can stop your dog from showing destructive behavior in the future. But make sure you are not treating them like it is a punishment or any confinement. For physical development, these dogs should be treated with extra care as they are highly fragile and tiny. Sometimes they are prone to injuries, so make sure you treat them well.

    Many people often think a deer head chihuahua is rare, but it is not so. They are not rare and are accepted as a separate breed by the American Kennel Club.

    13. Price

    If you have already made your mind about adopting a deer head chihuahua, you must know about their pricing too. They are often the cheapest chihuahuas to bring home. The reason behind this is that they still do not have pedigree status from the kennel club.

    The lower price range for a deer head chihuahua can be estimated to be 400 dollars to 700 dollars whereas the higher range is from 800 dollars to 1200 dollars. The long-haired variety of chihuahuas can cost you nearly 300 dollars more. The price of a grownup chihuahuas is 200 dollars to 5 dollars.

    If you are doing impeccable work of adopting a deer head chihuahua from any shelter, you just have to pay 150 dollars to 300 dollars.

    14. Lifespan Of Deer Head Chihuahua

    Unline most breeds of dogs, they can live quite longer once you take care of them properly. They are expected to live for 14 years to 16 years on average.

    Usually, the smaller breeds live much longer than the larger breeds. Some varieties of teacup dogs make even up to 20 years.

    To increase the lifespan of your dog, make sure you are keeping a track of their nutrition and the amount of food you serve them. Take them for regular checkups so that even if there is some health-related predicament, it can be diagnosed in the early stages and treatment can begin soon. Your dog’s life is in your hands, the better you treat them, the better their chances get of living a healthy life.

    Do not overfeed your tiny creature just because you love them too much, it might seem a good idea to you but it isn’t. They are more likely to put on weight which causes them to develop some serious health issues.


    This dog is a fabulous sog with so many funny characteristics that you will love it for all good reasons given that it gets the right environment and love in the family.

    They are suited best to homes with one or two people living without children. Also, if you love paying more attention to your dogs, you are going to need only this breed and no one else. For people living alone, this tiny sassy creature may be all you need to survive in a lonely environment.

    They are among the few active breeds known till now which makes them entirely perfect for a small home in the city or an apartment. Once you bring a deer head chihuahua home, make sure you love them but do not fulfill all their demands as it might turn them slightly bossy. Their other side of personality that is bold, bossy, and yappy personality can be troublesome at times.

    They are the perfect dogs for adults living alone and looking for a friend. Just let them in and love them, they will adore you for life and protect you no matter what.


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