How To Add Photo Widget – 2 Simple Methods For Your Help

    If you’re in love with the new feature for adding widgets to your favorite iPhone, then you’re not alone. Also with the help of a photo widget, having your favorite scenes or pictures right on the Home Screen of your phone is a fantastic way to start your day. So, for those who don’t know how to do this, we will tell you about the method of how to add photo widget.

    You will have more than one way to perform the task of how to add photo widget on the Home Screen of your iPhone. One of those options is using the Photos app widget given by Apple obviously. Also, the other one is to use a special third-party app with a custom widget. Here we’ll explain to you how to use both of these ways for performing the task of how to add photo widget on your iPhone.

    What is photo widget?

    Photo widget is one kind of free application with no extra cost and also very safe to use. It is used to display a photo from the library on the home screen of your phone.

    Here is the description of the two methods of how to add photo widget:

    Method 1: The method of how to add photo widget through Photos app widget

    Along with its multiple apps, Apple also offers a widget for the Photos app. This is actually your first choice when you are thinking about how to add photo widget and it’s also very easy to do.

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    1) First of all, just press and hold a blank spot on the screen of your iPhone until the icons jiggle.

    2) Next, tap the plus sign that will appear on the top right area to open the Widget Gallery.

    3) After that, select the Photos widget from the popular spot at the top or from the list.

    4) Finally, select one of the three sizes of the widget and then tap on Add Widget.

    how to add photo widget

    Adding the widget is a very easy and simple part. Selecting the photos you can see in the widget is actually the part where things get difficult.

    The method of picking the photos

    Unfortunately, the Photos widget of Apple does not let you pick those photos that you want to see in the widget.

    You will be able to see while selecting the size of the widget that the photos that are displayed come from the Memories and Featured Photos in the Photos app. Moreover, those Featured Photos are selected by the Photos app, not by you.

    Currently, the only power you have in controlling this is to exclude certain pictures and another limitation is that you can only exclude pictures considered as the Featured Photos from the widget. To perform this task of how to add photo widget successfully, follow these steps.

    1) First, you need to tap the photo when you see it on the widget to open it in Photos. Or you can also open the Photos app directly and then tap the picture given in the Featured Photos section on the tab displaying For You.

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    2) After that, select the photo to open it and then just tap the Share button. In an alternative way, just press and hold on the photo until the shortcut menu opens.

    3) Next, choose the option Remove from Featured Photos.

    how to add photo widget

    Again, this process will not work for removing the Memories or excluding photos within Memories that will display in the Photos widget. However, all of these are something that Apple will change for the Photos app widget in the future.

    Method 2: The process of how to add photo widget with Widget smith or a similar third-party app

    If you’re not satisfied with the limitations of Apple’s own Photos widget, and also want to change the photo in the widget, you will have another option.

    Widget smith is a third-party app that is free of cost and lets you create custom widgets and luckily with this you can also add a photo or a complete album straight from the Photos app of your iPhone. Also best of all, you can select the photos and get to change them anytime while you desire!

    1) First of all, you have to open Widget smith and then pick a small, medium, or large widget size as per your choice.

    2) After that, you have to tap on the Default Widget.

    3) Then, you have to Scroll through the types of the widgets until you can see or spot Custom.

    4) Next, you have to select either Photo if you wish to display a specific photo or Photos in Album if you wish to display all of your favorite photos from a specific album.

    5) Tap on the tab below that can easily read either the Selected Photo or the Selected Album and then choose the photo or album that you want to use.

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    6) Next, just hit the arrow on the top left area to go back. Also, you can select Tap to Rename the widget at the top.

    7) Lastly, tap on Save after you finish the task.

    how to add photo widget

    Now that you have your album or photo widget created, just add it to your Home Screen like any other type of widget from the Widget Gallery. You can also perform the same steps as above for the task of adding the Photos widget, but instead of doing that, just pick Widget smith and also the size of the photo widget that you created.

    After the widget is on the Home Screen of your iPhone, just tap and hold it, and then pick Edit Widget, and select the album or photo widget.

    Therefore, you can easily add a photo widget to the Home Screen of your iPhone easily with these two methods of how to add photo widget. If you are comfortable with only seeing Memories or Featured Photos, then just use the Photos widget of Apple. However, if you wish to pick the photos that you see, check out Widget smith or a similar type of app for creating the custom widgets.

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