Easy And Interesting Tips On How To Mute A Tab

    How to mute a tab? While browsing multiple tabs, we frequently encounter such website which automatically plays videos without our permission. Back when the webpage has loaded appropriately, these sites will eventually turn the audio on. To circumvent annoyance, you might want to swiftly mute the videos and unmute only if requisite.

    With more and more websites utilizing auto play video – now it is a better time to review the way out to mute the audio playing in one among your many open browser tabs. Here we’ll cover the various ways you could mute tabs in different browsers.

    The leading news in browser tab muting is that with Windows 10 Spring 2018 Update, finally, Microsoft’s Edge browser allows you to mute tabs with one click — among other Edge modifications. Meanwhile, there’s excellent news on the web-browsing horizon because password-free web security is coming up to Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

    In this article, ‘How to mute a tab’, we will delve into native approaches to mute tab sounds across Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

    Mute Tab in Google Chrome

    On Google Chrome, once you knock into a website that auto play videos, just go to the topmost side of the present tab and do right-click to choose “Mute site.” This’ll turn the audio off, albeit the pc speaker is on.

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    Once muted, you can continue to watch the videos with pause it or subtitles if you only want to read the web’s contents. If you would like to listen to the audio once more, you could choose “unmute site” from a similar corner.

    how to mute a tab

    For a permanent solution for how to mute a tab, Google Chrome permits you to mute every site that plays sound. This could be sneaked in to “Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Site Settings -> Additional Content Settings.”
    You could mute such site that plays sounds or permit exceptions for a couple of news, entertainment sites, and gaming.

    Mute Tab in Firefox

    Firefox offers one the strictest solutions to contend with auto play videos. Just like the other browsers, you could power down the audio from the tab on top by choosing “mute tab.” Unmuting is additionally done from the similar position.

    how to mute a tab

    For a perpetual setting on how to mute a tab, go to the “Auto play Settings” from “Preferences -> “Privacy. Here you could set up the default for all the websites to block video and audio and selectively permit video and audio for some specific sites.

    Mute Tab in Opera

    If you’re utilizing the Opera browser, just go to the topmost side of the tab where the audio or video is playing. Do right-click and choose “mute tab,” an option quite similar to the one on Google Chrome. Just click the muted tab to unmute the audio, and then choose “unmute tab”. Though, Opera doesn’t proffer a persistent option to mute tabs.

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    Mute tab in Microsoft Edge

    The Microsoft Edge browser features quite a similar option on how to mute a tab as Opera and Chrome. Go to the topmost side of the tab and right-click to choose the mute option. Also, unmuting is done from that very same icon.

    how to mute a tab

    For a more persistent solution in muting audio, go to the “Settings -> Cookies and Site Permissions -> Media auto play”. Here you could control if video and audio play eventually on the sites. The media will only play based on how you’ve visited the page and whether you clubbed together with the media in the past. Refresh the page to ascertain changes to the present setting.

    How to mute a tab in Safari

    How to mute a tab? If you’re utilizing Safari on Mac, you could mute audio in any open tab. Search for the small Audio button on the right-hand side of the tab bar or the Smart search field to “mute the tab.” The subsequent screen is for Safari 12 on Mac OS Mojave. You could find same kind of placement of the audio button on Big Sur for Safari 14.1.

    Another alternative is to right-click on the audio icon to mute that tab from there. This feature is beneficial if multiple tabs are open and you would like to mute each and every tab. To unmute the sounds anytime, click the muted Audio button.

    Why mute a single tab?

    The necessity to mute an individual tab may arise, let’s say once you just want to mute a selected Google Meet tab without interposing all the other Google Meet sessions. Although one could always mute or pause a specific live stream or video in the media player of the browser. Nevertheless, that isn’t as quick and seamless as directly muting a single tab from the primary interface.

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    To mute a selected tab in Chrome, you could either utilize the “Mute Tab” or “Tab Muter” extension for Chrome. Both these extensions summon up the “Mute Tab” working functionality that was once concocted into Chrome. Focus on the way to set up and utilize the extension.

    If you have recently encountered unwanted web audio while surfing your favourite websites, then this article ‘How to mute a tab’ is for you. Here you learned the way to mute the browser tabs for several browsers. You could also find out the way from here to enable Chrome flags to elevate your browsing experience on Chrome.

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