How to add a Song to Snapchat – 8 Easy Steps [Personalized Custom Music]

    Adding a song to your Snapchat stories is regarded as a common and best way to add an aesthetic touch to your stories. Read this article till the end to know how to add a song to Snapchat.

    How to Add Any Music to Snapchat | Sleck

    In recent times the users of Snapchat weren’t able to add songs to their stories while using the app. For putting a song in their stories, they were required to play their preferred song from a different app. It is easy to know how to add a song to Snapchat.

    Although recently, a feature has been introduced by Snapchat developers allowing all the creators to use licensed music from the Snapchat app itself. The users of Snapchat worldwide can easily add music to their snaps from the app-curated list of music. The users can learn how to add a song to Snapchat by applying simple steps.

    If you have been actively searching for adding a song to Snapchat, then this article might benefit you. The users can put music before recording their snap via selecting songs from the music icon present at the right side of the camera’s screen.

    How to add a Song to Snapchat – 8 Easy Steps!

    You can easily swipe up your album art along with the title of your song and artist’s name after receiving a snap with sounds. There’s a link that says “Play This Song” through which you can play the full song on different streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

    The users of Snapchat can also create their personalized sounds by adding them into their snaps which makes the app more appealing. You can easily know about how to add a song to Snapchat by following some simple steps below:-

    1. Adding your favorite songs to your snaps isn’t that tricky. You have to first open your Snapchat camera and click on the ‘Sounds’ icon, which is present at the top right having the shape of a music note.
    2. Your menu could be expanded by pressing the chevron. From there, the users can easily add music before or after taking or recording their snap.
    3. The process of adding songs before or afterward is the same, so you don’t have to be bothered about it.
    4. A catalog of songs will be displayed on your screen after tapping on the sounds button. You can’t search for something specific as that feature is yet to be developed. The company is still working for it.
    5. You can click on the play button on any of the songs which you wish to hear as a preview before putting it into your snap. After finalizing, click on the ‘Next’ option or tap on the song itself to add it to the snap.
    6. After adding the song, you can adjust the portion of the song which you want to play by dragging its waveforms either on the left or right.
    7. During this part, the song transforms into a sticker so that the users can freely move it around their screen. Just like the other stickers of Snapchat, users can flip, resize and pin it.
    8. If you have selected the song by mistake, you can quickly delete that song. All you are required to do is drag the song’s stickers towards the bottom of your screen; you would find a trash icon, you have to push that sticker there to eliminate it.
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    Is it Possible to add Personalized Custom Background Music to Snapchat videos?

    How to add a song to snapchat| Sleck
    Source – HowtoGeek

    The users aren’t allowed to add music to their Snapchat built-in library or even to record an audio clip on Snapchat. This article will let you know about how to add a song to Snapchat. The users are restricted to adding music from other popular streaming platforms like Apple Music or Spotify.

    It is a very daunting process to properly align your video to the exact hook of your music or edit, although it is quite convenient to know how to add a song to Snapchat.

    Most people use online video editor apps to ease the process. The users can easily create quality stories by adding custom music for their branded content on Snapchat.

    Here is a list of the steps you can apply:-

    #1. You can install an online video editor app so that you can have access to a wide range of templates from there. The users can also allow adding text as well as music to their video.

    #2. You should start your editing process from the Blank Canvas. It is recommended to select the 9:16 ratio for your Snapchat stories. After doing so, tap on the “Make a Video” icon.

    #3. Press the ‘Upload Media’ icon, or you can drag as well as drop the files for uploading the video.

    #4. After uploading your video, drag it to the center to make some changes. The screen will flash an option asking you if you want to trim the video. You can make changes to your video according to your preferences.

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    #5. After the completion of the visuals part, you can easily add the music to your Snap. Tap on one the left screen on the music icon. Choose the SFX and genres according to your mood.

    #6. You can drag along with adjusting your timeline of the music for aligning the visuals of the video.

    #7. After completing, tap on the download and share icon for exporting the snap. Once done, you can freely share your Snapchat video with your friends.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Can you add music to Snapchat after recording a video?

    A: It is easy to add your music to Snapchat after recording a video. Before tapping on the send in the preview window, you would find a music note icon on your right-hand side. You have to tap on the button, and you will be able to access the built-in library of the app for adding the track according to your preferences.

    Q2. Can I search for different music on Snapchat?

    A: There’s a search option on Snapchat to browse from a wide range of music collections. Initially, the only way to add the background music was to play a song from any other app while recording a snap. However, now it’s possible to open the app, tap on the music note located on the right side, and search for the track you wish to add.

    Check out how to stop Spotify from opening on startup only at Sleck.

    Q3. Why do users face difficulty while adding songs to their Snapchat videos?

    A: If you haven’t updated the app to its latest version, you might be facing such issues. Since the developers recently updated this feature, you just have to visit your app’s store and click on the update button. After updating, you will be able to freely access this feature.

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    Q4. What music library is used by Snapchat?

    A: The users of Snapchat can now add different soundtracks to their snaps from the Universal Music catalog, where songs from versatile artists such as Lady Gaga to Queen are present. This feature was recently launched by Snapchat in October 2020. Since then, people have been adding music and making their snaps more fun and aesthetic.

    Q5. Is it possible to get public sounds on Snapchat?

    A: At the right side of your screen, in the vertical menu, click on the music icon. A featured sounds tab would be visible on your screen consisting of different types of tracks along with a thumbnail image, artist image as well as track name. You have to tap on the play button to listen to that particular sound.


    The trend of making short-duration videos, also regarded as stories through which people can easily share their best moments of the day with their loved ones, was started by Snapchat. Recently people have been eager to know how to add a song to Snapchat as this feature has been developed recently.

    Initially, users used to add music on their snaps by either playing it in the background before recording their snap or through some different music platforms. But now they can easily learn about how to add a song to Snapchat, and this article would serve the readers every proper information about it.

    You should go through this article till the end to figure out how to add a song to Snapchat. The users can add music on their snaps before or after capturing it whichever way suits them the most. You can freely share the music as well; there are no limits on that. You can share the clip on your Snapchat stories or directly to your friend’s chat.

    Follow this link to download Snapchat on Android.

    The music catalog of Snapchat is filled with millions of soundtracks that can be accessed by users for free. The users can also preview the song before putting it on their stories or snap. By the end of this article, your every query regarding how to add a song to Snapchat will be resolved.


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