How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil? – 2 Unbelievable Ways

    Tea Tree Oil has been a part of human culture for a very long time. This oil is also known for preventing diseases and is widely extracted from the leaves of a tree native to New South Wales, Australia, and Queensland. The tree also referred to as Melaleuca Alternifolia, has extensive benefits which make it viable to use the oil. If we look out for the daily uses of this oil, then a different range of use can be listed down. Tea tree oil has shown great medical uses, from hand sanitizer to fighting acne.

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    How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil has always been one of the most asked questions. This article will help you guys with different methods on How to dilute Tea Tree Oil. While it might sound more like mixing the oil with water, things are entirely different to retain the oil quality for future use.

    How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil? – With Different Oils

    Diluting Tea Tree Oil is an essential task as concentrated tea tree oil can cause rashes and redness to your skin. The excessive odor can be harmful to your respiratory tract as well. One of the most common methods how to dilute tea tree oil requires diluting it using different oil depending on the use. You can use oils like olive oil, Coconut oil, or almond oil. The dilution process is simple, with the instruction being obvious.

    The user has to add ten drops of the carrier oil with every two drops of tea tree oil. This is one of the most basic combinations that help deal with different problems. Another thing to remember in the methods of diluting tea tree oil is to keep the process clean and sanitize the hand before diluting the oil. It is essential to keep the oil away from dust. Many of us end up dipping our fingers in the oil, which is not the proper process.

    Apart from it, the user must look forward to doing a patch test before using the skin. This helps identify whether the oil is suitable for the skin or not.

    How to Dilute Tea Tree Oil? – with Vinegar

    The experts often suggest that tea tree oil works well with Vinegar. Tea Tree Oil has a particular fragrance that helps in keeping the pests away from the house. Therefore, diluting tea tree oil with 2-3 drops in a bowl of Vinegar and then spraying it in different corners of your house can bring in a different aroma and keep the insects away. However, if this process doesn’t suit your style, you can add a drop of the oil on a cotton ball and place it wherever you want.

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    Whatsoever, spraying the oil by diluting with Vinegar is still a better idea as the odor can last longer than ever.

    6 Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil

    To understand the different ways how to dilute tea tree oil, one must understand the different benefits and use of tea tree oil. This process will help eradicate all the misunderstandings and mythical ideologies accustomed to using tea tree oil. This small tree originated from Australia has a wide variety of uses which we will focus on this division.

    How to dilute tea tree oil | Sleck
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    #1 Use as an Antiseptic

    Minor cuts and scrapes are the most dangerous ones when not taken care of. The minor cuts work as an entry area for germs into your bloodstream, which can be harmful to your health.

    The tea tree oil works marvelously at disinfecting the minor cuts and abrasions. We have mentioned the steps down to deal with a scrape or a cut; follow the steps mentioned here –

    • Use water, septic ointment, and soap to clean the cut properly.
    • Use coconut oil and mix a drop of tea tree oil in it.
    • Now, apply the mixer to your wound and cover it with a bandage.
    • This process is to be followed till you find a scab on the wound.

    Tea tree oil effectively deals with S. aureus (bacteria), responsible for infection in open wounds.

    #2 Treats Acne

    Another great reason to learn how to dilute tea tree oil is to treat acne. Studies have shown vast differences in the outcomes when individuals use tea tree oil to cure their acne.

    As per one of the studies, acne can be reduced using a composition of 5% tea tree gel to acne. It has been found that this solution is more effective than other placebos one can think about. This tactic helps in reducing the severity at least 6x better than other remedies.

    Another reason why tea tree oil has been so widely appreciated is the presence of benzoyl peroxide, which works as the best anti-acne medication in all the different retail stores. Finding tea tree oil-based acne gels is super simple in the 21st century. One can go out to Amazon or other online stores to get their hands on this great gel.

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    If you are looking forward to making the solution at home itself, try mixing one drop of tea tree oil with nine parts of water and use cotton balls to apply the same.

    #3 Take Care of Nail Fungus

    Hygiene is one of the different things that gets neglected by human beings. Even though nail fungus doesn’t seem like a big problem, ingrowth can cause immense suffering. Therefore, the best idea is to treat it as soon as possible. However, if you want a natural way to treat the same, using tea tree oil is possible.

    When mixed with proper solutions, tea tree oil works like a charm in eliminating nail fungus. However, the process might be a long-term solution. Several people used tea tree oil to cure their nail fungus in research work. After regular use of 6 months, 60% of the people found full or partial recovery from the ailment.

    Another excellent mix for the solution is using coconut water/oil to provide faster relief. However, one shouldn’t forget to wash their hand after applying it to the affected area to stop the spread of infection.

    #4 100% Natural Mouthwash

    What is one of the best remedies for bad breath and tooth decay? Well, you thought it right. It is tea tree oil that is effective against bacteria like Chlorhexidine. This bacteria is well known for causing plague and disturbing oral hygiene. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with trying out something natural to deal with the same.

    Making your own 100% natural mouthwash using tea tree oil is easy. Take a cup of warm water and add a drop of tea tree oil to it. After it, rinse your mouth with the liquid; however, make sure not to ingest the same. Unlike other natural chemicals, ingesting tea tree oil can be harmful. Thirty seconds will work perfectly to deal with the bad breath.

    #5 Deodorant

    Even though it is not widely accepted, tea tree oil, with its anti-bacterial composition, helps deal with the underarm odor arising from perspiration.

    We all know that sweat is not blamed for our underarms’ odor. The other bacteria blend with sweat and make things harder for us. The sweat pores in our underarms have these bacteria, making us stink. Tea tree oil can take care of the foul smell.

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    However, you shouldn’t apply tea tree oil directly to the pores. It should be mixed with warm water and then gently applied with cotton balls.

    #6 Hand Sanitizer

    By now, we all are aware of the benefits of tea tree oil and the vast benefits that one can extract from the same. Another ideal use for tea tree oil is using it as a hand sanitizer. Even though we are habituated with the soapy aftereffect of our hand wash, using tea tree oil as a sanitizer won’t do any harm. You can read the article above on how to dilute tea tree oil to get an idea of where to use the same for. It helps kill bacteria and viruses like E. coli, S. pneumonia, and H. influenza.

    Using tea tree oil might seem ideal for you as it reduces colds, flu, and different ailments.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Can we dilute tea tree oil using water?

    Diluting tea tree oil with water is very simple. You can use other liquids like aloe vera gel, almond, or coconut to dilute the same. All these mixtures help deal with various diseases and problems like acne and foul odor.

    Q2. How to dilute tea tree oil using baby oil?

    How to dilute tea tree oil has been asked a lot of times. You can use tea tree oil to create a natural wipe solution for your baby. Having it around for regular use will create a harmless environment for your baby. Mix 1 spoon of baby oil, 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 cups of mineral water, and 3-4 drops of lavender oil for the fragrance. Mix the liquid properly and store the same in a spray bottle for further use.


    I hope all your answers on how to dilute tea tree oil have been solved in this article. We at Sleck look forward to building a firm ambiance for all our viewers trying to solve their issues like never before. However, if you feel like we have missed out on something important that could have helped you out, feel free to mention it below in the comment section. Our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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