9 Crazy Hacks for Septum Piercing Pain

    A septum piercing goes via the nasal septum. The partition of the nasal septum does the division of the nose into two nostrils or nasal cavities. Read this article till the end to resolve every query about Septum Piercing Pain.

    The nasal septum is quite thin and is made up of cartilage. Through the front part of the septum, which is anterior, a needle is passed, followed by the placing of the jewelry at its place, which might be a bar, a ring, or horseshoe.

    Most piercings are very painful since a needle passes through one’s skin. Septum piercing pain can be very difficult to bear if, in some cases, the septum deviates. The pain is just like a strong prick, pinch, or string.

    Although the level of Septum piercing pain varies depending on the place where one’s piercing is done as well as the tolerance level of an individual to bear the pain.

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    What is the procedure of septum piercings?

    The process of Septum piercing is the same as any other piercings. However, there might be some changes in the method. The piercer would disinfect the area. To support the septum, a small clamp is held by them.

    A hollow needle, also regarded as a cannula, is passed via the septum to make the hole. Through that new hole, any piece of jewelry which is purely made of metal such as gold, titanium, or surgical stainless steel can be worn.

    The level of tolerance of Septum piercing pain varies from one individual to another and mainly depends on the place where the piercing is done.

    Who can get a Septum Piercing?

    There’s no limitation of age, but it is necessary to keep in mind that all noses are very different. All doesn’t don’t constitute columella. The columella is considered to be a thin strip of one’s fleshy tissue which sits in front of the cartilage.

    The sweet spot, which is the bit of flesh, is used for septum piercings by the piercers. A piercer prefers going through the cartilage if columella is non-existent or thin. It can cause greater discomfort since it takes time to recover.

    How is the Septum piercing done?

    After choosing a suitable body artist or piercer, you would ask for your ID for your identification. You would be asked to do some paperwork as well as a waiver.

    After you are ready, you would be instructed to lie back on the table or a recliner. To begin with, the area inside your nostril will be disinfected. This piece of information would brief you with the entire procedure of Septum piercing pain.

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    The technique being used for the procedure might vary depending upon your piercer. But some of the common techniques are enlisted below:-

    • A needle, also known as freehand, is forceps for holding your nostrils open.
    • A receiving tube, another name of a hollow tube, provides support to the tissue on one side, and the needle is received after passing through. The jewelry slips into the opening after pulling the needle out.

    Although the techniques are different, the safety and sanitary procedures are the same and consistent:-

    • The piercer would put up clean disposable gloves.
    • Disinfecting inside of both the nostrils properly.
    • The piercer and different other equipment remove the needles from packaging or sterile containers.

    The entire procedure doesn’t consume a lot of time. It just takes a few minutes.

    What happens after the piercing is done?

    Septum piercing pain can be excessively brutal during the initial phase, and your nose becomes too tender to touch. The initial part of recovery takes around 2-4 weeks. For complete recovery from Septum piercing pain, it takes around 7-8 months. If you want to change your jewelry piece, you are free to do it after 7-8 weeks if it has healed completely.

    Although it is recommended not to change the jewelry if there’s no urgency for doing so, you can clean your nose regularly with a saline nasal drop, water solution, or salt. People often face a small amount of watery discharge, which might also include blood, and the crust would be formed around the piercing.

    If your discharge has a foul smell and is yellow-greener, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible since there are high chances of infection. The hole might not be utterly close if the piercing has been on for more than 30 months, it might shrink.

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    What are the complications associated with septum piercing?

    Some of the common risks which are associated with septum piercing are as follows:-

    #1. Allergic reactions: This might take place if the jewelry constitutes nickel or other different reactive metals.

    #2. Septal Hematoma: This occurs when the blood is accumulated within the septum. This can cause symptoms such as tenderness, swelling, and pain. It can give rise to hole formation or septum perforation if it’s not treated properly.

    #3. Bloodborne diseases: There’s a higher risk of contraction of different bloodborne diseases such as Hepatitis B or C and Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.

    #4. Infections: Due to infection, it might cause accumulation of pus.

    #5. Scarring: Formation of keloid or thick scar tissue can take place. They are not usually visible, but it causes pain and discomfort.

    #6. Tearing: The jewelry might get caught and torn out, which can cause pain and bleeding.

    What’s the recommended metal to use?

    Most of the piercers use piercings that are made of SSS or surgical stainless steel since they are pretty inexpensive as well as safe. According to the Association of Professional Piercers, your initial piercings should be made any of the below-listed metals:-

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    #1 Surgical Stainless Steel

    During surgery, if it gets implanted easily in your body, then it won’t cause any harm to your septum. Surgical Stainless steel is non-absorbable, durable, and non-porous. It constitutes a lower rate of nickel.

    Even though it constitutes a small amount of nickel, it is still considered to be safe. However, the ones who have severe nickel allergy might experience some side effects.

    #2 Titanium

    Titanium is one of the other common metals which is used for medical implants. It is suggested for initial piercings since it’s safe and hypoallergenic for everyone. It is the ideal choice for people who have nickel allergies. The only disadvantage is it’s more exorbitant.

    #3 Niobium

    Niobium is very identical to titanium, and it’s also safe for everyone. It is also heavier in comparison to titanium. Talking about costs, the cost is more in comparison to Surgical Stainless steel.

    #4 Higher Gold or Solid 14-karat

    The individuals who chose a gold septum piercing should be 14 karats or higher than that. It might be rose gold, yellow or white, but you need to be sure that it is solid. Even though it constitutes alloys and nickel, the plating could peel off easily over time. It is undeniable that solid gold piercing costs higher than other metals.

    What is the general cost of Septum piercing?

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    The cost of Septum piercing ranges between $40 to $90. Well, depending on the tools used the septum piercing pain reduces.

    Some of the factors influencing your cost are as follows:-

    • Experience of your piercer
    • Location of the studio
    • The type of jewelry that is used
    • Aftercare products

    These are some of the factors which might lessen or increase your cost.

    How should you take care after Septum Piercing?

    Aftercare is regarded to be an essential key for helping your piercing to heal by preventing infection as well as other complications. Although the specific aftercare instructions would be provided to you by your piercer. Some of the do’s and don’ts are as follows:-

    • Avoid touching since it would just increase your recovery period.
    • Before touching it, make sure to wash your hands to avoid any kind of germs coming in contact with your skin.
    • Avoid flipping it up before it’s healed completely.
    • If you want to flip, make sure to rinse it with mild water to loosen the crust and avoid injury and bleeding.
    • Refrain from using products that contain hydrogen peroxide, alcohol. Don’t use goals containing harsh ingredients such as triclosan and iodine.
    • For rinsing the area, use a saline solution; it might be homemade or packed.
    • Avoid over-cleaning your piercing. Clean it from 2-3 days per day.
    • Take precautions while dressing up, blowing your nose, or doing any other activity which might pull your piercing.
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    How long is the recovery period to heal from Septum Piercing Pain?

    Septum Piercing usually takes two to three months or maximum it can be extended to six to eight months for some people. Although it depends on some factors such as:-

    • Any of the complications such as infections etc
    • Following aftercare instructions
    • Overall health
    • The number of times you have touched your piercing while it’s recovering

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q1. Is it recommended to put Vaseline on your septum piercing?

    A: Vaseline, as well as petroleum jelly products, help in protecting your skin. However, you should avoid using it on the piercing. Secondly, harmful bacteria might be trapped by the barrier inside of your piercing which could lead to infection.

    Q2. How painful is nose piercing?

    A: You would feel discomfort when you would get your nose pierced. Your nose might start bleeding, swelling, and bruising. The area around your nose might become red, sore, and tender for around 3 weeks. The recovery period of a pierced nostril takes about 2 to 4 months.

    Q3. Do nose piercings smell a lot?

    A: Sebaceous glands secretes sebum in the skin. This lubricates your skin since it’s an oily secretion which also makes it waterproof. By mixing sebum with your dead skin cells along with bacteria, you would get potent smelling piercings. The smell is like stinky cheese.

    Q4. How difficult is it to sneeze with septum piercing?

    A: There are both pros as well as cons of getting your nose pierced when you are having a stuffy nose. There are higher chances of getting your snot lodged behind the piercing. And at times, it might be stuck to both the piercing as well as your nostril when you try to take it out or readjust your piercing. It won’t hurt to sneeze with your Septum piercing.

    Q5. What is not recommended to consume after nose piercing?

    A: It is suggested to use an ayurvedic antiseptic daily after getting your nose pierced after about 2 weeks. Keep in mind to keep your hands clean by washing them properly before applying the ointment to your nose. Refrain from consuming any sour fruit for 14 days. This would heal your affected area fast by preventing infection.


    The popularity of body piercing is increasing more with every passing day. Previously such styles were considered to be nothing but the realm of lifestyles, but in recent time, it has started appearing in both corporate offices as well as executive boardrooms.

    This article would remove your blur about septum piercing pain. You might be used regarding its cost, procedure, aftercare, and its effects. You should read the article till the end to know about every information.

    Although the level of Septum Piercing pain might vary from one individual to another since everyone’s level of pain tolerance is different. The perception of pain can also affect the level of your hurt.

    If you are willing to get a piercing, then it’s recommended to be aware of every little information about the piercing so that you don’t have to bear any consequences. You can talk to your professional before the procedure begins.

    Also, it’s an undeniable fact that few areas of the body are more sensitive and prone to pain than other parts. While getting a piercing, it’s very significant to be assured if you’re getting your nose pierced at a good studio with an experienced and licensed professional.


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