How Long Do Pugs Live? | Know How To Increase Their Lifespan

    Pug owners, are you aware of the fact that you are owning one of the longest living dog breeds in the world? The tiny size of your pug is one of the major factors that makes them live so long. However, if proper care is not provided, they can die at an early age too.

    As a pug owner, I’m sure that this question ‘How long do pugs live?‘ has popped up in your mind at least once. If you want to know how long you can enjoy the company of your pug, keep reading…

    Note – Here you will not only get to know about your sweet tiny friend’s lifespan but also some tips to increase it.

    How Long Do Pugs Live?

    An average pug’s lifespan lies between 12 to 15 years, pretty impressive, isn’t it?

    But wait, keep in mind that this is just a general answer. This doesn’t mean that your pug will definitely reach its average lifespan. It can be possible only if you provide proper care.

    There are lots of pugs who lived to their average lifespan or maybe more than that. On the other hand, there are also some pugs who died at a very early age. Most likely, the only difference between them was the care provided by their owner. In some cases, diseases can also be the reason for the death of a pug.

    6 Major Factors That Influence a Pug’s Lifespan

    Here are some of the major factors that can have a great impact on your pug’s lifespan.

    Genetics and Breeding

    If you have bought your dog from a poor breeder, most likely your pup will have poor genetics. This can lead to some serious health problems like spinal issues, cancer, heart problems, etc. Ultimately, these are the diseases that can shorten your pug’s life.

    Pro Tip – If you are going to buy your dog, always buy from a reputable breeder. So that you won’t have to worry about any kind of disease that can be generated by poor genetics. To know how to find a reputable breeder, go through this excellent article.


    How Long Do Pugs Live
    Photo by Indi Palmer on Unsplash

    Yes, gender also influences how long do pugs live? This can be a surprise for many people as they are not aware of this fact.

    Female pugs tend to live longer than male pugs, according to PUGSQUEST. To be more precise, a female pug’s average life span is 13.2 years, on the other hand, a male pug’s average lifespan is around 12.8 years.

    Happiness Level

    This is one of the most important. If your dog is not happy, decreased lifespan can surely be a consequence. Not only this, but it can also give birth to some unwanted illnesses.

    Studies have also proved that constant feelings of anxiety, fear, and sadness can shorten a dog’s life. So know that it’s your duty to keep your dog stress-free and look out for their overall mental health.

    Physical Activity Level

    It is a must to maintain an appropriate physical activity level in your pup’s daily lifestyle. If you don’t, it won’t only affect your dog’s physical health but also mental health.

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    It can cause one of the biggest health problems which is being overweight. And I hope you already know that unhealthy weight is the root cause of most health problems.


    How Long Do Pugs Live
    Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

    How long do pugs live also depends on the environment.

    If your pug’s environment is mostly consisting of pollutants and toxins, it can leave a negative impact on their health. As we all know that our four-legged friends are smaller in size and they use their noses to explore most of the things which makes them more inclined towards getting infected by those toxins. So, try to keep the environment clean and safe to keep your pug healthy.


    A nutrition-rich diet plays a major role in your dog’s overall health. You should make sure that you are providing your pup a diet that contains all essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.

    Also, avoid all the foods that contain harmful ingredients.

    Proper Health Care

    Proper health care is something that can’t be ignored at any cost. Most of the pet parents don’t focus on it which eventually leads to unnecessary health problems.

    If you want to keep your pug healthy so visit your vet on time and get reports on what’s the condition of your dog’s health.

    Also, whenever your pug has an injury, even the smallest one, talk to your vet. Now you might say that some injuries can recover on their own so why to visit my vet? Well, yes, you are right but to an extent only.

    See, you and I, we both don’t know which small injury can turn into a bigger one because we are not experts. But a vet is a perfect person who can tell if anything is serious or not and that’s why vet appointments are important.

    Most Common Health Problem In Pugs

    How Long Do Pugs Live
    Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

    Here are some of the most common diseases that can occur in your pug’s lifetime.

    Problems In Bones And Joints

    As we all know that pug has a unique body type consisting of short legs which carry a strong body. This is the same thing that can give birth to joint problems.

    Luxating Pella is one of the most common joint problems that can be faced by pugs. In this, the knee cap of the pup gets dislocated which causes loss of motion. In some cases, it can also cause extreme pain.

    Here are some symptoms of this condition:

    • Licking at the knee
    • Preferring to use only one leg
    • Hoping or jumping
    • Getting up and down becoming difficult

    If you notice some of these signs in your dogs, visit your vet as soon as possible. Surgery may be required if the condition is serious.

    Eye Problems

    Pugs have very beautiful and charming eyes, agree? But what if I tell you that the same eyes are an invitation for some serious problems, shocked? I was too.

    Pugs have bigger and bulging eyes which are generally prone to problems like pain or irritation. Also, their eyes are at a higher risk of getting injured by an obstacle.

    To keep their eyes safe, clean them properly and use doggy goggles for protection whenever you go out in windy weather.

    Here are some of the most common signs that your dog may show if he has an eye problem:

    • Discolored eye discharge
    • Discolored spots on the eye
    • Something unusual visible on the eye
    • You may also notice your dog bumping into the objects

    If you notice these signs in your dog, visit your vet.

    Respiratory Problems

    Pugs have less strength in their spine which makes them more inclined towards respiratory problems. BAOS (Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome) is known as one of the most common problems that they may face. Some of the most common symptoms are:

    • Dog struggling to breathe even when exercising in a moderate amount
    • Dog starts grasping for the air
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    Visit your vet whenever you notice these signs in your dog.


    Your sweet pug is also inclined to Seizures that need the attention of a vet. It can easily be treated with the help of regular vet checkups and medications.

    These were some of the most common health problems in pugs that won’t influence how long your pug will live and can easily be managed. But…

    There are still some diseases that can be a reason for your dog’s death or can affect the lifespan negatively.

    5 Diseases That Can Shorten Pug’s Lifespan and Can Even Lead To Death


    Cancer is a disease that is considered one of the most leading causes of death in dogs. In pugs, skin cancer is most common. There are many more types of cancer that your pug may face in its lifetime, which includes:

    • Mammary Tumors
    • Lymphoma
    • Mouth Cancer
    • Skin Tumour
    • Testicular Tumour

    Cancer might not be a threat to your dog if diagnosed earlier and treatments begin at the right time. But it can create serious complications if not addressed for a long time.


    Obesity is mostly caused by not engaging in physical activities and overeating. It should not be taken lightly as it can cause bad mental and physical health which ultimately shortens the lifespan of a dog.

    According to VCA, there are around 25%-30% of dogs in North America are suffering from Obesity. And 40%-45% of the dogs are having an unhealthy weight.


    Infections are another death leading health problem in pugs. This includes the following disease:

    • Bacterial Infection
    • Viral diseases like distemper
    • Protocol disease
    • Fungal Infection

    There are also some infections that are not that serious and may not lead to death. For example, yeast infections and Staph infections. There is a very little number of dogs who faced death with these infections. So, to know if your dog’s infection is serious or not, contact your vet.

    Neurological Disorder

    A neurological disorder is another most leading cause of death in Pugs.

    The most common disorder seen in pugs is Pug Dog Encephalitis. This disease can cause many complications, including:

    • Loss of control on muscles
    • Seizures
    • Lethargy

    Congenital Disease

    Congenital diseases are those diseases that tend to be present in the dog from birth, which includes:

    • Heart defect
    • Improper blood flow which is known as septal defect
    • Stenosis
    • Skeletal defects

    How Can You Help Your Pug To Live Longer?

    So, what can you do to help your pug live longer? Here are some most important things to focus on:

    Provide Mental Stimulation

    If your pug is not stable mentally, then it is literally a major threat to their lifespan. Just like humans, dogs also get affected by bad mental health. If we look into a dog’s lifestyle, it is easily noticeable that they have a very boring routine which mostly consists of eating and sleeping.

    So, it is our duty to take care of our pup’s mental health. But how can you do that? Here are some extremely simple yet effective ways:

    • Bring some toys for your dog to make their day interesting
    • Start introducing new tricks
    • Play some interactive games with them
    • Go for a walk with them. It will be good for both, mental and physical health.

    Remember – During the walk, don’t rush, just let your dog sniff and get aware of the surroundings.

    Maintain a Proper Diet

    How Long Do Pugs Live
    Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

    I’m sure that you already know how important diet is for us, right? So the same is true for your pug.

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    A diet consisting of proper nutrients is a must, otherwise, your dog can develop diseases.

    Make sure that your pug is getting a proper amount of protein. Because it is the most important nutrient that provides them energy and helps in performing daily activities.

    Engage Your Pug In Physical Activities

    How Long Do Pugs Live
    Photo by Bruce Galpin on Unsplash

    Lack of physical activity is like an invitation to health problems and behavior disorders such as being destructive and aggressive.

    So, engage your pup in physical activities regularly, 45 to 1 hour of exercise will be enough.

    Also remember, exercising doesn’t only mean running extensively. Playing any sports or walking is also considered a decent physical activity.

    Groom Them Properly

    As pugs are short-haired dogs, they need more frequent grooming sessions.

    They shed a lot so you will have to brush them more often to prevent shedding.

    How Long Do Pugs Live
    Image Source –

    Always clean your dog’s facial wrinkles it can prevent the following things:

    • Build in the corner of the eye
    • Bad smell
    • Skin irritation

    Bathe your pug once a month to prevent bad smells and allergies. Don’t bathe them more frequently as it can cause dry skin.

    Clean the eyes and face properly. If dirt stays there for a long time it can cause serious health problems.

    Click here to get some valuable tips on dog grooming.

    Have Timely Vet Check-Ups

    Regularly visiting your vet can be very helpful in making your dog’s life longer. As they are the experts and can detect if your dog is suffering from any disease. When the disease will be diagnosed earlier, treatment can be started at the right time.

    So, in simple words, a vet is a major part of your dog’s life, don’t ignore them.

    Related Questions

    How Do I Know My Pug Is Dying?

    Here are some signs that tell your dog is dying:

    • Loss of energy – This is the sign that has been seen in most dogs who were about to die. Your dog will be very less active and may prefer to lie down at a place. However, loss of energy can also be caused by any disease or maybe your dog has reached their old age in which they move, but very slowly.
    • Losing interest in things – Your dog will lose interest in the things that they used to love at a time. It can be a person or their favorite toy.
    • Extreme changes in appetite – When a dog is near death, their digestive system stops working which eliminates the sensation of hunger.
    • Changes in breathing – When your dog is dying, they may lose control of their breathing, leading to uneven breathing.
    • Becoming irritatable – Irritatibility can also be seen in dogs when they are near the end.
    • Not being social – While dying, your pug will prefer to go into isolation and may not interact with anyone. You should respect that and talk to him very calmly whenever you try to engage with him.

    Some more signs that may indicate your pup is near death:

    • Cool body
    • Lack of heartbeat
    • Bladder/Bowel emptying
    • Pain and not feeling comfortable

    Few tips to help your pug when your pug is dying:

    • Try to reduce its pain as much as you can
    • Stay close to your pup at that moment
    • Stop performing new activities
    • Don’t introduce your dog to any new person

    If you want to become fully prepared for the moment when your dog will be dying, we will highly recommend you to read this perfect article.

    What Is The Name Of Oldest Living Pug?

    The longest pug lived was Snooki from South Africa. He died on 12 October 2018 and lived for approximately 27 years, pretty long, isn’t it? He is considered one of the longest-lived dogs in the world.

    Is Pug Dog Breed Is Aggressive?

    Pug is a loving and friendly dog breed but they can also become aggressive sometimes, mostly when they are socialized inappropriately. So try not to let that happen as it is not good for their health.

    Conclusion | How Long Do Pugs Live

    An average pug lives for a couple of years which is between 12-15 years. But if you want your pug to live this much longer, you will have to provide the proper care.

    As there are lots of factors that influence how long your pug will live and only some of them are in your control. If you take care of them properly, you can definitely make your pug stay longer with you.

    Good Luck!


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