Greg Gutfeld Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    greg gutfeld net worthGreg Gutfeld net worth is because of his career in television with Fox news. He is a failed journalist. His contributions in journalism led to losses for which he has been fired a few times. After shifting from journalism to broadcast media, his revenue grew in millions. But that didn’t stop him from authoring some of the New York Bestsellers. Probably a failed journalist but a good author.

    Greg Gutfeld is a libertarian. In most of his talk shows, he targets Joe Biden for obvious reasons. His late-night talk show on political commentary might have tidbits of satire. It’s not a complete entertainer. Though it has stayed on top overtaking the viewership of other popular shows such as Jimmy Fallon and Jimmey Kimmel’s show.

    You might enjoy his talk shows if you love political humor that is dry and satirical. Greg is a liberalist. He sometimes comes across as a wannabe political commentator. His comments and insights are witty and in-your-face, making his show enjoyable even when the humor is lacking.

    Name Gregory John Gutfeld
    D.O.B, Age 12 September 1964, 57
    Profession Television Personality
    Net Worth $13 million
    Marriage Elena Moussa


    Greg Gutfeld Net Worth

    greg gutfeld net worth

    Greg Gutfeld net worth is because of his humor and strong opinions on U.S politics and news. I think news people must be unbiased. This is just my opinion. It’s alright to have an opinion, but when it plays all the time taking sides, you are not being fair.

    The most authentic news channel that maintains good standards is the BBC worldwide. Greg Gutfeld is like an adolescent with political humor and some good insights which could entertain you for a while, but then there’s a large room for authenticity to be explored.

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    Most of his shows are biased because they are target CNN, Biden, The View, which I think is unjust for being a journalist. Shouldn’t journalists and news people be unbiased? Sure, you have likes, dislikes, opinions, but it takes courage and wisdom to be unbiased in front of million of users.

    Greg is good, undoubtedly at what he does on the talk shows, but he goes overboard on his shows, catcalling and booing in the name of humor and insights. They give unfair treatment to their adversaries in front of millions of users, which is bad taste sometimes. If it happens all the time, then it’s a cover-up for being vicious. It gives out a bad picture of what the USP is originally meant to be; to be fair and have an authentic opinion.

    Let’s explore what an authentic opinion is. An authentic opinion is based on facts when you develop unbiased insights based on those facts. So, if Greg claims to be an authentic commentator, he shouldn’t be targeting his adversaries at every given a chance. Well, this is just an opinion based on observation. Greg Gutfeld net worth is because of his observations and insights that made him famous on Fox News talks shows.

    Greg’s The Five looks like college guys gossiping about why they dislike CNN, Biden, and whoever it is they want to target. I think Greg’s too old for that. He does have a sense of humor, but a lot of things that he could be doing on the show to come across as an unbiased, insightful person is missing.

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    Early And Personal Life

    greg gutfeld net worth

    Greg was born to Jacqueline Bernice and Alfred Jack Gutfeld in San Mateo, California. Greg attended Junipero Serra High School and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Greg interned at The American Spectator online magazine covering politics and news after his graduation. He worked with a couple of magazines and authored bestselling books before starting his career with the Fox news channel.

    Greg married Elena, who was a model at Maximus magazine. They live in a lavish home in New York. Greg’s wife is Russian; they met in London. He is a registered member of the Libertarian party and likes to hold liberal, non-discriminatory views of the world.

    Greg Gutfeld T.V. Shows

    greg gutfeld networth

    Greg published nine books for which he won a few awards and honors. He rose to fame with Fox news for being the ‘dangerous man known for his outrageous and non-hypocritical comments and opinions.’ But that might not be true if you analyze his shows’ content.

    Greg makes a complete contrast to what its parent company Disney stands for; non-offensive, inspirational content. Maybe Fox News is an offshoot trying a different beat and has succeeded so far.

    I think if you don’t take up journalism, broadcast media, news because you love your country and for the greater good, to bring forth the truth. Still for ratings and publicity stunts, you are doing no good being the voice for the people.

    Greg is a disappointment for the honors and awards he has won authoring bestsellers. Having Fox contributors contribute their opinions about their adversaries in The Five is not even close to a standard reached for a newsroom talk show.

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    It shouldn’t matter if someone you do not support runs the country. What should matter is the change you can bring, holding the power to influence millions of viewers to do better and make better choices. Greg can do a lot better with his humor and strong opinions. But most of what he does is a terse critique of those he does not like or agree with.

    Greg landed in a couple of controversies for his comments, for which he did apologize. He is known to be the best late-night show host. Gutfeld is a parody show and known to be the best late-night show. Red Eye is late-night show that ran between 2007 and 2015, hosted by Greg, discussing politics, pop culture, business, religion, and sports.

    Before starting his career with Fox News, he worked with The American Spectator, Prevention, Men’s Health, and Rodale Press magazine. He was editor-in-chief of Stuff but was fired for generating a publicity stunt using dwarfs asking them to be loud and annoying for a conference. Greg was also one of the contributors of The Huffington Post between 2005 and 2008. He hosts a podcast, The One.

    Things You Didn’t Know About Greg Gutfeld

    • His wife Elena is a fashion stylist and has worked with fashion magazines globally.
    • Greg loves thrash and heavy metal bands.
    • His merch is available on various e-commerce websites
    • Greg Gutfeld net worth comes from touring for various events to present his shows.
    • He was raised a Roman Catholic but is an agnostic atheist.


    Greg Gutfeld net worth comes from multiple resources like authoring bestsellers, shows on Fox News, merch, podcasts, and touring for events. Greg is unapologetic about being outrageous and in-your-face about political issues or anything he holds an opinion or insight about. His shows have garnered a million viewers.


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