Fat Joe Net Worth – The Millionaire Rapper

    Fat Joe Net Worth is one of the popular rappers net worth topics searched on the internet as our generation is very keen to listen to rap songs, it has become very popular nowadays, due to the quality of rap music that has thrived exponentially over these years, and so has the fanbase of rap songs.

    Do you love to listen to rap songs? I know what the answer is, and who wouldn’t love rap songs, there is nothing to dislike.

    There are several stunning rap singers across the globe. Which rap singer do you hear the most, meaning whose song do you like the most? It might be exceeding one. With such a huge fan base around the world, these rappers earn an enormous amount to live such a lavish life. But, how much do they make through this profession, don’t you wonder? How do they afford to live such a life?

    Well, there are many rappers to talk about, but, due to time constraints, we won’t be doing so and will talk about just one rapper. So, let me tell you, who we’ll be speaking about today. We will be learning about Fat Joe net worth. Fat Joe, a popular name of American rap singer, Joseph Antonio Cartagena.

    Early Life

    Joseph Antonio Cartagena was born on 19th August 1970, in New York in the U.S. He was looked after by his father who was a descendent of Puerto Rico, and his mother whose origin is based in Cuban. The rapper’s family used to live in the forest houses in the Bronx.

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    Fat Joe Net Worth

    Due to financial problems in the family, the American singer at a young age left with no alternative but to go down the wrong path and began stealing in order to fulfill his family’s needs.

    This was not the only terrible thing he did at a young age, he also revealed that he was a bully at a young age. Later, he entered the music industry, as he was inducted by his brother. As soon as he began his career in the music industry, Fat Joe net worth has increased since then.


    Around the year 1992, the rapper joined a hip hop music band named Diggin’ in the Crates Crew (a.k.a D.I.T.C). Later, he had signed a contract for relativity records. Subsequently, he came up with the very first album named Represent. This album comprised several popular productions. One of the songs from his debut album Represent had climbed to a promising rank on Billboard’s top rap songs list.

    Fat Joe net worth went on increasing after that. Subsequent to his first album, the American rapper never looked behind. In his second album, which rolled out in 1995, Jealous One’s Envy, managed to climb up to rank #71 in the list of Billboard’s top 200. Moreover, it also stood 7th in the list of top R&B/ hip hop albums.

    Fat Joe Net Worth

    Envy song from the album Jealous One’s Envy had made its way up to 8th rank on the list of hot rap songs. Once he was invited to provide a verse and he furthermore, made an appearance in the video accompanied by Prodigy, Foxy Brown, and Keith Murray.

    Eventually, he signed a contract with Atlantic records before launching his third album named Don Cartagena. It became very popular and was even ranked #7 on Billboard’s top chart and was ranked #2 on R&B/ hip hop tracks.

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    This album comprised two superhits named Don Cartagena as well as Bet Ya Man Can’t Triz. Several actors had been featured in the video song such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Nas, Jadakiss, Diddy, Big Pun, and many others.

    Fat Joe Net Worth

    This had boosted Fat Joe net worth a lot. Subsequently, he rolled out his 4th album with Irv Gotti as producer. This album had starred many huge names such as Petey Pablo, Ashanti to name some of them. The track from the album named “We Thuggin” had attracted a fair amount of fans. This album by Fat Joe became a huge super hit for his career.

    Later he went on releasing many albums, some of them couldn’t sustain as much. But, the album that came out in 2006, was his 7th album. Before this album, he had signed a fresh contract with Virgin Records.

    And then he was also enlisted in Khaled’s “We takin over”, which also encompassed several other big personalities such as Akon, Lil Wayne along with few others. Subsequently, his 8th album named The Elephant in the Room after signing a new contract came out. It was another super hit by the rapper. It successfully climbed to the sixth position in Billboard’s hot 100. Then, he released several such hits for the music world.

    Personal Life

    Joseph Antonio Cartagena, a.k.a Fat Joe currently resides in Miami. The American singer is happily wedded and is blessed with three kids. Getting into doing the good deeds, he started providing computers to the school where he used to study back in his childhood in New York.

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    Subsequently, he even joined the president’s endeavor to prevent childhood obesity alongside the fitness professional and the mayor. Earlier, he also participated in the inauguration of the Soda shop which was meant for youngsters, so that they can do some skillful work such as compose music or play video games through computers or PlayStations.

    Fat Joe Net Worth

    With lots of effort, he lost an enormous amount of weight and even shared about the same through a video song named “Drop a body”. He successfully managed to lose 88 pounds.

    The rapper had to also go through some rough patch in between where he was charged with beating a man with a bat and taking away a gold ornament. And then, he was also accused of a killing in South beach. Subsequently, he was imprisoned for failing to pay a tax of around $3 million. It is huge, isn’t it? As a result, he was doomed to imprisonment for around 4 months.

    Fat Joe Net Worth

    Fat Joe Net Worth

    Talking about Fat Joe net worth, the rapper has $4 million. You might be wondering what other things he does that added to his net worth. He had several occupations, a single profession did not add to Fat Joe net worth. Fat Joe was also a Voice Actor, Music artist, Actor, Businessperson, Artist, Musician alongside a rapper.

    Cessation | Fat Joe Net Worth

    Hope I’ve provided thorough information regarding the American rap singer. In case you have any queries regarding the information given above or you think that some details have been missed in the above news, do post a comment and let me know about the same.

    I’ll try to help you out as much as I can with the same. And I’ll be posting more such interesting news in the coming times, so be sure to check again and stay updated.


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