Kyle Richards Net Worth – Story of Lovable Actress

    Kyle Richards is one of those American actresses who is actually a philanthropist along with being a public figure that can have a lot of influence on others and it is because of her work in acting as well as in social work, that people like her so much and hence, they look up ‘Kyle Richards net worth’ on various search engines.

    Kyle’s titles include an American actress, a socialite, a philanthropist as well as a Television personality. Kyle’s acting career began when she was very young and she is still active at the age of 52. As a kid, she appeared repeatedly on shows like Little House on the Prairie.

    Other than that, she was also a part of a lot of movies like The Car, Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive, Walt Disney’s Watcher in the Woods, etc. All these movies and shows have been responsible for making Kyle Richards net worth grow exponentially.

    This article discusses all ventures that made Kyle Richards net worth grow and hence, I will be telling you about her career and the movies and shows she has worked in to earn her money. There will also be mentions of Kyle’s personal life and her family. So let us get started with her early life!

    Early Life of Kyle Richards

    Kyle was born on the 11th of January in 1969 and she is currently 52 years old. She was born in L.A. California in the U.S. Her house used to be near Hollywood and who’d have guessed that she would someday become a star and be popular enough to have people search ‘Kyle Richards net worth’ on the internet.

    Kyle was born to Kathleen Mary Richards nee Dugan and Kenneth Edwin Richards. She lost her biological dad in 1998 and her mum in 2002. Kathleen and Kenneth separated in 1972 and Kathleen went on to remarry twice after that.

    Kyle Richards Net Worth

    Kyle has siblings as well and they are Kathy Hilton, who is her half-sister from Kathleen’s first marriage to Lawrence Avazino along with Kim Richards. She also has 3 paternal half-siblings from her dad’s first marriage. All of her half-siblings from her dad’s side of the family were already adults by the time Kyle was born.

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    Kyle was named after the football player Kyle Rote, who played for the New York Giants. Kyle also has 2 half-nieces and they are Nicky Rothschild, who is an American businesswoman, socialite, model, and fashion designer, and Paris Hilton who is an American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, singer, actress as well as a DJ.

    Kyle Richards Net Worth

    One thing that you can be sure of is that Kyle’s family was not short in the talent department and Kyle inherited some of that talent as well because Kyle Richards net worth tells you that her success is no fluke. Now let us move on to discussing a bit about Kyle Richards net worth and her career in acting.

    The Kyle Richards Net Worth

    The Kyle Richards net worth is said to be more than $100 million and it is going to grow more if the assets that Kyle holds are any indication. Kyle’s family’s net worth as a whole would be a lot more as well and the reason behind that is her husband Mauricio Umansky.

    Mauricio sells more than $150 million worth of real estate every year. So you can guess how much money they must have together. Kyle and Mauricio purchased a home in Encino, California for $8.2 million in October 2017. They also have a home in La Quinta, California. They bought that home for $2.35 million in 2014.

    Kyle Richards Net Worth
    Bravo TV

    One of the major contributions to Kyle Richards net worth comes from her time on the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is one of the last remaining original cast members on the show and she earns around $270,000 per season.

    When someone earns thousands of dollars for one season of a show, you know that having a net worth of more than 100 million dollars is no biggie. Other than that, Kyle has worked in a lot of other shows as well and all of them along with her movies and other business ventures, contribute to Kyle Richards net worth.

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    Kyle Richards Net Worth
    Screen Rant

    Other than acting, Kyle launched her own clothing line in 2014 through HSN, and the collection was even featured in New York Fashion Week Magazine in 2019. She also used to own a boutique chain called Kyle by Alene Too in a lot of cities but this chain was closed between 2015 to 2018 for various reasons.

    Kyle is also a published author and she has released Life is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real With The Housewife Who Does It All. This book is a self-help book that has a number of tips on relationships, family, health, daily life, etc. It is because of all these things that Kyle Richards net worth has prospered so much.

    Kyle Richards’ Career

    As I have mentioned already, Kyle started her acting career as a kid. She was only 5 years old when she started acting and by the age of 6, she was appearing in Little House on the Prairie repeatedly. Kyle appeared in a total of 19 episodes of the show from the age of 6 to 13.

    Kyle Richards Net Worth

    When Kyle was working on that show, her sister Kim was also getting roles as a child actress. Kyle and Kim even appeared alongside each other in the thriller movie The Car in 1977. Kyle was part of a lot of TV shows in the 1970s. She was also a part of the movie Halloween in which she played Lindsey Wallace.

    She also landed a role in the movie The Watcher in the Woods after that. Kyle did not stop appearing in movies and shows after growing up as you see with a lot of child actors. She appeared in shows and movies like:

    • ER
    • National lampoon’s Pledge This!
    • Deadly Sibling Rivalry
    • The Hungover Games
    • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    • 7th Heaven
    • Love Boat: The Next Wave
    • CHiPs
    • Days of Our Lives
    • TheReal Housewives Of Beverly Hills
    • The Simple Life
    • Keeping Up With The Kardashians
    • Vanderpump Rules

    Along with all those shows and films, Kyle has also produced shows like American Woman, which was a show based on her experience as a child growing up in Hollywood. All these credits are the reason that Kyle Richards net worth crosses 100 million dollars.

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    Kyle Richards Net Worth

    Kyle has also won a lot of nominations for her acting and they include Best Supporting Actress by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films because of her role in the movie The Watcher in the Woods. She was also nominated thrice for a Young Artist Award.

    Personal Life

    Other than how Kyle earns money for Kyle Richards net worth, it’s essential to know about her personal life as well. Kyle had been dating C. Thomas Howell in the 1980s and she married Guraish Aldjufrie in 1988 when she was just 18 years old. She was pregnant with their daughter Farrah Brittany at the time.

    Their daughter was born on Halloween 1988. The couple later separated in 1990 and got divorced in 1992. Kyle met her 2nd husband Mauricio Umansky in 1994. Mauricio is the son of Estelle Sneider who is a Mexican television personality. As I already mentioned, Mauricio is a real estate agent.

    Kyle Richards Net Worth

    The couple went on to marry on 20th January 1996 when Kyle was pregnant with their daughter Alexia Simone, who was born on June 18, 1996. The couple had another daughter, Sophia Kylie, on January 18th, 2000, and a 3rd girl, Portia, on March 1st, 2008.

    Kyle is of English, Irish and Welsh descent and she has converted to Modern Orthodox Judaism after she married Mauricio. She also attends some events at the Kabbalah Centre in L.A. Kyle and her family live in their home in Encino, L.A.

    Kyle and Mauricio are also listed on the ‘First Families’ of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and that means that they have donated more than $100,000 to the hospital. Kyle has also held fundraisers for the CHLA in 2013 and 2019.

    Conclusion | Kyle Richards Net Worth

    Kyle Richards net worth is more than $100 million and the reason behind this is the wonderful career that Kyle has had so far. With more than 4 decades of acting under her name and a lot of other ventures like writing and producing, Kyle has become a truly remarkable human being.

    As is proved by her philanthropy, Kyle is not a person who just takes from society, she also knows how to give back to society and that is what makes her one of the most lovable public personalities in America.


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