Polo G Net Worth – Young Millionaire

    So you have the same thought of what an American Rapper’s net worth is? and if you look for biggies the numbers will make you crazy. But what about the 22 year old Polo G? Many of you think about it. Because of his current hit Pop out, Polo G got the limelight and it seems it’s the shot of his career and he is just flying high like a rocket.

    Polo G Net Worth is one of the most searched terms under his name. But for this Polo G had worked really hard and for now, he’s on the path to achieve what other new rappers dream too.

    Polo G was one of those who never was sure about his career and what to pursue! He just had dreams to play basketball. He kind of had a normal life but after an early storm, he observed the changes around him and rapping was the thing he did well during this phase.

    To know more let’s check out his Early days, what he suffered and what turned him into the fan-favorite rapper, and How Polo G Net Worth pumped at the age of 22!

    Early Days

    Taurus Tremani Bartlett, the “Polo G”, or the “Mr. DoToMuch”, was born on 6th January 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. He has a family of four siblings from which he is the second, he’s life was just different from other rappers where, he lived a normal life, lived with both of his parents.

    In his childhood, he did experience worse days where his building was controlled by gangs, and living there was tough. Still, he and his family managed and they continued over there. After a certain period things changed, he came under the influence of substances.

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    polo g net worth

    His life was turned upside down, he was on the police track at a very early age, he was caught by police chasing him at high speed, his friend died during the gun violence and he was caught because of drug abuse.

    He was on the path of drug possession, after that he started stealing cars and was under really bad influence. During such a phase, he was just over 15. He was arrested 6 times and he was still not done.

    After that, he started street hustling and started to develop an interest in rapping. But here his parents were against his doing, he continued to rap and showed more interest in it, let’s have a look at his career life and what turned Polo G Net Worth into Millions.


    Polo G’s career started when he was just 17, he released his first song, “Back That Ass Up remix”. As very few people have that luck to hit a hit list on their track, his song didn’t receive much feedback. However, he didn’t give up and still continued rapping, in the start he was more into rapping but after a few tracks, he drifted towards singing.

    Later in 2017, he started to release his videos on youtube, in 2018 he started his own channel under his stage name “Polo G”. On his youtube channel, he dropped a few of his singles and other tracks. From that, he received some attention and had a good start to develop a fan base.

    2019 was the time where he was officially on the rapper’s list or was the year that launched him into the industry. His song “Battle Cry” was a hit, and the video had more than 27 million views. People started loving him, and Polo G didn’t wait for it and released his first album “Die A Legend”.

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    polo g net worth

    If you follow the Hollywood or listen to raps, you did be aware of it, Die A Legend was on number 1 at US rap chart, and at US R&B/ Hip Hop it was on #2, and on Billboard, it was on #6 on the Billboard 200 chart. In Canada, it was on Number 8.

    After that, he started living dreams by performing with Cardi B at WGCI’s Big Jam in Chicago. Later his single featuring “Lil Tjay” was a hot favorite, people loved this track and it was on Billboard Hot 100 List on #11 and In Canada, it was on #12.

    Today if you check out Pop Out on youtube, it has received 242 Million views on it, and achieving this milestone was not at all as easy as it seems. He has a good fan base now where his youtube channel has more than 4 million subscribers.

    If we look at the views he has on his videos, except from the videos in that start, mostly all videos averages above a million views. He is almost close to hitting 2 billion lifetime views on his channel. His channel’s growth was just boosted during the Pop Out, He started his channel in 2018 and now in 2021, he has more than 4 million subscribers, isn’t it amazing?

    In his documentary, he dropped on his channel, he mentioned he is open to collaboration. In his career so far he has collaborated with many Rappers and singers. The Following names are the ones he has worked with:

    • Lil Baby
    • Lil Durk
    • G Herbo
    • Gunna
    • Quando Rondo
    • Calboy
    • Mustard
    • Lud Foe
    • Lil Gotit

    Currently, he has released his album “Hall Of Fame”.

    Polo G Net Worth

    So the answer to the question of what Polo G Net Worth is somewhat between $2.5 to $7 Million. It’s quite dicey to predict, some sources say $2.5 Million some say $7 Million, so predicting is not a good option. However, you can say it will be a good amount because he has 4 million subscribers on youtube, and on average, he has 1 million views on each video.

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    polo g net worth

    He released his albums like Die A Legend and his top hits like Pop-Out hit all charts. Definitely, it made good sales. The growing career of the young rapper is adding more to Polo G Net Worth.

    Recently he bought a Mansion worth $4.88 Million in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. The Mansion consists of bedrooms, a 14 car garage, Pool, Spa, and Tennis Court.

    Personal Life

    Currently, whether or not he is dating, it is not clear yet, but definitely, he is looking at Crystal Blease. She is famous on TikTok and she was recognized after her viral video on TikTok with Polo G. The video was about Pass the Phone Challenge, where Polo G was busy working.

    Polo G’s Manager is his mother and Polo G is a father to Dooda with Crystal Blease, it is unclear from when they are dating, Dooda was born in 2019.

    Cessation | Polo G Net Worth

    So winding up the article, this was all about 22 years old Polo G. He is just like us, unsure about his future, just like his bad phase, everyone has some turning point in their life. Polo G was introduced to some bad substance and he was at the point in life where he just lost himself. However, he works on coming out of those things.

    Hope you will not be inspired by his drug habits and definitely somewhere at some point in your life you will find your passion and you will be clear about your goals.


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