Facial Feminization Surgery- 11 Useful Types Of Procedures Involved!

    Facial Feminization Surgery

    Facial feminization surgery or FFS is a surgical procedure that involves cosmetic modification of one’s facial characteristics. As the name suggests, the goal of this surgery is to soften the features of your face into a feminine face type.

    Facial feminization is pursued by transgender women mostly or AMAB (assigned male at birth) non-binary trans people. Cisgender women may also go for this surgery.

    This surgery focuses mostly on the structure of bones and the shape of the nose. When necessary, soft tissue work, such a neck lifts, and facelifts may also be incorporated into facial feminization surgery.

    To be precise, this surgery involves a series of craniofacial and plastic surgeries designed specially to feminize the face. This surgery helps to reduce the shape and size of the forehead, refine or alter the nose shape, make the cheeks rounder and lips fuller, alters the shape ad size of the chin, and Adam’s apple is also shaped into a feminine structure among some other effects to achieve the look.

    For transgender individuals ‘ option for facial feminization surgery, this procedure can significantly reduce the harmful effects of gender dysphoria. Not “passing” as the true gender of a person certainly has damaging or devastating long-life effects. When the internal self matches the external’s self, it provides a sense of relief.

    Facial feminization surgery might also have remarkable effects on how one is recognized, and how one can communicate with others in the community. After all, first impacts or impressions are often based on facial features, including beauty and facial harmony. Facial Feminization Surgery can make it feasible for one to be more consistently recognized as a woman, and due to this, one can grow more relaxed in relating to other people as its real gender.

    This article provides you all the details on facial feminization surgery. Keep reading to know more:

    Cost of Facial Feminization Surgery

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    Traditionally, FFS has not been covered by any health insurance or state government healthcare. However, a few insurers are starting to cover Facial Feminization Surgery from selected specialists.

    Out-of-pocket expenses for Facial Feminization surgery commonly vary from $20,000 to $50,000 and maybe above the mentioned cost, based on the surgeon and the total component surgeries performed.

    Insurance providers frequently classify Facial Feminization Surgery as an optional cosmetic procedure. However, FFS may have more influence on an individual’s social well-being and mental health than just genital surgery such as phalloplasty and vaginoplasty.

    As the community or society grows more acknowledged with transgender problems, the medical institution seems to be gradually appreciating Facial Feminization Surgery as necessary to transgender care, rather than being arbitrary and elective.

    How to choose a good doctor for surgery

    To pick the best surgeon for facial feminization surgery, go for in-person or Skype meetings with as many doctors or surgeons as practically possible. Make sure you ask as many inquiries and questions as possible or you have reading the surgery even if they are the slightest of doubts to get an understanding of each surgeon’s differences in the techniques, along with their bedside practice.

    Many doctors give presentations and consultations in larger cities and meet people at transgender discussions to reveal more about surgeries and other related issues. It also assists them to reach out to previous patients of other surgeons that please you. You can do the same via different online forums and support groups.

    Preparation for facial feminization surgery

    Facial Feminization Surgery

    Surgeons ask that people quit taking any hormone replacement therapy if they are taking it two weeks ere surgery and abstain for two weeks following the surgery before beginning again. Make sure you mention to your surgeon any other medicine you frequently take.

    They will allow you to know if you require to stop taking that medicine for the procedure or not. Never discontinue taking medicines without permission from the doctors.

    Your operator might have different requirements according to the procedure that you are going to get. If you’re being operated on under common anesthesia, this may involve fasting. You just have to do as the surgeon says to avoid complications.

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    That being said, let’s see what the procedure is and how many types f facial feminization surgeries are available for different areas on your face.

    The procedure of facial feminization surgery

    Unmasculized or masculinized faces show various subtle differences in the structure, which decides the face to be interpreted as female or male. Each region of the face is taken into consideration in different procedures under this category.


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