Dysport Vs Botox- Important Differences To Know Beforehand!

    Dysport Vs Botox- Find Out The Differences Between Cost, Procedure, Side Effects

    Dysport vs Botox are botulinum toxin injections but there lie differences between Dysport vs botox. This article reviews some quick facts and major differences between the procedure, duration, results, cost, and side effects of Dysport vs botox.

    Dysport and botox were mainly used to treat muscle spasms in several conditions but their primary usage is for removing and preventing wrinkles. The Major difference between Dysport vs botox lies in the potency of trace proteins found inside them. Due to these proteins, one is more effective than the other one.

    Must-Know Facts

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    • Overall, both these injections are considered to be safe for candidates who qualify for their usage. Common side effects can be seen but they are temporary. Side effects may be headaches, numbness, and pain.
    • More moderate tye of side effects or negative effects may include muscle spasms, droopy eyes, and sore throat.
    • Dysport and botox both may cause botulinum toxicity but it is very rare. Signs of severe negative effects may include swallowing, breathing, and speaking difficulties. One difference between Dysport vs botox is that botox is often related to high paralysis risk though it is extremely rare.
    • Both the treatments are extremely convenient. You will not need hospitalization as all work involved will be complete at the doctor’s office.
    • You are allowed to immediately leave once the treatment gets over.
    • The average cost of these injections maybe 400 dollars per session. However, the total cost cannot be figured out completely because it depends on the number of injections needed.
    • Another difference between Dysport vs boto s that Dysport is comparatively less expensive.
    • The cost of both these injections is not covered by injections.
    • If the wrinkles are severe, both these treatments can be used as they are safe and effective for treatment.
    • Effects of Dysport vs botox also doffers as Dysport may be effective for less time while botox can last longer.
    • You will need follow-up injections to maintain all the results you have been achieving.

    Dysport vs Botox

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    Both these neurotoxins Dysport and botox are used to block the contractions of muscles. Both the injections may be used to treat muscle spasms that sometimes resulted from any neurological condition or some other condition. Both are derived from botulinum toxins and are safe given that they should be used in small amounts.

    Both Dysport and botox are non-surgical means to remove wrinkles and have good recovery rates. Still, there are differences between Dysport vs botox along with some safety precautions to be considered. Botulinum toxins used in these injections are also used for the treatment of migraines, overactive bladder, depression, and joint dsoredrs.

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    Here is a comparative guide to know the differences between Dysport vs botox in detail:

    Dysport vs Botox- Comparison

    Dysport and botox both are used for treating wrinkles in adults. These are non-invasive injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in adults by relaxing the muscles present beneath the skin. Once the muscle is relaxed and in still form, the skin will turn smoother thus wrinkles disappear.

    Neither of the treatments can help you get rid of wrinkles completely, but both have good effects on the skin as wrinkles become less noticeable. If you are not getting your desired results by using wrinkle creams and serums, you may use any of these treatments.

    While both these treatments have similar active ingredients their trace proteins differ in composition. Due to these proteins, one of these is considered to be more effective than the other one. The exact differences between the both are still studied to know better.


    Dysport is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines that may affect the glabella primarily. Glabella is the region between the eyebrows. These lines extend vertically downwards towards your forehead or upwards. You may have noticed them when a person frowns.

    While these lines are naturally occurring in all individuals, with age they can become more prominent even after the face is relaxed. This is due to the inefficacy of collagen. Our skin loses collagen when we age. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

    Dysport is used to treat glabella wrinkles but it is only recommended for people who have severe to moderate cases of glabella. This procedure is not for someone having mild glabella. You can visit your dermatologist as they will be able to tell you the main differences between moderate, severe, and mild wrinkles of such type.

    If you have qualified as a candidate for carrying out Dysport, the entire procedure will be completed at your doctor’s office. You will not have to get hospitalized or leave take rest for days or months. You will be released immediately once the procedure is completed.

    Before the injections are given, the doctors also apply an anesthetic but it is mild. This will help decrease some of the pain felt when the procedure is being carried out. For treating frown lines, 0.05 mF of Dysport is only injected at a time. This is done in 5 portions around the forehead and eyebrows.


    Botox is approved for the treatment of forehead lines as well as crow’s feet along with glabellar lines whereas Dysport is only recommended to treat glabellar lines.

    The procedure of Dysport vs botox is quite the same. All the work will be completed at the doctor’s office with no recovery time required. The number of units used by your doctors will decide the results and cost of treatment. The recommended dosage as per area treated includes the following:

    • For glabellar lines, 20 total units are used in 5 injection sites
    • For glabellar and forehead both 40 units are required and 10 injection sites are used
    • For crows feet, 24 total units are injected on 6 sites
    • When you combine all three kinds of wrinkles then 64 units will be needed.
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    How Long The Procedure Takes- Dysport vs Botox

    Another reason why people prefer using botox or Dysport injections is that they involve small procedures and take less time. The procedure itself will take a few minutes only. It may need some more time to apply the anesthetic as it needs time to dry out so that injections can be injected.

    Unless no side effects are seen immediately after the injections are being used, you are free to leave the doctor’s office.

    Duration of Dysport

    It only requires a few minutes to get completed. You will start observing effects after few injections are injected within few days. The recommended dosage by the FDA for glabellar lines treatment is 50 units divided into 5 separate portions in the area of the target.

    Duration of botox

    Similar to the Dysport injections. botox also needs a few minutes only to complete.

    Results of Dysport vs Botox


    Unlike surgical procedures that have been used traditionally for a long time, the results are noticeable within a few days after the treatment in the case of Dysport vs botox. Neither botox nor Dysport needs extra time to recover completely. You can just wait for the treatment to be over and head towards your home.

    Results of Dysport

    Dysport will star6 showing results after few days of the treatment. The results usually last between 3 to 4 months after treatment. You will then need more injections and another treatment to maintain the effects you have seen.

    Botox results

    The results of Botox will start to appear after one week of the treatment. But this procedure can take up to a month or so. The results are said to last for 6 months which is one difference between Dysport vs botox.

    Good Candidate For Dysport vs Botox

    Both these injections are only used for adults who have severe to moderate facial lunes o wrinkles. Your doctor will also check your medical history and ask you certain questions before the procedure starts or before you commit to this procedure.

    You might not be a suitable candidate to get any of these treatment sides if you are:

    • Pregnancy
    • Aged over 65 years
    • Have an allergy to milk
    • Have a history of sensitivity to botulinum toxins

    Also, as a precautions the doctors may ask you to discontinue any muscle relaxers, blood thinners, or some other medications you have been taking, Chances are these injections may act with such medications. You must mention all the medications and supplements you are taking or previously taken to avoid any side effects after the treatment is done.

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    The doctors usually determine whether you are fit for the treatment or not. One criterion for treatment is an age above 18 years. These injections might interact with certain medications like anticholinergic that affect you muscles used for Parkinson’s disease.

    Botox might not be a great option to consider for you based on the thickness of the skin or skin disorders if you have any.

    Cost of Dysport vs botox

    Cst of Dysport vs botox differs based on the place you live and the area of skin you want to be treated. based on the areas, one to many injections may be needed to treat fine lines. Some doctors might charge money per injection they inject.

    There is no medical insurance that covers both. It is important to figure out the exact cause of any of the treatments beforehand just to be sure. Depending upon the facilities, you can register for payment plans at the doctor’s office.

    Cost of Dysport

    Naturally, the average cost of Dysport can be 450 USD per session. The doctor may charge more or less based on per injection. The price also varies based on where you reside and clinics. Some clinics might give discounts if you enroll in some membership programs.

    Cost of botox

    Botox injections are slightly more expensive as compared to Dysport. Their average cost is 550 USD for each session. Based on the units required the price may vary. Bad on the region, more injections may be needed and the cost can be high.

    Side Effects Of Dysport Vs Botox

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    Both procedures are painless. The doctors usually give anesthetic but a little pressure can be felt when the fluids are injected into the muscles. In most cases, you are allowed to leave just after the treatment is over.

    Still, you might face some side effects. The side effects tend to resolve without further issues on their own. Although it is extremely rare, some people may face serious side effects too. Discuss the side effects with your doctor before getting into the treatment.

    Side effects of Dysport

    Dysport is believed to be safe but there is a risk of minor side effects sometimes. Some of these may include headaches, minor pain at the injection site. swelling around eyelids, or rash and irritation.

    More serious side effects can be caused by an infection in the respiratory tract, sinusitis, etc. Contact the doctor immediately if you face any of them. An rare complication with is treatment may involve botulinum toxicity. This normally happens when the injected fluid spreads to other parts beneath the skin. Immediate treatment is required if this occurs.

    Side effects of botulinum toxicity may be muscle spasms, facial muscles weakness, droopy eyelids, etc.

    Side effects of botox

    Similar to Dysport, botox is also considered to be safe. It has minimal side effects which usually clears on its own. Some common side effects are redness, bruising, swelling, headaches, slight pain, and numbness.

    The side effects usually resolve within a week after the procedure is completed. Though it is extremely rare, botox may lead to paralysis. It also carries the risk of botulinum toxicity. Contact your doctor in case you witness any of the side effects of both.


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