Blood Blisters On The Skin – Causes, Treatments, And Diagnosis

    Blood Blisters On The Skin

    Blood blisters on the skin are common and minor skin conditions that many people might develop. It is marked by a raised section of one’s skin filled with blood or drops of blood get clotted in one place. These are quite similar to blisters caused on the skin due to friction which later on fills with a clear liquid.

    In most cases, the blood blisters on the skin will vanish after a short time and they are often of no concern for anyone.

    You will get to know what blood blisters on the skin look like and what you are supposed to do if you see a blood blister on the skin.

    Symptoms Of Blood Blisters On The Skin

    blood blisters on the skin

    You will notice blood blisters to appear raised, fluid-like sacs on the skin filled with blood and they often look like friction blisters. The only difference between both is that, unlike friction blisters that contain clear liquid, blood blisters contain blood as the name suggests.

    The liquid inside of blood blisters on the skin is a light red in the beginning and later as time passes it turns into dark red that appears bluish. Most often the blood blisters on the skin will cause just light irritation at that site. An individual might feel the pain from action that had caused the blood blister to form initially.

    Blood blisters can appear on different parts of your skin. Some of the most common places where blood blisters might occur after an injury are:

    • Fingers
    • Hands
    • Mouth
    • Feet
    • Near bony regions of the body
    • Near the joints.
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    Causes Of Blood Blisters On The Skin

    Parts of the body mentioned above are just common places where it occurs, it can anywhere on the body where the skin is pinched hard but does not break open causing the blood to clot. If you close the drawers or door on your finger or lift heavy weight for too much time, you can get blood blisters on the skin easily.

    These are the main causes of occurring of blood blisters, some additional causes are:

    • Rubbing of a tool or another object repeatedly against your skin.
    • Wearing shoes that do not fit properly can also cause blood blisters by pinching the skin.
    • Having a sweaty foot that may cause extra friction between legs and shoes.
    • Severe frostbite
    • Minor trauma resulting from pinching your skin between any two objects.

    Blood blisters on other regions of the skin are due to the causes give above. Having blood blisters on the mouth is due to some other prevailing condition. If anyone has blood blisters inside their mouth, they should seek help from the doctors immediately. Some commonly known causes of having blood blisters inside the mouth can be:

    • Bleeding disorders
    • Allergies to certain food items
    • Use of alcohol excessively
    • Being nutritionally deficit
    • Mouth cancer

    Risk Factors Involved

    It is possible for almost everyone to have blood blisters on some or other parts of their body. If you wish to prevent blood blisters on your skin, you need to take care of your health and provide your body utmost protection to avoid situations where you can get your skin pinched and later on acquire blood blisters to form.

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    You can take the following steps which will help you reduce the chances of developing or getting blood blisters. These are:

    • Keep your feet dry.
    • Wear footwear that fits your foot appropriately.
    • Wear gloves when you are working with equipment and tools or lifting some heavy objects to avoid blisters and pain.

    When To Visit A Doctor

    Most often the blood blisters heal and you recover on your own within 1 to 2 weeks. There is no specific treatment that a person requires to get rid of blood blisters on the skin. You just need to keep the area where the blisters have formed clean to avoid further infection.

    Sometimes an individual might experience some extra problems due to the formation of such blisters. At times the blister might not recover or clear up on its own, at that time you must visit a doctor to know the causes behind it. Some other signs that you must keep in mind are:

    • Returning of the blister repeatedly on the skin.
    • You do not remember any apparent reason due to which the blister has been formed in the first place.
    • If the blister is caused as a result of some allergic reaction.
    • If you have developed multiple blisters without explanation.
    • If you notice certain signs of infection like warmth or red lines spreading over the blood blister.
    • If the blisters have formed in not-so-common areas like eyelids or mouth.
    • If the blisters are making it very difficult for you to move your hands or walk.
    • If the blisters are immensely painful or the pain would not go away after a week of the formation of blood blisters on the skin.
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    blood blisters on the skin
    On Health

    If any person feels that the blister is out of control and it requires help from medical professionals, they should visit a doctor as soon as they can. The doctors will certainly question them above the cause of blister or when it occurred. In most cases, the doctors will examine the blister using certain small tests and diagnose the local infection that might have caused the formation of blisters.

    In case there are chronic or unexplained blisters on one’s body, the doctor might perform some other tests and reduced any diseases if previously there in the patient to know the underlying cause of blister formation. This is done because some types of blisters appear some as skin cancer.

    If the doctors feel that the blister is something more than just a simple blister, they might perform the biopsy. This will help them determine the root cause and start the treatment earlier.

    Do not feel afraid to visit a doctor if you have seen blisters developing for no reason or your blisters would not go away within 1 to 2 weeks. Early treatment can even treat chronic health conditions and blood blisters on the skin.

    This was everything you needed to know about blood blisters on the skin and when to visit a doctor if you have blood blisters.

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