50+ Amazing Entryway Bench Ideas To Use!

    Entryway Bench Ideas

    Modern entryway bench ideas are a big part of making a stylish first impression of your home. When styling an entryway, one go-to designer item wins every time: a bench. It provides a seat for lacing up and waiting on rides or visitors. Still, it can also function as an extra surface for delivered packages, decorative objects, or loose items like keys, masks, and glasses, and it can also be a sneaky way to hide shoes. And the humble bench manages to accomplish all this while still keeping a rather low profile. 

    Whether your foyer is formal, doubles as a busy mudroom, or is just a narrow hallway; these entryway benches ideas will help you decorate the space well.

    Entryway bench ideas can pack a lot of styles and functions. Even though it’s a simple and often small piece of furniture, it can add more design interest and give you more space to decorate as you like.

    After all, you walk through your foyer every day, and it’s also where you greet guests, so your entryway bench ideas should always look great. You can be sure that a bench’s clean look and extra storage space will help your home make a good first impression.

    51 entryway bench ideas for an inviting foyer

    Entryway benches are useful, beautiful, and a dream to decorate. They can give your foyer more personality than you might have thought.

    Benches are important and can even finish the most beautiful hallway ideas. You can sit on them to put on and take off your shoes and use them to hold things like mail and keys. But most of all, they will make your entryway more interesting.

    Here are some entryway bench ideas to get your creative juices flowing about what you can do in your home.

    1. Narrow Wooden Entryway Bench Ideas

    entryway bench ideas

    A row of silver coat hooks is mounted on white shiplap wainscoting above a narrow wooden entryway bench. The bench is between a gray entryway and a rustic light green interior door.

    2. White Built-In Farmhouse Entryway Bench Ideas

    entryway bench ideas

    The white built-in farmhouse entryway bench has wicker baskets in storage cubbies above and below the bench. A coir doormat on a black-and-white plaid rug is put in front of the bench.

    3. Wood and Black Metal Boot Bench

    entryway bench ideas

    Wood and black metal boot bench with two shoe racks are placed in front of a circle brass mirror mounted on a wall. The bench is paired with a gray pillow, a beige rug, and a white planter with black legs.

    4. Entryway with Rustic White Painted Wood Bench

    entryway bench ideas

    The white door leads to a white-painted, rough-hewn wood bench that leans against whiteboard-and-batten wainscoting. Above the bench are several coat hooks and a white coat rack with a shelf.

    5. Light Wood Bench with Light Pink Rug

    A light pink rug and a gray throw blanket are in front of a light wood spindle-back bench. In this entryway bench with white wainscoting and a white front door, there are two round woven baskets on either side of the bench.

    6. Antique Stained Wood Farmhouse Entryway Bench Ideas 

    entryway bench ideas

    A farmhouse entryway bench made of wood with an antique finish and white and black gingham pillows leans against a whiteboard and batten wall. There are black coat hooks along the wall, and two black lanterns hang from the ceiling.

    7. Farmhouse Entryway with Dark Wood Trim

    A stained wood spindle-back bench with a gray patterned rug in front of it is complemented by gray and light brown throw pillows. This farmhouse entryway also has a painted brick accent wall in the off-white and dark wood trim.

    8. Two-Toned Beige Painted Wood Bench

    A beige-painted wood bench with black coat hooks leans against a white shiplap wall. The bench in this entryway with a white front door is adorned with a beige pillow and a white throw blanket.

    9. Antique Stained Wood Entryway Bench Ideas

    The antique-stained wood entryway bench is leaning against a white shiplap wall beneath a white staircase with wood treads and a wood handrail. The bench is positioned on a beige patterned rug and is complemented by beige throw pillows and a blanket.

    10. Stained Wood Bench with Beige Woven Rug

    entryway bench ideas

    A stained wood bench and a beige woven rug are positioned in front of a whiteboard and batten wall with black coat hooks. The bench is lit by a bulb attached to the wall and hangs over the bench.

    11. Light Wood Farmhouse Entryway Bench Ideas

    When you open a white door with a black handle, you see stained wood floors and a rustic light wood bench. Over the bench is a beige coat rack with black coat hooks.

    12. Entryway with White Shiplap Wainscoting

    entryway bench ideas

    A stained wood farmhouse entryway bench with a cream throw pillow and blanket is placed against white shiplap wainscoting. A brown and gray-patterned rug is placed in front of the black front door.

    13. Foyer with White Painted Wood Bench

    The foyer, which has a white door, has a white-painted wood bench and a white table with a shelf. In front of the bench is a beige and brown patterned doormat and a rug that matches.

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    14. Black Metal and Painted Wood Entryway Bench Ideas

    A rectangular mirror with a black frame hangs above a black metal bench with black-painted wood legs. The bench is on top of a black-and-white striped rug next to a stained wood front door.

    15. Entryway with Gray Framed Circle Mirror

    A circle mirror with a gray frame hangs above a bench made of stained wood and is placed in a farmhouse entryway. The floor is made of light wood. The bench is dressed with pillows in gray and beige, as well as a throw blanket in a dark gray tassel pattern.

    16. Two-toned Light Wood Bench

    entryway bench ideas

    The two-toned light wood bench is put in front of a white window with white and gray-patterned curtains on a bronze rod. There are white cushions and a white throw blanket on the bench.

    17. Entryway with Stained Wood French Doors

    Colored wood French doors lead into an entryway with stained wood flooring and a light wood farmhouse bench. The room has a black lantern hanging from the ceiling and a large rectangular mirror with a wood frame that leans against the wall.

    18. Farmhouse Entryway with Black Entrance Door

    A black door with a silver handle leads to an entryway with a white bench and stained wood floors. On the bench are white seat cushions and white and gray striped throw pillows.

    19. Narrow White Bench with Sheepskin Throw

    A small, white-painted wood farmhouse bench in the foyer is positioned next to white wainscoting. It is adorned with a white sheepskin throw and a light blue rectangular pillow. Above the bench is a light wood coat rack.

    20. Farmhouse Entryway with Floating Wood Shelves

    entryway bench ideas

    Above a wooden coat rack and a wooden bench with a gray tufted seat are two floating shelves made of wood. A white pillow, a cream tassel blanket, and two dark brown crates are tucked under the bench seat.

    21. Woven Entryway Bench with Beige Bamboo Legs

    A gray patterned runner goes with a woven entryway bench, beige bamboo legs, and a white seat cushion. The bench leans against a white board-and-batten wall next to a black handrail and white balusters on a staircase.

    22. Entryway with Rattan Wall Decor

    This entryway has a white front door, a brick tile floor, and a white shiplap wall with an old, stained wood farmhouse bench against it. Under the rattan wall decor, black coat hooks are placed along the wall.

    23. Farmhouse Entryway with Turquoise Front Door

    entryway bench ideas

    A white farmhouse entryway bench with a spindle back leans against a white wall with board and batten wainscoting. When you open the turquoise front door, you can see a blue rug in front of the bench.

    24. Stained Wood Farmhouse Bench with Black Legs

    Dark blue board-and-batten wainscoting with a matching shelf and black coat hooks hanging above two circle mirrors with wooden frames. Behind an old rug is a stained-wood farmhouse entryway bench with black legs against the wall.

    25. Entryway with White Floor Shelf Console Table

    The dark gray entryway door opens to a gray vintage runner and a tufted brown leather and black metal stool. A whiteboard and batten wall is leaning against a white floor shelf console table with an ornately framed mirror.

    26. Light Stained Wood Spindle Back Bench

    This entryway has a light-stained wood spindle-back bench with brown and gray patterned throw pillows and a beige plaid tassel blanket on it. The bench is next to a black handrail on a staircase.

    27. Dark Brown Spindle Back Bench

    A dark brown spindle back bench with white throw pillows is positioned in front of a white shiplap wall beneath the stairs. A beige rug is placed in front of the bench in this entryway with stained wood flooring.

    28. Entryway with White Board and Batten Wainscoting

    This farmhouse entryway has a white tufted bench with old wood legs and a light blue front door. A white shiplap wall with white board-and-batten wainscoting and black coat hooks is next to the bench.

    29. Light Wood Bench with Expandable Coat Rack

    Both blacks are on the light gray wainscoting with shiplap accents, a floating shelf, and an expandable coat rack. Between a white door and a knitted planter with legs, a light wood bench is placed against the wall.

    30. Entryway with Rustic Gray Painted Wood Flooring

    entryway bench ideas

    A gray farmhouse entryway bench with a dotted seat cushion is positioned beneath coat hooks that are mounted on white shiplap wainscoting with a shelf. The rustic gray painted wood flooring greets you as you enter through the gray entry door.

    31. Antique Stained Wood Farmhouse Entryway Bench Ideas

    A stained wood bench separates a gray front door and a dark gray interior door. This entryway has rustic gray painted wood flooring and a bench under a white shelf on shiplap wainscoting.

    32. Entryway Bench with Tufted Seat Cushion

    Whiteboard-and-batten wainscoting is next to a white farmhouse entryway bench with an ivory tufted seat cushion. Above the bench are a brown mirror with a fancy frame and black coat hooks.

    33. Antique Dark-Stained Wood Bench

    The white door leads to an old bench made of dark-stained wood with white pillows and a gray throw blanket on it. A white interior barn door and a black semi-flush mount light are next to the bench.

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    34. White Painted Wood Farmhouse Bench

    Under a coat rack with black hooks on a light wood wall is a farmhouse bench made of wood painted white with blue and pink throw pillows on it. A wooden ladder is hung horizontally on the white shiplap wall as wall decor.

    35. Entryway with White Double Doors

    entryway bench ideas

    This farmhouse entryway has two white doors and white shiplap walls. There is an old black bench in the space. The gray patterned rug in front of the bench is lit by a black chandelier that hangs from the white shiplap ceiling.

    36. Dark-Stained Wood Cinema Bench

    A dark stained wood cinema bench is placed under a black wall-mounted expandable coat rack and wood floating shelf in this farmhouse entryway. A black semi-flush mount illuminates the entryway’s stained wood flooring.

    37. Beige Painted Wood Entryway Bench Ideas

    The beige-painted wood entryway bench is complemented by a wooden entrance door and a red vintage runner on the stained wood flooring. A wall-mounted coat rack and floating wooden shelf with black metal brackets are hung above the bench.

    38. Rustic White Painted Wood Bench

    A rustic white painted wood bench sits beside a green door on a beige and white patterned rug. White pillows and two wooden crates tucked beneath the seat dress up the bench.

    39. Entryway with Black and White Striped Mat

    This farmhouse entryway features a black door, beige floor tiles, a white vertical board, and a batten wall. In front of the stained wood bench in the entryway is a black and white striped doormat laid on top of a beige woven rug.

    40. Farmhouse Entryway with Stained Wood Flooring

    entryway bench ideas

    In this entryway with stained wood flooring and an off-white stool with a beige seat cushion, the sliding interior doors made of light wood and glass are to the right of the stool. Gray throw pillows and a rattan basket underneath the stool serve as decorative accents for the piece.

    41. Rustic Two-toned Painted Wood Bench

    In the entryway of a farmhouse, the floor is made of natural brick, and there is a rustic two-toned white painted wood bench with white and orange pillows. Round coat hooks are set up on a whiteboard and batten wall above the bench.

    42. Entryway with Natural Brick Flooring

    This farmhouse entryway has natural brick flooring and a light wood bench with beige corbels on the wall. Above the bench are black coat hooks and a light wood shelf attached to the wall.

    43. Black Spindle Back Entryway Bench Ideas

    Two woven baskets are tucked under the seat of a black bench with a spindle back. Above the bench are black coat hooks. The bench is next to a stained wood door and a beige striped rug in this farmhouse entryway.

    44. Rustic Green Painted Wood Bench

    This farmhouse entryway has a white shiplap wall, a dark brown door, and a rustic green wood bench. The entryway is lit by a black lantern pendant light and a black and white floor lamp.

    45. Entryway with Dark Wood Framed Mirror

    entryway bench ideas

    In the entryway, which has wood floors, there is a white shiplap wall next to a mirror with a dark wood frame. The rectangular mirror is hung above an entryway bench made of stained wood and topped with a rectangular pillow with white and gray stripes.

    46. Spindle Back Bench with Vintage Rug

    In an entryway that features a black arched door and a white schoolhouse pendant light, there is a back spindle bench made of light wood placed on top of an antique rug. The bench has shades of gray, beige pillows, and two wicker baskets tucked away underneath the seat for additional storage.

    47. Entryway Bench With Slide-Out Shoe Drawers

    With slide-out drawers, your shoes will be out of the way but always within reach. This entryway bench has a simple design and an angled top that gives it a little something extra. It also has a cushion that can be taken off for a little extra comfort.

    48. High Back Upholstered Entryway Bench Ideas

    A padded bench with a back is often the key to making an entrance feel like the most comfortable place in the world. This contemporary beauty is no different. Also, the soft, linen-like upholstery is easy to clean, which everyone wants.

    49. Funky Entryway Chairs

    entryway bench ideas

    Many homes need a place to put on or take off shoes in the entryway. We think the bench, chair, or stool you put by your front door should show your style.

    50. Simple, Clean, and Rustic Entryway Bench Ideas

    The cow and steer coat hooks fit in with the southwestern entryway style. They are also the right size for hanging house keys and dog leashes.

    51. Match your bench to a coat rack

    To make your entryway look nice, match your bench to any other furniture you have there. The tall clothes and shoe storage rail goes with the bench and makes the space work.

    Both are very useful, and because the metal frames are thin, they don’t take up much visual space; you can “see through” both units, and the entryway stays light and airy.

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    15 Useful Tips on entryway bench ideas: 

    entryway bench ideas

    To assist you in packing a lot of style and function into your contemporary foyer, no matter its size, we gathered our favorite tips for your inspiration.

    Follow these 15 entryway bench tips that will welcome you home in style.

    Keep it multi-functional

    The entryway bench has a stunning contrast between the espresso wood of the base and the light gray cushion topper that will draw the eye up, plus additional space for storage or decor.

    Don’t stop at just a bench.

    Give your entryway a little more space with a bench with shelves underneath for shoes and above for coats and bags.

    Make a fabulous statement with a pop of color.

    If you prefer luxury over practicality, the bench, which can be customized in fabrics like velvet and performance wool with an Italian-inspired design, will be a conversation starter from the moment you walk through the door.

    Maximize your wall space

    Remember the good ol’ hall tree? We see these everywhere — and for a splendid reason. Rather than reaching home and tossing your coat and bag onto a chair, the genius bench-closet-combo gives everything a proper place. 

    Extra shoe storage is always good.

    entryway bench ideas

    If your front door normally looks like a shoe-filled war zone, a bench having built-ins will be a high godsend. Each cubby can hold at least a single pair of shoes, and by adding wicker baskets, you can form an illusion of organized chaos. (Pro tip: Don’t let anyone look ​in​ the baskets.)

    Consider the trunk

    So this one is not exactly a bench, per se, but the idea’s there. A sturdy storage bench can be dolled with a delicate throw and colorful pillows. At the same time, the inside grants the perfect hiding place for all of your rain gear, board games, or kids’ soccer equipment. Just throw down the lid, and no one will be the wiser.

    Keep it small

    If you have a tiny gap but are still looking for a little something to warm the entryway, the angled entryway bench can be a splendid option. It has an extra shelf for more storage and provides a touch of midcentury modern glam.

    Make it a show-stopper.

    Yes, an entryway is normally just a tiny piece of the home — but who says it can’t be made as an entire room? Jazz up the decor, coordinate statement walls using rugs and pillows and make that bench the most coveted spot. At the very least, it’ll bring you profound joy every time you get home from a long day.

    Get midcentury-inspired

    You need not have to compromise your style for your home needs. Try the entryway bench designed in the midcentury modern style, which consists of a place to sit with two storage drawers. The straight lines and dark stain gives a sleek, classic look, immediately conveying your style when guests walk through the door.

    Stay simple

    For a smaller area, consider keeping it simple. If the apartment backs right into the living room, grab something that won’t distract from the space you’ve curated but will instead complement it. 


    Declutter the entryway with this three-sectioned bench. Each compartment arrives with a wicker basket that, while stylish, holds everything from shoes to winter gloves to junk mail you aren’t ready to sort through. 

    Never underestimate the power of secret storage.

    Ask any woman who has ever celebrated learning her dress has pockets: There’s no bad surprise storage. You’ll find that extra storage space perfect for dog leashes, winter scarves, or packable umbrellas.

    Think long-term

    Suppose you’re looking for a piece that will become a part of your home. In that case, you’ll want to consider the durability and quality of your entryway bench. Made of sturdy, live-edge acacia wood and iron, try a bench meant to last more than just one season. And with a simple, natural look, it’ll also outlast the trend cycles.

    Opt for something contemporary

    If Instagram-scrolling is where you get your home-design inspiration, find the perfect on-trend bench. Try a yellow statement entryway bench with two built-in shelves and a simple design. It’s clean without being cold, and the bright color complements a maximalist style.

    Take a cue from beach living.

    If your house is what you think of as your sacred space, where your workday ends and self-care starts, take inspiration from the tranquil, beach-inspired design. Lean into soft surfaces and colors, where the purpose is more about creating a space to decompress (while you take off your shoes) and less about storing all un-homed belongings. 

    This cane bench uses natural materials and neutral hues to create a soothing space that, because of the polyfoam cushion, also happens to be incredibly comfortable.

    Final words: Entryway bench ideas

    entryway bench ideas

    Modern entryway bench ideas are a big part of making a stylish first impression of your home.

    As one of the most important hallway ideas, giving yourself and your guests a place to sit down and take off their shoes is the first step toward making the space feel welcoming and calm.

    Choosing a bench with a modern design will also help your home have a modern look from the moment you walk in the door.

    Also, look at these bed-in-closet ideas to enhance your personal space.


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