DIY Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms: 9 Amazing Space-saving Ideas (Fun Facts Inside!)

    Learn Amazing DIY Loft Bed Ideas for Small Rooms 

    DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms
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    The magnificent giant beds are beautiful and elegant. But, when decorating the small apartments, it is mostly a guest eliminated from the invitation list.

    Here, you need something space-saving. Something that utilizes the small area well and leaves enough space for other purposes.

    What can meet this demand? Simple! A Loft Bed! Loft beds are ideal for small rooms since they fit the space better and look good. You can think of whether it’s a kid’s or a teenager’s room.

    Now, you probably can’t go to a furniture expert or an interior designer to design a loft bed for you at this moment. So, you’re looking for some DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms.

    We’ve got you covered. This write-up will discuss some interesting DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms. Try them and let us know how they look!

    Let’s proceed.

    9 Space-saving, Functional, and Beautiful DIY Loft Bed Ideas

    If you check out both online and offline markets, you can see that loft beds come in different shapes, styles, and designs. The list is long, ranging from exclusive loft bunk beds to hanging ones.

    Add a loft bunk bed in your kid’s room and see how they enjoy their passion for sweet-quick adventures there. Also, you can design a loft with a bed in your guest rooms.

    Thus, with interesting DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms, you can utilize the space in the best possible way. If you’re fond of designing your house uniquely, you can incorporate some cafe-style or tent-style themes in your loft bed place.

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    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms
    Cut the Wood

    A bonus tip: You can also design a loft bed in your bedroom to enjoy a beautiful romantic date with your better half. Doesn’t it sound amazing? 🙂

    Here find some interesting DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms.

    Low Bed and Wooden Ladder

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

    It’s one of the most common designs for loft beds. A low bed with a cozy mattress is used with wooden ladders to reach the bed. It may look a little traditional and common. Anyways, if you’re a beginner, you can try it.

    Once you become a pro in executing DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms, you can try other designs. We’ve many other unique designs in the bucket for you.

    Vintage-style Low Bed

    If you’re fond of vintage themes, you can also incorporate them in loft beds. Vintage-style DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms are popular for people with large bungalows.

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms
    Origin Mattress

    Homeowners often want to decorate their guest rooms with period-style loft beds. Use rustic colors and classic, timeless lamps to ensure the best vintage look for the space.

    Scandinavian Design with Hanging Bed

    Scandinavian designs are known for their clean, minimal looks. A loft bed hanging from the ceiling designed with Scandinavian themes is the best choice ever for DIY loft bed ideas.

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms
    Kuhl Homes

    Especially when you look for some space-saving yet elegant DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms, it’s an ideal option. Use soft, white lights in the room to enhance the minimal appearance of the space.

    Loft Bed with Windows

    Adding windows to your loft bed will be a great design. Especially if you want a healthy retreat to your comfort zone, having a window beside your loft bed is a good idea. You can design the bed in a place where you can incorporate a sliding window.

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    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

    The sliding window does not take up too much space. So, your small house won’t look clumsy or claustrophobic. Instead, you can enjoy a superb quality time on the bed with yourself or your little kid at home.

    Living Room Design

    A whole living room can be designed with a loft bed and a sofa beneath it. Also, you can place some cupboards and drawers for storage. To add more functionality, you can place a DIY dresser with a mirror to ensure more furniture utility without consuming any extra space.

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

    Make sure to match the color of the bed, sofa and other parts of the living room design with each other. You can incorporate a romantic theme if you plan it for your partner. Or, if it is for your kids, the cartoon world is the best theme ever.

    Bed with Extra Drawers

    Who doesn’t love to have extra storage in their bed? I love it. Surely, you will enjoy it too. Even if you don’t love it, considering its utility, you should go for it. Extra storage means your bed will not be covered with your cosmetics, academic papers, or other essential items.

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

    You can keep the whole loft bed organized. Your exceptional DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms will be appreciated more by people. So, design some drawers with your loft bed and enjoy a clutter-free bed.

    Unconventional Theme-based

    If you’re fond of unique themes, why not try them in your DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms too? Whether it is sea scenery or anything else like 3D animation, the themes can impress your guests and visitors surely.

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms
    The Spruce

    Especially if you’re planning loft beds for the guest rooms, you should try such unconventional themes to amaze your guests. Anyways, make sure that the theme, style, and design are not disturbing to look at anyway. It may irritate the visitors more than make them astonished.

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    Bed with a Painted Geometric Wall

    Geometric accent walls are always beautiful. It always looks good whether it is stair riser ideas or loft bed ideas for small rooms.

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

    But, make sure to hire a renowned interior designer. They always have good ideas to make your walls adjacent to the loft bed uniquely beautiful.

    You can try simple designs or complex ones as per your choices. Well, make sure that the design complements your overall interior in the house. It should not look odd or alien by any chance.

    Camper-style Metal Bed

    Who doesn’t love adventures? We all do! Isn’t it? But, it is impossible to pack your bags and move to jungles and hills every other day. Right? But that doesn’t mean we must compromise our passion for adventure.

    diy loft bed ideas for small rooms

    So, here it is. You can try this awesome loft bed idea. Place a metal bed and enjoy the camper look on it. Design it with wide curtains and make it look like a beautiful tent.

    Some Interesting Facts about Loft Beds 

    After enjoying some excellent DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms, let’s talk about some interesting facts about the bed.

    • The bunk bed and loft bed are not the same.
    • A loft bed can be dangerous or a super safe option for kids depending on how you design it.
    • Children younger than 6 should not sleep in loft beds.
    • You must keep 30 inches gap between the loft bed mattress and the ceiling.
    • It takes only two hours to assemble a loft bed.
    • You can enjoy an adventurous, romantic date with your bae here.

    Before You Go

    So, it was all about DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms. You can build them on your own. If you prefer to spend less time building them and want more perfection, go for renowned interior designers. Find a top-notch designer and share your ideas with you.

    Did you like the ideas? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you have some more DIY loft bed ideas for small rooms, we would love to know.


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