Dog Cough Remedies-10 Best Ways To Cure

    Dog Cough Remedies To Provide Your Pet Relief From Kennel Cough- Know All The Related Information

    Dog cough remedies do not include a lot of home remedies to incorporate, mostly it becomes important to take them to a pet doctor as early as you can. However, there are some dog cough remedies that you can try before taking big steps.

    Dog cough is usually kennel cough. It is also known as CIRD or Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease. You have to figure out if the dog has a normal cough or kennel cough. Kennel cough is highly hazardous and contagious. The mode of spreading is mainly observed when a healthy dog is exposed to cough or respiratory secretions of an affected dog having infectious tracheobronchitis.

    In the initial few days, you will observe mild symptoms in your dog which later on can convert to life-threatening pneumonia in your dog as well as other pets coming in contact.

    Here is a detailed guide to all the related information from causes, symptoms, and treatments, that you need to know in order to prevent your pet from having a life-threatening disease or finding a cure if they already acquired CIRD.

    What Is Kennel Cough?

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    Kennel cough or CIRD is an infectious bronchitis disease that leads to inflammation in the trachea and bronchioles which causes a dry and hacking cough in dogs. Sometimes it may sound as if something is present or stuck in the dog’s neck.

    There are multiple microorganisms that can cause kennel cough in your dog including Canine adenovirus, bordetella Brochiseptica bacteria, mycoplasma, and Parainfluenza virus. Other bacterias and viruses can also cause this disease.

    Some dogs can only have mild cough while some can become very sick that they may even acquire pneumonia that is life-threatening. You would not want your beloved pet to acquire such a life-threatening disease, so it becomes very necessary to first recognize the different signs and symptoms they are facing and then taking action immediately by incorporating dog cough remedies or seeking help from a vet.

    How Will Your Dog Acquire Kennel Cough?

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    If a healthy dog inhales aerosolized bacteria or viruses generated by an infectious dog, there are high chances that your dog is about to show symptoms within few days. The mode of spread of these viruses and bacterias from an infected dog to your dog could be through sneezing, coughing, or objects that are infected like water bowls, food bowls, or toys commonly used.

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    When your dog is in crowded places there are high chances of getting exposed to kennel cough spreading bacterias because crowded areas usually have warm and moist air and the airflow is very poor. After your dog has been exposed and inhales these bacterias and viruses, within 3 to 4 days you will start noticing symptoms.

    Some places that are at high risk include:

    • Animal shelters
    • Dog daycare facilities
    • Boarding kennels
    • Dog parks
    • Grooming facilities

    Although there are vaccines that can prevent your dog from acquiring CIRD or kennel cough, you should make sure your dog is not exposed to any such condition that can be harmful.

    Few Symptoms Of Kennel Cough

    As mentioned earlier, your dog if exposed to bacterias spreading CIRD, will start showing these symptoms after 3 or 4 days, the symptoms are common and include:

    • A persistent hacking and dry cough in them
    • They will cough at night which will keep you as well your dog awake.
    • Vomiting with a production of foam-like vomit usually white in color.
    • Lethargy
    • Fever
    • Loss of appetite.
    • Labored breathing

    How Dangerous Is Kennel Cough?

    It has been observed that many dogs having kennel cough have completely recovered without seeing any complications in their cases but there are some dogs that were later exposed to pneumonia and led to fatal conditions.

    Dogs that are more likely to acquire complications after having kennel cough are:

    • Dogs having an immune system that is not fully matured like small puppies that are not completely vaccinated against diseases.
    • Older dogs whose immune system has weakened over time. They are not very immune to serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart failure, and kennel cough.
    • Dogs that are pregnant and have lower immune systems due to pregnancy.
    • If your dog has any respiratory disease existing from earlier like chronic bronchitis, tracheal collapse, or respiratory allergies severe in nature.

    Dog Cough Remedies To Treat Kennel Cough At Home

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    If your dog has mild symptoms that do not include high fever or lethargy, you can try using some home remedies at first to witness any signs of relief initially. It is very important to keep an eye on your dog to check if the symptoms are improving as the days are passing or getting worse.

    Few dog cough remedies include:

    1. Honey And water In Dog Cough remedies

    Honey is a great remedy to treat cough for dogs. Dog cough remedies including honey can be beneficial to get rid of kennel cough because honey helps in soothing your pet’s throat and minimizing the symptoms of cough.

    You can mix one tablespoon of honey with little warm water and pour it into their water bowl for them to drink. Remember to follow this nearly 3 times a day. If your dog is coughing very little or more, you can increase or decrease the doses depending upon that.

    2. Dog Cough Remedies Using Humidifier

    When your dog is taking a rest, you can bring a small humidifier and place it near them, because the humidifiers are extremely useful in keeping the air moist. When your dog breathes near a humidifier the moist air will pass through their respiratory tract which will help getting rid of the irritation or reduce the irritation in the respiratory tract that is causing them to cough often.

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    3. A Steamy Therapy In Dog Cough Remedies

    When you are going to take a hot bath or hot shower, keep your dog with you and close the bathroom. Do not keep them under the shower, let them stay close in the room to give them steam of hot vapors. Using a hot shower you can provide your dog a steam therapy that can decrease the irritation in their respiratory tract and provide them relief from kennel cough.

    4. Plenty Of Rest As A Dog Cough remedy

    While recovering from any disease, be it kennel cough, CIRD, or some other condition, rest is very important to heal yourself completely.

    Do not force them to walk or fetch things. Allow them to rest as much as they can and reduce the number of workouts they do. This will increase the healing process and help in reducing the coughing spells.

    5. Avoid Using Irritants In Front Of Them Or Near Them

    When your dog is suffering and recovering from kennel cough, do not use anything that can cause irritation and make their throat dry and coughy again. Make sure you are keeping them away from household cleaners, dust, smoke, or any type, and cigarettes.

    These things can be proven to contagious for your dog and will end up extending the recovery period for your dogs. Other dog cough remedies also work when you are not exposing your pet to harmful smoke.

    6. Replace Their Collar

    Another reason that can extend your dog’s recovery period is a collar on their neck. When they receive any sort of pressure in their throat, it is more likely to happen that irritation will be back in their neck causing the kennel cough to show its symptoms again.

    Whenever you are taking them for a walk outside, replace the collar with a harness. This prevents unnecessary pressure to their neck or tracheal pipe which will worsen their cough.

    7. Camphor As Dog Cough Remedies

    You may try using camphor or other supplements that can give relief from the pain and reduce the kennel cough in dogs after consulting your vet.

    It is likely to be effective and has positive reviews. Camphor stimulates nerve endings ad can give high relief in pain and itching. If your dog has broken skin or wounds of any type do not apply it because it may reach the blood and cause poisoning.

    8. Vitamins And Other Supplements As Dog Cough remedies

    If you have thought of using vitamins or supplements in getting your dog rid of kennel cough, you can always discuss with your vet the potential usage and side effects of the below-mentioned supplements that can be quite useful.

    • Carrageenan
    • Sesame
    • Marshmallow
    • Thyme
    • Slippery ELM
    • Gingko

    Some of these have sufficient pieces of evidence that they have worked well to treat kennel cough in dogs while some worked for few dogs only. It is highly important to make an appointment with your pet doctor before proceeding because some might have potential downsides.

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    9. Cough Medication As Dog Cough remedies

    Healthy dogs are observed to recover completely from kennel cough when they rest for few weeks. However, if your dog has a weak immune system you may consider taking medications to treat their cough soon.

    Before your dog develops any secondary infection other than kennel cough, proceed to treatment, the doctors will prescribe certain antibiotics and cough medication that should be mixed with their food to treat the condition as soon as possible.

    10. Aromatherapy In Dog Cough remedies

    Few botanicals contain soothing properties, when they are used nicely, they can help treat cold and cough in your dog. Do not directly go for full-length essentials oils because they can be very overpowering and can lead to dangerous side effects.

    Before you are introducing your pet to any essential oil, make sure you are having a discussion with your vet. Also, make sure you are not giving them concentrated oils in any condition. You have to make a dilute mixture before serving.

    Here are some essential oils that can help your dog have a cold to get rid of cough.

    Peppermint oil:

    It can help in easing out invigorates and congestion.

    Eucalyptus Oil:

    It is known for the amazing antiseptic properties it possesses.

    Lavender oil:

    It is great for a soothing effect and provides calmness.

    Dog Cough Remedies For Mild Cases

    If your dog has mild cases of kennel cough or regular cough you do not have to worry much because it will only require supportive care. This type of care highly focuses on nutrition, hydration of dogs, and proper rest.

    Your vet might prescribe a few cough suppressants to give relief and reduce the frequency of cough in your dog. Make sure you are following a good routine for your dog and dog cough remedies.

    When mild cases of dog cough are seen, it will take nearly one week or two weeks to completely recover from kennel cough. Sometimes the dog does not even require to take prescriptions or cough suppressants to treat their cough, they have a stronger immune system and will recover on their own.

    Dog Cough Remedies For Severe Kennel Cough Case

    Complicated cases of kennel cough can be highly dangerous for your dog. When not treated on time, or with a weak immune system, the dog may acquire a serious condition of kennel cough. During severe cases, dog cough remedies will not be highly useful to completely get rid of cough.

    A dog having severe conditions of cough will cough very frequently, act lethargic, and would not want to drink or eat which means loss of appetite.

    If your dog has developed secondary diseases like pneumonia due to kennel cough, the treatments involved might be:

    • Intravenous fluids
    • Hospitalization
    • Oxygen therapies when the case is very severe.
    • Antibiotics.

    Treatments of severe kennel cough can be costly and cannot be cured completely using dog cough remedies. Sometimes you might have to spend more than 1000 dollars to treat your dog completely by hospitalizing and medications.

    How Long Will Kennel Cough Last?

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    Dogs having mild symptoms of kennel cough will recover completely within one or two weeks as mentioned earlier. If your dog has a complicated or severe cough, it may even take nearly 6 weeks for the complete treatment.

    If your dog has been diagnosed with pneumonia starting from kennel cough, in some cases there are chances that the dog might not live. So getting treatment on time becomes the necessity of the hour.

    Do not act in a hurried manner and use all the Dog cough remedies at once. First, know the symptoms if they are mild or severe, and then proceed for the treatment. An appointment with the vet is also mandatory if you do not want to take any risks associated with your dog.


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