10 Amazing Home Remedy for Ear Mites

    Home Remedy for Ear Mites – Ear mites are a category of mite that takes place in the ear canal. It is often told that they take up residence in the ear the reason behind this is that there are minute parasites that feed and take off skin oils and as well as ear wax.

    Ear mites are more popularly prevalent in animals which include family pet like dog and cat. In close contact circumstances, these mites can jump from one animal to another animal. It is very unlikely for humans to get ear mites still there’s some extent of risk.

    Its origin is in the ear canal but it can also be found on the surface of the skin. Ear mites are supremely infectious, and the infection is spread by direct contact with one animal to another infected animal.

    The visibility of mite is at its bare minimum from the naked eye and sometimes it may appear as a white speck that moves against a background full of darkness.

    Ear Mites: Why does it take Place?

    The contraction of ear mites takes place from the living environment or the surrounding in which your pet resides or takes shelter mostly. The attachment of ear mites often takes place to your furbaby through the passage of heaviness that prevails in grassed or wooded areas, which clings onto as the process of brushing escalates.

    They are widely spread among animals if the contraction of it comes into your cat or dog with an animal who is infectious on the street even in the groomers or kennels and local veterinary offices.

    Symptoms of Ear Mites

    Ear mites are minute in number so it’s quite a difficult task to spot them. However, you can spot them by softly cleaning your pet’s ears with the help of a soft cloth and by checking the residue which appears, you might get a hold of them easily. Their appearance is as same as tiny white dots.

    The nature of every animal is quite different, but some of the most common symptoms that may help you out in finding whether your cat or dog is suffering from an ear mite infestation are as follows:-

    1. Change of odour – There would be a definite change of odour in your pets. There would be a subtle strong odour that would come through the ears of your pet.
    2. Frequent secretion and inflammation – In the ear canal, there would be debris that would resonate with coffee grounds. Due to inflammation, the ear would become red and too heated to touch. Subtle black or brown waxy secretions could also take place from ears.
    3. Irritation in the ears – There would be an immense sensation to scratch, rub your ears due to severe itching. They may continuously shake their head since the ear mites cause discomfort.
    4. Skin problems – There could be different problems in the skin near the ears like dermatitis and scabs. There can be great hair loss too around the ears.
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    10 Amazing Home Remedy for Ear Mites

    The most common disease due to the ear is Scabies. The small mites burrowing into the skin and causing itchy rashes, as a result, is due to scabies. It is very important to take medical help to cure scabies and to get rid of the mites. Sometimes home remedies act as great resistance to the ear mites so here are few remedies which might help you:-

    #1 Tea tree oil

    Tea tree oil is the most popular used oil. It is very much effective in the treatment of scabies. Tea tree oil can be best helpful in all the deviation of itchiness which is always in association with scabies.

    This is not much effective against the eggs which are deeply buried within the skin.

    Home Remedy for Ear Mites

    #2 Neem

    Neem is an effective oil that can be found in creams and as well as ointments and are readily available online. Neem is the epitome of properties that is full of analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory in nature. Some studies do revelation of the fact that that neem is effective in the treatment of scabies because it kills the mites. Scabies can get cured within 2 weeks of consistent use of a shampoo that contains neem. The dogs that don’t get recovered successfully face large improvements in the total number of mites that are still left in the skin.

    Neem Oil For Dogs: What Is It And What Does It Do? - DogTime

    #3 Aloe vera

    Aloe vera is known for its inexplicable soothing effect on infections like sunburn and other skin ailments. Aloe vera is considered one of the safest treatment with side effects at a minimum. It is most effective when it comes to treating scabies.

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    #4 Cloves

    According to recent reports, clove oil was found effective in the treatment of scabies in a group of rabbits and pigs. Clove oil stood best among all the other different oils.

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    #5 Turmeric

    There have been studies that show how turmeric is effective in the treatment of scabies. It is time that turmeric helps more in the alleviation of symptoms than curing the disease as a whole.

    Natural Remedies for Ear Mites in Puppies

    #6 Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne pepper as far as has not been proven effective in the treatment of scabies. But still, it is believed that it is effective and has some healing properties. Through wide research, it is found that capsaicin, a compound that is actively present in cayenne pepper, does desensitization of the skin when it is applied directly. This can help in the alleviation of some of the severe pain and itchiness in association with scabies.

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    #7 Zinc

    Zinc is not directly effective in the treatment of scabies. The recommendation of using zinc is to help to fight off secondary infections which comes as a result of open skin wounds as a consequence of scratching and itching.

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    #8 Borax

    Borax or sodium borate is one of the best remedies. Although it is mostly used and essential n household cleaning products, such as laundry washes.

    It is highly recommendable to use them for the treatment of scabies. It is advisory to be not used directly on the skin, but it proves to be effective in a person’s laundry when they are trying to eliminate the scabies mites.

    3 Ways to Treat Dog Ear Infections Naturally - wikiHow Pet

    #9 Bleach

    Bleach is effective in killing the mites since it is a harsh chemical and should always be in dilution and treated with great care to avoid any repercussions. It can lead to damage to a person’s skin, eyes, and lungs if it comes in contact with the skin.

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    #10 Vacuuming

    Vacuuming can prove to be effective in treatment mites.

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    Precautions to Avoid Ear Mites

    To keep your pet free from ear mites, the organisation of a monthly check-up and ear-cleaning process with your veterinarian is necessary to keep ear mites at a distance.

    Then by setting up a bi-weekly reminder to keep your house clean kennel and pet bedding for reduction of the risk of an infection at home would also help a lot.

    You can lessen the discomfort level of your dog by cleaning your dog’s ears which would provide them with some relief and calmness. It is advisable to do an early diagnosis of your dog as soon as you find out that they have been suffering from ear mites.

    Itchy ears in dogs which is one of the most common symptoms that can have many different reasons. Hence it has a high tendency that it could turn out to be just another kind of ear infection, so it is supremely advisable to talk to your veterinarian about your specified concerns. Only a vet had the capability for the determination of exact symptoms in your pup and also how to treat ear mites in dogs properly.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. How the diagnosis of ear mites is done?

    A: The diagnosis of ear mites can be done by your veterinarian with the help of a swab of the ear and after that inspecting for these minute organisms while examining the swab which is under the observation of microscope. The confirmation of the presence of the mites is done necessarily for differentiating ear mites from other ear infections.

    Q2. How long can ear mites live?

    A: Ear mites can conveniently live up to 4-6 days without being able to feed on a host. Being microscopic they are capable to live on your carpet or your couch.

    Q3. Is it okay to left ear mites untreated?

    A: On being left untreated, ear mites can prove to very infectious. The resultant has the potential to destroy the canal to such an extent that the eardrum may face the disability of permanent hearing loss. Although, it’s very much easy to brought them under control and can be defeated in a few weeks if treated properly.

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    Q4. Do olive oils are effective in treating ear mites?

    A: Different type of Oils which are coconut and olive oil are very much effective in the treatment of clearing out ear mites. To suffocate the mites, you can gently massage your kitty’s ear canals after adding eight to nine drops to lukewarm oil. You might also use your specified mineral oil after soaking it in a cotton ball to enhance the cleaning ritual.

    Q5. Is there any best medicine to treat dog ear mites?

    A: The first step would always be to properly clean your dog’s ear. After that, you might use the application of one of the products which have seemed approved such as selamectin and moxidectin/imidacloprid, which are effectively and often used for the treatment of a varied range of parasites. Bacterial or fungal infections which are there in large amount should also be treated properly.

    Q6. What does the prescription of vets generally include in the case of ear mites?

    A: The involvement of Tresaderm® which is manufactured by Merial containing an antibiotic for any kind of secondary bacterial infections, a cortisone derivative that effectively cures the inflammation, and thiabendazole which is supremely used for the destruction of yeasts and mites should be used if it’s prescribed by a doctor.

    Q7. How much time does it take to kill ear mites?

    A: The ear mite life cycle usually takes 15-21 days to cure. To be ensured regarding the elimination of all mites, eggs should be taken care of within a minimum of 3 weeks.

    Q8. Is ear mites contagious enough to be spread to humans?

    A: Ear mites can be widely spread and the transmission can take place from brief physical contact with another animal. In pets, cats are the ones who most commonly gets affected by ear mites, and then comes ferrets, and the transmission is very less for dogs. Humans barely do get infected by this.

    Q9. What is the black stuff which gets discharged from ears during ear mites?

    A: Mites does stimulation the wax producing glands that are inside the ear canal which results in a black, crusty build-up in the ears with resemblance to coffee grounds. This discharge constitutes blood, wax, debris, and mites.

    Q10. Can eye problems be caused due to ear mites?

    A: Any disease related to the eye and ear which is left untreated can cause deafness and blindness. Puppies are more inclined to get ear mites but older dogs are more prone to get both ear and eye problems.


    Mite bites can be extremely harmful and cause severe discomfort. They may cause problems such as itching and scratching which would lead to skin irritation that can last for a maximum of two weeks.

    Check out this article to know more about Tramadol for Dogs.

    Most types of mite bites get vanished up on their own, so primarily medical attention is not required potentially. Though Over-the-counter pain medications and anti-itch creams can help in alleviating the itching and pain.

    If you keep getting bites you won’t be able to do proper identification so you might need to consult a healthcare provider. For inspecting the kind of mites which bites you can find out through the process of infestation.


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