Best Tips On How to Clean Makeup Brushes

    Almost all of us love doing makeup. Makeup brushes are magic wands that create such beautiful make-up. There are various applications of a make-up brush. But like everyone needs maintenance to keep in longer. Makeup brushes also need to be cleaned well. Do you remember if you have ever cleaned your makeup brushes? We almost tend to skip this most important step. But how to clean makeup brushes?

    how to clean makeup brushes

    We know this sounds very odd. However, makeup brushes should be cleaned at regular intervals. No one wants their expensive makeup to get destroyed. It’s very unhygienic if someone doesn’t clean their makeup. Especially professional makeup artists should clean their makeup brushes.

    Cleaning makeup brushes is not a very tough job. Just remove all the pigment and dirt and let the brushes dry. Yes, it’s a bit time-consuming, but this is very important. But it’s so eye-soothing to see the makeup brushes before and after cleaning. According to a survey, more than 25% of women don’t wash their makeup brushes. Most of us are also guilty of not cleaning the brushes. But after you know how to clean makeup brushes. This process of cleaning will become very easy for you all.

    This article will help you to know how to clean makeup brushes easily. Cleaning makeup brushes should be a part of your beauty routine. We all take care of our skin by applying various skin care products. Similarly, makeup brushes should be cleaned too to avoid any skin problems to our skin.

    Types of makeup brushes:-

    • Foundation brush
    • Concealer brush
    • Eyeshadow brush
    • Highlighter brush
    • Powder brush
    • Lip brush
    • Eyebrow brush
    • Eyeliner brush

    How often should we clean makeup brushes?

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    Knowing how to clean makeup brushes is great. But you should follow cleaning routinely the brushes. It is not mandatory to clean all brushes every day. Also, for those who don’t do makeup daily, it is best to clean them before doing make-up. Therefore to simplify the makeup cleaning process. Here we have categorized various kinds of makeup brushes and their cleaning routine.

    • Foundation brushes

    This is the most used makeup brush. Also, foundations are mostly water and cream-based. Bacteria mostly grow in liquids and cream formula. We might not see that in our naked eyes. But uncleaned foundation brushes can irritate the skin too. So deep cleaning them on alternative days is very important.

    • Concealer brushes

    Even if we don’t apply foundation every day, concealer is a must-have step in the makeup routine. Concealers are very concentrated formulas used under eyes or pimples. For hiding those dark circles under the eyes, we often use a concealer. Concealers are mostly of liquid and creme formulas. Therefore, there is a high chance of bacterial growth in concealer brushes. So if we are applying something near our eyes, we need to be very careful about its hygienic level. Hence knowing how to clean makeup brushes is very necessary to avoid any eye infection.

    • Highlighter brush

    The highlighter contains mostly mica and a few powdery pigments. So cleaning the highlighter brushes once a week is enough. But if you use a liquid highlighter or cream highlighter, then it’s a bit of a task. To prevent any skin infections, it’s best to clean them on alternative days.

    • Eyeshadow brushes and eyebrow brushes

    Eyeshadow brushes should be cleaned every day. You might be thinking about how to clean makeup brushes every day. It’s not that tough if you don’t want any eye infection any time soon. Just take out 5 minutes from every day to clean your eyeshadow brushes. Also, people don’t use eyeshadow daily. So whenever you do eyeshadow, make sure to clean the eyeshadow brushes. Also, eyeshadow brushes are very densely packed so there is a very high chance for bacterial growth. Moreover, if eyeshadow pigments are left in the brushes. Then the makeup application won’t be smooth next time.

    • Liner Brush and Lip brush
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    We often use the liner brush to draw eyeliner or for face painting. So liner brush mostly deals with various liquid pigments. Moreover for makeup artists, cleaning the line brush is very important. Because it’s unhygienic to use the same liner brush for every client. So to clean the eyeliner brushes with instant makeup brush cleaners.

    • Powder brushes

    This is the most hassle-free brush. As powder doesn’t quickly let bacteria grow in the brush. So cleaning powder brushes once a week is fine.

    Benefits of cleaning makeup brushes:-

    No one loves that leftover makeup pigment and dirt on the makeup brushes. But we don’t often see that initially in our makeup brushes. After we start getting pimples or infections in our face or eyes. We immediately rush to the doctor or change our skincare products. But the evil mostly stays in our I cleaned makeup brushes. So we should properly know how to clean makeup brushes at home. So that in the future, our skin won’t have to suffer. If you are consistent in cleaning the brushes at regular intervals. Then your skin will be thankful to you. So the key benefits of cleaning makeup brushes are:-

    • No acne breakouts
    • No viral infection
    • Smoother application of make up
    • Bristles of the brushes remain softer
    • Increase in the longevity of the brushes
    • The color pigments of eyeshadows and blushes provide a better payoff.

    What can happen if we don’t clean our makeup brushes?

    Most people skip cleaning the makeup brushes. This is because they don’t know how to clean makeup brushes. Or sometimes they don’t know the consequences of dirty makeup brushes. Here is the list of things that can happen if you don’t clean your makeup brush:-

    • Bacterial growth

    Bacterias mostly grow in a moist environment. So makeup brushes are the den of tons of bacteria. So how to clean makeup brushes to remove those bacteria. It’s a very simple process. Just use a very good cleanser to deep clean. Also, make sure to dry them properly after cleaning. This is because most environments attract bacteria to grow on the brushes. Especially foundation and concealer brushes are very tightly packed. So use tissue paper to dry them out.

    • Pimple and breakouts

    Even if you clean your face every day. Apply all kinds of skincare to prevent breakouts. But end up having pimples. This is due to the use of dirty makeup brushes. So it’s better to have an idea about how to clean makeup brushes. Rather than getting a pimple in the face.

    • Viral infection

    This might sound astonishing to you. But many people have had pink eyes due to dirty makeup brushes. Pink eye is a kind of conjunctivitis. This is caused by the dirty makeup brushes. So to prevent yourself you should know how to clean makeup brushes. Just 5 mins of effort will keep you safe from all of these problems.

    • Bug infestation

    Bugs can almost infest every place in the house. So why will they leave those dirty makeup brushes? Bugs eat oil of residual makeup present in the makeup brushes. So if you keep on using that uncleaned makeup brushes repeatedly. Then sooner or later, bugs might grow on your skin too. So leave all your work on, just clean your makeup brushes now.

    • Bad makeup application

    We all want smooth base makeup. For that, we buy the best foundation and expensive makeup brushes. But after a few days, we don’t get the desired smooth base anymore. We often blame the products or the makeup brushes. But the main culprit here is the dirty makeup brushes with old makeup residue. If the hair bristles of the makeup brushes are filled with old makeup residues. Then how can the makeup application be smooth? Therefore clean your brushes to ace the smoother makeup application.

    • Skin irritation
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    We already know I cleaned makeup brushes, which means hub of bacterial infection. So for that reason, skin irritation can easily occur. Even some people got a staph infection for using dirty makeup brushes.

    1. Brushes get damaged

    Yes, you heard that right. Your expense makeup brush bristles might get damaged if not cleaned. Because I cleaned brushes are the hub of bacteria and bugs. This might destroy the bristles of your expensive makeup brush. No one wants to see their makeup brushes getting destroyed. Hence knowing how to clean makeup brushes is very much important.

    How to clean makeup brushes:-

    Cleaning makeup brushes might seem to you a very tough job. But it’s a very easy thing. You just need the right instructions to know how to clean makeup brushes. Also which cleaner you use for cleaning is important. Makeup brushes are usually made with animal hair. Usually, they use the hair of goats, mink, squirrels, etc. So we must be gentle to the hair bristles of the brushes like our hair only. So make sure to use gentle cleaning products only. Here in this list, we have categorized cleaner in two parts. I hope you choose which ones to choose for cleaning your makeup brushes.

    • Natural makeup brush cleaner

    Isn’t it great if we can make makeup brush cleaner? It won’t break your bank and will give you desired results too. Especially those who have very sensitive skin should use homemade makeup brush cleaner. You will be astonished how to clean makeup brushes using these items. But you will be surprised by seeing the clean brushes after using natural cleaners. No one wants a harsh chemical cleaner for cleaning. So here is a list of natural makeup brush cleaners you make at home.

    • Baby shampoo

    Baby shampoo is the mildest brush cleaner. Don’t date to use your regular shampoo. Baby shampoo is very oh balanced, hence won’t damage the brushes. You might be thinking about how to clean makeup brushes using just baby shampoo? It’s very simple. Just add 5 drops of baby shampoo in a bowl. Lather the shampoo well and let the brushes soak in it for 5 mins. Then thoroughly clean it in the water and it’s done.

    • Vinegar and Hot water

    Vinegar is a very common household item. But you might be surprised how to clean makeup brushes using vinegar. Vinegar and hot water and easily remove the junk out of your dirty makeup brushes. But usually, eyeshadow brushes are difficult to clean using this way.

    • Vinegar and baking soda

    Vinegar and baking soda are the best deep cleaning combination. They react with each other and help in cleaning the junk out of the makeup brushes. Just soak the makeup brushes in the solution and let the chemistry do the magic.

    • Coconut oil and hand wash

    For those removing that pigmented eyeshadow from the brushes. You need to use this great combination. Coconut oil helps to remove all the pigments. Then the handwash will eventually clean them. Handwashes are the best option as it’s very gentle for washing our hands.

    • Baby soap and olive oil

    When the days run out of your usual brush cleaner. Try this great combo for cleaning your dirty make-up brushes. Yes, you might be wondering how to clean makeup brushes with these ingredients? Make a solution of 2 tbsp olive oil and baby soap lather. Now dip the brushes for at least 5 mins. Then swirl the brushes in the bowl of soap lather. Now clean then through underwater.

    • Makeup brush cleaning products
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    To make the cleaning process faster, you need to use good quality cleaning products. So here is the list of the best makeup brush cleaning products available in the market:-

    • bareMinerals Quick change brush cleanser

    This brush cleanser is especially for professional makeup artists out there. This cleaner instantly cleans your brushes. But How to clean makeup brushes with this instant cleaner? Just spray this on the brush and clean using tissue paper. It doesn’t need any extra time or water to clean. Now you can easily switch from one eyeshadow color to another without any worries.

    • Tom Ford Brush cleaner

    Just one spray of this magic cleaner works great. This instantly can transform your old makeup brush into a new one. This formula dries quickly so no need to wait. Also, it doesn’t need water rinsing to clean the brushes again. Just use tissue paper to wipe the dirt off.

    • MAC brush cleanser

    MAC brush cleaner is the most suitable brush cleaner in the cosmetic industry. Not only does it cleanses the makeup brushes, but also conditions their bristles too.

    • E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner

    This is the most budget-friendly option available in the market. Not only this is very gentle for the brushes, but also effectively cleans them. This is a great alternative to regular soap rinsing and cleaning. You will be amazed to know how to clean makeup brushes using this 5$ product. Just spray on the brushes and use a tissue to remove the makeup residues.

    • Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

    Being a makeup professional, it’s very laborious to clean your brushes daily. So this brush cleaner and dryer combo machine is the best option for you. This is going to be an investment piece for your work. So follow these instructions to know how to clean makeup brushes using this device. It comes with a spinner for rotating the brushes. Just attach the brushes to the connector. Now add their brand’s cleanser to the bowl. Now turn on the spinner and dip the brush in the bowl. Eventually, the brush gets cleaned. Now gently raise the level, to dry the brushes. You will see in just a few minutes your brushes are both cleaned and dry too.

    • Sigma Brush cleaning mat

    Most of the makeup junkies have a whole makeup brush set. Usually, makeup brush sets have thirty makeup brushes. So for cleaning them effectively. Sigma Brush cleaning mat is a very innovative product. Just use mild baby shampoo on the mat. There are seven textured patterns for cleaning the various kinds of brushes in one place. The mat comes with suction cups in the back to keep it in place. They are very user-friendly and can fit in any size sinks. So how to clean makeup brushes in this unique mat. Just wiggle the brush ends in the various textures of the mat. As a result, the makeup will start coming off from the brushes. Now clean the brushes in running water. Always pat dry the makeup brushes before keeping them on shelves.

    • SEPHORA Color Switch By VERA MONA

    This is a very unique product for cleaning makeup brushes. But how to clean makeup brushes using this? This is made up of coarse plastic materials, which cleans the eyeshadow brushes very well. Also, this is very handy if you are very lazy to wash the brushes.

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    We expect this article will help you to know about how to clean makeup brushes easily. Just like our hair gets dirty, so we clean it using a cleanser. Likewise, cleaning makeup brushes should also be a part of your routine in life.


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