Creme Brulee Torch: Do Not Miss the Quick 6 Steps to Use It!

    Creame Brulee Torch: A Useful Equipment to Cook a Wonderful Delicacy

    creme brulee torch
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    Creme Brulee! A delicious delicacy! A much-loved option for many foodies. The lovely foam combined with the exceptional taste makes it drool some. Anyways, cooking skill is a factor behind this delicacy. The better you learn the cooking, the more delicious it will be.

    While cooking the dish, one thing that comes first is the creme brulee torch. Ok. Don’t be surprised. This torch is necessary to cook the delicacy properly. Every chef who is good at cooking the dish knows how to use it.

    It is equipment that is used in culinary tasks like cooking creme brulee. Often, it is a butane torch used to prepare the French dessert, the mouth-watering creme brulee. The term means ‘scorched cream.’ By the name, you can understand it includes some creamy layers into it.

    Talking about the dessert, it is a chilled custard-like dessert. It comes with a sugar coating. The chefs caramelize the coating using a creme brulee torch. The mini blowtorch helps to caramelize the sugar coating efficiently.

    Although, due to the lack of a specific type of torch, people prepare the dish by placing it under a broiler, a creme brulee torch is the best way to make it.

    creme brulee torch
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    Confused enough? Want to know how to use the torch in detail? Let us help. We will share how to use a creme brulee torch to prepare the dish.

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    How to Use Creme Brulee Torch:

    The delight of creme brulee is fantastic. The taste, the texture, and the process of cooking it! All are interesting. We know now that the cooking process includes the proper usage of a creme brulee torch. Here, the proper usage matters. Let’s know how to use it.

    Step 1: Buying the torch:

    Find a butane-powered culinary torch. You can find them quickly at an affordable rate in any nearby kitchen supplier shop.

    Step 2: Preparing the creme brulee:

    Before torching it, you have to prepare the delicacy. Creme brulee usually includes heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, eggs, etc. First, prepare the custard and bake it following a proper recipe. Then put it into the refrigerator and let it be chilled.

    Step 3: Sprinkle sugar:

    Remove the chilled dish from the refrigerator and sprinkle granulated sugar on it. Make sure the whole upper surface is covered with sugar well.

    Step 4: Turn on the torch:

    Be careful with it. First, take the safety off the torch. Then, turn it on by pressing the ignition. Lock it at the ‘on’ position.

    Step 5: Torch creme brulee:

    Hold the butane torch around 2 inches above the cup and run it back and forth on the sugar. The flame will heat the sugar and caramelize it. The sugar will turn brown, and bubbles will come out of it.

    creme brulee torch
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    When you prepare it, serve immediately to enjoy the crunchy cracks of caramelized sugar. You can use a broiler in the unavailability of a creme brulee torch.

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    So, this is how you can use the creme brulee torch efficiently to ensure a good taste of the dish. We are sure that you have questions in your mind about the torch, the process, and other relevant details. We will answer some of the commonly asked questions below. Let’s answer them here.

    Frequently asked questions about Creme Brulee Torch

    1. What kind of torch do you use for creme brulee?

    You can use a butane torch for creme brulee. Usually, butane is a common fuel to be used for kitchen purposes. It is an easy and effective method to cook creme brulee.

    2. Can you use a propane torch for creme brulee?

    Yes, you can use both propane and butane torch for creme brulee. Many chefs recommend using a propane torch to ensure an even creme brulee.

    3. Is the kitchen torch the same as a butane torch?

    A butane torch is one of the many kinds of kitchen torches. You can call butane torch one of the best culinary torch options.

    4. Which is safer butane or propane?

    According to the experts, butane is safer than propane. It is non-toxic and easy to use, whereas propane is flammable and toxic.

    5. What is it called when you blowtorch food?

    That torch is called a culinary torch, mainly used for kitchen purposes. These torches are mostly butane and propane torches. On the unavailability of the blowtorch, you can use the broiler as its substitution.

    6. Can you cook bacon with a blowtorch?

    Many chefs use a blowtorch for cooking bacon sandwiches. They taste delicious while being used in the proper method. So, before using it, learn how to use a blowtorch for cooking bacon.

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    7. Can you torch pizza?

    You can use a skillet for cooking the pizza and blowtorching it from the top. Thus the crust will become brown, and the toppings will be roasted well. Also, the cheese will melt nicely. Thus, you can cook pizza, avoiding the wood-burning oven.

    creme brulee torch
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    8. Can you blowtorch chicken skin?

    If you want a crispy chicken skin and a cracking taste, you can blowtorch it. Blowtorch will heat the skin of fish, chicken, and other meat, making them crunchy.

    9. How do you refill a butane torch?

    A butane torch or creme brulee torch can be refilled in simple steps. The steps are-

    • Choose a well-ventilated area.
    • Find a flat, smooth surface.
    • Cooldown the lighter. You can use a refrigerator for it to cool it fast.
    • With a screwdriver, twist the flame adjuster knob clockwise.
    • Push the refilling valve with a screwdriver.
    • Hold the torch machine and inject butane inside it.
    • Shake the butane gas refill can well to let the butane sit at the bottom.
    • Test the lighter and store it in a safe, secure place.

    Before you Go

    Are you planning to purchase a butane torch? Want to prepare the delicious French custard with a creme brulee torch? We hope that you have got a clear idea about how to use a creme brulee torch.

    creme brulee torch
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    Make sure to follow the steps carefully while using the torch. Also, we have discussed several frequently asked questions. Let us know if you have any more questions in mind. Enjoy the delicacy!

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