100+ Best Hunting Dog Names For Your New Buddy!

    Hunting Dog Names- Here’s Some Best Ideas To Pick From!

    Naming your dog is no easy task. If you are looking for some excellent hunting dog names for your new puppy, here are some to choose from.

    Hunting dogs are among the highly favored and trustworthy dogs many contemporary dog breeds find their roots in hunting. These possess groups such as hounds, cur-type dogs, terriers, and gun dogs. That means there is a massive variety of sizes, shapes, and essences among hunting dogs, from dachshunds to pointers to beagles.

    We have given a lot of thinking to this hunting dog names checklist for your convenience. There is enough variety to suit every dog, from a tough Zeus to spunky Huckleberry. We picked these names for dogs with the hunting dog’s inherently alert, energetic, and sporting character.

    Have trouble determining good hunting dog names? You’ve come to the correct place. The following list of hunting dog names must inspire you to name your dog.

    Let us begin with some names uplifted by hunting itself:

    hunter, girl, dog
    Photo by klimkin on Pixabay
    1. Chaser – A splendid fit for tracking canines.
    2. Scout – Also splendid for trackers. If you own two dogs and are a stan of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” you must go with Scout and Jem.
    3. Dash – Fantastic for flushing dogs.
    4. Bolt – Also outstanding for flushing puppies.
    5. Trapper – Excellent for treeing puppies.
    6. Arrow – Enjoy hunting with a crossbow? You may name the dog after your ammo.
    7. Gunner – Enjoy hunting with a gun? Just get the view.
    8. Boomer – Called after the sound that the rifle produces.
    9. Hunter – If you like something genuinely evident.
    10. Ranger – Highly suitable for a dog attending armed men and women.

    Here are a few names that are encouraged by the kind of game you pursue or by different animals themselves, hunters.

    dog, pet, retriever
    Photo by Sonja-Kalee on Pixabay
    1. Buck – You may like this title if you are a deer hunter. Buck is likewise the name of the powerful dog protagonist in Jack London’s titled “The Call of the Wild.”
    2. Fox or Foxy – Excellent for a quick, elegant, and intelligent dog.
    3. Hawk or Hawkeye – Either the superhero or the animal— take your preference.
    4. Bear – A renowned name for big dogs.
    5. Seal – This may be an acceptable name for a water retriever or a term inspired by the most challenging branch of the troops, the Navy SEALS.

    Talking of which, here are a few more military-inspired hunting dog names:

    1. Sarge – Short for the popular name sergeant, communicates authority and control.
    2. Tank – An excellent name for big puppies or big frolic hunters.
    3. Blitz – Represents a kind of military invasion(or football play).
    4. Duke – Truly a royal title, not a martial title, but it still has a solid and imposing buzz.
    5. Rambo – After the iconic martial film personality played by “Sylvester Stallone.”
    6. Troy – The Trojan military was one of the most effective armies.
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    Possibly you are looking for something enlightened by ancient Greek and Roman mythology. such as:

    1. Neptune – Splendid name if you have a retriever.
    2. Artemis – The ideal title for a female hunting dog. Artemis is the famous Greek divinity of the hunt.
    3. Xena – Another great name for your fierce female hunting dog. Xena is a contemporary fictional character, but she is linked with Greek mythology.
    4. Hercules or Herc – It proceeds without saying that this is an excellent name for a dog.
    5. Rex is not mythological, but it is the Latin term for king, and it is pretty intimidating.

    Still have not seen anything that crosses your taste? Here are a few miscellaneous hunting dog names:

    hunting dog names, weimaraner, dog, hunting dog
    Photo by Pexels on Pixabay
    1. Thunder – anything more potent than thunder?
    2. Brutus – be sure he does not backstab you.
    3. Dixie – Full of Southern trance.
    4. Logger – Seems fitting for a dog that likes hunting in the woods.
    5. Diesel – A rugged, manly name.
    6. Davy – named after Davy Crockett, AKA “King of the Wild Frontier.”

    More Hunting Dog Names Inspired by Other Animals

    dog, canine, race
    Photo by herbert2512 on Pixabay

    While a few animal-inspired names arrive from the game itself, some names can perfectly reveal your pup’s skills and personality.

    1. Goose
    2. Bull
    3. Badger
    4. Boa
    5. Fox
    6. Hawk
    7. Finch
    8. Colt
    9. Grizzly
    10. Buck
    11. Coyote
    12. Bear
    13. Wolf
    14. Raven
    15. Moose

    Hunting Dog Names Based on Film Characters

    Attention, all movie lovers!

    1. Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe)
    2. Rocky (Rocky Balboa)
    3. Khaleesi (Game of Thrones)
    4. Cersei (Game of Thrones)
    5. Huckleberry (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
    6. Watson (Sherlock Holmes)
    7. Moby (Moby-Dick)
    8. Katniss (Hunger Games)
    9. Leia (Star Wars)
    10. Pippin (The Lord of the Rings)
    11. Strider (The Lord of the Rings)
    12. Loki (The Avengers)
    13. Chance (Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey)
    14. Thor (Thor)
    15. Copper (The Fox and the Hound)
    16. Nala (The Lion King)
    17. Brinkley (You’ve Got Mail), Bruce (Batman)
    18. Fang (Harry Potter)
    19. Skip (My Dog Skip)
    20. Marley (Marley & Me)
    21. Sully (Monsters, Inc.)
    22. Clyde (Bonnie and Clyde)

    These are some tried-and-true, classic names that symbolize your four-legged friend as an actual hunting dog. They have been utilized by thousands of hunting lovers just like yourself while naming their favorite hunting pet.

    dog, run, fun
    Photo by LaBruixa on Pixabay

    Take a look and notice if any are suitable for your soon-to-be hunting companion.

    1. Ace – If you do your exercise correctly, you will have an ace hunting canine. Get a leg up by calling your dog Ace. 
    2. Blaze – similar to blaze orange! Or how fast the dog will be racing after prey.
    3. Bud – Hunters have a special connection with their dogs in the areas. You become friends with your pup and call them bud!
    4. Buddy – A slightly more extended variation of Bud.
    5. Boomer – If you were to acquire a male hunting dog, this should be your pick for the name.
    6. Camo – A camouflage dress is worn when you are hunting.
    7. Chase –needless to say: A hunting dog does many chasing.
    8. Dakota – This name is excellent in several classes. The plains of South and North Dakota are known as prime hunting spots. And it also spends honors the Dakota tribe.
    9. Decoy – Setting up a temptation is an essential tactic.
    10. Dixie – The part of Dixie is the south and southeastern part of the United States, where hunting is pretty popular.
    11. Duke – Duke is, furthermore strong and influential, an excellent option for male hunting dog terms.
    12. Huntress – great name for the female hunters.
    13. Liberty – There is something regarding hunting that makes you feel unrestricted.
    14. Radar – Hopefully, the dog is similar to a radar when you are hunting together and watches everything that is going on.
    15. Ranger – The dog helps you watch the landscape and take maintenance of business, just like an actual ranger.
    16. Scout – Your pup will aid you to scout the land. This term is classic yet cool.
    17. Shadow – Your dog is like your shadow in the domain.
    18. Trapper – The purpose is to trap animals, which is a striking, rugged name.
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    Hunting Dog Names Inspired by Guns and Ammunition

    hunter, rifleman, fighter
    Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

    A crucial part of the hunting knowledge is the guns and bullets. In addition, they deliver fun conceptions for gun dogs!

    Below are thoughts based on generally used labels and products. However, you may find a name that echoes with you founded on your personal choices.

    The best part about these options is that they will genuinely resonate with different hunters, instantly understanding their importance.

    1. Ammo – A short-term for ammunition and an unusual name for your dog hunter.
    2. Beretta – This Italian firearms division makes an unshakable name for a female hunting dog.
    3. Bullet – And then comes the bullet!
    4. Colt – Colt’s manufacturing brand has been creating firearms within the United States since 1836.
    5. Gauge  The meter of a firearm is a unit of dimensions used to describe the barrel’s diameter. It’s furthermore a demanding, mighty dog name.
    6. Glock – As in the Glock pistol.
    7. Gunner – A title for a person who utilizes a gun or cannon.
    8. Hammer – The hammer is the portion of a firearm that alters stored vitality into the initial origin of energy to fire a shot.
    9. Kimber – American small components manufacturer.
    10. Magnum – As in the Magnum gun.
    11. Musket – Peeking for a super memorable name? Musket  smoothbore firearm, the muzzle-loaded, fired from the shoulder – creates a cool moniker.
    12. Nelli – Benelli, an Italian gun manufacturer, Benelli is nicely-known for shotguns employed by the military, civilians, and law enforcement, all over the world.
    13. Pistol – As in the shotgun.
    14. Powder – The powder in a firearm that pushes the bullet and makes a smoother hunting dog name.
    15. Remington (Remmy) – Established in the United States, the Remington Arms Company is the foremost manufacturer of ammunition and firearms.
    16. Ruger – The Ruger firm, also established in the United States, delivers high-quality guns.
    17. Sauer – SIG SAUER is a German handgun company.
    18. Shooter – A calm, expert-sounding option.
    19. Smith–Smith & Wesson is Massachusetts’s American gun and ammo factory.
    20. Sniper – A rifleman who shoots from a hidden place.
    21. Tank – As in a tank gun.
    22. Trigger – When shooting a shot, you willingly pull the trigger.
    23. As already mentioned, Wesson – Smith & Wesson is an American firearm and ammo manufacturer located in Massachusetts.
    24. Winchester  The Winchester Repeating Arms brand is a prominent American designer of repeating guns. How kingly is this name?
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    Here are dozens of additional ideas that work correctly for pups who treasure to hunt.

    1. Beast – Harsh? Check. Delightful? Check.
    2. Blitz – This military phrase also serves as a calm hunting dog name.
    3. Bolt – A good hunting dog is relatively speedy, which makes this a proper name.
    4. Brutus – Tough and amusing.
    5. Cabela – This retail supply is a mecca for hunters.
    6. Dash – Hunting dogs, are extremely fast, after all.
    7. Diesel – Diesel has just the right edge of rebellion and toughness.
    8. Gander – As in Gander Outdoors.
    9. General – If your canine is clever and controlling, this is an important name.
    10. Jag – This term is tough to pinpoint.
    11. Justice – Righteous and powerful, justice is a significant way to represent a hunting dog.
    12. King – This royal name is excellent for hunting dogs.
    13. Legend – This name is unusual, fun, and convinced.
    14. Mack–Mack is a tireless and demanding title.
    15. Maverick – A maverick is someone who accepts an independent stand apart from their associates.
    16. Max – This term is quite a famous choice for male pups.
    17. Outlaw – If you wish for a rowdy name, Outlaw is a bold choice.
    18. Porter – A hip, chilly hunting dog name.
    19. Rex – If you are looking for a traditional dog name, Rex is the one to go.
    20. Shiloh – This name is a renowned classic dog name.
    21. Spike – Cute and challenging simultaneously, Spike is a lovely hunting dog name.
    22. Rambo – One more iconic, challenging Sylvester Stallone character.
    23. Rebel – Outstanding for kick-butt, playful pups.
    24. Rocky – As in Rocky Balboa, the formidable boxer played by Sylvester Stallone. Rocky is one more name on our top famous choices.
    25. Rogue – A defiant, fun choice for female hunting dog names.
    26. Ryder – A powerful and stylish moniker.
    27. Sarge  Worship this stern, commanding expression.
    28. Scheels – This retail chain has a bunch of significant gear for hunters.
    29. Scooter – This states like a hunting dog name.
    30. Spartan – Sparta was a soldier society in archaic Greece that overthrew Athens in the Peloponnesian War.
    31. Walker – similar to Walker Texas Ranger!
    32. Wolverine – If you are a sci-fi nerd who enjoys hunting, Wolverine flawlessly combines the two globes.


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