Melanin Hair Care- Important Role Melanin Plays

    If you are wondering what is melanin hair care and what role melanin plays in your hair, we get you! Good hair can make our days a lot better than usual, right? So, it’s very important that we must take care of our hair to make them shiny and healthy.

    You must have heard of melanin a lot of times, it is a pigment that decides the color of your hair and your skin. When the production of this pigment in your body is high, your hair turns deep black whereas when its production is low, hair turns white or gray.

    Since the color, white and gray symbolizes old age or growing older, many people often find ways to boost the production of melanin in their hair and look younger. Other people do not like the idea of white or gray hair, so they wish to restore their original hair color using a melanin hair care routine.

    Melanin hair care is very essential if you are struggling to keep your hair black and shiny, there are plenty of ways you can use it to boost the production of melanin in your body. This will include adding certain food to your diet and using some sort of supplement.

    Keep reading to know everything about melanin hair care and how you can boost melanin production to get a naturally dark hair color.

    Role Of Melanin Hair Care

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    As already mentioned above, melanin will determine the color of your hair. Genetics also plays a huge role in determining the type of melanin present inside your body. There are two different types of melanin, these include:

    • Eumelanins provide dark color to the hair.
    • Pheomelanin provides light color to the hair.

    If your hair is black, you must know that eumelanin is present in your body whereas in the case of brown hair moderate levels of eumelanin are present, and so on.

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    Melanin also protects your hair from harmful sun rays. It plays an important role in photoprotection and blocking UV rays. Dark hair color is more resistant to UV rays as compared to light hair due to the high photostability of eumelanin pigment as compared to pheomelanin pigment.

    Throughout a person’s life, melanin goes through a series of changes, which means your hair color would not stay the same throughout which brings us to the need for melanin hair care.

    The darkening of hair color is also affected by external factors like pollutants, climate, toxins, etc. The slowing of the production of this pigment is a part of aging. If you want to restore the original dark color of your hair, you need melanin hair care frequently.

    Melanin hair care includes food that helps to boost the levels of melanin in your hair and eating the right supplements to increase melanin.

    Food For Melanin Hair Care

    Food items rich in antioxidants can be useful in increasing melanin production. Many foods are filled completely with vitamins to increase hair growth and providing melanin hair care.

    This mainly includes food items having a higher concentration of antioxidants which increases the production of melanin. In addition to melanin, antioxidants also defend the cells from the damaging effects of the radicals present freely. Some food items you can always use for melanin hair care include:

    • Pecans
    • blueberries
    • leafy greens
    • dark chocolate
    • artichokes
    • beans

    Food items having copper is also useful to boost melanin production thus helping in melanin hair care. You need to include the following food items in your diet regularly to restore melanin.

    • crabmeat
    • white mushrooms
    • beef liver
    • almonds
    • lentils
    • peanuts

    Food items having a good amount of vitamins such as vitamin E, A, and C can also help largely to boost melanin thus providing a good amount of melanin hair care.

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    These food items have shown promising results in improving skin, hair, and nails. For instance, research has shown that vitamins will help protect the skin against UV rays and skin aging. They also help in boosting levels of collagen.

    You may include enough food items having vitamins in your diet for a few weeks and witness amazing results by yourself. Below given are some food items that are rich in vitamins and you can easily include them in your meal.

    • Leafy green vegetables.
    • Orange vegetables
    • meat
    • fish
    • citrus fruits berries
    • healthy grains
    • nut and seeds

    Role Of Vitamin B6 and B12 In Melanin Hair Care

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    Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 have also proven to be really effective in terms of boosting melanin production. Vitamin B6 also recognized as pyridoxine has been found to trigger the production of certain enzymes and some chemical reactions that help in metabolism or hair proteins like melanin and keratin in your hair follicles.

    This vitamin tends to improve the nutrition of hair follicles with melanin and keratin,w which will in turn help in the production of near hair follicles and restoration of the previous ones.

    Other than vitamin B6, vitamin B12 also known as cobalamin also helps in promoting healthy hair by increasing red blood cells in your body. As a result, our hair tends to grow faster and saturated with keratin. This is another protein involved in the maintenance of the hair shaft making it stronger.

    Implementing Vitamin B12 in your diet either by food items or by using supplements can help you in melanin hair care. Foods that are high in this particular vitamin include eggs, dairy, fish, poultry, meat, etc.

    Melanin Hair Care Products

    The scientific research conducted for the effectiveness of melanin hair care products to boost melanin is not enough to conclude everything, however, you can use them along with a good diet to increase the results you receive with melanin hair care. Instead of purchasing melanin hair care products that are too much costly. you can also opt for products that have the following ingredients:

    • probiotics
    • lutein
    • lycopene
    • astaxanthin
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    These products are amazing to be included in your melanin hair care regimen. They have some scientifically prove benefits among which production of melanin is their key feature.

    You can also use Melanin Hair Care dye for your hair. Researches from Northwest University have created synthetic melanin dye for melanin hair care. It gives a natural shine and color to your hair by mimicking the pigment melanin. When compared to other hair dyes that have chemicals, it is a safer way to make your hair pigmented.

    These are some ways you can use to increase the production of melanin in your hair thus helping you with melanin hair care.


    You see white or gray hair on your scalp when cells called melanocytes stop the production of melanin pigment thus causing a change in hair color. While many topical and oral supplements are present in the market, their effectiveness is not proven scientifically till now. It is best to use food items that are rich in certain components to increase melanin production if you are looking for melanin hair care.

    You must consume healthy food items high in antioxidants, copper, and protein. Studies suggest that having vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 are also very useful for your hair in order to boost melanin.

    If you are facing issues with your hair color before the age of 20 or so, you can always talk to your doctor about the possible cause and how you can boost the production of melanin thus making your hair pigmented naturally.

    This was all you needed to know about melanin hair care and food items that must be consumed to make your hair color appear pigmented naturally and stay healthy.

    You can also try hot oil treatment for your hair in order to keep them healthy and shiny. Follow the procedure to perform hot oil treatment at home.


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