Best Dogs For Cats – 15 Friendly Breeds To Bring Home

    Best Dogs For Cats- Which One Will You Welcome As New Member?

    Do you love both cats and dogs equally? Well, if yes, you should know which are the best dogs for cats to have fun with both. If you are willing to share your home both with dude dogs and cute cats, you need to look for dog breeds that are amazing friends and companions for cats.

    It ultimately comes to the individual dogs and cats if they want to bond with each other or not, there are few breeds of best dogs for cats. They get along pretty well most of the time. It is considered universally that a cat can never be friends with a dog, what do you think about such myths?

    Previously, the main reason why strong dogs were bred was to take care of their families and other animals present inside of it which did include cats. Some hounds specifically the scent hounds were initially bred so that they can work closely forming packs, which makes them quite friendly with furry family members like cats. Usually, sporting dogs like spaniels and retrievers do get along well with cats and other pets in the house.

    Toy breeds were also bred initially so that they can be loving companions for other species and humans.

    Must-Have Characteristics In Breeds

    In order to find the best dogs for cats, you need to know the most important characteristics the dogs must have that can be proven to be friendly with your cat. In general, most of the breeds of dogs having high prey drives are not at all suitable for any pet at home including cats. This is because even the slightest movements of a cat can trigger them to chase it.

    Some breeds of dogs are more socialized and friendly and proven to be really amazing for the cats. This is because they would not stress or startle their companion kitties with outbursts of activities. Also, the breeds that are generally trainable and love pleasing their owners are ideal for cats as they can easily be thought how to live together happily with other pets without indulging in a quarrel.

    However, you should also keep in mind that your cat and dog are different individuals altogether. For example, if you bring a beagle home, you should know that Beagle breeds are very friendly and good with cats, however, your beagle might not be as good as it should be with your cat. You must always introduce both animals with caution until you realize that they are going to get along well. Always consider taking some tips from professional trainers to learn how to introduce them smoothly.

    Here are few best dogs for cats that you may consider if you already have a cute cat in your home.

    Best Dogs For Cats

    1. Beagle

    Beagles are muscular dogs having a solid body and perky long tail. They are a subset of hounds known as scent hounds. This means that they can use their exceptional sense of smell to detect their prey through sniffing. Initially, these dogs stayed together in large groups to hunt along with a pack on horseback or foot. This is clear that they get along with other animals as well. Beagles can be congenial and gregarious. Mostly this breed makes the best dogs for cats as they live happily with other animals that include cats. They will just view the cat to be another member of their pack irrespective of belonging to different species.

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    2. Basset Hounds

    best dogs for cats

    Similar to the beagle breed, a basset hound is also a scent hound. They also remain in packs which makes them more amicable and friendly towards other beings. With their tiny legs and heavy, long bodies, these dogs move slowly which makes them quite a choice for cats as they won’t be spooky or intimidating towards your cat. Also, they are very loyal, patient, and loving dogs that you are going to adore for their huge personality.

    3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    This dog is a part of the toy group of the American Kennel Club. They are probably the best dogs for cats as the reason they were bred initially was to get a dog that is extremely loving and loyal. These are lapdogs and very friendly with humans and other companions.

    They are often very sweet from the first day itself. The specialty of being with this breed is their amazing personality which makes them get along with almost everyone in the room does not matter if it’s humans or other animals. They are known to adapt to any household easily and are gentle creatures that expect nothing but love out of you.

    4. Collie

    Collies are born to be lovers and not fighters (just recall Lassie). This is a herding breed and although there are sayings that herding dogs do not get along too well with cats, these dogs can prove them wrong. Undoubtedly, not all herding breeds are good for cats but these are slightly happier and mellower breeds. Collies tend to be really gentle with family pets and kids so you need not worry about their behavior too much.

    Also, they appear extremely cute and amazing with cats. Just pair them up in pictures and you will see how beautiful it comes out. When with family cats, they will often resist their instinct to herd so that their behavior would not seem inappropriate to you.

    4. Golden Retrievers

    One of the most amazing and popular breeds of dogs in the world. They are the best dogs for cats due to their gentle and caring demeanor. They are so well-mannered and good with other animals that key is known to be among the most gentle and friendly creatures to exist. They are often very loving and sweet. Also, you can expect them to adapt to your family and routine as they are outgoing.

    These are intelligent so you can train them easily. Their pleasing nature towards the owner and training gave can easily help them live with cats and other pets successfully without causing trouble.

    5. Poodle

    You can get poodle breed as best dogs for cats in 3 different sizes and that is so amazing. They come in standard, miniature, and toy sizes. All three types are extremely intelligent irrespective of the size and can be trained easily to behave friendly with cats. This is an advantage of having intelligent dogs, you can easily train them to be the type you want. Among the three types, the toy poodles and miniature poodles are less intimidating and more friendly with cats however the standard poodles can appear a bit intimidating.

    They become close companions to your cats and often make a great playmate.

    They are curly and dense dogs and appear beautiful.

    6. Maltese

    Look at these cuties. Can you resist having one? They weigh less than seven to eight pounds on average. They are just about the same size as your cat is which makes your cat really comfortable and confident around them.

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    These dogs have an easy-going and friendly attitude with other pets in your house. They are really fine just doing nothing and lying down on the couch. These dogs love playing around making them a great companion for cats. Also, you do not have to worry about going on walks or playing with your pets after you have a dog and a cat as they will be each other’s playmates.

    7. Newfoundland

    best dogs for cats
    The Door Buddy

    You might think of them as intimidating and giant dogs that cannot be kept as pets, but you are completely wrong if you have such a misconception about these dogs. They are gentle giants. This dog has acted as a pillow on which many generations of humans and other loving pets have rested their heads. More than these things, Newfoundlands are hardworking dogs and their only aim in life is to serve their owners. They are extremely friendly and devoted to their family. They are definitely the best dogs for cats and an amazing companion your cattie could have.

    They just love lying down and chilling with their owners and other pets nearby making them a great companion. You just have to worry about their weight as it is pretty
    much such that you cannot carry them with you anywhere you go.
    Their weight is anywhere between 100 pounds to 150 pounds which is too much when compared to dogs of other breeds and cats. They are heavy-coated and have a powerful body. Looking at them one can never imagine how friendly and calm these gentle giants are.

    8. Boston Terrier

    While the terriers are not very compatible being with cats, this gentleman is an exception to other terrier breeds. Boston might engage in chasing the cats just out of fun and playing with them not chasing them as prey. These dogs are good-tempered and very polite not only to kitties but other animals as well.

    These dogs are really humorous and your cat is going to love spending time with them. Also, you do not need a lot of time to spend on them as they will keep playing and having a fun time together.

    9. Shetland Sheepdog

    Although they belong to the family of herding dogs, they are still friendly when it comes to cats. They have a mild nature, a welcoming attitude, and high trainability. Shetland sheepdogs are really obedient and with one word from you, they will stay happy with your cats plying around.

    Shetland sheepdogs tend to bark when they are alone and they feel bored. If you already have a kitty companion and thinking of getting a dog, they might be the best dogs for cats as both will play along without being bored.

    10. Bischon Frise

    best dogs for cats

    Can you ignore them for once? No one can! Bischon Frise has an amazing personality and they are very happy pets. These qualities make them the best dogs for cats and often the ideal siblings a cat could expect. They will make great playmates and have outgoing personalities. However, if you already have a kitty that loves being alone, you should not consider them as they are really outgoing and would not let them have their alone time.

    This sweet and cute breed is going to accept and befriend any cat that seems to tolerate their personality and charming antics.

    11. Pug

    Pugs are hilarious, just look at them. This dog is really the epitome of a friendly breed and another dog that comes in the list of best dogs for cats. As long as your cat allows them to enter their space, they become friends really fast because pugs love attention. They can easily bond with cats and both can play along while you are out of the house.

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    Plus, these dogs love spending time lounging around so you do not have to keep checking if they are chasing or intimidating the kitty. Pugs are immensely sweet-natured and they love being around animals of their size like cats and guinea pigs.

    12. Pomeranian

    These spunky dogs are highly active and friendly with other breeds and cats. Despite being so small in size, don’t let that cute face fool you, they are alert, active, and very intelligent. They not only love being a part of your family, but they also like to take part in almost every activity you perform. Don’t mistake them to be super clingy like some toy breeds, but their need to be included within everything can develop a bossy nature but do not worry. Good training will easily help curb this issue and make them obedient.

    Once they become obedient, they will play along with cats as you ask them to without fail.

    13. Irish Setter

    Irish setters are also great with cats and love playing around. They are athletic, big, and elegant dogs with a beautiful flowy red coat. Their personality is just unbeatable. You are going to love them the day you see them around your family members as they are very friendly. They need plenty of exercise, and in that matter, your cat may help.

    You may leave both alone to play along. You may also take them with you if you are heading hiking, jogging, hunting, and biking. Their life span is also great, so you can easily get them as they are the best dogs for cats.

    14. Pekingese

    best dogs for cats

    These miniature dogs are immensely cute and perfect companions for your cat. These dogs exhibit charm, confidence, and a great personality, however, they can be quite stubborn at times. The sole purpose of these dog’s life is to be a great companion for their owners, family, and fellow pets like cats or other breeds of dogs.

    They tend to bond very strongly with people and their companions. They are charmers but you need to socialize them from their puppyhood and get good training so that they can become more friendly.

    15. Bernese Mountain Dogs

    These dogs are no less than cute teddy bears who love to cuddle and play with cats and their owner. They are very friendly, easy-going, and extremely huggable dogs. Your cat is surely going to love them but your kids are not going to leave hugging them all day long. They were initially bred to become watchdogs which makes them alert. They are never too aggressive or fierce to hurt anyone.

    In their puppyhood they are goofy and have an outgoing personality, however, as soon as they grow up they become mature and calm. They love children and other animals which makes them great family dogs.

    These were 15 amazing and best dogs for cats to bring home. However, if you already have any of these dogs and you want to welcome a cat as a new member of the family, then you can consider these cute kittens to bring home.

    • Abyssinian- they are curious, loving, and lively.
    • Japanese Bobtail- they are active, sweet, and very intelligent.
    • British shorthair- These cats are gentle, affectionate, and social.
    • Maine Coon- They are social, affectionate, and gentle cats.

    You can get any of these cats or dogs that are best for your cat to find a true companion for your pets to play along with. You might not have the time to play or take your pets for a walk which makes them feel depressed. It is always a good idea to have two pets rather than having one.

    If you are planning to give your dog training so that they can behave well with cats and socialize at an early age, you can seek help from virtual dog training classes that will help your pet in this environment learn better. The best thing about attending these classes is that they are as per your schedule and amazing for puppies.


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