Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? | Benefits, Side Effects And More

    Can dogs eat popcorn? Well, the answer is yes. But before that, there are lots of things that you need to know so keep reading.

    Having a bowl of popcorn in your hands and watching an amazing movie, how great that feeling is, right? But have you thought that are dogs also allowed to come with and enjoy eating popcorn? Popcorn is a snack that is very easy to make and along with that, it is healthy too. When you are enjoying popcorn and watching a movie, there are higher chances that the popcorn may fall on the floor and your dog is eagerly waiting there to grasp it. And here the question arises, can dogs eat popcorn? Are they safe for them?

    Here is a complete guide on dogs and popcorn. Go through this article to find out, should you feed popcorn to your dog or not?

    How Popcorn Can Be Beneficial For Your Dog?

    Can Dogs Eat Popcorn
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    Popped corn kernel has the ability to provide numerous health benefits to your dog and can also be great nutrition for your dog. Popcorn contains lots of minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, zinc. It can also boost the intake of fiber and some other vitamins too.

    When Popcorn Can Cause Some Side Effects?

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    Popcorn provides a few benefits to your dog but it doesn’t indicate that it is completely free from risks. The corn kernels are not the only thing that can cause risks to your dog, but the way humans used to eat popcorn can also lead to some side effects. Generally, the toppings and all the things we love to add to our popcorns can be bad for your dog’s health. Almost each of us likes to add salt and butter to the popcorn which is not a good fit for your dog at all.

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    So, if you love to eat popcorn with lots of butter and salt then it is your duty to keep your day away from it. However, there are high chances that your dog may get one or more pieces on the floor and in this case, your dog may face some side effects if they eat a decent amount of it.

    Here are a few side effects you may notice in your dog:

    • Digestive issues that might lead to a disease like diarrhea
    • Kidney issues may occur when salt is consumed in a high quantity
    • Obesity
    • Dehydration because of too much salt consumption

    The uncooked kernels can lead your dog to oral health problems. When it gets stuck in your dog’s teeth, it can cause tooth decay and gum diseases. There is also a higher possibility that the kernel may chip a tooth or increase the risk of choking.

    Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

    So, lastly, can dogs eat popcorn? The answer is yes. But there are a few things that you must follow if you don’t want your dog to face any health issues.

    Always feed your dog popcorn in a small amount and make sure that it is unseasoned. Don’t feed more frequently, feed popcorn to your dog as a treat on the odd occasion. Also, it is a must to talk to your vet before giving any type of human food to your dog.

    What Is The Proper Way To Feed Popcorn To Your Dog?

    Feeding air-popped popcorn to your dog could be a very simple, easy, quick, and healthy option. You can easily do this with the help of a stovetop, microwave, or popcorn machine.

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    Always keep in mind that you should always feed plain popcorns to your dog. Never add any type of additives like salt and butter as it will make the treat unhealthy and make sure that you are not feeding your dog uncooked kernels.

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