How much does it cost to fly with a Dog: A Detailed Study

    Travelling with Dogs: How much does It Cost to Fly with a Dog

    When the travellers are dog-lovers as well, they always prefer to take their dogs with them while travelling. As pets especially dogs are loyal, adorable companions, we do not want to stay away from them for a long time. The pet-lover travellers love to have their furry companions sitting beside them. However, in most of the transports, you can take your dogs. There are no such fixed restrictions though some authorities have their own rules.

    how much does it cost to fly with a dog


    Be it bus travel or aeroplane travel, you can take dogs with you if you want. For buses and other transports on land, you may have to buy a ticket for your dog if the journey is long and you want your dog to relax beside you. There is not much hassle with tickets if you are travelling by bus. But yes, you have to manage your dog well, so that it won’t disturb the other passengers. Often dogs go restless due to the noise and chaos in the buses and roads. And, then, people may get disturbed by their behaviour. So, keep your dog relaxed and calm, and manage them properly.

    Now, let’s come to travelling by air with the dogs. Currently, as per the study of the US Department of Transportation, millions of dogs travel by aeroplane every year in the United States. And the number is increasing. Travelling around with pet dogs is on-trend. Also, it is a quite common hobby. And most of the people now prefer to travel by air with their dogs to avoid the possible troubles in bus transportation.

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    So, if you are willing to travel by air with your dog, you have to keep multiple things in mind. Among all of the things, the most important one is the cost of travelling. You must know how much does it cost to fly with a dog.

    how much does it cost to fly with a dog


    The Costs of Travelling with Dogs by Air

    Well, different airlines have different sets of regulations and policies for travelling with dogs. The regulations are set maintaining the guidelines of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. So, the cost largely depends upon your choice of airline. Also, it depends on other factors like the availability of the flights, the destination etc.

    Now, let’s know about the costs in general. The usual cost of flying with a dog varies as per the place where your dog rides. You will find two types of carriages available in most airlines to keep your pet dog- cabin and cargo.

    If you can manage to adjust your pet within a carriage usually placed under the passenger seat, it can travel with you in the cabin. However, you have to pay for it. The price ranges from $50 to $250 per trip (one-way). Well, the weight limit for the carriage is twenty pounds. But this limit is flexible. You can adjust it by checking on the airline’s policies for pet weight and the size of the carrier.

    If you have a large pet dog with you, it is better to travel on a cargo flight. In such planes, you will find a pressurized compartment with controlled temperature under the plane. Though this is an ideal place for dogs, many pet owners do not prefer it for uneasy isolation. The general price structure for U.S. domestic flights ranges from $200-$400 for a dog of 75 pounds. Other additional charges may be added along with this. Add the bag fees, cabin carrier charges, cargo crate price etc.

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    The Price Structure for Different Airlines

    Let’s get some idea of how much does it cost to fly with a dog by different airlines.

    The topmost airlines in the U.S. including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines etc. let you travel with your dog. You can keep your furry friend either with you in the carriage inside the cabin or can travel in a cargo plane with it. Also, some of the airlines allow you to carry your dog as checked baggage. But that may keep you apart from your pet for a certain time span. Anyways, the cost for all of these airlines is more or less the same.

    For carry-on dogs, this is a price structure for various destinations mentioned below:

    • US/Canada- $125
    • The Virgin Islands- $125
    • Puerto Rico- $125
    • Brazil- $75
    • Places outside Australia- $200

    Well, Delta Airlines do not allow passengers travelling to or from some particular places e.g. Australia, Barbados, Dakar, Dubai etc. to keep the dogs in the cabin. You have to travel by cargo plane. American Airlines also has a similar kind of regulations. Let’s know how much does it cost to fly with a dog in cargo.

    The cargo price structure for the destination of Continental U.S. to or from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska. It is decided by the weight of the dogs.

    • 1-10 lbs- $94
    • 11-25 lbs- $103
    • 26- 50 lbs- $119
    • 51-70 lbs- $156
    • 71- 100 lbs- $214

    Well, the case with service dogs is a bit different. The cost varies and sometimes you may have to pay considerably less for travelling with service dogs.

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    So, these are the details of how much does it cost to fly with a dog. Now, when you are travelling with a pet dog, you must keep some other things in mind too.

    Other Things to Keep in Mind while Travelling with Dogs

    Firstly, a proper health check-up of your pet is important before commencing the journey. Otherwise, you may get stuck in the midway if any unprecedented health issue occurs. Secondly, choose the right airline considering the comfort and convenience of your pet.

    Thirdly, keep your pet’s passport ready to avoid any immigration hassle if you are going outside the country. Some countries ask for the passport of the pets to enter the country. And finally, prepare your canine friend for the journey. You may do it yourself or take it to a professional trainer. Also, take some low protein dog food with you to satisfy your pet’s hunger.


    how much does it cost to fly with a dog
    dog in aeroplane

    Bottom the line

    Our dogs are the constant companion in all of the upheavals in our lives. They deserve our care and attention. So, take care of them and if you are going on a trip with it, keep all the necessary aspects in mind. Know in detail how much does it cost to fly with a dog. This article will definitely guide you in this matter.






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