How To Brush your Dog’s Teeth Correctly? Know These Best Ways And Tips

    Brushing the teeth of a dog is a very essential thing. If you brush your dog’s teeth correctly, it can give a lot of benefits. Good care of a dog’s teeth results in their happiness and healthful life. If someone tries to avoid brushing, it can lead their dog to many serious health issues such as a build-up of plaque, tooth decay, gum diseases, and bad breath. There is also a possibility that the dog may face a very painful infection. Some infections can produce a life-threatening disease.

    Go through the complete article to know that how can you brush the teeth of your dog in the right way. Along with the right technique, you will get a few effective tips that can help in maintaining your dog’s dental care.

    The Correct Way To Brush Your dog’s Teeth

    1. Get Ready With your Tools

    brush your dog's teeth

    You have to choose the toothbrush that is specially made for dogs. Pick the brush that contains softer and specially angled bristles. If your dog is 30 pounds, a finger brush will be the perfect fit. If your dog is larger, a brush with longer handles will be good for reach.

    Make sure to pick a toothpaste that is made only for dogs. Never try to use a toothpaste that is made for humans because it contains such ingredients that can affect the stomach of the dog negatively.

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    2. Find The Right Time

    The right and ideal time will be when they are relaxed and calm. Your main goal should be fixing a routine for brushing. If you brush your dog’s teeth every day, it would be really a great thing. But, if your dog has a healthy mouth, brushing at least three times per week can help to eliminate plaque and stop the accumulation of tartar.

    3. Sit In A Good Position

    brush your dog's teeth
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    Having a good position really helps in brushing the dog’s teeth. Avoid standing above the dog, don’t try to hold them down, or don’t stand in a threatening position. Be sure that you take a position in a place where the dog gets the feeling of comfortability. You can sit in the side and front of your dog or give a try to kneeling also. Try to check the anxiety level of your dog. If you notice that they are upset, stop there and try after some time.

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    4. Make Their Gums Ready

    brush your dog's teeth
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    To prepare their gums, you will have to test their willingness by rubbing your fingers on their teeth and upper gums. It will make them used to the feeling of something on their teeth. Keep in mind that you have to maintain a light pressure while rubbing, don’t go harshly. Maybe your dog demands several sessions of this practice to get used to it.

    5. Let Your Dog Taste The Toothpaste

    Take some toothpaste on your finger and allow your dog to lick it. It will help your dog to get familiar with the texture and taste of the toothpaste. If they reject it, try any other flavor. You will surely find a flavor that your dog will recognize as a treat.

    6. Now Give a Try To The Toothbrush

    brush your dog's teeth
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    Now it is time to give a try to brush your dog’s teeth. When your dog gets familiar with touching and opening its mouth, bring the toothpaste and toothbrush together in the use. Angle the bristles so that they can easily lead to the gum line. If you place them on a degree of 45 angle toward their teeth can really help the bristles to massage the gum line and wipe away the plaque.

    7. Brush Teeth In The Circular Motion

    Brushing in the small circles, going bottom and top on every side can be a great way to brush your dog’s teeth. When you will move the brush along with gums, you may notice some light bleeding but don’t get worried light bleeding is a normal thing. But if you see ongoing and quite heavy bleeding, it may be directing that your dog has any gum disease or you are brushing in a very harsh way. In that case, you should talk to the vet.

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    8. Give Attention To The Plaque

    While brushing, make sure to brush only a few teeth at once, striving up to more every day. Aim for at least 2 minutes entirety. If your dog opposes, give it a try on the outsides of the black teeth and canine because the plaque collects there. If you manage to reach inside, it would a good thing. Don’t stress if you can’t get there, the dog’s coarse tongue will assist them to clarify that area.

    9. Keep a positive Attitude

    While brushing your dog’s teeth, try to keep your attitude light and positive. Keep doing a positive talk to your dog while brushing. Pat their head, encourage them, keep reminding them how good they are.

    10. Finish The Process By Rewarding Them

    After finishing the brushing, give them more attention and play with them.

    Tips For The Dog Dental Care

    • Provide Your Dog Chew Bones Or Toys

    In the market, there many synthetic chew toys or bones that are made only for dogs. These toys and bones assist your dog in strengthening the teeth and gums. It can also help in getting rid of the build-up of plaque.

    • Try To Start Quite Earlier With Your Dog As a pup

    Well, the grown dogs can easily learn to be comfortable with the cleaning of teeth. But it will get easier for you by working on your dog as a pup.

    • Choose Dry Foods Over Soft Foods

    If the brushing gets ended with tears, blood, or sweat, don’t worry, you still have the chance to improve the oral health of your dog. Crunchy kibble can be a far better choice for the teeth of your dog than soft foods because soft foods probably get stuck in the dog’s teeth and also it can lead to tooth decay.

    • Use Dog Tooth Wipes

    If you are not able or don’t have time to brush your dog’s teeth, dog tooth wipes would be a perfect fit for you. The dog tooth wipes created to get rubbed against the teeth of dogs, which assists in removing the build-up of plaque. The wipes have the ability to work quite similarly to the toothbrush. But they are not able to clean the crannies and little nooks that a toothbrush does very well. Still, they are a fabulous way to clean the teeth of your dog and are slightly easy to manage than a toothbrush.

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    Remember, dog tooth wipes are a great way but not better than brushing. So, use wipes only in emergencies.

    • Have a Routine For Dental Cleaning

    See, there is a huge possibility that we can’t clean dog’s teeth as thoroughly as a vet can. If your dog is having healthy teeth, still you should take him to the vet for a routine cleaning where along with the cleaning they will measure the tartar and plaque, polish the teeth and clean the gum line. Your vet should include a normal check-up and a simplistic dental examination but if they don’t make sure to ask them.

    Final Note

    These were the things that are mandatory to brush your dog’s teeth correctly. So, I hope you have got enough knowledge here. Now it is your turn to implement the knowledge and tips while brushing your dog’s teeth. Good Luck!

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