Kim Jong Un Net worth: Some Amazing Facts and Figures

    Today we live in a world where every tiny detail about everything is available at a single click. But North Korea is different, and the same goes for the North Korean politician Kim Jong Un. There are many known and unknown facts about Kim Jong Un and his country North Korea.

    The Kim Jong Un net worth is one topic about which many things are known, and many aren’t. You must have heard the rumor that Kim Jong Un was dead, and then several weeks later, we got to see him all fit and fine. Strange right?

    If you too are interested in finding out all the missing pieces of this mystery man, and most importantly, if you want to find out about Kim Jong Un net worth, then stick with me till the end of this article, and I promise you will be amazed.

    Let’s begin with a small introduction about Kim Jong Un to get a better idea about him.

    Kim Jong Un net worth


    You already know that Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea. You don’t know that he became the top leader of North Korea in 2011, after his father died, and from then, he has been in power till today. He is also the leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) that started in 2012.

    In North Korea, the government is passed on from generation to generation. Before Kim Jong Un, his father Kim Jong-il was in power, and before him, his father, Kim Il-sung. The figure of Kim Jong Un net worth will blow your mind considering all the titles he holds.

    Kim Jong Un is the world’s youngest dictator. Along with that, he holds the following titles:

    • General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea
    • Chairman of the Central Military Commission
    • President of the State Affairs Commission
    • Member of the Presidium
    • Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

    Now that you have a general idea about who Kim Jong Un is, we can proceed to find out how rich North Korea’s supreme leader is and how he spends his fortune.


    Kim Jong Un Net Worth | Difficulties Faced

    Being a politician, it is understandable that Kim Jong Un net worth highly depends on the citizens of North Korea. North Korea’s population is nearly 25 million, and the estimated average salary of individuals is $2000 a year.

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    Out of these 25 million citizens of North Korea, nearly 35-40% of the population still lives in poverty. With that being said, Kim Jong Un is undoubtedly the richest man in North Korea. But precisely the exact amount of Kim Jong Un net worth and how he built his wealth is quite tricky to answer.

    That’s because North Korea is quite a closed country and is often referred to as The Hermit Kingdom considering its geographical characteristics. Along with this fast nature, the government of North Korea highly controls the way people live in the country.

    Therefore, unlike most politicians, leaders, or wealthy personalities, there is no current official figure of the Kim Jong Un net worth known to the world. But we have previous records and data to get an idea about Kim’s net worth in 2021.

    kim jong un net worth

    Kim Jong Un Net Worth | Investigation and Findings

    The above mentioned problem was identified by governments of the United States of America and South Korea. As a solution, in 2013, both the governments conducted a joint investigation operation with a plan of finding Kim Jong Un net worth and his sources of money.

    However, the investigation team faced many difficulties, but they managed to squeeze out a handful of data in one month. According to the report made after the investigation, Kim Jong Un net worth in 2013 was $5 billion, but it could be more than that, as said by the team.

    This $5 billion includes assets and bank accounts associated with Kim Jong Un and his family members, including Kim Yo Jong (Kim Jong Un’s sister). Interestingly, all these assets were found distributed among 200 foreign bank accounts.

    These 200 bank accounts were linked to Kim Jong Un in one way or another. They were from several countries like Lichtenstein, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, China, Luxembourg, etc.

    It is not hidden that China is the closest ally of North Korea, and most of the accounts containing a healthy amount of money were straight up from China. Now let us see a more accurate distribution of Kim Jong Un net worth.


    Real Estate

    It seems like Kim Jong Un has a special love for mansions as he owns 20 of those, and some of those are palaces. These properties are situated in various parts of North Korea. But that’s not where Kim Jong Un lives.

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    Kim Jong Un lives in a Presidential palace of North Korea named “Ryongsong Residence.” This place is well secured and protected by the military to offer a secure place to live for the current leader in case of a war.

    The Ryongsong Residence can be counted in Kim Jong Un net worth. This palace has a shooting range, running tracks, an Olympic sized swimming pool, banquet halls, spas, anything and everything you can think of.

    Apart from these properties, Kim Jong Un also owns a private island. It is said that Kim Jong Un spends more of his time on the island than anywhere else.

    kim jong un net worth

    Where Does Kim Jong Un Spend His Money?

    So far, we have discovered Kim Jong Un net worth, and now we have seen all the real estate Kim Jong Un owns personally. But how and where Kim spends all this wealth is the real question many are waiting for.



    Kim Jong Un owns a vast number of cars both in variety and in amount. He holds a total fleet of 30 Mercedes cars. Out of those, the Mercedes Maybach S600 PG is worth more than one million dollars which are said to be the safest car is Kim Jong Un’s personal favorite.

    Mercedes Maybach S62 is another car Kim loves. But apart from that, he has a particular interest in European sports cars. With $5 billion the Kim Jong Un net worth, owning 100 luxury cars (primarily European) sounds like no big deal either.


    Other Vehicles Owned

    Kim Jong Un, apart from his Car collections, owns different kinds of vehicles too. Some of these vehicles are as follows.

    • “Air Force Un”: A private jet worth $1.5 million
    • Luxurious Yacht: More than 100 feet in length and worth $7 million
    • Thoroughbred Horses

    Yes, you read that correctly. Kim Jong Un owns several Thoroughbred horses (a pure breed of horses), and some reports say that nearly 20% of North Korea’s budget is spent on the maintenance and caretaking of these horses.

    kim jong un net worth

    Other Interests Of Kim Jong Un

    With this $5 billion net worth, Kim Jong Un can spend his fortune to satisfy his interests. Kim Jong un pays a good amount of money on drinks. He imports certain alcohols like Cognac brandy and whiskey from different parts of the world.

    Kim imports whiskey, especially from the U.S., once every year. He also imports rare Black caviar from Iran. Talking about imports, many officials show disagreement as he imports pigs from Denmark for pork.

    Wristwatches are another thing that catches Kim Jong Un’s attention. He has a massive collection of wristwatches which is worth $8 million.

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    So, this is how Kim Jong Un spends his money. However, compared to other leaders of different countries, Kim Jong Un seems to have a massive net worth, and therefore it is essential to know how he built his net worth.

    Kim Jong Un Net Worth | Sources of Income

    Kim Jong Un earns his wealth in several ways, and most of his money comes from illegal activities. However, there is not much information available about his income sources. But from available data, here are the number of ways Kim Jong Un built his $5 billion net worth.


    1. Cyber Attacks

    Kim Jong Un earns foreign currencies either with the help of his hacking team to hack bank servers or by selling the data collected by North Korean hackers to various parties. The cyber army has always been a significant focus of Kim Jong Un.


    2. Producing and Exporting Drugs

    In a world where governments of most countries ban or regulate the import and export of drugs, Kim Jong Un supports the manufacturing of drugs like heroin and exporting to different countries illegally.


    3. Selling Weapons

    The manufacturing of missiles and nuclear weapons is a part of government organizations. Still, directly or indirectly, the money goes into the pockets of the supreme leader, adding up to Kim Jong Un net worth.


    4. Human Trafficking, counterfeiting the U.S. dollar, and Other Illegal Activities

    It is not hidden that North Korean workers are sent to various countries like Qatar, Africa, Syberia, etc. These workers are mostly sent to other countries to build statues and monuments. These people help Kim Jong Un to earn money, but they hardly get paid for their job.

    There are many reports and incidents where North Korean officials have caught fake U.S. currency. These notes are printed with such precision that it is pretty challenging to differentiate them from real ones.

    These are just a few known sources from which Kim Jong Un builds his wealth, and we can not imagine what else happens inside this mysterious country under the leadership of supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

    kim jong un net worth

    Winding Up | Kim Jong Un Net Worth

    Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea, and there are very few things we know about both Kim Jong Un and North Korea. However, after going through several reports and investigations on North Korea, we managed to get a few answers about Kim Jong Un.

    However, note that the stated Kim Jong Un net worth of $5 billion is as per the investigation carried out in 2013. Kim Jong Un is the current leader of North Korea, and he has been in power since 2011. Therefore there are strong chances that his net worth can be more than $5 billion as of 2021.

    If you have any more questions about the supreme leader Kim Jong Un, please drop them in the comment section given below. Do let us know your feedback, and we will be happy to hear it.



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