Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Facts to Know – 5 Ways to Approach It Right

    Electrolysis hair removal proves to be a boon for people suffering from this unwanted hair growth.

    Everyone loves hair unless they are in an undesirable region of the body. Hairs on the unwanted region can be irritating and unhealthy. Sometimes, the hairs at an unwanted place can lead to a skin infection.

    There are many home remedies, an ample number of products and devices are available in the market with that we can quickly get rid of unwanted hairs. These things are beneficial in removing the hairs but futile to stop the regrowth of the hair. Many of the times, the maintenance and terms of removing them from time to time are also frantic and sluggish.

    But the treatment is the permanent solution to put a full stop to these hair growths, regrowth, and its removal.

    Lets, see more about it; what is it? How is it done? Pros and cons?

    Electrolysis hair removal

    What is electrolysis hair removal?

    Electrolysis hair removal is a kind of treatment in which there is the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Electrolysis hair removal is recommended getting done by a well-trained electrologist. When we get from the professional, the chances of side effects or harm are less or negligible.

    The electrolysis hair removal is performed by introducing a thin wire into the hair follicle beneath the layer of the skin.

    The wire gets inserted from the device’s needle, and it damages the hair follicles by giving them small electric currents. As these hair follicle gets damaged, the hairs fall out, and their growth gets terminated.

    Electrolysis hair removal is one of the best methods of permanent hair removal that the FDA approves. It was first used to remove the ingrown eyelashes hairs.

    The device used in electrolysis hair removal:


    The devices used in electrolysis hair removal are medically tested devices. That helps in the electrolysis is recognized as epilators.

    Epilators have the needle at their tips that helps in the central part of the treatment.

    The epilator is an electric device that helps in providing electric shocks through the needle.

    How does electrolysis hair removal work?

    It works on the simple principle of damaging the hair follicle with an electric shock.

    The epilators are the device having a needle. These are made up of metal and inserted into the hair follicle. Then they destroy the hair follicle by giving small electric shocks to the hair follicle. When the hair follicles are damaged, there is no scope of regrowth of the hair from that follicle.


    After this, each of the pores is searched individually and treated. Electrolysis hair removal requires series of treatments, as the growth stage of every hair is not the same.

    How much time and how many times electrolysis hair removal has is to be done, and why?

    Time required from electrolysis hair removal:

    Electrolysis hair removal requires about 15mins to 60 mins. It actually depends on the number hair follicle that has to be damaged.

    The number of times electrolysis hair removal is to do:

    The amount of time the electrolysis is required can differ from person to person, as factors like how hair grows and which body part is getting under treatment depend on the body part’s size.

    Why should electrolysis hair removal be used?

    Electrolysis hair removal provides permanent results, but it is essential to mind that it will take time as the hair grows in three primary stages, growing, resting, and shedding. Every hair cannot be expected in the same growth stage.

    It should be used in order to cut down the daily maintenance of unwanted hairs.

    Hence, we cannot expect the hairs to be on the stage at the time of every treatment. So, multiple treatments are required.

    Why should you go for the electrolysis hair removal treatment?

    The permanent solution for the removal of unwanted hair is something we all are in need of. Electrolysis hair removal is the ultimate answer to this without causing any harm. It takes time, but it can give you a permanent solution.

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    It is practiced in an extensive array of skin types in the hair and hair growth stage. It is convenient for the area like eyelashes, bikini line.

    Who needs to have electrolysis hair removal?

    It is actually needed by all of us with those unwanted hair growths. But often it is chosen by the people for the following reasons.

    • Hair growth is natural and needed, but in wanted places, hair growth in undesirable places can cause the problem.
    • People who have hefty hair growth, like the eyebrows, upper lips, breast, armpits, bikini line, even on ears, can remove the hairs by the procedure. As their removal with temporary hair removal products can be hectic.
    • People having hirsutism, especially in women, causes abnormal hair growth on women’s faces and bodies.
    • Sometimes, the hormonal imbalance can also cause uncontrolled hair growth in undesirable parts of the body.
    • People who are gender transitioning.

    Which parts of the body can treat electrolysis?

    Electrolysis hair removal

    Electrolysis hair removal can be used for hair removal in almost part of the body. Mostly body areas, including the back, Bikini line, thighs and lower legs, Breasts and abdomen, Face, including lip, chin, and eyebrows, Fingers and toes, Underarms.

    But the inner areas of the nose and ear should be avoided.

    Why is there unwanted hair growth?

    The unwanted hair growth is really exasperating and can be problematic.

    Here are some of the reasons for those causes the unwanted hair growth are:

    • There can be Heredity issues; genes can influence the growth of body hair in more quantity.
    • There are certain changes in the Hormone levels, such as high levels of androgens (male hormones).
    • Sometimes increase in testosterone level can also lead to the growth of facial hairs in females.
    • It can also happen due to the consumption of drugs.
    • The one who needs to consume Steroids on a regular basis can also face the problem of unwanted hair growth.
    • Some uncertainties in the body can also lead to excessive hair growth, such as PCOS in women’s polycystic ovary syndrome.

    How to choose a properly trained electrologist for electrolysis hair removal?

    An electrologist is a person who executes the treatment of Electrolysis hair removal.

    It is very necessary to get the treatment done by a professional one in order to reduce the unnecessary risks.

    Here are some useful facts one should check for before selecting the electrologist because the wrong selection can lead to extra time plus the extra cost and can be perilous, which can be disturbing.

    • Professionals’ qualification: As per this specialization is concerned, the electrologist needs to have the proper qualification because, in many states, they need a license to perform the practice.

    So, make sure that he/she is a certified trained electrologist with all the proper knowledge of electrolysis hair removal. Even try to check if they pass the certificate from a good accredited electro-logy school.

    To verify if he/she is professional, you cross-check by asking them various questions. So that you can get the idea if they genuinely have the experienced or not.

    • Inquiry: Make sure you go to the electrologist by recommendation of someone who might have the personal experience of that electrologist and Electrolysis hair removal.

    Take a recommendation from your family doctor. Some of the healthcare foundations can also help you to find the right electrologist.

    Nowadays, everything is easily accessible due to the internet. You can check which electrologist is there in your nearest area and has a good profile in Electrolysis hair removal.

    • Visit the electrologist: When you visit him/her for the consultation, make sure you asked out every query to him/her about Electrolysis hair removal.

    See if he is making use of good well organized modern pieces of equipment and tools. Check if he/she is using the appropriate techniques for the treatment of Electrolysis hair removal. Because sometimes, instead of electric shock, they would use electronic tweezers or a photo epilator, which does not offer the permanent removal of the hair.

    Ask him in detail about his method of treatment, duration, and expenses.

    Try to visit more than one electrologist to cross-check the facts of the matter.

    While continuing it, make sure he/ she has made you satisfied and comfortable with your queries.

    • Sanitation and hygiene: Make sure your electrologist is doing every under clean condition because this can affect your health. The procedure should be performed in a hygienic situation.
    • Research: As there is everything available for use on our phone, try and research the process.
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    Again, verify it with what your electrologist conveyed to you about Electrolysis hair removal. Make sure you do all the research, then choose your electrologist for the procedure.

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    Myths about Electrolysis hair removal:

    Electrolysis hair removal has been about for more than 100 years. But still, they are some misconceptions about it.

    • Temporary method for removal is better: This is one of the biggest myths that temporary methods are better than permanent hair removal.

    But the fact is that temporary methods can cause problems, as the hair remover cream used for removing body hair depilatories, cream-based or liquid-based.

    These products have irritating chemicals that harm the skin, and they are even chaotic and time taking.

    Same way bleaches also contain punitive chemicals. They also do little to disguise dark hair. They also darken the skin for a long time.

    Waxing is the most famous and temporary method of hair removal. Waxing is painful as well as a mess. Waxing has the procedure of first applying the wax and then stripping it off. Waxing can make your skin layer lose, which leads to the bagging of the skin before age.

    • Electrolysis at home: There is a myth that it can be carried out at home. Electrolysis hair removal devices available for home use, but they are often unsafe for use by anyone who is not trained in electrolysis.
    • It is painful: The most common and unjustified myth is that Electrolysis hair removal is very painful.

    As the methodologies have been developed, they tend to cause no pain, but sometimes they may hurt. If you discover that it is too uncomfortable, you can ask the doctor if they arrange an anesthetic cream.

    • Electric tweezer is permanent: Electrolysis hair removal is the only method recognized by the FDA and American medical association for hair removal.

    Pros and cons of electrolysis hair removal:

    As the coins have two sides, with so many benefits, it also does have some drawbacks.

    Electrolysis hair removal

    Let’s see about some of the pros and cons of Electrolysis hair removal.

    1. Pros:
    • Electrolysis hair removal gives people the experience of permanent hair removal after final electrolysis treatments.
    • Electrolysis hair removal can be helpful for almost any region of the skin and all types of hair.
    • It is also good for all types of sensitive areas face, bikini line, except inside the nose and ears.
    • Electrolysis hair removal has proven to have the best trail record. Electrolysis tends to the great as compared to any other methods of permanent hair removal treatment.
    • Unlike the other laser treatment, which damages the hair pigment instead of attacking the hair follicle and results in the hair white after the treatment, electrolysis hair removal doesn’t do that.
    • People who faced poor laser treatment can also opt for Electrolysis hair removal.
    • Laser treatment sometimes can also cause tan, but Electrolysis hair removal is really generous with this.

    2. Cons:

    • The major con is that Electrolysis hair removal is a long-term process in order to get permanent hair removal.
    • Though safe, there might be very little danger of getting the infection due to an unsterile needle.
    • Electrolysis hair removal can also leave scars. It is only if electrolysis is not done properly.
    • The risk for this only when making the wrong choice of the electrologist for Electrolysis hair removal.
    • They may be a minor reddening of the skin during or right after treatment. It will be for a very short time.
    • People having darker skin tones may have temporary shady marks on the skin. They fade over time. Try not to use bleaching cream for them. Tanning happens when the proper precautions are not taken.
    • The hair follicle that is bent due to previous waxing or tweezing can create the problem of taking odd hair follicles completely. Some of the time, they remain there.

    Does electrolysis hair removal cause pain?

    • Electrolysis hair removal that does not cause pain. It may cause too much discomfort.
    • A slight prickly is experienced.
    • But this uncomforted prickly is bearable.
    • Concern to the electrologist if they can work with topical anastatic if necessary. Topicals anesthetic is the numbing cream.

    It does not cause pain, but often the capacity to bear the pain is different in everybody.

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    Things that should be asked confirmed from the electrologist:

    When you visit the electrologist, make sure you ask:

    • How is the whole procedure going to be for?
    • How long is each session going to be?
    • How many visits are going to be needed?
    • How much will be the total cost of the treatment of Electrolysis hair removal?
    • Does health insurance or medical insurance that covers electrolysis hair removal treatment?
    • What is the experience of the electrologist?
    • How many people have been successfully treated by you?

    Cost of the treatment:

    Electrolysis hair removal treatments are or can be quite expensive. They are ranging from a hundred to over a thousand dollars.

    The price may be more, but as this is the permanent method, the expenses of regular hair removal can be saved.

    Precaution to be taken care of before and after electrolysis hair removal:

    As Electrolysis hair removal is the treatment, one needs to take care of some of the things. Before and aftercare is essential.

    Precautions before the electrolysis hair removal

    The precautions have to be taken, as they are for laser hair removal.

    • Make sure you do not use wax and stop it completely before the electrolysis hair removal. Because it can lose the pores of hair follicles, making them deeper and difficult to treat.
    • Ensure you are not starting any new skin treatment for the area treated for electrolysis hair removal. Also, make sure that you are not under any skin treatment for that area.
    • Be aware if you are having kind of allergies to metal that is being used in your treatment.

    Precaution to be taken after electrolysis hair removal:

    After the treatment of Electrolysis hair removal, the electrologist is going to give some proper advice to follow that should be followed seriously:

    • For 24 hours, try avoiding the activities that cause sweating.
    • Avoid direct contact with the sun. Make sure you should not get tanned.
    • If you go outside, make sure you are applying sunscreen for few days.
    • Don’t apply make-up to your skin for 24 hours in case of facial electrolysis hair removal, as it might irritate the treated place.
    • Avoid washing face also, as it can cause the entry of the bacteria, which can lead to the infection.
    • In case of irritation, contact the electrologist, so he/she would provide you some antibiotic cream or hydrocortisone cream to minimize the irritation and infection. It will also help in reducing the swelling in case.

    Electrolysis hair removal at home with devices available in the market vs. electrolysis treatment:

    There are many electrical electrolysis hair removal devices available in the market that can be used easily at home to remove hair. More of the time, these devices can be reliable as they might give the expected result and can cause an infection to the skin.

    So, it is always best to go to a trained, certified electrologist for electrolysis hair removal.

    Professional one used premium quality, sterile instruments. They individualize the treatment according to your skin and hair type that would suit best and not cause any side effects.

    Electrolysis hair removal is beneficial if you want to go for permanent hair removal.

    How is reliable electrolysis hair removal?

    When electrolysis hair removal is done properly, it removes the hair permanently. Successful hair removal depends on the skilled electrolysis which is doing it.

    Electrolysis hair removal is reliable when done by professionals using proper instruments. Proper before and aftercare is also necessary.

    Where it should electrolysis hair removal not be done?

    Electrolysis hair removal is not supposed to be done inside the ears and nose as the follicle present there is super sensitive. The skin present nose and ears are thin and delicate.

    It is also not suggested to be done on an area where there is a birthmark or mole. If a person has a pacemaker in his heart, they should not even think of the electrolysis, as this is the electric treatment.

    Is there any side effect of electrolysis hair removal?

    No, there are no side effects that have been found yet to date of Electrolysis hair removal. This procedure has proven to be completely safe. But you need to take some of the precautions in order to avoid a few of the problems that cause after the treatment.


    Electrolysis hair removal is the most reliable and beneficial way of getting rid of that unwanted hair. You need to be patient and do the set treatment with all the proper before and aftercare.

    Electrolysis hair removal is something that is trusted more than laser hair removal. Before going for the procedure, ensure that you make the proper choice of the electrologist. You are all fit to perform the treatment and have no allergic problems. And also, follow all the before and aftercare properly.

    In Electrolysis hair removal is needs to be noted the sense of the skin is different in different areas, and the capability of the person of bearing is also different from person to person. Many people often get their Electrolysis hair removal treatment by listening to music or taking a nap.

    While choosing to do Electrolysis hair removal treatment, one should make the choices calmly and with fortitude.


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