Nipple Piercing Cost- 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Studio!

    Nipple Piercing Cost- How Much Will It Be?

    Nipple piercing cost varies based on several things involved, like the type of jewellery you desire and studio. Nipple piercings have been around for quite a few years. You must have felt the desire to get your nipples pierced after seeing your favourite celebrity do it, or you must have surfed the internet a lot where it’s trending. Either way, this trend is here to stay for multiple reasons.

    If you plan to get your nipple pierced, you must know certain essential things before heading to the studio.

    Nipple Piercing Cost and Preparation

    As already mentioned, nipple piercing costs might vary based on the shop you visit and will depend primarily based on the type of jewellery you desire. At times, the place you live in will also decide the nipple piercing cost. It may range from 40 dollars for one nipple to 70 dollars for both to 180 dollars in some popular shops.

    Some studios offer customized golden jewellery for nipple piercing. If you opt for such jewellery, the nipple piercing cost might reach several thousand or more. When choosing good jewellery and going for diamonds or gold, the price will rise exceedingly high.

    Let’s look at these factors in detail to understand nipple piercing costs better and find a sound studio.

    Finding the proper studio to determine nipple piercing cost

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    You must initially make sure the nipple piercing cost fits your budget and research the piercer for a better idea.

    Here are some things to question and keep in your mind:

    1. Is it a disposable studio? This proposes that the studio or shop does not use any piercing accessories, needles, and jewellery, which is the most sanitary and most protected route for getting your piercings done.
    2. Suppose the selected studio does not seem disposable. In that case, you will want to inquire about how they clean their instruments and if they carry out any spore testing, which is currently the most preferred way of monitoring cleaning. They evaluate the sterilization process immediately by destroying highly repellent microorganisms known till now.
    3. Do they own a good portfolio? This will remain the studio’s most excellent choice of piercings, so if it appears a bit off to you or just not that great, check out a different place.
    4. Do they have excellent reviews? It is recommended to check not only for a sufficient number of genuine reviews but also how that studio answers any negative thoughts. You cannot satisfy everyone, but it is insightful to understand how the owners and managers respond.
    5. Do you feel satisfied with the staff and place? You must feel as if you are in safe hands and secure throughout the appointment. If you are not feeling 100% willing or comfortable at any time throughout the work, it is entirely agreeable to reschedule your appointment or opt-out. Sometimes it is recommended to consult the studio or meet the entire staff and see the space before scheduling the exact piercing appointment.
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    The next thing that determines the nipple piercing cost is the jewellery you choose for the piercings.

    Choosing the right jewellery decides the nipple piercing cost

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    The selection of jewellery will most probably influence the nipple piercing cost, but it may also sometimes affect how the piercing holes heal. The quality of jewellery is a significant deciding factor in how smoothly and instantly the new piercing completely heals as per professionals. Do not fall prey to misleading titles like ‘stainless’ or ‘surgical steel.’ These are some absurd terms provided to low-quality, uncontrolled unreliable metals.”

    According to professionals, satisfactory materials for your pricing are the most regularly used for nipple piercing, such as Implant Grade Titanium, 14k to 18k solid gold (this is never filled or plated), and Implant Grade Steel.

    But the metal that forms up the jewellery is not the only deciding factor. Some professionals at their Studio Tattoos in New York revealed that the variety of jewellery—be it a half-cup ring or barbell—can also perform a huge role.

    Many studios use reliable barbells for primary nipple piercings, neglectful of the size of your nipple. Rings may put unrequited pressure on the wound when it is healing initially and burrow into the breast tissue at the bottom when the client uses bras or binders. The piercing barbell that studios use to pierce is somewhat longer to arrange for primary swelling.

    Let us look at the procedure and get a basic idea of what is done before reaching the studio.

    Procedure for nipple piercing

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    The most important question that may probably be on your mind is- Will the piercing hurt? The answer, in short, is how much the nipple piercing pains will reply on your levels for bearing pain. You will indeed feel some level of discomfort or pain, but it will be temporary.

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    For nipple piercings, the original pain usually tends to subside highly quickly once the piercing is performed as per experts. Nipples are sensitive parts of your body, to begin with, so make sure you do not listen to any of your friends who states nipple piercing would not hurt. But if the pain of piercing were not bearable at all, no one would have got their nipples pierced first of all, and studios perform piercings frequently.

    Some piercers might use numbing creams or injectables of some sort, but some ladies who got the piercings done using a numbing agent states that it does not quite work as you expect it to be. The numbing takes place only outside the openings, so all the pain of piercings you are going through will still be there.

    The pain or discomfort does not get any less unpleasant after several piercings. Getting your first piercing will probably feel like a critical stab in your heart. By the next pierce on the nipple, you will typically still try to breathe from the first one, which usually hurts a little lighter. But only a little.

    It is important to note that the actual piercing needs simply 5 to 15 seconds, but the pain is immense. The piercer will usually mark the nipples using a marker to make sure you are content with the positioning of your piercing. A few piercers may take the usage of clamps to secure your nipples in the right place, but this is not always the situation. Eventually, they might guide you to take some deep breathes as they plan to insert the piercing needle.

    Nipple piercing care

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    You can expect the healing time to persist anywhere between six to eight months. Sufficient care of the area affected can, of course, hurry up the healing process. At-home piercing sanitizing aftercare guidance as per the Association of Expert Piercers are given below for you:

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning the piercing.
    2. Immerse in saline for at least five to ten minutes either once or twice a day. Overturn a cup having warm saline liquid over the region to create a vacuum. It might be more evident for several piercings to utilize stainless gauze or paper sheets saturated with saline fluid. A brief rinse afterwards will exclude any debris.
    3. Do not use soap on the region more than once or twice a day. While taking a shower, lather up a nearly pearl-size drop of that soap to wipe the jewellery and your piercing. Please do not leave the cleanser on your piercing for more than thirty seconds, as it may be harsh on the skin.
    4. Rinse thoroughly to get rid of all traces of the soap left on the region of piercing. It is not required to rotate your jewellery through the piercing when you are cleaning it.
    5. Dry the area by smoothly patting with the help of sanitary and disposable paper products, as using cloth towels may secure bacteria to the place and snag on the jewellery, leading to injury.
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    Risks and complications

    Nipple piercings may lead to certain bacterial infections when not cleaned, mainly if you do not take care of them properly. We are constantly exposed to dangerous bacteria around us, so it is not difficult to see why viruses leading to infections are so prevalent, particularly when people neglect aftercare guidelines suggested by piercers and communicate with the fresh piercing before it heals completely.

    The piercings often get infected even when you have practised the aftercare while following all the cautions but rest assured that the closer you practice the aftercare directions, the smaller the chances of falling into issues like getting any infections.

    The significant risks linked with nipple piercings usually only occur when you opt for a more advanced nipple piercing like surgically reconstructed nipples, third nipples, and inverted nipples. If your piercer is not experienced in such piercings or performs these piercings on tissue that is not viable, then migration or rejection of the piercings might take place.

    The Bottom Line

    The nipple piercing cost will vary based on the jewellery, types of studios you visit, and the place you live in. Once you plan to get your nipple pierced, make sure you inquire about the area and see reviews to avoid possible complications.

    Nipple piercings need some care after initially getting them done, and it is essential to operate with a reliable piercer with harmless practices. If you have any inquiries or concerns in your mind about nipple piercing, reach out to a potential piercer ere leaping.

    Elude from pulling, playing, or touching with the jewellery as it heals—no matter how provoked or tempted you might be. It is also necessary to keep a careful eye during the first few weeks to make sure the piercings are healing as they are supposed to cure. You may have the piercer and your doctor look at the piercing if you are concerned with how the piercing is healing.

    Here are some nipple piercing jewellery ideas you can take a look at before getting the piercings done.


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