101 Best Guide to Get A Neck Traction Device

    There are several people around the globe suffering from neck and back pain. Over the years, the number of people affected by this pain is increasing. To help those in distress, a lot of measures are available. There are various ways to curb them – medication and physiotherapy are the prominent ones.

    As the pain causes too much distress and discomfort, you might feel worried for your loved one. Well, there is a drug-free treatment that you can avail of to relieve your loved one from pain. Decompression therapy using a neck traction device can give you relief from pain anytime you need it. You don’t even need to go anywhere as it can be done from home.

    neck traction device

    Why do you need a neck traction device?

    If you are suffering from neck pain and injuries related to it, you will require neck traction, also known as cervical traction. In this method, the pain is treated with the traction of the spine. It pulls the head away from the neck such that there is an expansion, which eradicates the compression.

    If you want to avoid surgeries and medication for neck pain-related problems, this traction is an alternative way to treat yourself. There are different types of neck traction devices that you can use.

    Taking traction is the fastest and effective way of dealing with shoulder, neck, and spinal pain. The devices cure tension and tightness related to severe neck pain. If you are suffering from these problems, you will need neck traction.

    Benefits of neck traction device

    In general, a neck traction device relaxes the muscles and improves the stiffness, curing the pain. The most significant benefit of neck traction is flexibility. They are also suitable to treat and flatten herniated or bulging disks. If you suffer from chronic joint pain, sprain, and spasm, neck traction can be beneficial for you!


    Cervical spondylitis and pinched nerves are also cured by taking traction. Here are the various other benefits that you can get from neck traction:

    • Improves mobility

    Neck muscles are the most used muscle of the body. They are affected much after accidents. Even too much stress and daily work also make you develop severe neck pain that does not cure with medication.

    There might be some kind of injury or stiffness that you might face. One of the benefits of taking traction is that it increases the mobility of your muscles, letting you move the neck flexibly. Traction helps a lot in curing pain and improving mobility.

    • Enhance treating herniated disks

    A herniated disk, also known as a slipped disk or ruptured disk, is conditioned when the gel-like substance present in the disks between vertebrae tears or splits. The gel tends to come out, and the disc becomes herniated.

    Though the doctors recommend surgery as the only option to deal with this problem, it can at times be treated with a neck traction device. However, you just do not decide for yourself to take the traction. You must take the help of a physical therapist and the doctor whether it is possible for the condition you have.

    • Assists in healing Cervical spondylitis

    Spondylitis is a very painful situation where the nerves in the spinal cord are also affected. If you see your loved ones experiencing pain from spondylitis, you can consult a doctor and arrange for a neck traction device that might help to cure it. They are not only pocket-friendly but also effective. Nowadays spondylitis is seen in many people and thus traction can be a proper measure to cure it.

    • Heals spasms

    Another important benefit that you can get from availing neck traction is healing spams. It can also help in curing whiplash. If you have had a car accident and injured yourself badly, you can develop a whiplash headache, stiffness, dizziness, blurred vision, and face difficulty sleeping.

    You might also feel numbness and weakness in your arms and legs. Treatment using a neck traction device will help in curing the spams and whiplash that you have developed after a car accident. Muscle spasms of the neck will decrease with time as you go on with the treatment.

    • Rejuvenates joint pain, pinched nerve

    Neck tractions are always beneficial for joint pains, pinched nerves, and shoulder pains. Various researches have shown that proper reactions reduce these pains and relieve the patient from suffering. Even pinched nerves also cure with this.

    The benefits that you get from neck traction make proper improvement of your pain. You gain mobility, alignment, and spectrum of motion to work.

    Which conditions can be cured by a neck traction device?

    If you are suffering from chronic pain, you will have high tension, trouble sleeping, and stress depression. You might need to frequent doctors too. The problems will restrain you to go on with your daily activities like exercise, office going, cooking, and much more.

    You will face irritation and mood swings often. To get rid of this pain and suffering you must take traction, but availing it from centers will cost you more. Nonetheless, you can use the neck traction device that can be fitted at home and you can comfortably take tractions when needed.


    However, you must know about the conditions in which taking tractions will be beneficial. Here is the list of conditions that be cured by this device:

    • Severe neck pain
    • Pinched nerve
    • Cervical muscle sprain and spasm
    • Neck Arthritis
    • Herniated or bulging disk
    • Diseased nerve roots in the spine
    • Spinal stenosis or sciatica
    • Degenerative disk disease
    • Severe lower back pain
    • Worn spinal joints
    • Neck injuries
    • Stress and trauma due to pressure in lumbar areas
    • Injured spinal joints and nerves
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    Types of neck traction device

    There are many ways in which neck traction is done. You can buy and use a neck traction device on the recommendation of your physical therapist and take the traction on your own.

    Your therapist is the best person to decide which is the best way to get traction, depending on your condition. There are five types of neck traction that you can avail of. Check the details below.

    • Manual cervical traction: Manual cervical traction is the traditional method of getting the traction that is done by a physical therapist. As you lie down, they will gently pull your head away from your neck to create tension.

    They will hold it in that position for some time and release it in due course. It is a repetitive process that they will go on doing for some time.

    If you choose this method to get traction, you can’t do it on your own. Your physical therapist needs to be there always while you get traction.

    • Mechanical cervical traction: Mechanical cervical traction is also operated by your physical therapist. There is a harness that is attached to your head and neck as you lie flat.

    The harness is attached to a machine or weight that applies the traction force and you need to pull that weight up.

    By doing so, you will be able to pull your head away from the neck and spine.

    • Over-the-door cervical traction: Among the neck traction device that you can have for your home, the over-the-door cervical traction method can be operated easily.

    It is easy to set up and use. You can use them without the help of your physical therapist.

    The process of working is the same as the mechanical traction. There is a harness to which you attach your neck and head. The harness is connected with a rope on the other side of the door having weight.

    It is a part of the pull system over the door. You can carry the weight either by sitting, leaning, or lying down.

    • Pneumatic cervical traction: Another neck traction device that you can use at home and get traction by yourself is the pneumatic neck traction. In this method, a neck cushion loaded with soft foam is attached to the neck for support.

    There is a strap that is attached across the forehead in a crossed way. A handle is there through which you can apply and increase pressure. The traction is applied when you push up the head while pushing down the shoulder.

    • Posture pump cervical traction: The posture pumps are much more effective and provide better traction than the over-the-door and pneumatic neck traction devices. They can be used as you lie down on your back. You need to place this device under your head.

    There is a handheld switch that needs to be controlled for exerting pressure. The posture pumps also help in restoring the C curve of the neck. They are also good for retaining proper spinal posture and nerve pain.

    Buying guide for a neck traction device

    Before buying a neck traction device, there are a few things that you must check. Doing so will ensure you a proper purchase. You need to check whether the type of device you are going to buy is effective for the health condition you have. Besides that, you should also see how easy it is to set up and get traction.

    As you will be using it on your own, you must check that you are buying the right model to be used at home or not. You must also know about its portability. We are here with a buying guide that will help you to purchase neck traction devices very easily.

    • Consider the type of device

    As you are aware of the three types of devices that can be used at home for getting traction, you need to choose one that will be beneficial to you. The three basic options from which you can choose are over-the-door device, pneumatic device, and posture pump.

    Though a large section prefers the door traction device, the other two are also easy to use. The posture pump is considered one of the most effective models. It provides the strongest traction than any other model. However, you must consult your physical therapist and doctor before choosing the type of neck traction device.

    • Consider the cost

    Before buying your traction device for home, you must check the price of the model. Well, the cost of traction devices varies a lot. While the posture pumps are the expensive option, over-the-door traction is much more pocket-friendly. Being reasonable, you will see them at many houses. However, if you are searching for an effective solution, you may opt for a posture pump.

    Remember, whatever you invest will give you a long time service. To get an effective solution, you can opt for the best model at a high price. Nevertheless, if you want to stay within the budget, both over-the-door traction, and pneumatic neck traction device is the best option.

    • Consider the rate of result

    Another important thing that you must check before buying the traction device is what is the speed of the result. Some machines provide you with desired results in a short time. However, there are machines which you need to use regularly for a long time to get the desired result.

    Besides considering the other factors that are there, you must see how fast the result comes. Well, the posture pump gives you an effective result in a very short time. You don’t even have to go on using it for long. Nevertheless, an over-the-door traction device needs to be used regularly or at very frequent intervals for getting the same result.

    • Ease of setting up

    Some of the neck traction devices are easy to set up, while some need a lot of experiments before setting. While buying you must check the details of each type and see which is easy to set up. The posture pump, as well as the pneumatic neck traction device, are ready-to-use models that do not require any sort of assembling.

    However, an over-the-door traction device requires adjusting weight and assembling before use. It might happen that you will need the help of your physical therapist.

    • Consider the device’s portability

    If you are working in a sector where you need to travel immensely and need traction, you have to choose a portable model. A portable device will be easy to carry and you can get traction amidst your busy schedule. The pneumatic device and the posture pump are not only easy to set but also portable. You can take them with you anywhere.

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    On the other hand, over-the-door models are not portable as they need proper setup. Once they are set, you need to adjust the proper weight and get your traction. You can’t carry them here and there. Choose a model wisely if you have to travel a lot, and yet take traction.

    • Consider the mode of application

    While some neck traction devices can be used by sitting up, some need to be taken while lying down. You may have your preference and while buying you must consider that. Remember to choose the mode of application depending on your comfort. If you are not at all comfortable getting traction by sitting, take it by lying down. If your preference is sitting, you can get over-the-door traction.

    However, if you prefer to take traction by lying down, you must opt for the posture pump neck traction device. The pneumatic traction can be taken both by sitting and lying down. Choose the machine that will be ideal for you and easy to use in all circumstances.

    Check all these factors and then finalize the product you want to buy. Remember you need to buy such a model that will be flexible for you and you can utilize it to the fullest.

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    When to avoid neck traction device?

    Though the neck traction device is of great use during pain and helps you to heal fast, you must avoid this machine if you have the problems listed below. While curing yourself of one physical ailment you must be careful and conscious about the other problems you have. You can’t cure one condition by letting some other health issues arise or grow. You should follow the safety instructions and avoid neck traction device if you have:

    • Spinal hypermobility
    • Osteoporosis
    • Cervical instability
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • A recent injury or fracture in the neck
    • Post-surgery hardware like screws fitted in the neck
    • Tumor in the neck area (you know about)
    • Blockages in vertebral or carotid arteries
    • A bone infection

    The procedure of using a neck traction device

    The process of using traction devices is not universal. Various types of models have various procedures on which they work. While the mechanical traction device can only be operated by the hands of expert physical therapists, there are devices for your home too. You can use them on your own. Look at the process in which you can use them.

    • The procedure of using an over-the-door traction device

    Step one: Adjust the weight that you will pull on the one end of the rope. Keep it on one side of the door.

    Step two: Place the chair in which you are flexible on the opposite side of the door where you have kept the weight.

    Step three: Attach the harness to your neck and head and lean forward to pull up the weight and create tension.

    • The procedure of using the Pneumatic cervical traction device

    Step one: Place the neck cushion in a proper way around your neck. The cushion has foam which will make you feel cozy.

    Step two: Now adjust the crossed way strap across your forehead in a proper way. You can sit or lie down while getting this traction.

    Step three: Through the handle present, apply pressure which will pump up air to push your head up and shoulder down.

    • The procedure of using Posture pump traction

    Step one: Place the device under your head. You can take the traction by lying down.

    Step two: Using a posture pump is the most simple way of taking traction. The switch attached to the device needs to be pressed. It will exert pressure that will be applied to the neck and spinal posture as you lie down.

    Side effects of using a neck traction device

    There is a chance that you might be affected by the side effects of using a neck traction device. Though tractions are marked safe and effective still, the results are not the same for everyone. While some may not experience the side effects, some may do it at large. The side effects that you might experience after getting reactions are:

    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea

    However, you must remember that the treatment should always be painless. If you experience any kind of side effect, you must immediately consult your physical therapist or the doctor.

    Exercises to do while using a neck traction device

    You can do many exercises while using the neck traction device. However, you must carry on the exercises by understanding how much your body can take. You must also fix the time for exercise depending on how much your body can withstand. The exercises also vary upon the type of device you are using to get traction.


    If you are using an air neck traction device, you need to adjust it around your neck the fixing the straps. Once you have comfortably set it up, use it for 20 to 30 minutes by pumping it. You can easily do it several times throughout the day.

    As this exercise is easy, many people prefer this pneumatic device for getting traction. The biggest advantage of using this machine is that you can wear it during other activities.

    However, while using the over-the-door neck traction, you have to start by pulling 10 to 20 pounds of force, and later on, you can increase it depending on your capability to pull force. The pulling of weight from a suspended height is the primary exercise that you need to do. Determine which is the right amount of weight, you can take the help of your therapist.

    The time till which you need to pull and hold the weight is 10 to 20 seconds in the beginning. You must slowly release the weight after pulling. However, you can continue this process of pulling and releasing, up to 15 to 30 minutes at a stretch. If you have time, you can repeat it several times throughout the day.

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    For posture pump traction, you must warm-up before using the device. You can use a posture pump as you are lying down and taking a rest. It is very easy to use and gets traction. The exercise to do using this machine is also simple. To warm up you need to turn your head slowly in sideways and then in forwarding and backward motion.

    You also need to lean your neck in sideways. Repeating this whole exercise ten times is enough. Now attach the traction device to your head and tighten it around your forehead with pressure. Pump it using the switch and wait for ten seconds for the air to release. You can easily do it fifteen times at a stretch.

    Once you are done, take some rest for fifteen minutes and again repeat the process. However, be sure not to pump extra pressure which may be bad for you. As you take a rest, keep your head in a line with your spine so that it comes to a standing system. You can repeat the warmup exercise while getting up.

    Besides doing these exercises, you can also do stretching. Using resistant bands, and exercise balls are also good. You can opt for yoga also, as it is a great option to get relief from neck pain. You can ask your physiotherapist also to suggest you some freehand exercises.

    Does a neck traction device cure neck pain?

    Neck traction devices cure neck pain as well as tightness and tension. They are efficient in curing it. However, you need to take the traction repetitively for some time to let the pain decrease. While some health conditions cannot be cured wholly. Getting tractions will lessen the pain and give you the relief.

    Traction relieves the muscles such that there is flexibility and the stiffness decreases. However, if you are having neck pain after surgery, you must not take traction. Surgical hardware like screws and plates are fixed and if you take traction, they will be dislocated.

    Does the neck traction device really work?

    The traction devices work properly and help in curing your pain. They can also cure various other health conditions effectively. Both doctors and physical therapists recommend traction devices to be used at home. They are safe and easy to use. What you need is to follow the instructions and various rules abiding which you can get proper traction.

    Various types of traction devices are quite useful. Among the three types of devices that you can use at home, a posture pump is the most effective machine that can cure your pain. However, over-the-door being the conventional method of getting traction is also quite useful. The pneumatic device is also in trend as applying pressure in these devices is very easy.

    All you need to do is carry on proper exercises of getting traction to let it work. You must not forget to warm up before taking traction. The muscles start to free themselves slowly with the warmup. As you turn to the traction device thereafter, the muscles lose their stiffness easily when further pressure is applied. Once this process gets repeated regularly, your pain slowly decreases.

    How does the neck traction device work?

    Many health conditions are treated by the neck traction device. Though some chronic health conditions cannot be fully cured, and are managed by using traction devices. However, their working mechanism is very simple.

    They work either by pulling the muscles and joint structures surrounding it or by lessening the pressure in between the disks or compressed nerves. Creating such a condition externally relieves the person immediately from pain.

    The relief is a significant one that heals the disks. Even they improve the flow of oxygen and hydrate the affected area. The neck traction device also imitates the reaction machines used by the physiotherapists and gives the same effect.

    They pull the head away from the spine and neck so that the compression can be cured. The stretched head drops the pressure that slows down the advancement of the pain. At times they can also deter the arrival of the very first symptoms too.

    Is it possible to use a neck traction device alone?

    If you are worried about whether you can use traction device alone, well we can say you can. Your doctor and your physical therapist will also recommend the same. It is very easy to get neck traction alone. All you need to do is be careful about using the device and follow the steps properly. You must also remember to gradually increase the weight or pressure.

    Else, it will adversely affect your health. However, taking traction alone is not painful, but, you must be careful. You should attach the harness or fit the neck cushion properly. Besides that, you should ask your physical therapist to help you with the first setup. You will have a primary idea through that guidance and later on, use it alone.

    DIY neck traction device at home

    Well, you might not have a traction device at home, but you can get traction with a DIY neck traction device. The process is very simple and hassle-free. However, be careful while you do it. You don’t even require too much stuff to do it. Just a towel and proper concentration will help you get traction at home. Follow the steps to know-how:

    Step One: Take a towel of a proper length and place it around your back neck properly. Let the towel rest on your shoulder.

    Step Two: Use both your hands and stretch the towel forward. Use your right hand to hold the right end of the towel, and your left hand to hold the left end.

    Step Three: As you have held it forward and stretched, now with the move the stretched hands holding the towel upwards.

    Step Four: Exert proper pressure so that you feel a compression near the neck.

    That’s all! Making your DIY neck traction device is very easy. Just get a towel and you are ready. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mishap.

    Does the DIY neck traction device work?

    Yes! The DIY neck traction device works properly. However, you need to be very careful about the pressure you exert. The DIY traction is solely done with human hands and if extra pressure is exerted you might develop further neck pain. Nonetheless, if you do it slowly and steadily with proper concentration, the DIY method surely works.



    Here is all that you need to know about a neck traction device. There are a few variants of it with separate working methods. You can get them from the store and use them at home to cure your pain. Do take the advice of your doctor and physical therapist before purchasing so that they can guide you regarding which one is suitable for you!


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