Bernie Taupin Net Worth – 5 Reasons to Love Him!

    Bernie Taupin is one of the popular personalities in the music industry. He is multi-talented. He plays all his roles of being a singer, composer, and lyricist successfully. The reasons are in multitude why Bernie Taupin net worth is in millions. However, he gained enough fame after collaborating with one of the legendary singers Elton John. Apart from being a singer, he is very passionate about art. He used to spend his leisure hours drawing.

    Few of his art was also shown in the famous art galleries of North America. According to the latest reports, by 2021, Bernie Taupin net worth is estimated to be $160 million. However, the primary source of his income is from the different songs written by him. The song proved to be a massive hit as soon as it was released. His song has sold 300+ million copies, still being counted. Bernie’s painting skills are excellent, too, rather than music. Since then, his artworks have been sold at high rates in popular galleries. Well, Artwork does contribute a lot to Bernie Taupin Net Worth.

    His net worth has comparatively increased more due to his skills. Currently, he resides in a mansion whose value is worth $4.7 million. Thus he lives in complete luxury as well as comfortably. Well, Bernie Taupin Net Worth is not limited to $4.7mn. It goes way beyond one can imagine.

    Bernie Taupin Net Worth

    #1. Epitome of multi-tasker

    Bernie Taupin net worth is around $200 million; his primary source of income comes from his proficient singing skills, poetic skill, lyricism, and songwriting. He mostly wrote umpteenth songs by collaborating with the versatile figure, Elton John. Bernie wrote most of the remarkable hits by Elton John. However, Bernie met John first in 1967 during the question & answer session of the ad, which was in search of new songwriters. Although John possessed the ability to write incredible songs, some of his flaws were covered by Taupin, which is why their collaboration became a massive hit. Well, this is not all; in the following article, you will get to know about many more factors that contribute to Bernie Taupin Net Worth.

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    Their collaboration took both of their careers very forward, through which they gained massive success. One of the proofs of their recognition is that both John and Taupin were inducted into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame in the year 1992.

    He has also been portrayed as a lyrical translator of different fantasies, moods, and memories of John Elton. Although he wasn’t gay, he still possessed the ability to write about Elton’s wide range of emotions for decades, irrespective of him being in or out of the closet.

    One of his songs, “Don’t Go Breakin My Heart,” which was originally written by him, became the most prominent single duo in Europe, but Bernie isn’t much of an admirer of his song. It is rumored that after writing one of his songs, “Your Song,” on a piece of paper, he straight up went for brushing his teeth.

    Elton had finished writing the whole song by the time Taupin came back. This song proved to be a massive hit in the United States. Bernie regards his relationship with Elton as a “non-sexual love affair.” Multi-tasking has been a great contribution to Bernie Taupin Net Worth.

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    #2. Outstanding Performer

    One of his albums, Taupin, is made against the impromptu background, and his early poems depict that. In 1971 he recited this poem. The music included in the poem was played by some of the experienced members of Elton’s band, Caleb Quaye and Davey Johnstone.

    In southern Lincolnshire, he wrote a poem titled ‘Child,’ portraying his early childhood times. ‘The Greatest Discovery’ was one of his first poems, which gives us insights about his birth time from the perspective of Tony, who is his older brother. The music was set by Elton, including the eponymous second album of Elton John.

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    Taupin has also curated poems about his initial childhood homes, such as Flatters and Rowston Manor. He also wrote a few poems about the relationship equation with his dear grandfather and his brother. There are many reasons why Bernie Taupin’s net worth is around $200 million. In 1980 his first album, ‘He Who Rides the Tiger,’ was recorded as a singer. However, the album wasn’t that successful. In the interviews regarding the context of the failure of his first album, he said he didn’t apply much of his creative bent in the song.

    ‘Tribe,’ another of his albums, was recorded by him in 1987. Along with Martin Page and others, the song was co-written. His two singles were popular “Friend of the Flag” and “Citizen Jane.” Rene Russo, who is the sibling of Toni, made an appearance in both the singles.

    Farm Dogs is one of the bands formed by Taupin in 1996. Both the albums produced by the band were successful; the lyrics were written by the legend Taupin while the music was composed by the band members. The band kept releasing albums after albums full of both successful and unsuccessful songs. Well, the band’s early success has added up to the initial phase of Bernie Taupin Net Worth.

    #3. Major investments in Real Estate

    Taupin sold a ranch for $4.7 million in 2017 in the Santa Ynez Valley. Originally this 30-acre huge ranch was bought several decades prior, and in 2016, he sold it for $5.95 million. However, he didn’t get any buyers for it, so he had to cut down the price. The main house consists of five bedrooms as well as there are equal spaces for different studios and an office. Bernie loves horses, so his home also includes stables as well as an arena. Even though he loves riding horses, the recent report came that he has left riding on horses.

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    His residence also includes a pool, a pizza oven, a pond as well as outdoor rings. David Ackles is a popular singer and a songwriter also produced by Taupin. Although it was released in 1972, it failed to attract a lot of sales. In the US and UK, the music critics highly acclaimed the album. The band has worked on four albums, all of which were recorded in England and not in the U.S. Taupin got acquainted with Ackles after selecting Ackles as co-headliner for the act of Elton John in 1970 in Los Angeles at the Troubadour. Well, after the credit crisis of 2008, real estate shows a great boom in the market and has contributed pretty well to Bernie Taupin Net Worth.

    Taupin is regarded as one of the reasons behind the selection of American Gothic by the writers as well as editors for including in the book titled, “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”. Due to strong determination, Bernie Taupin net worth is touching millions. Gary Bernstein, who is one of the famous photographers, collaborated with him for the Book Burning Cold. In the late 1980s as well as early 1990s, famous French American musician Josquin Des Pres collaborated with him on around 13 songs in the collection, which has not only been performed but was also recorded by famous artists worldwide.

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    #4. Strong Family background

    Taupin was born and brought up in Sleaford Lincolnshire of England. He spent most of his childhood time in a farmhouse. There was no facility for electricity there. He was of French descent. Although after some time, he shifted to another farmhouse where he had access to electricity and his family. He had two siblings, and he somehow knew that he was not commendable academically in comparison to his siblings. Although from a very young age, his creativity was admirable. He started working as a trainee from the age of 15 at a local newspaper.

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    Although he did the job for a short period, he used to travel with his friends to several dances, and he was an efficient player of snooker. He was quite hardworking, and Bernie Taupin net worth is quite high. Throughout his life, Bernie has been married four times. He hasn’t been quite lucky in this phase. He got married for the first time in 1971 to Maxine Feibelman. The divorce between them took place in 1976, and his nostalgia was in many of his songs.

    He again got remarried to Toni Lynn Russo in 1979. His wife was the sister of a famous actress, Rene Russo. In 1991 the couple separated. In 1993 the marriage between Taupin and Stephanie Haymes Roven took place; she was the daughter of fame Dick Haymes as well as Fran Jeffries. His marriage life has been quite brewed up in controversy.

    #5. Non-musical projects

    Taupin made the collection of all lyrics and made a book out of it through his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and the name of his book was ” Bernie Taupin: The One Who Writes the Words for Elton John.” The books also constitute different lyrics of single B-sides as well as the spoken word album of his during 1970.

    The songs are played by different mates, artists as well as some of the celebrity guests like Joni Mitchell as well as John Lennon. The color of the book was black as well as white rather than the cover. The collaboration of it with photographer David Nutter in 1977 for the addition of some texts and to help out chronicle, Elton’s a year longer Louder Than Concorde Tour.

    Bernie Taupin Net Worth

    Penguin Books published both hard as well as softcover editions of the book. The book is the collection of Taupin’s share of adventures as well as some of his precious memories of Elton, including the band as well as some different things. There is a multitude of reasons why Bernie Taupin net worth is attractive. In 1978 he also made appearances in the most-watched episode of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, “The Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Meet Dracula.” The singer of it was Shaun Cassidy.

    A Cradle of Haloes: Sketches of a Childhood which was the autobiography of Taupin, was published in 1988. Although the release of the book only took place in the U.K. The book speaks of different childhood fantasies of him during the 1950s and 1960s, and the ending is done in 1969 after he left for London on the train to pursue his dream.

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    Well, if we look into Bernie Taupin Net Worth, it goes completely opposite to what happened in his childhood or the way he spent his childhood. His hard work and dedication have helped him achieve the Bernie Taupin Net Worth that he is well known for.

    Bernie Taupin Net Worth – FAQs

    Q1. How did both John Elton as well as Bernie Taupin split royalties?

    A: John Elton and Bernie Taupin enjoy a fair share of royalty. Since one of the industries performs the music such as different chords, melody as well as arrangements, and other industries do the work of writing lyrics which has an equal weightage of 50%. Since most of the music work was done by Elton and the lyrics were written by Bernie, so they both split it into 50-50.

    Q2. Are Elton John and Bernie Taupin still good friends?

    A: Both of them had worked with each other for more than 50+ years, and Bernie considers Elton not lesser than his own family. In the recent interview, Taupin spoke about how deeply they connect whenever they get together, just like any couple who are best of friends.

    Q3. Did Taupin write for other artists?

    A: Bernie Taupin, who is a proficient English poet, singer as well as lyricist, works with several artists except for John Elton. He has written innumerable lyrics for the songs of Elton. Over several years he has curated songs for different artists such as Richie Sambora, Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart, Melissa Manchester, Heart as well as Starship.

    Q4. When did Bernie Taupin Net Worth and Elton’s Net Worth split?

    A: After the pair released their albums titled Blue Moves in 1976, they both split their ways, and their partnership stuck for less than a decade. The split took place after Taupin took divorce from his first wife, Maxine Feibleman, which lasted only for five years. However, they both are still good friends.

    Q5. Which song was written by Taupin in the memory of his first wife?

    A: As per the reports, the song titled ‘Tiny Dancer’ was written by Taupin, which speaks about his first wife, Maxine Feibelmann. According to the reports his first wife had been a seamstress for the band. The song also ended with the nostalgic phrase, “With love to Maxine.”


    In the history of the trendiest music, Bernie Taupin’s name is taken as one of the most prolific as well as highly successful songwriters who has curated innumerable songs. He is one of the faithful lyricists of Elton John. Bernie Taupin net worth touches around $200 million.

    He has been pouring words for one of the music’s versatile showmen for over a century, John Elton. The collaboration of the duo has often been proved as a massive hit. Both Taupin, as well as John have made over 35+ gold as well as 25+ platinum albums which have sold approximately 255 million records around the world.

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    Their songs have always made a place in the U.S. Top 40 hits. Most of the songs have been the biggest selling singles of all time. Singles such as Candle in the Wind’ 97 have sold over 33 million copies. Moreover, Taupin has always been a performer. He performed various spoken poems, which have been applauded by the audiences.

    Taupin’s creative side has always been very commendable since childhood. He was quite average in academics, and most importantly, he was aware of it. But through his creative approach, he did wonders and made him one of the most well-known lyricists, poets, and songwriters worldwide.


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