Steelo Brim Net Worth – Bio And 5 Interesting Facts

    steelo brim net worth

    Steelo Brim net worth comes from producing and co-hosting MTV’s Ridiculousness TV series. The most successfully running series from 2011 to 2021 has given Steelo fame, wealth, and success. He is known for observing incidents in the funny videos on the show, which most miss out to see. His insights are sharp and funny. He brings a unique flavor to the show.

    An American actor, comedian, and TV personality, the long-running show has been his claim to success. The format of the show is what you would do with your friends watching funny videos. He brings those quirks to the global audience with unique and funny insights and observations about the video. Steelo Brim net worth comes from humor and hosting shows.

    Name Sterling Brim
    D.O.B, Age 5 June 1988, 33
    Profession Comedian, TV Personality
    Net Worth $4 million
    Married Dating Cona Walker

    Steelo Brim Net Worth

    steelo brim net worth

    When you watch all the shows and podcasts Steelo chooses to do, you wonder if he is ever willing to come out of the infantile teenage syndrome that is passé, démodé, and obnoxious. Steelo Brim net worth is not from sponsorship but from TV shows alone.

    MTV Ridiculousness might have been a fresh concept more than a decade ago. Clip shows are funny. But wasn’t ABC’s America’s Funniest Videos funnier than Ridiculousness? The Wine and Weed Podcast is bad taste. There is sleaze, loathsome content, and no thoughts to ponder for the audience if you are doing a podcast talking about various things in the world.

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    You wouldn’t watch as a teen either, because it has nothing to offer other than content in bad taste. It makes me wonder why did Harper’s Bazar, of all the fashion magazine, choose to interview Steelo of all the people about what he eat in a day? I see no gumption; it probably dropped the standards of the top-ranking fashion magazine a couple of notches down doing that video.

    What does Steelo eats in a day? He clearly is clueless about what to eat and has no idea about healthy eating or eating per se. It was such a bad idea of Harper’s Bazar to choose him to ask about what he eats.

    Steelo Brim has done very few content-based shows. His USP seems to be risque with no humor anymore. Talking of risque, you would still enjoy watching the Hangover franchise. There is nothing wrong with risque as long as you can make even the most straight-laced button-down people laugh. If you can make anyone laugh at risque without offending them, you are probably skilled enough in your craft.

    Steelo got everything he could dream of with the longest-running TV show, Ridiculousness. Now when you watch the same show in 2021, there is no fresh content or anything that could make you chuckle. Steelo Brim net worth is millions which the comedian and TV personality has made doing talk shows.

    But Steelo has managed to make a few million with that down-grade category of risque content he chooses to create for most of the shows. He doesn’t want to try something new or explore a better genre of humor; too bad! His image of a ‘boy from the hood’ is getting wearisome. He has not touched the standards of the Wayan Brothers either to make the ‘boy from the hood’ image interesting.

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    Early And Personal Life

    steelo brim net worth

    Steelo was born to Tracy and Frank Brim in Chicago, Illinois. His mother is a pastor, and his father worked in the Fire department. He has two brothers and a sister. Steelo was born in Chicago, Illinois. He once dated an adult star and landed in controversy, which led to their separation.

    Steelo attended the Young Magnet High School in Chicago. He graduated from Morgan State University in Baltimore. He keeps his personal life low-key. Steelo is engaged to fashion designer Cona Walker.

    Filmography And Television

    steelo brim net worth

    Steelo started his career as a child artist starring in the feature film Hardball in 2001. Steelo started doing television shows with co-host Rob Dyrdek with Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory from 2009-2011. From 2011 the duo co-hosted and co-produced the longest- running show MTV Ridiculousness. Steelo has done a handful of short-films.

    Things You Didn’t Know About Steelo

    • Steelo went to L.A at the age of 19, to pursue a career in music and failed.
    • He once begged his fans to find his dogs online because he thought they were stolen from his home.
    • He likes playing baseball.
    • His father started a baseball team in Chicago when he was young.
    • He was rumored to have a relationship with his co-host from Ridiculousness, Chanel West Coast.


    Steelo Brim net worth comes from co-hosting and producing TV shows and podcasts. He is known for his risque humor. Steelo has done very few shows and has millions of fans. He lives a simple life doing talk shows with humor and varied content on his talk shows. He has been popularized with MTV’s Ridiculousness TV series.

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