9 Important Info on Pitbull Lab Mix- Complete Breed Guide

    Pitbull Lab Mix- All You Needed To Know!

    The pitbull lab mix is a crossbreed between two popular breeds- The loyal American bull terrier and the affectionate labrador retriever. This fascinating breed has so many names as people love them. This enigmatic crossbreed is also known as Pitador, Labrabull, Bullador, and even pitador retriever, you might have never heard these names but they do exist.

    If you are planning to get this dog, this is the best choice you could make. They are smart, intelligent, loyal, and a powerhouse of energy. Not to forget, they love to please their owners.

    This article discovers all the necessary points on pitbull lab mix breed. Keep reading to get a complete guide of your new member.

    Pitbull Lab Mix- Complete Guide

    Pitbull Lab Mix
    love your dog

    As these dogs are a cross between Labrador and pitbull, their features are also a mix of these two loving breeds, let’s find out the nitty-gritty details

    1. Origins Of Pitbull Lab Mix

    Labradors are the most popular breed of dogs in the UK and the US. The ancestors of these dogs were from Canada, where they were spotted for the first time in the 18th century. They were used to help fishermen as loyal companions. Initially, they were bred to become hunting dogs but later on shifted their reputation to become family dogs. They are friendly, loyal, intelligent, and always eager to please their family. They can get along with all the people irrespective of age group. they also share a great bond with other dogs.

    The American pit bull terrier was bred in the 19th century to take part in dogfighting. They have a history of being aggressive dogs and a bad reputation due to their ancestors which is clearly not true for this breed. the strong ad tenacious terriers were bred along with the larger canines. They were also used as guard dogs for a pretty long time.

    Sadly their reputation of being aggressive retain till this day also. However, this shouldn’t ignore the facts that these dogs are protective and extremely loyal towards the owner. You can trust them blindly with young children. They are dominant pets but once proper training is given, they can overcome their dominant side to become loving pets with all other animals.

    2. Pitbull Lab Mixes- what are they like?

    The pitbull lab mix is a strong muscular breed. They are highly energetic and have an agile demeanor. They can either have characteristics of both parent brees or one itself. On average, you can expect a pitbull lax mix to range from 17 to 25 inches in height and 45 to 90 lbs in weight.

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    Their head is quite broader than the retrievers but slightly smaller than a pitbull in width. They have long pointed ears and a longer muzzle.

    Just like their parent breeds, these dogs have a short-haired coats. They are available in colorful coats with different variations. Different colors include brindle, cream, chocolate, golden, white, and black.

    3. Temperament

    They are known for being energetic, intelligent, and highly affectionate. They are extremely friendly and you can easily trust them with kids without thinking twice. They also get along pretty well with other animals as well.

    They love playing outside, this is a typical characteristic of a pitbull lab mix. Know that it is completely natural for a pitbull lab mix to crave your attention or crave other family members’ attention. They being the center of attention all the time and getting praises from others.

    Also, to clear the beliefs of some people, pitbull lab mix is not an aggressive breed unless it is provoked to do so. All the dogs tend to become aggressive when they are not taken care of. They love playing and exploring places outsides. They are normally very calm and fun-loving.

    They rarely cause a commotion as they are one of the most well-behaved dogs out there. Until they notice someone invading your house, they do not bark. They may bark to alert you if strangers are lurking around. Otherwise, they lie to remain calm and keep their cool. They can become the perfect bodyguard and watchdogs for your home.

    4. Exercise

    They should follow a regular workout regimen to complete their day with joy. These dogs are highly energetic so they require a lot of time for playing and must have a good workout with daily walks to keep them fit physically and mentally. Metal stimulation is crucial for a pitbull lab mix.

    A pitbull lab mix needs at least 30 minutes of exercise vigorously along with 1 or 2 hours of activity daily basis. This dog also needs fresh air so they form a perfect companion for people who love being outdoors.

    You can also take them along for jogging or a bicycle ride so that they get tired. They love playing tug of war and fetch, so you must take them occasionally to dog parks too.

    Know that a pitbull lab mix has a lot of energy and if you do not help them channel that energy properly, they might become highly destructive and lead to aggressive behavior. Make sure you are using a leash when taking them for a walk. They have a high prey drive due to their genes from the labrador retriever.

    A pitbull lab mix just cannot resist chasing small animals for fun like squirrels, so you must take a leash otherwise you will have to spend an entire day chasing these dogs.

    If you are planning to stay out for too long or your work ethic makes you do so, you shouldn’t go for a pitbull lab mix. They do not act very pleased and stressed out when left alone. If you do so you will frequently hear unpleasant events at your house. They become stressed and unhappy which makes them slightly aggressive and out of control.

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    5. Is There Training Easy For Pitbull Lab Mix?

    You should start their training at a very young age. training at a young age can be proven to be a great experience for these dogs and their owners too. They are incredibly obedient and smart, you will be highly pleased with the results you receive with few training sessions.

    Pitbull lax mix-breeds are very eager to learn new things so you do not have to worry about their training as they are always willing to take challenges. They respond really well to positive reinforcement. This involves praising your dog for good behavior and rewarding them. Know that punishing your dog or yelling at them will not result in good outcomes. It may also lead to aggressive behavior later on as they will always be scared of you.

    Punishing them may also lead to biting under some circumstances as they feel threatened. In such cases, the dog does not know how to behave and express their discomfort.

    6. Potential Health Issues


    A pitbull lab mix may inherit joint problems and diseases from the parents. This is because the larger dogs are more at risk of being affected by joint problems like hip dysplasia. Some other diseases include epilepsy and hypothyroidism in the pup. When you get in contact with the breeder, make sure you discuss heart, eye, and ear problems with the dog before bringing them to your house.

    When you purchase a pitbull lab mix from a certified and reputed breeder, the chances of a dog being affected with health problems reduce highly. Parents of pitbull lab mix should also undergo testings to make sure they are completely fine and do not pass any genetic diseases to the offspring.

    Ask the breeder to provide you with the health clearances of both his parents before purchasing. Note that the parents should have excellent elbow hip scores. They should clear all the eye tests and clear for PRA in terms of genetic testing. They should also be free of any skin condition.

    The right breeders do not generally have any issue with showing you all these health appears and visiting their kennel. They are also pleased to show you the parents of the puppy because they follow ethical means of breeding and have a safe environment for the pups.

    A pitbull lab mix has a lifespan of 10 years to 14 years if they are genetically fit for all the diseases.

    7. Grooming For Pitbull Lab Mix

    Grooming is certainly not a difficult task when it comes to a pitbull lab mix because they do not shed much like other breeds. You can brush their hair once a week to keep its fur smooth and shiny. If your dog has a denser coat, you can brush their hair daily. It helps to strengthen the bond between you two and keep them looking shiny as ever.

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    These dogs are highly susceptible to skin conditions and allergies so using dry shampoo can be perfect to prevent stripping of their coat’s natural oils.

    Your pitbull lab mix also needs proper dental care to prevent plaque deposition and other oral infections. If you wish to adopt these cute puppies, you need to brush their teeth every day so that they get used to this routine and do not hesitate.

    They require only a moderate amount of care so you do not have to worry about going to a professional groomer every month or so.

    8. Feeding A Pitbull Lab Mix

    Puppies of Pitbull lax mix are just like the human babies-they tend to grow quickly and need a lot of nutrients to fuel their fast growth. You must have a plan to feed them from the first month itself till they reach the age of 1 year so that they can grow well. Stuff their food with a lot of nutrients so they can grow healthy and strong.

    Feed your puppy milk nearly 4 times a day for the first few months along with soft food items. As they reach one year, the frequency of their meals also reduces. They can be given 2 and a half to three cups of dried dog food daily. They might also like oily fish because it helps maintain the dazzling shine of their beautiful coats.

    They can feed easily on various food items like meat, broccoli, bananas, and carrots. You can give them cashews and peanuts occasionally. feeding them a variety of food can be effective for their overall well-being and good growth in the first few years.

    9. Price

    These dogs are your forever best friends! The cost of a pitbull lab mix may range from 500 dollars to 1500 dollars. You can easily find these puppies in Puppyfind, Lancaster puppies, and Greenfield puppies, You can also adapt them to give a perfect home and love to the deserted or left behind dogs by their owners.

    The cost of adoption of a pitbull lab mix is comparatively lower and inclusive of shelter expenses, adoption fees, and dog license fees.

    Is It Best To House A Pitbull Lax Mix?


    There are always pros and cons of housing dogs of any breeds out there. These dogs are intelligent and extremely loyal to their owner. They are always ready for good playtime. They are easy to maintain and do not require much grooming.

    They might not be the ideal dogs for you if you live in an apartment as they love exploring the outdoors and roaming around. They require free and open space to live and roam around for exercise.

    These dogs have strong hunting instincts and are more prone to chase animals that are quite smaller like rodents. They are easy to train and love taking on new challenges to please the owners.

    Know that they are extremely attached to their owners. They are most likely to bring pleasure and joy to whichever family they live in. Try to adopt a pitbull lab mix instead of buying them as it provides a home to the lost one.

    If you feel like adopting a pitbull lab mix, make sure you visit a reputed and certified breeder for the cause.

    This was all you needed to know about pitbull lab mix- an amazing breed to add to your family.


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