Complete Guide On Red Nose Pitbull- 10 Important Details To Pay Attention

    Red Nose Pitbull- Your Complete Guide Before Housing The Dog!

    Are you planning on welcoming a red nose pitbull? These affectionate and incredibly loving pups are worth housing as they will put a smile on your face as soon as they come. Here is all you need to know about the red nose pitbull.

    The red nose pitbull is often referred to as a breed of its own however it just a red nose, red-coated variety of American pit bull terrier (APBT). They come in a different range of colors. Those American Pitbull are often referred specifically to as such.

    Their prices can be a bit higher than usual the reason being their beautiful coloring. This is especially true for the dogs that belong to champion lines bred for many years.

    First, we must have a look at some history and facts about APBT. Then we would examine some specifics around the red nose including their exercise, training, prices, and many more details. Have a look at your wonderful choice.

    Red Nose Pitbull- Complete Breed Guide

    red nose pitbull

    Here are 10 important details you have to know about the red nose pitbull.

    1. History

    The standard American pit bull terrier dog has its roots in the 19th century in England. Mostly all the powerful breeds you come across are from this place as they were developed previously to keep the unruly livestock and bulls under control. In those days, the dogs also took part in bull baiting.

    Dogfighting became popular in mid 19th century, unfortunately. These powerful breeds were developed more to fight with strength and show their aggressive nature. It is often said that in those days, the Staffordshire bull terrier and American bull terrier were considered to be the same breed.

    In the year 1930, the American Kennel Club worked hard on distracting these dogs against the reputation they held previously. They wanted the dogs to be a friendly companion for humans rather than fighting dogs. Red nose pitbull is officially recognized as an official breed by Continental Kennel Club and United Kennel Club, however, the American Kennel Club still has not recognized them to be separate breeds.

    Red Nose Pitbull is also known as the name “old family red nose” of the ABPT. It is another line of dogs that came from Ireland back in the late 19th century. They are popular for their unique coat and color along with their eager spirit.

    2. Red Nose Pitbull Reputation

    This dog is the 2nd most rare color combination present till now. More are colors other than this are merle and white Pitbulls. They were bred previously due to their first attitudes. This suggests that they were initially bred as fighting dogs. Both the blue pitbull and red nose Pitbulls are extremely sought-after dogs.

    Due to the persistence of their recessive genes, they are quite more expensive than other dogs like standard pitbull terriers and blue nose pit bulls. This is especially seen when you take them from a reputed breeder who provides pure variants, unlike many unethical breeders. You will notice a variety of variants of pit bulls with them.

    You can easily identify the red nose pitbull. A true Red Nose Pitbull has a red coat with a similar coppery colored red nose. Their eyes are generally amber or red matching their full-on red coat and nose. This color combination is quite striking as it seems. These features distinguish the dog from other breeds and variants.

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    You should know that some white is permissible in their red coats but usually the less white the better.

    3. Weight, Size, And Color

    Like all other pit bull terriers, a red nose pitbull may also vary slightly in its size. These totally depend upon the sex and lines through the years. They are classed typically as medium-sized dogs. You can estimate and expect the weight of a stand red nose pitbull to be anywhere near 30 to 60 pounds or in between. These dogs are densely muscular. They do not grow much over 20 inches to the withers.

    They have a red nose, red nails, and a striking red coat. Their coat sometimes has traces of white but it is barely seen. Most people prefer buying pure breeds instead of the dogs having the slightest of whites.

    4. Personality Of A Red Nose Pitbull

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    The personality of the dog plays a key role in the adoption and housing of any dog for dog owners around the globe. It is always crucial to recognize that the dogs are individuals first. Early and ongoing socialization and training is always the key to shaping a dog and receives vital importance in shaping their environment too. Certain unique traits are mostly seen in pure breeds themselves.

    These unique characteristics are seen in all American pit bull terriers. These breeders are often estimated to be highly devotional towards their families and known for being extremely loving and sociable with people. They often enjoy being showered with attention, love, and affection same as other dogs.

    They are highly energetic and love being active by playing. They are naturally curious and often adaptable to circumstances and environments. They love going on adventures with their family. If you have taken a close look at their history, you can figure out that these dogs have a high prey drive. They tend to run around chasing small furries and are distracted easily after spotting one.

    Depending upon the genetic lines they are from and upbringing provided, some red noses can be quite reactive towards other dogs in general. Sometimes all they wish to be is a single dog in the household without canine companions. If you have other dogs in the house, you may have to be a little cautious and need careful introductions with other members and pets.

    If you are planning to get a guard dog after seeing their reputation, you might think again as it would be sure[rising to more than they are alert and courageous. They will defend your family ferociously if they feel my sort of trouble. They generally love humans so they may even greet them with a lock on their face and their cute waggy tails.

    5. What To Expect As A Family Pet

    The red nose pitbull can make a wonderful family pet given that it is socialized early. They adore families including small children. Although, you might have to reconsider your opinion on adopting a red nose pitbull if you already have pet dogs in your home. They are good at training too.

    It is important to note that the puppies can be quite more aggressive than the dogs. This is really common when it comes to pit bulls. However, many Pitbulls are highly sociable and placid with dogs.

    You need to take special care while introducing them to other dogs and breeds. If you haven’t still introduced them properly or doubt their behavior with other dogs, make sure you leash them if you are out for some time. You would have to take a few responsibilities too while adopting a red nose pitbull.

    Most Pitbulls are highly affectionate and extraordinarily tolerant towards kids but you need to ensure that your kids are respectful too towards the dog and they know how to interact. Bad interactions can make them aggressive and difficult to take care of.

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    6. Exercise Needs

    These dogs tend to have high energies than most other toy breeds and standard dogs. They have more requirements for exercising as compared to other breeds. If they do not receive the needed stimulation and exercises, they can become more prone to doing something for their own entertainment, this might seem fun to them but can be destructive for your house. This mainly equates the dog to be more destructive

    Given the strength and power of their jaws, their entertainment can seem a bit too much for your home as it results in damage. Just look at your favorite sofa chair, it might get bitten into pieces. These dogs have always been the working ones so you will have to keep them busy and well-fueled to complete the challenges thrown at them. Try to take them for a walk or jog at least once or twice a day.

    When you do not pay attention to their exercise, they can become stressed, hyperactive, and mischievous even if you do not wish them to be. After all, they need someplace to exhaust all the energy they have.

    usually, a red nose pitbull should reside in active homes where they are taken twice a day for jogs and walks. They tend to have a lot of stamina so you can take them for a good hike or other activities that need a lot of energy.

    It is also important to note that there are many things to keep your dog mentally stimulated around the home too. Their desire to chew can be troublesome, so make sure you give them extremely tough toys to do their thing.

    7. Health And Nutrition


    Generally speaking, the red nose pitbull has very few issues when we consider most pure breeds. This is generally a healthy dog. You will still have to keep an eye on basic health issues as they grow up like other breeds.

    They are less likely to encounter health issues as compared to another coloring of the same breed. There are some reported cases where the dog develops skin allergies due to sensitive skin, but getting a good natural shampoo can help avoid such issues.

    Nutritionally, you do not have to worry about giving them additional nutrition. They need the same nutrition as other pit bull terriers. You will still have to look for the right food to feed your dog. Remember that as the dog age, the food requirements also change a bit, so be mindful of those. These things will help your red nose pitbull to stay in a good health and maximize their lifespan as well.

    8. Training

    Early socialization and training are highly necessary for any dog. The same goes for this adorable pit bull breed. This is especially important to think about their strong genetic propensity and general aggression. You can always begin with crate training but make sure you go for crates that are good for their size if you are planning to incorporate crate training.

    Early and ongoing socialization is the key to good behavior for your dog. While you should not overwhelm them but careful and positive expose of your dog to other dogs, pets, and people nearly can be highly important in shaping your dog. It also helps them adjust to the environment. They will be showing a considerable effect on your dog’s personality too. Note that Pitbulls are highly intelligent and eager to please their owners. This started that with consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement you will see greater results with them. Also, try to incorporate rewarded basis training for them.

    Be careful about using forceful techniques with your dog. It has been proven scientifically that force-free and positive methods work really well in dog training rather than forceful ones. Forcing your puppy or dog to do something instigates pain and fear inside them. This can also mess up with the bond you two share and break trust. If your dog grows out of patience and becomes fearful, they tend to act negatively towards training and become destructive. They can also bite you in their defense and with the sharp and strong jaws they have, it can be devastating for you.

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    This breed has legislation in some states. You might want to put them on a leash and wear a muzzle when taking them out in public. During the training sessions, you can also teach them to wear the muzzle properly. This will save a lot of time and stress for you and the dog.

    It is also necessary that you have mastered leash walking skills. Leash training a puppy is crucial as they are highly active dogs and need to be taken out daily for walks outside.

    9. Prices

    When you are buying a dog or a puppy, be it any puppy, make sure you are buying them from a reputed and reasonable breeder. You should look for breeders that perform all the appropriate health screenings of the dog’s parents to know that they are healthy. The breeder should allow you to meet the puppy in the environment they are living in, also they shouldn’t separate the puppy from its mum until it turned a few weeks old. Whenever you go to visit, ask for health papers and to show the puppy with both parents.

    You can expect a typical red nose pitbull to be around 1000 dollars. It would not cost you less than 1000 USD when taken from a reputed breeder. If you visit a breeder and they advertise the puppy to be less than this amount, make sure you complete your research on that breeder.

    The breeder should also pay attention and focus on their temperament. This breed due to its history is often prompted to fighting, good breeders often choose those that have less reactive personalities. Do not forget that the breeders should also socialize the puppy early before you ring them home and work on their training and socialization further.

    10. Rescues And Shelter Homes

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    Given their highly aggressive reputation, it is unfortunate to more that these dogs are often chosen by some wrong owners. If they are not showing their fighting skills or they are taken to just fight without showing love, they are often abandoned by their owners. Some dogs are also treated cruelly. You will find an abundance of red nose pitbull or other pitbull terriers across many shelter homes in the country.

    Also, due to the reputation they hold, they cannot get a proper place to stay. Even when they are put in shelters, people often ignore them due to their history and unfortunate reputation. They often make the best and most wonderful family pets but no one realizes that.

    Adopting a dog from shelter homes instead of getting them from breeders is a worthwhile and rewarding exercise. This has its own benefits, you will get a dog who already knows much about the home environment. You will not have to spend time on their pieces of training.

    If you have always thought of getting a red nose pitbull or someone else who has dreamt of having this wonderful dog, you should not pay attention to their earlier reputation. If you have gone through this piece of article, you will be able to dispel most of the unfair myths regarding Pitbulls. This is a highly amazing dog any family could ask for.

    One thing you should know that a red nose pitbull is not recommended for you if you are a first-time dog owner. You should be completely committed while adopting them as they need a lot of mental stimulation ad exercise, unlike some other breeds. You will have to put some extra effort and time into this dog, so be mindful before buying a red nose pitbull or adopting them.

    This was everything on red nose pitbull.



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