How To Pin A Comment On Instagram Easily

    A few days ago, Instagram carried out a new feature named pin comment for everybody, but in order to use it, you have to know the process of how to pin a comment on Instagram. This component permits Instagram clients to stick their better comments to the highest point of their posts. At the point when you pin somebody’s remark, it shows up at the beginning of the remarks segment.

    This is, to be sure, an extraordinary method to feature the best and most captivating remarks made by individuals on your Instagram post. Actually, like Instagram, one can pin apparently better comments on YouTube recordings too. Essentially, you can also pin a discussion to Snapchat and messages to Facebook-claimed WhatsApp.

    People are still curious if they can pin their own comments on Instagram or know the methods of how to pin a comment on Instagram because that would be very helpful, like YouTube. If you are curious too, then you will get your answers here for both how to pin a comment on Instagram and if you can pin your own comment.

    Would you be able to pin your own comment on an Instagram post?

    While this pin feature of Instagram proved to be useful, however, there is a trick. In contrast to YouTube, you will not be able to pin your own posted comment to an Instagram post made by you. Instagram just permits you to stick others’ comments on top, so they generally stay at the highest point of the remark string on your posts. All things considered, it is feasible to pin a comment posted by you on Instagram Live.

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    Lamentably, there is no way around to pin the comment posted by you on your own Instagram post. There is also no workaround to get this working. However, only pinning other’s comments can be helpful too. Here we are going to tell you how you can use this Instagram comment pin feature for your profit.

    how to pin a comment on Instagram

    Instructions to use Instagram pinned comments for your strategy

    Before learning something, everyone should know about usage, so, we are going to tell you how to use the Instagram pin comment feature for your profit, first before telling you how to pin comments on Instagram. The alternative of pin comment on Instagram posts can come in helpful in light of the fact that this way, brands can show what they need when an individual shows up interestingly at any of their posts.

    Here are three instances of how you can utilize Instagram pinned comments in an essential manner.

    1. Use it to answer frequently asked questions – At the point when a client as often as possible poses a similar inquiry, answer and afterward anchor that individual’s inquiry. Thusly, when somebody has a similar inquiry, the main thing they will see will be your answer, and they will presently don’t be left with questions about your item or administration.
    2. Use it as reviews or testimonials from your users – We as a whole realize that the audits or the assessment of others about an item that we need to purchase will help us settle on a choice. Sticking positive reviews will permit you to feature tributes or client surveys progressively. Along these lines, it will help the following potential client who sees your distribution to likewise peruse the positive audits of different clients.
    3. Pin interesting comments– Utilize this component to feature comments that make visitors need to find out about your posts or your substance. In this manner, you will actually want to snare clients to your distributions. Likewise, in this way, relying upon what sort of content you distribute, you can utilize it so that individuals need to keep remarking, that is, to begin discussions with your devotees.
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    How to pin a comment on Instagram easily?

    Assuming you need to pin another person’s comment on your Instagram post, that should be possible without any problem. Here are the means by which you can do it on iPhone or Android. Note that you can’t pin remarks to another person’s Instagram post. Prior to going on the topic of how to pin a comment on Instagram, note that Instagram advises the applicable individual when you pin their remark.

    Step 1 – Ensure you are running the most recent form of the Instagram application.

    Step 2 – Open one of your Instagram posts and view every one of those who commented on that post.

    Step 3 – Discover a remark you would prefer to see on the top by pinning it. Then, at that point, swipe left on the specific comment and tap the thumb pin symbol. Make sure to not swipe right to another side, as that will erase that particular comment.


    Step 4 – Your desired comment is pinned now, and now it will appear at the top of the page, with a Pinned label beside it.

    Now you know how to pin a comment on Instagram, but another important thing is you can pin up to three comments on a particular post at a time. However, you must first unpin one of the pinned comments before you may pin another person’s comment. Simply glide to the left and hit the pin icon again to unpin a comment.

    how to pin a comment on Instagram

    These are the simple steps of how to pin a comment on Instagram. The process is the same for all devices like iPhone and Android, so you can easily utilize this feature no matter what device you have. You can also use it to make some profit and to create a good impression on your post viewers. No matter how you use it, this is actually a fun feature of Instagram to make all the posts more attractive to Instagram users.

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    Do you use Instagram regularly? If so, you must be interested in knowing the various features and usefulness of the platform. The blog on Are powerful Instagram Influencers really influencing people to shop for good will satisfy you.


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