8 Best Paper Towel Holder on Amazon [with Buyer’s Guide]

    Best Paper Towel Holder – Paper towels or tissues have made an important, almost irreplaceable place in our daily lives. We feel the need to use them in the washroom, in the kitchen, and when we cough or sneeze. We even make it a point to carry them with us when we go out. When we have made paper towels such an integral part of our daily lives, isn’t it essential that we have a proper, organized stand or holder to place them in for convenience?

    Well, if you have been looking for a way to do just that, a paper towel stand should well serve your purpose. A paper towel stand is designed exclusively for the purpose of holding paper towels in a neat and organized manner. Keeping your paper towels in a paper towel stand not only ensures that they are all in one place and not scattered around, but it also makes it convenient to get paper towels easily. You can just reach and grab a paper towel from your stand anytime.

    What’s more, there is no rigidity when it comes to paper towel stands. You get to take your pick among the various types of stands available to best suit your purpose. For example, if you are planning to install a paper towel stand in your washroom, you would probably want to go for one that can be drilled into the wall. This will ensure that it does not move around too much and does not get wet.

    However, if you want to put a paper towel holder in the kitchen, the best paper towel holder for this purpose would be one that does not need to be drilled into the wall. This will ensure that you can move the stand around depending upon which part of the kitchen you need paper towels in. These and various other types of Paper towel stands are available for you to choose from.

    Now, the only question that remains is that- “How to choose the best paper towel holder for yourself?” Well, we are here to guide you regarding that. This article is meant to be a comprehensive guide to you regarding all aspects of paper towel holders. From types to a buyer’s guide, from prices to frequently asked questions, we have got you covered! Following this article will help you make an informed decision about the best paper towel holder for your home. Along with different types of paper towel holders we have mentioned the best paper towel holder 2021 too!

    Buyer’s Guide – Best Paper Towel Holder

    Paper towel dispensers hold and dispense paper rolls, just as the name signifies. With the wide variety of paper towel dispensers in the market, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

    Paper towel holders make the perfect addition to your house and allow your luxurious bathrooms to be more user-friendly. Here are a few essential things to consider while setting up and purchasing the best paper towel holder for yourself.

    #1 Basic Features

    With the various kinds of paper towel holders available in the market, you should purchase the best product that fits your criteria in the best way. With automatic and manual holders and dispensers, it would be best if you decided on your holder’s basic properties.

    Before purchasing the best paper towel holder for your house, you should find a suitable mounting space to hold your dispenser. It would be best if you chose a place in your home or bathroom where the dispenser would be easily accessible for your convenience and benefit.

    After you set the essential criteria for your paper towel holder, you can decide on the physical features and the dispenser’s design.

    #2 The Physical Aspects

    With the space devoted to the paper towel holder now set, you can decide on your dispenser’s physical aspects. You can purchase the best paper towel holder based on the space and size assigned for the product and your bathroom’s aesthetics. Along with accommodating all your requirements, your dispenser should also have minimal wastage.

    With various styles and shapes and sizes available for paper towel holders, you can choose the best one that matches your space and your design choice. It is advisable to opt for compact designs to maximize functionality without compromising on space.

    The most popular choices for dispensaries are tri-fold paper towels, institutional rolls, and more. You can easily browse through the different types of paper towels available in the market today to find the best one to satisfy your requirements.

    #3 Your Needs and Requirements

    With the design and physical aspects finalized, you also have to choose the right paper towel holder for yourself. The comprehensive features and properties that come with different kinds of dispensers should suit your needs and fill your criteria well.

    You should ensure that the best paper towel holder for yourself features functional and accessible properties for everyday use. Popular features, including the way and mode of dispensing paper towels, the number and size of paper towels, and more, are essential aspects to consider while choosing the right paper towel holder.

    #4 Budget and Price

    With different configurations and options for the different kinds of paper towel holders, you should purchase the best dispenser with your budget in mind. While buying the best paper towel holder, you should consider the amount of paper towel your holder will dispense.

    With various attractive and trendy designs available for paper towel holders, you should find one that blends in with your bathroom’s aesthetics seamlessly. Paper towel holders are valuable devices that help organize and tidying your bathroom, making them look neater. You should purchase the best paper towel holder to fit your needs and your budget perfectly.

    #5 Durability

    It is advisable to opt for paper towel holders designed sustainably and constructed with durable and long-lasting materials.

    For example, you can opt for stainless steel dispensers, which feature sturdiness and prevent corrosion. Stainless steel dispensers add an elegant touch to your bathroom décor and blend perfectly with all interior designs.

    #6 The installation Process

    With the different categories of paper towel holders available in the market today, you should purchase one that is easy to install and use for long-term reliability. It is advisable to review the mounting process and see whether the hardware you will require to install the dispenser comes in the package.

    It would help if you opted for the best paper towel holders that allow an easy installation process for optimum convenience and functionality.

    #7 A Firm and sturdy Base

    It would be best if you opted for the best paper towel holder with quality construction and a durable build. With the wide variety of options to choose from, you should opt for dispensers with a sturdy and weighted base to keep the device firm when you pull or tear out paper towels.

    Weak dispensers can topple and wobble off and might damage your kitchen or bathroom. It would be best to opt for the best paper towel with a sturdy base for the best results.

    Check out our collection of pedestal sinks which suits the best aesthetic look.

    Types of paper towel holders

    Paper towel holders are an integral part of an organized and modern bathroom. With a wide variety of styles and designs, dispensers come in various types to suit your needs in the best way.

    The two main types of paper towel holders are surface-mounted and countertop paper towel holders.

    #1 Surface-mounted or recessed paper towel holders

    Surface-mounted paper towel dispensers are the best fit for small bathrooms that do not have many rooms. The compact yet functional design of surface-mounted dispensers is the perfect addition to a modern and elegant bathroom.

    The sleek design allows you to avoid bulky dispensers and keep your kitchen or bathroom neat and tidy. With various styles and designs, the modern surface-mounted holders come in different shapes and sizes for other applications. Some popular types of surface-mounted dispensaries are listed below.

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    #2 Level standard roll towel dispensers

    One of the various styles under surface-mounted paper towel holders is a convenient and efficient way to dispense different paper towels’ lengths. Though these holders are not as sanitary as hands-free dispensers due to the user contact, they make a cheap paper towel holder.

    You can also use the level standard roll towel dispensers for commercial or office environments. Moreover, this design allows you to dispense various lengths of paper towels to suit your needs.

    #3 Hands-free paper towel dispensers

    As the name suggests, this kind of paper towel dispensers minimizes the contact between the user and the towel dispenser to maintain sanitation and hygiene. You can pull or tear the required length of paper towels without touching the device’s exterior build.

    Some kinds of hands-free paper towel dispensers also feature motion sensors. With motion sensors, the dispensers eliminate the need to pull on a lever or touch the dispenser, maximizing sanitation at any setting.

    The wide variety of options available in hands-free paper towel dispensers allow you to pick the right color and design for yourself. With advanced features, you can also set a limited paper length to minimize waste. The hands-free paper towels are environmentally considerate and hygienic options.

    #4 Centre-pull roll towel dispensers

    As the name suggests, the ergonomically designed center pull roll towel allows you or your employees to remove one paper towel from the machine’s center. These dispensers make the perfect choice for an office setting and high traffic environments with a large capacity.

    The unit only dispenses a single paper towel to maximize efficiency and reduce waste. Users pull and touch one towel with clever configurations, allowing for more sanitation and hygiene. The trendy design of the paper towel is a perfect fit for any application and need.

    #5 C-Fold / M-Fold Paper Towel holders

    The C-fold paper towel holder is the perfect dispenser to satisfy all your needs in the best way. The machine dispenses paper towels one at a time to reduce wastage and to maximize functionality and efficiency. You can pull down the next paper towel conveniently for easy dispensing.

    These dispensers can easily accommodate both C-Fold and M-Fold paper towels, increasing versatility for your convenience. With various styles and colors available in these towel holders, they will make a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom setting.

    Your paper towels are safely tucked away in the dispenser with these dispensers for sanitation and health. The convenient configurations of the machine allow you to separate paper towels easily.

    #6 Trash Can Combination Paper Towel Dispensers

    This unique style for paper towel dispensers dispenses paper towels and collects waste together for optimal efficiency. You can tear out a paper towel and dispose of it quickly after use.

    With various styles to match your restroom’s décor, this style is efficient and promotes a sanitary environment. You can dispense and dispose of paper towels at one location while saving space and promoting a hygienic environment.

    #7 Countertop paper towel holders

    Countertop dispensers work very well with spacious bathrooms. With a designated space for countertop paper towel holders, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs. You can purchase the best paper towel holder to meet your budget and your needs.

    #8 Folded Paper Towel Holders

    The countertop paper towel holder allows you to reach for the top paper towel from the stack while featuring convenience and durability. This type of countertop dispenser can be easily placed in any setting and is an accessible choice.

    The perfect choice for restrooms and kitchens, these holders feature beautiful designs for you to choose from. With easy mobility and functionality, these holders blend in perfectly with any aesthetic.

    #9 Countertop Perforated Roll Towel Dispensers

    Another convenient option for countertop dispensers, this style is perfect for standard perforated paper towels. They are the best fit for restaurants for convenient access and mobility with a stylish and trendy design.

    #10 Automatic paper towel holders

    Just as the name suggests, automatic dispensers feature a hand motions sensor. This feature allows you to wave your hand as the dispenser registers the motion and dispenses a paper towel. With a power source required for such dispensers, they allow for minimal wastage and provide a sanitary environment.

    8 Best Paper Towel Holder/Dispenser

    #1 Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser by Oasis Creations


    Product Brand Oasis Creation
    Product Colors Smoke Black Color
    Product Material Plastic
    Product Installation Method Wall Mount Installation
    Product Weight 2.23 Pounds
    Product Model no. TP334
    Amazon Ratings 4.5 out of 5


    The touchless paper towel dispenser by Oasis Creations is one of the best paper towel dispensers in 2021 that could get. The pandemic has affected people from all over the world and maintaining social distancing is one of the key factors to protect ourselves from the Corona-virus. Thus, this touchless paper towel dispenser is successful in playing the role of avoiding contact with other people as much as possible.

    The Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser by Oasis Creations was first available in the market in the year 2016.

    This towel dispenser is made of superior quality translucent smoke plastic and has a design that makes it look elegant. It has a portable and smart construction that will allow you to mount it easily on walls, without having to go through a lot of hassles.

    This model of the paper towel dispenser will take up a lot of your wall space because it is small and compact. The easy-to-use and space-saving construction of this model allow you to enjoy controlled and cost-effective drying and hygiene even in places with very limited space.

    It has a large hold capacity and can hold up to 500 multi-folded paper towels at a time. With such a large capacity you can make your guests feel carefully and thoughtfully being looked after without the need to refill it often.

    It is easy to install as no extra hardware or parts are needed for its installation.

    It is very durable and can handle both residential and commercial usage easily and smoothly. It does not require a lot of maintenance too. This paper towel dispenser comes with a key-lock design which is very beneficial in reducing the wastage of paper towels. It also comprises 2 dispenser keys for your utmost convenience and safety.

    These dispensers allow you to get a paper towel by just pulling out the towel, without touching the dispenser and minimizing the spread of germs. It is one of the most hygienic paper towel dispensers that you can opt for.

    It is very convenient to use, and if you don’t know or feel like folding the paper towels, you have the option of instantly buying the paper towels online and simply putting it inside the dispenser. This dispenser is comparatively cheaper and economical than the other models/brands in the market as they do not require paper rolls.

    However, the C-fold paper towels do not fit in this dispenser because they are a bit too long for it.

    This model is ideal for places like – public washrooms, kitchens, campuses, amusement parks, commercial buildings, or residential buildings.


    • Large holding capacity
    • Touchless paper pulling


    • The C-fold paper towel does not fit in

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    #2 iDesign Classico Steel Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder with Shelf Paper Towel Dispenser


    Product Brand IDesign
    Product Colors Grey
    Product Material Stainless Steel
    Product Installation Method Wall Mount Installation
    Product Weight 1 Pound
    Product Model no. 44755
    Amazon Ratings 4.5 out of 5


    The wall-mounted paper roll towel holder with a shelf by IDesign is ideal for your kitchen, bathroom, offices, or garages. The product comprises an additional storage shelf for your various toiletries or small necessities that you require most of the time such as – soaps, lotions, spices, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and additional paper towel rolls too!

    This product was first launched in the market in the year 2018.

    This paper towel holder is durable because it is made using rust and scratch-resistant stainless steel. Do you think stainless steel is too common and boring? Well then, let us mention the fact that it has a stylish matte satin finish which makes it look elegant and premium.

    The package contains all necessary mounting hardware that would be required while installing this and you won’t need to spend a single penny on buying additional hardware.

    This product is designed with simplicity and flexibility along with practicality, and it helps you live simply by providing you as much convenience as possible. It is very easy to install and is a low-maintenance tool.

    It is compact and does not take up a lot of your wall space. One of the other perks of this towel dispenser is that – if you have little counter space or you lack a towel rod in your bathroom, you can hang the towels in the mount or even keep it folded on the shelf. It works either way!

    This product offers more than it meets your eye. This simple product will help solve insignificant problems that we face in day-to-day life and enhance our living.


    • All the required hardware is given in the package
    • The shelf provides you additional storage space
    • Rust and scratch-resistant
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    • This product might use more of your useful space

    Click here to buy now

    #3 Kamenstein Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder


    Product Brand Kamenstein
    Product Colors Silver Rounded Finial, Black Rounded Finial
    Product Material Stainless Steel
    Product Installation Method Wall Mount Installation
    Product Weight 0.79 Pounds
    Product Model no. 4554ASB
    Amazon Ratings 4.5 out of 5


    Kamenstein Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder is a patented ‘Perfect Tear Technology’ with an ingenious ratchet system that prevents the paper rolls from unraveling. It allows you to tear one piece of paper towel from the paper roll effortlessly. You just have to slide your paper towel over the finial and it will be perfectly torn.

    This product was first available in the market in 2015.

    Be it commercial or residential this wall mount perfect tear paper towel holder is ideal for your bathroom, kitchen, garages, laundry room, playroom, and so many other rooms!

    The interior wire rollers are made up of aluminum which is durable, flexible, and designed to fit various types of rolls such as – regular rolls, standard rolls, select-a-size rolls and, jumbo-sized rolls too. Replacing paper towel rolls is super easy too.

    It is very easy and convenient to install this model – you can mount it horizontally under a cabinet or vertically on the wall. You can even place it vertically on your counter. The packaging includes all the mounting hardware, thus preventing you from the hassle of getting/buying any additional hardware.

    The ‘Perfect Tear Technology’ reduces the wastage of paper towels and allows you to get the exact desired number of paper towels torn with just one hand. The secret of such perfect technicality is that the ratchet system inside the towel holder allows you to turn the rolls in just one direction and the ratchet holds the roll steady during the pulling and tearing off the paper towel, preventing unraveling.

    The one disadvantage of this model is that it might occupy too much of your wall or your countertop space. But one thing is for sure – paper towel pulling will become much easier and hassle-free for you.


    • The finial makes the tearing off paper towel easy
    • The package includes all the necessary hardware


    • The paper-roll might slip off from the rod during the pulling of the paper towel

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    #4 Simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder


    Attributes Specifications
    BRAND Simplehuman
    ITEM DIMENSIONS 8.19 x 7.4 x 14.29 inches
    ITEM COLOR Brushed stainless steel/ Black Stainless Steel
    MATERIAL Stainless Steel
    AMAZON RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars


    As the name suggests, the brand Simplehuman was started with the idea there is always scope to improve the quality of your daily routine life. It can be done simply by improving the quality of the daily products you use. Simplehuman applies this thought to all the products they develop. The same is true for the Tension Arm Paper towel holder by Simplehuman. The high-grade stainless steel used and the high customer ratings and reviews reveal the quality level of the product.

    The Paper Towel Holder is provided with a weighted base that ensures that it does not trip and fall over when you pull a Paper Towel from it, even if you pull it with greater force than usual. It also has a variable tension arm which makes it easier to pull and tear just one paper towel at a time. You don’t have to worry about a lot of paper towels coming out with one pull, or the roll of paper towels falling off the paper towel holder.

    The high-grade stainless steel used ensures that the paper towel holder is durable, resilient, and lasts for a long time. It is one of the best cheap paper towel holders and is considered to be the Best Paper Towel Holder 2021.


    1. The Simplehuman Paper Towel Holder comes with a 5-year warranty that is considerably higher than that offered by other companies.
    2. The Paper towel holder is equipped with a finger loop that makes it very easy to lift and move.
    3. You get two color options- Black Stainless Steel and Brushed Stainless Steel.


    1. It used brushed stainless steel and not polished stainless steel which might not be preferable for some.

    To check the price and get other details, click here.

    #5 Home Basics Bronze Paper Towel Holder


    Attributes Specifications
    BRAND Home Basics
    ITEM DIMENSIONS 5 x 5 x 8 inches
    ITEM COLOR Bronze
    MATERIAL Bronze
    AMAZON RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars


    This Bronze Paper Towel Holder was first brought out in 2010 by the Home Basics brand. It has been gaining customer trust for more than a decade and has very positive customer reviews and feedback. It is considered one of the Best Cheap Paper Towel Holders. What is special about Home Basics is that they believe in innovation and always bring to you the best of the new trends.

    The Bronze Paper Towel Holder has many attributes that will make it very convenient to use in the kitchen. It has a sleek elegant design that adds to your kitchen decór. It is strong and durable, which means that it is not at risk of falling and releasing the entire roll of paper towels at once. At the same time, it is very lightweight, weighing just about 7 ounces, which ensures that you can carry it around pretty much wherever you want to.

    The high-quality bronze used to manufacture this paper towel holder ensures durability and sturdiness. The simple design adds elegant simplicity to your kitchen or workspace.


    1. It is very simple to use and clean.
    2. The product guarantees value for money, that is, the price is very affordable.
    3. You will be able to use it for a long time.


    1. There is no clear information regarding the warranty. Contact the manufacturer for the same.

    To check the price, availability, and other details, click here.

    #6 Simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Stainless Steel


    Simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Stainless Steel
    Product Brand Simplehuman
    Product Model No. KT1024
    Product Dimensions 4.9 x 3 x 13.1 inches
    Product Color Stainless Steel
    Product Material Stainless Steel
    Amazon Ratings 4.8 out of 5

    Paper towel holders are such underrated products, until covid-19 hit in the world, for the first time people in the world the paper towels were out of stock, so people started using paper towels properly. A Paper towel holder is essential as it helps in keeping the paper towel safe from getting wet.

    Simplehuman wall paper towel holder is the cheap best paper towel holder globally as it has an excellent build quality at an affordable price point. The stainless steel gives a firm, elegant look and doesn’t let the towels get wet.

    The roller in the holder is muscular build allows for quick and easy replacement o the roll. Ring-spring prevents perfect resistance to tear off one sheet with one hand at a time. You can easily mount it anywhere according to your comfort. With simple drilling and the help of three screws, you do not need any professional help.

    The die-cast metal and oversized stainless steel rod look very sturdy made of the best materials and solid engineering. The paper towel holder comes with five years of warranty to protect it from accidents.

    The brand’s main motto is to provide efficient living by improving products you use in the day-day living for the people’s efficient housing, making their task easy to complete. The company’s product is promising. It is solid and resistant, let you have efficient use of the paper towels without wasting them.


    • The towel holder is best if you’re looking for efficient use of the paper towel, as it won’t let you have more than one in one tear.
    • The die-cast metallic and stainless steel is made of superior, and it best for extended use.
    • It can handle challenging uses in the home, and if you have any trouble with the product, you can ask for service as it comes with five years of warranty.
    • The ring spring oversized stainless steel comes with an easy, quick-release knob. You won’t have to face any trouble when you have to refill the paper towel in the holder.
    • The towel holder can quickly get the mount on the wall or wooden panel.


    • The screw which comes with the holder are very cheap and made of cheap quality and gets easily tear off, so you have to buy screws from the aftermarket.
    • The product is getting rutted quickly.

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    #7 Polder Stainless Steel Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder


    Polder Stainless Steel Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder
    Product Brand Polder
    Product Model No. KTH-6065-47
    Product Dimensions 7.1 x 2 x 12.6 inches
    Product Color Silver
    Product Material Stainless Steel, Metal
    Amazon Ratings 4.6 out of 5

    If you are looking for a solid, sturdy weighted towel stand, it is the best in 2021. With the weighted base, Polder Stainless Steel Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder gives proper stability to the paper towel stand.

    The paper towel holder has a sleek design; it is perfect if you’re looking for decorating your kitchen with a modern touch. The 7-inch paper roller can hold and fit standard and jumbo-sized paper towel rolls.

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    The stainless steel roller is made with superior steel, and the roller has a patent flex rubber friction which allows you to tear a single sheet using one hand. You can efficiently use paper towels and save them from waste.

    The paper towel holder has a simple slip-over center post that is best for changing paper rolls quickly without any clip removal trouble.

    Polder Single Tear Paper Towel Holder is a simple to-utilize essential kitchen extra that joins structure and capacity. Its brushed, treated steel configuration is the ideal complement to any stylistic kitchen layout.


    • The weighted paper towel holder gives you a sturdy and robust stick to the floor and doesn’t let your paper holder tip-off.
    • The 7-inch stands let you hold any size paper roll. You can use it the best in your kitchen.
    • The roller fits perfect in any modern kitchen
    • The brushed treated steel has a patent flex rubber frictions gives great resident to high force and lets you tear a single sheet at a time.


    • The bottom of the paper towel roller gets rust quickly.
    • The roller magnet gets ware off.
    • The holders get dirty quickly and won’t last long.

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    #8 ODesign Adhesive Paper Towel Holder

    Best Paper Towel Holder

    ODesign Adhesive Paper Towel Holder
    Product Brand ODesign
    Product Model No. 8541993497
    Product Dimensions 11.88 x 1.24 x 4.25 inches
    Product Color Black, Sliver, Brown
    Product Material Stainless Steel
    Amazon Ratings 4.8 out of 5


    If you are looking for a prime and best paper towel holder, and then your search is over; ODesign Adhesive Paper Towel Holder is suitable for all the paper towels.

    ODesign Adhesive Paper Towel Holder is one of the finest under cabinet paper towel holders. It provides you SUS 304 brushed stainless steel material that provides the best protection from the holder’s rust and superior waterproofing.

    ODesign Adhesive Paper towel holder has an aesthetic and clean look, and it looks very stylish and sleek. You will have the best companion for your kitchen. It does not require any drilling for mouthing; it comes with the adhesive surface, which provides a solid and powerful grip to the stand’s holding.

    The towel holder has a supporting bar that spins smoothly and steadily, so you don’t have to worry about dropping off the towel while tearing the sheet. The paper holder can’t be rusty and stained, so no worry about the water towel holder’s lasting.

    The powerful adhesive can handle 20lbs of weight quickly. Every size of the towel fits, and you can decorate it if you want to customize the holder according to your preference. It is best when you’re living in rental homes, as the holder can easily be shifted to another place without leaving any mark or hole over that place.


    • The paper towel holder is very stylish and sleek.
    • It does not require any drilling, screw for the installation.
    • The adhesive which comes with it for the installation gives a powerful hold and grip to the paper towel holder.
    • The holder is waterproof and stainless, so no worry will come near the sink if you want to place it.
    • The holder fits universal paper towels.
    • The holder can be quickly moved from place to place; you can move it according to your convince.
    • The holder can handle 20lbs of weight. You can customize the holder.


    • The adhesive needs to be changed whenever you will be shifting the paper towel holder.

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    Types of Paper Towels

    With a wide range of paper towels, you can choose the right one for yourself based on your needs and requirements. Paper towels come in various shapes, sizes, folds, and designs to satisfy all your requirements in the best way. Some popular kinds of paper towels are listed below-

    #1 Multi-fold paper towels

    Multi-fold paper towels are excellent for high-traffic environments. With good quality and material, these towels are perfect for heavy-use and commercial purposes. With versatile features, you can use multi-fold paper towels for various applications and purposes.

    These 1-ply paper towels are triple-layered and look like an accordion in shape. With excellent absorbent features, you minimize the number of these paper towels, encouraging minimal wastage.

    With their const-efficient qualities, they are the ideal choice for public restrooms and commercial places. Multi-fold paper towels are used with dispensers, and their folding allows easier dispensing and usage.

    #2 C-Fold paper towels

    C-fold paper towels feature tabs folded on each other, with the middle of the paper towel facing the downward direction. These kinds of paper towels are also absorbent and feature high-quality material with excellent properties.

    Commonly used in restrooms and for commercial and public purposes, C-Fold paper towels are environmentally considerate and minimize wastage. They are also used with paper towel holders and dispensers and are a good fit for high-traffic environments.

    The efficient folding and design of these paper towels feature an edge that makes pulling the towel easier. Both C-Fold and multifold paper towels are commonly seen in offices, organizations, or public restrooms.

    #3 Continuous roll paper towels

    Another excellent choice for paper towels, the continuous roll paper towels, can be used for various applications and purposes for your convenience. They are commonly used with dispensers and feature a convenient and easy-to-use design for you.

    The dispensers for continuous paper towels feature a hard edge to help you pull an unrolled portion of the paper roll out to tear it off. You can use the constant roll paper towels for various industrial, personal, and commercial purposes and applications.

    #4 Perforated roll paper towels

    Perforated roll paper towels do not conventionally need a dispenser, as they come with pre-perforated edges at specific places to help you tear off a certain length of the towel. Ideal for personal uses, including kitchen and bathroom, these paper towels feature a convenient design.

    These perforated paper towels are absorbent and aim to minimize wastage. The high-quality material is an ideal fit for various applications and in almost every environment.

    #5 Lint-free paper towels

    Lint-free paper towels are used for various applications. They avoid lint, as the name suggests, and are the perfect fit for cleaning purposes. Lint-free paper towels work well with glasses, windshields, and more, with absorbent features as well.

    The different types of paper towels come in various thicknesses, patterns, and features. You can opt for the best paper towels that suit your requirements and fit in well with your chosen paper towel dispenser.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1 How does a paper towel holder work?

    If you have a paper towel holder that can be drilled into the walls, you will simply need to enter one roll of paper towels in a way that one free end hangs out. When you need to use a paper towel, you just need to pull and tear it. If you have a paper towel holder that is not to be drilled into the wall, you can still follow the same steps. In this case, it is the heavyweight at the bottom of the holder that prevents the holder from tripping over when you pull a paper towel.

    Q2 Are paper towel holders expensive?

    Not at all. Since paper towel holders are something meant for daily, routine use, they are quite economic. What paper towel holder you buy totally depends upon your budget and your tastes. You can buy simple paper towel holders starting from $4-$5 or you can buy much more intricate, sophisticated designs which go up to almost $100. The costlier that paper towel holders are, the more are the chances that they will be durable, resilient, and last longer. However, simple paper towel holders can work pretty well for you as well.

    Q3 How often do I need to replace my paper towel holder?

    It depends upon the quality and material of the paper towel holder that you choose to buy. If you are looking for a cheap paper towel holder you should probably go for a plastic one. These do not get spoilt by the kitchen liquids but are less durable, so might need to replace them about once every six months. On the other hand, wooden and stainless steel paper towel holders are also available. They are more durable and resilient and might last for years.

    Q4 Do I need to assemble or mount the paper towel holder?

    A paper towel holder mostly comes in one piece, so there is usually no need to assemble it. Whether you need to mount it or not totally depends upon the type of paper towel holder you choose to opt for. If you buy a standing, a wall hanging, or an in-cabinet paper towel holder, there is no need to mount. You can simply place it as per your requirements or the specifications by putting it or hanging it in the correct place. However, a wall-mounted paper towel holder will need to be drilled into the wall.

    Q5 Can paper towel holders lead to the transmission of germs?

    Well, if you keep your paper towel holder in a safe, clean, and hygienic place, the chances are very low. Make sure to clean your paper towel holder regularly with a wet cloth to prevent build-up and transmission of germs.

    Q6 How to prevent my paper towel roll from sliding off the paper towel holder?

    This is quite easily achieved. Just ensure that you buy a paper towel holder with an interior roller arm, and your problem will be solved!


    Using paper towels has become such an ingrained activity in our daily lives that we often do not even realize it while doing it. Wiping our hands, wiping the utensils, the kitchen counter, and sometimes even the sink- we use paper towels for a number of kitchen and washroom-related activities. Paper towel holders make it much easier and convenient to organize and use these towels.

    The various types of paper towel holders available make it a breeze to simply choose the best one to meet your requirements. The structural differences make it possible for you to choose a paper towel holder depending upon the area where you wish to place it.

    Choosing the paper towel holder that is the best fit for your domestic space is important as it would have an effect on your convenience to use paper towels and would also reflect your design tastes. So make sure to take full advantage of this article to choose just the best paper towel holder for yourself!


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