11 Best Multimeter for Household Needs [Best Amazon Ratings]

    Best Multimeter – Have you been worried at times when you have to measure the necessary electrical equipment and can’t get hold of an electrician? Well, the worry is solved! For all such small measurements such as voltage, current, or any other electrical piece of equipment, a multimeter is the best solution and is extremely handy.

    Multimeters are handheld equipment types that help measure electrical measurements such as voltage, current, resistance, amperage, and other values. As the name suggests, a multimeter is a meter used to measure multi or various components in one unit. They prove useful when the electrician is not available right away or for necessary measurements for which you don’t want to be dependent on an electrician.

    These measuring tools can be used by anyone, even those who are using them for the first time since the values are well mentioned on them, or you can also refer to the device using the instruction card provided with it. It is a straightforward tool that helps in finding accurate measures at home itself.

    Types of multimeters

    A multimeter is the most basic requirement for troubleshooting electrical equipment and a very important one too. These meters come in different forms based on their respective uses. Typically there are two types of multimeters- Analog and Digital. Analog multimeters indicate the reading with the help of an analog (arrow) built in it.

    In contrast, digital multimeters modify the analog type and are more accurate and easy to use. They display the readings digitally, which means on the display board on the device. This feature makes sure that the readings are accurate and fixed. It also saves the trouble of finding out the perfect reading, as indicated by the arrow.


    However, the essential components are a display which reads out the values and negative signal, a selection knob that helps you choose the values you want to measure, and two ports of different colors, usually black and red- one for plugging in the device and the other for checking large currents.

    Thus, all the multimeters come with the same usage technique and basic components. However, different models provide different measuring facilities based on their type and model. You can easily choose one as per your requirement and usage out of the various options listed below.

    Best Multimeter – Buyer’s Guide

    Multimeters are important tools to check necessary electrical measurements at home as well as at the workplace. However, certain key aspects should be kept in mind before purchasing to ensure that you put your hands on the Best Multimeter as per your requirements and usage.

    Since these devices are something that we can’t afford now and then, you need to properly analyze the multimeters’ functions and features before buying them. This will ensure that you accept the best multimeter available, which is both efficient and long-lasting. Certain key points are listed to help you make the best choice.


    Even though most multimeters are of the same functions and usage, certain brands are experts in manufacturing these tools to add to their efficiency and functioning. Thus, the brand plays a significant role in product quality. So always stick to brands that have a long term experience of manufacturing these devices since they are experts in manufacturing these devices, and you be assured of finding the best multimeter as per your requirement.


    Different multimeters give different readings. Based on your requirement, you can choose the one that offers the measurement values you want to check. Different measurement values commonly measured using multimeters are voltage, current, etc. Finding the measurement of electrical appliances is based on the purpose of measurement.

    For domestic use, the measurements are quite basic, whereas commercial or research use is quite advanced in nature. So, always choose the best multimeter as per your need for frequently required measurements.


    The best multimeters usually come with a warranty period. Therefore, choosing a one with a good warranty period saves you from the trouble of replacing them frequently, thus saving money and time. So, always choose the best multimeter providing a good warranty period for long time usage.


    Based on the usage requirements, you can choose either an analog or digital multimeter as per your preference. Both types of multimeters serve their purpose. While the analog uses an arrow to provide the measurements, the digital multimeter serves this purpose by displaying the measurement digitally.

    11 Best Multimeters 2021 for Your Basic Requirements

    Many multimeters are available in the market. Out of those, few best multimeters have been listed below. You can choose from among the options depending on your need, usage, and requirements.

    #1 WeePro Vpro850L Digital Multimeter

    Best multimeter

    WeePro Vpro850L Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturer AIRMARK
    Size Medium
    Colour Black
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 5.7 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches



    If you are looking for a digital multimeter that is versatile and suitable for all uses, this is the best multimeter for you. This multimeter is on our list of best multimeter 2021 for the amazing features it has. It serves the purpose of measuring electronics well and with great accuracy.

    WeePro Vpro850L Digital Multimeter is suitable for both industrial as well as domestic use. It is also an ideal multimeter for battery testing, including that of vehicles. Apart from this, it is suitable for testing electronics in cars, for troubleshooting automotive circuits, charging systems, etc. all these features surely make it an ideal choice. Using this device, you can check the remaining capacity of rechargeable batteries so that you know when to charge them again. This feature helps in making it the best multimeter for battery testing.

    It provides the facility of troubleshooting with great speed and accuracy. The sampling speed of this multimeter is twice per second. It comes with overload protection as well as a low-power indicator. This makes it quite convenient to use. It also comes in with the low battery indicator feature, which means that if the device has a low battery, it will indicate.

    Another reason for making it one of the best multimeters is that it comes with an insulated rubber case, which provides a better grip and makes reading easier. It also has a kickstand along with the rubber case. It also comes with a Data Hold Function, which enables clear reading to make it easier and convenient to use. The multimeter is made with ABS material, which provides maximum safety and is quite reliable.

    The multimeter comes with a backlight LCD, which is built-in and displays 3 ½ digits at a time. The display also has a high polarity, which displays both positive and negative reading. Whenever there is an overload, the display will indicate it by showing “1”, and when the battery is low, it will indicate it using the low battery indicator provided on the device.

    It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 90-day return and refund guarantee. This definitely makes it a no-brainer that it is the best multimeter indeed. If used carefully, it goes a long way since a 10years warranty is a long time for a device like this, which requires frequent use. Also, the company provides not just a 10-year warranty but lifetime support as well. Now isn’t that what we all look for in a product required for regular use?

    Package Includes

    The multimeter comes with an all-inclusive package consisting of the Multimeter Device, a Battery, two Test Leads, and a User Manual. This all is included at the time of purchase.


    • Suitable for both household and industrial use, thus making this digital multimeter the best multimeter for home and industries.
    • It helps in troubleshooting with great speed and accuracy, which makes it quite reliable.
    • It is the best multimeter for battery testing as it tests all the batteries, including that of vehicles.
    • It comes with a built-in backlight LCD, which displays both positive and negative readings.
    • It is well protected in an ABS material, which provides maximum safety. It also comes with an insulated rubber case for better grip and easy use.
    • The best part is that it comes with a ten-year-long warranty and lifetime support by the company, which makes it the best multimeter 2021.


    • It might be a little advanced for the ones just learning to use a multimeter.
    • The device is a little heavy to carry based on its size.

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    #2 AstroAI Digital Multimeter


    AstroAI Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturer AstroAI
    Size Large
    Colour Red
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 8.66 x 2.28 x 6.69 inches


    The AstroAI Digital Multimeter is one of the best multimeters 2021. It is quite efficient and easy to use. These multimeters are all-in-all solutions for all electrical needs.

    These multimeters offer a wide range of tests to provide readings for measurements such as voltage, current, temperature, resistance, continuity, and capacitance frequency. The readings are quite accurate and in easy to understand values.

    There are many features that make it super easy to use, such as a large LCD backlight, hanging magnet, and a kickstand. These additional features make it convenient for all and make it one of the best multimeters. Apart from these basic features, it also has certain professional features such as Auto-ranging capability and features for measuring both AC current as well as voltage.

    The best feature of this multimeter is that it can be used for commercial as well as household applications. It performs simple to complex operations with great ease and accuracy. It is extremely durable and works well for a long workday.

    The multimeter has explosion-proof ceramic tubes that make it quite durable while providing double protection at the same time. These tubes make the device more secure and reliable. Besides, the tubes also make the device work quite efficiently.

    AstroAI provides a three-year warranty on the product, thus increasing its shelf life and making it last a long time without the worry of replacing them frequently or changing the device.

    Package Includes

    The multimeter comes in a package containing one AstroAI AM33D Digital Multimeter, a Battery of 9V, a pair of Test Leads, and a User Manual. This will be included in the package upon delivery.


    • The multimeter offers a wide range of measurements, thus making it an all-round solution for all the needs and requirements.
    • It offers a professional level of features that make it quite an expert tool and makes it the best multimeter 2021 for use.
    • It is the best multimeter for home and electronics as it offers a wide range of measurements, both basic and advanced.
    • It comes with a three-year warranty, which makes it a long-lasting product.
    • The product is quite reliable and secure and comes with double protection, making it an ideal choice.
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    • The product might be a little confusing for beginners initially.
    • The warranty could have been for a long time owing to its specifications.

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    #3 KAIWEETS 4000 Counts TRMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


    KAIWEETS 4000 Counts TRMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


    Manufacturer KAIWEETS
    Size Multi-Tools
    Colour Black
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 10.12 x 5.2 x 2.83 inches


    One of the significant reasons why KAIWEETS 4000 Counts TRMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter is on the bestseller lists is because of the vast number of specifications it is manufactured keeping in mind. This digital multimeter deserves to be on the list of the best multimeter 2021 for all the amazing features it comes with. It is a total package, which makes it the best multimeter for the home.

    This is an advanced tester that is suitable to use in industries, households, and automotive purposes. It measures resistance, continuity, frequency, etc. It is used to measure the current and voltage of both AC and DC circuits.

    The voltage testing done using this device is contact-free, and it also has a live function feature since it comes with a light and sound alarm technique. Every time the device touches a live-wire, the screen changes to red. It has a low battery prompt option as well to indicate that the battery is low. It has an Auto-Power off function, which ensures the preservation of the battery for a long time.

    The display of this digital multimeter is quite large to ensure proper reading of the measurements. It displays using the dual-display technique along with a bar graph for an accurate reading. It can be used in dimly lit places as well since it is equipped with a flashlight at the back. It also has a pen slot on the back.

    The safety of this best multimeter for electronics is the most reliable feature of this digital multimeter. The device is manufactured using a double ceramic fuse, which makes it an Anti-burn digital multimeter. The circuit is well protected using a thermostat. The unit is also double insulated for added safety purposes. It comes with a silicone protective case, which provides a good grip and avoids any damage caused due to falling. The device also has High Voltage Protection active on all ranges.

    Package Includes

    KAIWEETS 4000 Counts TRMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter comes along with a K-type thermocouple, a pair of Test Leads, two AA Batteries, and a User Manual.


    • Helps in reading measurements of both AC and DC voltage and current.
    • Helps in no-contact testing along with live-action feature consisting of light and sound alarm techniques.
    • Suitable to use at dimly lit places since it has a flashlight at the back.
    • It comes in a robust case and provides the maximum safety due to its Anti-burn feature.
    • The device has a 36 month long after-sale service and lifetime support provided by the company.


    • It might be difficult to handle owing to its huge size.
    • It comes with a default AC volt, which can be a trouble to change repeatedly.

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    #4 Etekcity Digital Multimeter


    Etekcity Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturer Etekcity
    Size MSR-R500
    Colour Red
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 20.7 cubic_inches


    Anyone facing an electrical problem could be the most challenging issue to troubleshoot, especially if you don’t have the proper tool. But things are changing nowadays. Everyone needs automotive electronic devices that can help in solving electrical problems. And for the fulfillment of most of the needs, this Etekcity digital multimeter is a very safe and accurate troubleshoot specially designed to use for automotive and household electrical problems.

    With this digital multimeter tool, it will be easy for a person to diagnose the wire problem much more comfortably. The main reason is that it gathers all the information that a person needs to solve the problem regarding electrical issues. This makes the tool the best multimeter for home and industrial use as well.

    This Etekcity digital multimeter is an efficient tool and the best multimeter for every electrician as much as it will also be very beneficial for general household use. One of the best highlights of this digital multimeter is it is straightforward to operate as well as it has many different functions for measuring current, voltage, and resistance.

    This digital multimeter can be used to diagnose, assemble any required info about any circuit. Some of the other highlighting features of this digital multimeter, which makes it different from another digital multimeter available on the market, have features like low battery indicators continuing buzzer, and overload protection.

    Package Includes

    Inside this digital multimeter package, the user will get one digital multimeter with two test leads, a AAA battery, and a user manual. This will be the complete package that will be included inside the box.


    • This digital multimeter will give you accurate measurements of current, voltage, resistance, and more.
    • This digital multimeter model has a backlit LED that can display various information on the display. It has large and bright so that the information will be visible in dim areas as well.
    • One of the most highlighting parts of this one of the best multimeter 2021 is its small size. Due to its size, it is portable and perfect to use while on the go.
    • The display reading of this digital multimeter is very accurate, and a result will be quick within just 2 to 3 seconds update speed.
    • The digital multimeter includes low power battery mode and repair of test leads in a special design. It is easy to use and safely with a variety of automotive and household electrical problems.
    • It has protective rubber sleeves that will give us a robust industrial design that will help and give this digital multimeter drop protection. Not only this, but it also has built-in support to stand for and free use.


    • In some cases, it is seen that this model gets started heating a bit. But this is not with all the models. And somewhere, this digital meter gets hotter when it comes to a testing voltage above 240.
    • The battery included with this digital multimeter might be dead because the digital multimeter might have been left in the same position in the box for a very long period of time. Apart from these problems, this digital multimeter is suitable for use.

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    #5 Klein Tools 69149 Electrical Test Kit


    Klein Tools 69149 Electrical Test Kit


    Manufacturer Klein Tools
    Size Basic
    Colour Original Version Premium Pack
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 10.25 x 6.88 x 3 inches


    This Klein tool is the updated electrical test kit, which contains a manual ranging digital multimeter, a voltage tester, and a receptacle tester. This is a pretty good device for all the electricians out there. But it can also be used for solving everyday problems in standard receptors.

    A proper person with the knowledge to use this digital multimeter can detect the standard issue that lies in the cable or any type of breakage in the lining, fixture, switch wire, and outlets. This test kit includes a receptor tester that helps detect and configure any wiring problem in an open ground or anywhere. It does not indicate the quality of the ground.

    This digital multimeter has various functions and capabilities that the usual digital multimeter has. It is beneficial in the telecom industry to test the wiring terminals to connect the standard wire. Not only this, but it is also instrumental in testing AC wiring is correct and grounded or not.

    There is a hold button in this digital multimeter to test that can help while using this test as it will continuously display the reading on the screen. And its display is functional and has a backlight so that the figures on display could appear in dark areas. Overall this tool kit is excellent for household use as well as for measuring AC and DC voltage. Hence, this multimeter is the best multimeter for electronics.

    Package Includes

    This Klein tools 69149 electrical test kit box includes a multimeter with a contact voltage tester and a receptacle tester. Other than this, the box will have one carry case for carrying all equipment and a user manual.


    • This digital multimeter is very useful in testing DC and AC voltage. And it also has a safety rating of CAT which means this digital multimeter has all safety solutions which will provide more resistance and safety. This makes it one of the best multimeters for battery testing.
    • The Klein tools 69149 electrical test kit comes with a digital multimeter with a bright green LED display, which will help indicate the tester is working, and their use will see the result. Its display is backlit and comes in two colors, red and green it will change to red, and a warning tone will sound when the voltage is detected.
    • It has a receptacle tester that helps detect the wire configuration and help in indicating correct wiring open ground, and indicates the quality of the wire or combination of defects.
    • Its package will come with a carrying case that will help users keep all these three pieces of equipment in one place to be easy to carry and travel.
    • One of the most highlighting parts of this Klein tools 69149 electrical test kit includes a visual and audio continuity indicator that indicates up to 25 dB.


    • It might take longer to start sometime, and in that case, the user needs to restart, and sometimes it is possible that a user needs to pull out the batteries to turn it off.
    • In some cases, the unit was not up to the mark and does not reflect the red light and beep sound when detecting the high-voltage. Apart from these issues, the Klein tools 69149 electrical test kit is suitable for home and professional use.

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    #6 Mastech Digital Range Multimetermeter


    Mastech Digital Range Multimetermeter
    Manufacturer TACKLIFE
    Size Basic
    Colour Black, Green
    Display Style Panel LED Display
    Product dimensions 9.2 x 5 x 2.5 inches


    This range of digital multimeter comes from one of the leading brands of testing and measuring equipment. And this Mastech Digital Range Multimetermeter is one of the best multimeters and the best among electrical power testing devices for home and professional use. It can measure voltage, resistance as well as can handle up to1000 volts.

    One of the best parts of this digital multimeter is it is portable. And another thing about this digital multimeter device is it has a display that can count up to 6000 and its battery life is about 200 working hours.

    Range digital multimeter is a highly recommended digital multimeter for those looking for electrical testing and measuring devices that are portable and can easily hold in hand. The device is highly accurate, and it uses AAA size battery as its power source. It can measure up to 1000volts.

    The multimeter comes with a one-year warranty provided by the company. It also has a LED or Sound Warning when the jacks are not properly connected. Besides, it has an Auto-power off feature, which can be disabled as well, and it has a blue LED backlight LCD display.

    Package Includes

    Inside the package of range, digital multimeter user will get a portable palm-size digital multimeter with three triple-a batteries and a user manual.


    • This digital multimeter can help measure AC voltage, DC voltage, AC, DC, resistance, and capacitance.
    • This digital multimeter has the ability to tolerate for high current up to 1000volts with the adaptor.
    • The range of digital multimeter will come with two triple-a size battery, and it has an auto power-off feature as well, which will help in saving battery consumption. This meter has automatic detection of data hold and backlight when it is non-operational to save battery.
    • It has additional features like continue to check low battery display and maximum hold so that the user will know this digital multimeter’s status. That is why it is a perfect and portable electrical testing and measuring device to detect the wire configuration and indicate any incorrect wiring.
    • This range digital multimeter is perfect for home use as well as for professionals as it can measure all the AC and DC voltage, AC/DC and resistance as well as it can tolerate the high-temperature up to 1000 volts with adaptor and it all comes in a palm-sized device which is easy to hold and carry. This makes the device the best multimeter for electronics.


    • In some cases, the user might get difficulty understanding its display settings because the display setting on this digital multimeter is confusing, but the professional will easily get it.
    • There will be no simple instructions; it will simply show fundamental; that is why the user knows that it was not meant for heavy-duty commercial work. Still, it can be carried to small professional works in solving household electrical problems.

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    #7 Meanlin Measure Continuity Test Digital Multimeter


    Meanlin Measure Continuity Test Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturer MEANLIN MEASURE
    Size Basic
    Colour Red
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 5.91 x 3.15 x 1.18 inches


    This Meanlin Measure continuity test digital multimeter is a genuine product by a reputed brand manufacturing testing and measuring equipment for a very long time. It is a handy digital multimeter tool that can count manual and automatic ranging. This digital multimeter can be used in measuring a high-voltage test of current, resistance, frequency, and capacitance.

    For any person looking for a digital multimeter that could be used for both house and professional work, this digital multimeter is a suitable option. It comes with lots of features like backlit LED ideal for night work, backlight, fixation, and efficient work internal overload protection and rubber sleeves, which will provide this digital multimeter more reliable and rugged look.

    Not only this, but it will also prevent from falling while working. It is the best multimeter for electronics and household uses.

    This Meanlin Measure continuity test digital multimeter will provide all range of features required in digital multimeter for home and primary use. It will easily solve any electrical problem related to the household and has the capacity to tolerate the high current of up to 600 with an adaptor. This digital multimeter can easily measure AC voltage, DC voltage, AC and DC current, resistance, and capacitance at high-temperature.

    Package Includes

    This Meanlin Measure Continuity Test Digital Multimeter package comes with a digital multimeter, instruction manual, one key type thermo cables, a multi-function socket, and a test lead, which will be red and black.


    • Users can easily measure voltage, current, continuity, resistance frequency, etc.
    • This digital multimeter is very easy to operate. It has the highest stability and fast reaction speed not only. This digital multimeter will also provide an accurate reading in no time.
    • One of the most highlighting features of this digital multimeter is it comes with a controller and central rollable with hanging magnets to use in a high place, which will be safer to use for anyone using this digital multimeter.
    • When it comes to its battery consumption, it is also very efficient with the LCD screen on. It also has an additional feature of the battery indicator, which will indicate the device’s upper right corner, which will indicate the digital multimeter’s current battery status to help the person using it.
    • This digital multimeter is perfect for most of the users who are willing to work and solve their basic home electronic issues and can be used for professional purposes. As it has a backlit LED, it will provide a clear reading and a suitable situation to work at night. One of the most highlighting features of this digital multimeter is absorption and bracket fixation, which will provide more efficiency.


    • While using this digital multimeter user have to be very alert and do not touch the tip while it is in your hand. It will be very dangerous as it does not have any significant safety ratings.
    • This multimeter cannot tolerate extreme hot or cold places, which is why you need to keep it at an ideal temperature to be beneficial for your long run.

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    #8 Segomo Tools 500 Volt Multimeter Tester


    Segomo Tools 500 Volt Multimeter Tester
    Manufacturer Segomo Tools
    Size 500 Volt
    Colour Black
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 5.47 x 4.25 x 1.81 inches


    This Segomo tools 500 Volt multimeter tester is completely safe for household electronic issues and commercial electronic issues. This is a robust build digital multimeter that will help measure AC and DC voltage, DC current resistance continuity, and diodes. This digital multimeter is great for automotive and household use.

    The digital multimeter is designed by professionals that why it displays accurate results. At the same time, it is used by professionals in commercial settings that make this digital multimeter different from the other standard digital multimeter. And that’s why it is included in our list of best multimeters.

    It is entirely safe and easy to operate with advanced features for measuring everything. It will help measure AC and DC voltage, continuity, frequency, resistance, and current all on one device. Overall, this measuring and testing equipment is designed for robust use and accurate measures to test electrical problems for troubleshooting and electronics training. Thus, it indeed is the best multimeter for electronics.

    Package Includes

    The Segomo Tools 500 Volt Multimeter Tester box comes with a digital multimeter user manual and product warranty information.


    • This Segomo Tools 500 Volt Multimeter Tester can easily measure resistance, continuity, DC, AC, and DC voltage. The digital multimeter has multiple buttons for different functions like hold button, backlight button range switch, and LED display.
    • The LED display on this digital multimeter is large enough to see the result in dim areas, and it is ideal for professionals using this with the darker surrounding. LED display also has the indicator for low battery warning so that you will never have run out of power.
    • The overall design of this digital multimeter store is robust. It has outside rubber housing, giving this digital multimeter protection from the drop, fall, or any kind of damage. And one of the most highlighting and interesting features of this digital multimeter is it has a built-in kickstand, which is a great deal for professionals to work hand free.
    • This digital multimeter has a dual fuse and anti-burn protection for safety and security. The display will allow for easy recording of the data measured. Overall it is a very decent device for both household and professional use as it is specially designed to solve electric problem troubleshooting and electronics training.


    • It is easy to use a digital multimeter tester, but few things need to be considered before buying this is; it is not much power-efficient device as it will consume a good amount of electricity. The turning dial on this digital multimeter has some operational issues. But that is only with specific units other than this. It is an excellent device for measuring and testing.

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    #9 LOMVUM Digital Multimeter


    LOMVUM Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturer LOMVUM
    Size T28B-Auto and Manual Ranging
    Colour Black, Orange
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 8.5 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches


    This Auto-Ranging digital multimeter is manufactured by one of the leading brands manufacturing testing and measuring equipment for decades. It is a very useful device that is best for electrical power testing compared to other digital multimeter testers. It is, therefore, the best multimeter for battery testing.

    This device will help you measuring AC and DC voltage, DC resistance, continuity, and much more. And this everything will be in your hands as it is a palm-sized device. This device’s build is very robust and has all the essential features required by a professional in a digital multimeter tester, making it the best multimeter for electronics.

    This digital multimeter device is perfect for use at home and any commercial place as it is loaded with features like data retention, low voltage display backlighting, low battery indicator, power voltage resistance, buzzer, and much more. It is specially designed so that it could be used for multiple works.

    The rotator switch on this auto digital multimeter tester is specially designed so that there will be easy to use it and the rotator is so smooth and hefty that it won’t feel any lag or something like it will break. This digital multimeter is covered with a rubber texture, giving it a more durable design and anti-slip function. The company also provides a 2-year warranty on the product.

    Package Includes

    The LOMVUM Digital Multimeter package includes a digital multimeter, a pair of test leads with an alligator clip, K—type thermocouple, two units of ceramic fuse tubes, a battery, and a user manual.


    • This Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter comes with multi-functions as it can easily measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC resistance, frequency, and continuity.
    • The material used for the construction of this digital multimeter is very robust. It has a very strong hard plastic body covered with rubberized texture, which will give it a more solid build and help from getting damaged by any fall or drop. Not only this, but the rubber design also helps in providing a solid grip.
    • The digital multimeter has backlighting, which offers a proper view of the result in low light. Not only this, but the digital display on this matter also has a battery indicator which will indicate if the battery percentage is low.
    • One of the most highlighting features of this auto-ranging digital multimeter is that it has anti-burning protection because it is certified by market leaders. It has an auto cut function so that if the device gets start heating due to working at the high-temperature area, it will automatically switch off so that it could prevent from burning.


    • With all the pros, it has one con that with an LED backlight meter, the components should not be connected to the HFE socket because it might damage the screen when it makes a voltage measurement.

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    #10 Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


    Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturer INNOVA
    Size 3320
    Colour Black, Red
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 2 x 10 x 5 inches


    This Innova 3320 auto-ranging digital multimeter is UL certified. This product is specially designed for safety and accuracy and for solving a variety of electronic issues and problems with automotive and household.

    It is a solid built auto-ranging digital multimeter with a wide range of features and capability to measure AC and DC voltage, resistance, frequency continuity, and much more. Unlike any other digital multimeter, this has a very robust design and protected with rubber corners so that there will be no damage if it accidentally drops.

    For every household use, it is a perfect digital multimeter, and it is designed by industry leaders who have been pioneers in making measuring and testing equipment. This digital multimeter testing device has the capacity to measure high-voltage resistance and can easily handle up to 500 to 600 volts. In addition, it also has a certification by IEC, which gives it high accuracy and safety standard.

    Overall it was very efficient and powerful testing in measuring equipment that anyone can use to measure and solve household electrical problems or any commercial, automotive problems. It has multi-function switches and dial, which will help in setting and scaling the estimated needed dial so that the current range will make an electronic measurement and give accurate results.

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    Package Includes

    Inside the package of Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging, Digital Multimeter user will get one digital multimeter, two black and red cables for testing, and a carrying pouch with a user manual; it also includes a triple battery set.


    • The Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter is a UL certified product, and it is specifically designed to use for household and automotive electrical problems. It has all the safety standards and accurately troubleshoots feature, which will give accurate measuring.
    • It has an auto-renew new skill that will help estimate the need to dial the correct range while measuring various electronic equipment.
    • This digital multimeter has a fully functional large colored LED display, which will project multiple information regarding the function. It also indicates the battery status and quick battery check.
    • One of the most highlighting features of this Innova 3320 auto-ranging digital multimeter has a single sitting resistance for AC and DC voltage Functions.
    • This digital multimeter comes with an overall robust build and is made with a protective rubber case, which will protect the device from any damage from drop or slip. The rubber coating at the corners will also help in creating more grips while using.


    • There is a slight problem with touching the prop together because it does not work sometimes. That is why a solution user needs to rub the contacts together, and it will finally make contact this problem with certain units apart from this fully functional device with no other issues.

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    #11 Neoteck Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


    Neoteck Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
    Manufacturer Neoteck
    Size 8233D PRO
    Colour Orange
    Display Style LCD
    Product dimensions 14.4 x 7 x 3.7 inches


    This is an auto-ranging digital multimeter it is a general measuring tool which can be used in schools, laboratories, social field, companies or anywhere you want. This is an efficient measuring and testing equipment that can measure electronic problems and issues, whether it is with automotive or household.

    This device can measure circuit breaks, industrial equipment fix facility, fixed motor, and the highlighting part are very easy to use. This feature helps it to be the best multimeter for battery testing, electronics, and home.

    It is a convenient auto running operation that will allow you to select the right management range for working different components, whether you are testing small electronic equipment or testing a mean electrical source. It is very easy to use, and it has a backlit display, which will help to enjoy the result.

    It comes with many features like overload protection, PTC protection, frequent measurement auto power-off, and much more. Compared with other auto range and digital multimeter, this is one of the most promising units that come with a lot of features and robust design. Working with this digital multimeter is straightforward.

    Users need to open the back cover of that digital multimeter and install the 9 V batteries; after reading the information, you need to turn it on the meter. It is clean and has easy to use functions so that no one could have difficulty in using it.

    This multimeter is manufactured using a Non- Slip, soft plastic to avoid any accidental damage. The screen is also placed at a 45-degree angle, which allows using the device without holding and gives a hands-free display.

    Package Includes

    This Neoteck Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter includes a pair of Test leads, a Pair of Banana Plug to join the Clip Cable, one battery, and a user manual.


    • This Neoteck Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter is overloaded with protection because it uses PCT protection for circuit and frequency measurement.
    • It has a bright large LCD display that comes with a backlight that ensures the reading is clear. Not only this, but the feature of the backlit display will also be going to help the person using it in dim areas.
    • This electronic digital multimeter is useful in measuring AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, continuity, frequency, etc.
    • The complete design and the package is robust; it is made of hard plastic and covered with rubber coating, which gives this digital multimeter a more reliable and rugged free design for commercial use. The round edges covered with rubber coating helps this digital meter prevent damage if drop.
    • It helps in measuring up to 2000 counts.


    • Apart from its advantages, there are few disadvantages of using this digital multimeter as the bottoms on this meter are not made up of high-quality material. That’s why there is a slight chance of buttons getting damaged or stopped working after a few years of use. Apart from this, it is excellent testing and measuring equipment perfect for using at home appliances or checking various electronic automotive.

    Buy It from Amazon

    Benefits and Ease of Using The Best Multimeters 2021

    • Multimeters are quite handy and an essential requirement for all. They help us find out the electrical appliances readings to check the measurements to find any fault or resolve the faulty findings.
    • From basic to complex and advanced readings, these multimeters can be used by anyone and everyone. They are an important tool both for the electricians as well as common people for basic measurements.
    • The multimeters offer a wide range of measurements such as voltage, current, continuity, etc., for both AC and DC appliances.
    • The multimeters are ideal to use and easily available. There are a variety of options to choose from based on your requirement and preference.
    • These devices are quite reliable and safe to use. So there is no fear of facing any difficulty with the usage.
    • Most of the multimeters come with a warranty period. They are thus making the product quite durable and long-lasting.
    • The best multimeters are usually of the digital type, which is equipped with modern technologies and advanced features. Such multimeters are ideal for both home and workplace uses.

    FAQ about Multimeters

    Q1. What is it used for?

    A multimeter is used as a test tool to record or measure various electrical values, mostly voltage, current, and resistance. It is an important and standard tool required by technicians and electricians in electrical industries to test electronic components.

    It is relatively easy to use and offers accurate readings of these measurements, and helps test electrical appliances and find or resolve faulty readings.

    Q2. What are the two types of multimeters?

    Multimeters are categorized into two categories based on how they show the readings. The two types of multimeters are- Analog and Digital. Analog multimeters display the readings with analog or arrow scale, whereas the Digital multimeters are the advanced version of Analog ones. They have a digital reading display.

    Q3. Is multimeter a dangerous tool to use?

    The best multimeters are quite safe to use and come in a well-protected device type. This makes them reliable. However, holding a multimeter on two points in a high-circuit is always a potential hazard due to the passage of current in the circuit.

    Mostly they are safe to use and don’t possess any major harm but still should be carefully used when the current is passing through it to avoid any potential hazard.

    Q4. Should I buy a multimeter?

    Multimeters are the ultimate tools required for any electrical work, either simple or complex. They are an absolute necessity for any kind of electrical work. From checking the fan’s temperature to measuring the values of a circuit, it provides all the requirements to proceed with any given electrical work.

    Therefore, multimeters are a must-have in your toolbox whenever there is electrical work to be done.

    Q5. How many volts can a multimeter handle?

    Multimeters are not usually auto ranged. This means that you have to set the range that you want to measure. For instance, to measure voltage up to 2volts, you have to set the reading to 2V, and for measuring 20volts, you need to set it to 20V and so on. So basically, the multimeters measure the voltage asset in them while measuring the devices. Therefore, as per your requirement, you can set the values before the measurement using the best multimeter available.

    Q6. How much should I spend on a multimeter?

    Usually, you can find the best multimeter somewhere around $40-$50. However, spending more than $80 on a multimeter, especially for domestic use, is not advisable because you wouldn’t need such an advanced one for basic domestic measurements. Also, some best multimeters cost less than $2, which can easily found on Amazon.

    Q7. How do you check if a wire is live?

    When you touch a hot wire that is life (it can be of any color except green and white) and connect it with one lead (white color) and the other with neutral (usually green), neon light on the lamp should light up. This confirms that you have a good circuit and the power is on.

    Q8. Which is safer- AC or DC?

    Any kind of electrical shock is fatal for life and might cause death as well. It is always advisable to avoid any kind of electric shock by staying alert while doing electrical work. However, saying so, DC is considered a lot safer than AC since the human body’s capacity to handle DC is higher than AC.

    Q9. How can I know if my multimeter is bad?

    If the readings of a multimeter device go as low as 0 ohms, it is considered good. However, if the readings are high, it indicated that the multimeter device has blown and it’s time to change or replace it with a new one. Another quick way to check if your multimeter is not working is to check the fuse’s fine wire, which is visible in the glass. If the glass is completely clear, it means the wire is gone, or the device is blown.


    Having a good multimeter is an essential device to keep in your toolbox. Not only electricians, but it is also required by everyone to troubleshoot electrical faults. It helps to save ample time since you can always take the readings in a jiffy and protect yourself from the trouble of finding an electrician every time the voltage or current is low.

    Multimeters do not even cost much in comparison to the large number of functions they provide. It is always a good investment to buy this device as it saves time, effort and saves from a lot of trouble. They are a great tool for all the minor and major electrical work done either at home or at industries. These are also necessary for the DIYers who are learning about assembling and dissembling electrical equipment for practical knowledge.

    Not only electrical work, but these multimeters are also ideal for battery testing and repair of vehicles. They also help to know the status of rechargeable batteries so that you can know when to charge them again. It also helps to assemble electrical equipment, manufacture electrical goods, and basic inspection of electronics.

    Many multimeters come with different sets of additional functions that depend on the purpose of the instrument. Few features include double insulated wires, high accuracy readings, robust cases for protection, and many more such features depending on the model you choose. Thus, the main decision is whether you go for an analog multimeter or a digital multimeter.

    While analog multimeter is a bit more traditional and would require precision to read the measurements, digital multimeters save that time and effort since it prominently displays the accurate reading on the LCD screen on the device itself.

    Besides the two types of multimeters, you also need to make sure for what purpose you need a multimeter. Different multimeters provide different measurements and have different features. For example, some multimeters only show either AC or DC voltage or current, while others show both AC and DC readings.

    Apart from voltage or current, multimeters also help provide readings of resistance, frequency, etc. therefore, it has to be your call based on your needs and requirements that multimeter suits best for you and caters all your needs.

    The best multimeters usually come with both the basic features as well as advanced functions. Since multimeters are something we do not buy very frequently and the best ones might also be a little expensive, so always make sure that you choose the best one which would last a long time and serve its purpose well.

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