How To Delete A Page In Word – Simple And Easy Steps (2021)

    Blank pages in MS word are often very irritating for editors. We will discuss how to delete a page in Word” in this article.

    How to delete a page in Word
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    MS Word is a word processing app for editors and writers, developed and launched on 25th October 1983. MS word is one of the most popular tools or apps that is used by editors and writers all around the world. It is designed to edit documents and has many useful features. It is easy to use and anyone can use it on the go.

    How to delete a page in Word – Why would you need it

    Deleting a page in MS word can sometimes be an irritating task. Blank pages are unnecessary and can make your work look unprofessional. If you are wondering “how to delete a page in Word” then this article will surely help you.

    Many people use MS Word in their daily routine and they know well that any text or content can be easily deleted using the delete keys or backspace key. Using backspace key or delete keys you can delete whole words, discrete letters, or even whole paragraphs from the Word document. But sometimes you need to remove the whole Word page.

    For example, a blank page might appear at the end of the middle of your documents’ page. Sometimes, it becomes a harder thing to get rid of these pages. Let us get into the article to know “how to delete a page in Word”.

    How to delete a page in Word having content(Texts and Images)

    • Selecting The Page

    The first thing you need to do is make sure the Word page which contains data and you want to delete is selected. This will avoid you to delete the wrong page. Now, scroll down to the particular page or utilize the “Go-To” tab. You can get there by clicking Ctrl+G in your windows.

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    Once you find the desired page, click anywhere over the page to select it.

    • Selecting The Whole Page

    You might think that this is the thing which I told you in the previous step, and you have done this. But, this should be done to let MS Word know that you do not want to delete some of its content only, you want to remove the whole page.

    Open the “Go-To” tab in the menu bar or simply click Ctrl+G on the keyboard. Then go to the ‘Enter Page Number’ tab and type ‘page’ in it. Then click ‘Go To’ or click Enter space on the keyboard and close the tab.

    • Delete The Selected Page

    You will not find any specific tool in MS Word for deleting the desired page. But, deleting a selected page is way easier. Before deleting the page, double-check that you have selected the right page. Then click the ‘Delete’ tab.

    How To Delete/Remove a Blank

    MS Word has editors that add or create blank pages in a document either in the middle of it or at the end, for no solid reasons. Deleting such blank pages from your document before submitting it to your boss or printing it is a good idea.

    To do so you can take a few simple and quick steps:

    Step 1:

    Select ‘View’ in the menu bar and make sure to tick the ‘Navigation Pane’ box. Open the ‘Navigation Pane’ to find any blank page. This will open a new tab to you on the left-hand side of the document, showing all the available (blank or with text) pages of your word document. If you do not see pages, select the ‘Pages’ tab.

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    Step 2:

    View the whole list by scrolling it to find those pages which you want to delete. Pick the particular page and click over it to open it.

    Step 3:

    Click Ctrl+8+shift and hold them to make the paragraph markers appear on the document.

    Step 4:

    Blank pages may look blank and empty, without text, but they have hidden paragraph markers. This is why the software takes it as a page with content and thus it is difficult to delete a blank page. You can select the paragraph markers and click the ‘Delete’ key for removing the paragraph markers. Doing so will delete the whole blank page.

    And your blank pages are gone.

    You can take further help from Word Support if you need it.

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