11 Best Pedestal Sinks For an Aesthetic Look [Amazon Approved Products]

    Best Pedestal Sinks – When you are furnishing or more redecorating your house, there are a lot of things to consider. The decor speaks a lot about not only the house but also its owners. Your washroom is the one place that will always be noticed. Whether it’s a normal day at home or whether you are celebrating a special occasion, your washroom will always be in use. So, now you need to choose between two options: go for what’s the norm and do the usual thing or, go for something classic and at the same time, soulfully modern.

    We are talking about one of the elements you cannot even conceive your washroom without- yes, the sink. And yes, when we say classic but modern, we mean the pedestal sink. The sink you choose says a lot about your taste in decór. So that is one element you need to pick and choose with a lot of care.

    It’s very true that people have started shifting to vanity sinks almost exclusively because of the wider countertop space and the cabinet storage space. But when you think about it, the smaller countertop space that comes with a pedestal sink is actually for the best. Would a wider countertop mean you end up putting many more things on it, and that would eventually make it look very cluttered. That wouldn’t be very aesthetic, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

    And as for the storage space- you do not need to worry about that at all. Times have evolved, the pedestal sink has evolved too. What if we told you that the pedestal sink now comes as a hybrid combination? What if we told you that it now has the timeless grace of a pedestal sink and the convenience of a storage cabinet together? Well, it’s true!

    In this article, we will cover all the aspects of all such different types of pedestal sinks to help you make an informed decision!

    Buyer’s Guide – Best Pedestal Sinks

    What do you get when you pay as much as possible for a kitchen or washroom sink? Notwithstanding the promotion sink costs have little to do with execution. We likewise tracked down that the maker isn’t just about as significant as the material.

    Zero in on the material. Our tests showed that the material is a higher priority than the producer. Comparable materials performed also across brands, so we based our assessments of sinks completely on materials.

    Check the openings. Most kitchen and restroom sinks accompany mounting openings penetrated for fixtures. In case you’re purchasing another spigot for a current sink or the other way around, you’ll need to coordinate with the equipment to the number and separating of the openings in the sink. You can introduce a baseplate to cover an additional opening in the sink or ledge, yet don’t attempt to penetrate extra openings in a current sink or ledge.

    Consider establishment and fixes. Supplanting a fixture and sink together is simpler on the grounds that the spigot can be mounted in the sink or counter before the sink is set up. Most kitchen and restroom fixtures accompany a lifetime guarantee that covers holes and stains. Yet, in the event that you have an issue, the producer will give you simply the new part. It will be dependent upon you to introduce it.

    Kitchen Sinks

    You may not cook each day, yet is there ever a day when you don’t utilize your sink? We oppressed in excess of 20 twofold bowl sinks from significant makers to a flood of hot pots, scouring cushions, dropped loads, and stains. The consequences of our sinks tests:

    Impeccable: Check Doesn’t Make any difference

    A bigger number of individuals purchase hardened steel kitchen sinks than some other kind. We tried 18-to-23-check sinks; the lower the measure, the thicker the steel. We additionally tuned in to the commotion made by running water and dropped loads. We found the measure had little to do with execution and sinks with sound-retaining cushions, set on the outside’s base and sides, were calmer than those with a splash covering.

    Polish: Brilliant and Simple to Clean

    These sinks, sold in two renditions (veneer on-cast iron or lighter, more affordable lacquer on-steel), are accessible in numerous tones and are not difficult to clean. Our hot pot test didn’t harm them, yet when we dropped a 5-pound weight, like dropping a substantial pot, polish on-steel sinks chipped or broke. Veneer on-cast iron chipped when we dropped a sharp, light item, like a blade, on them. The harmed finish can cause the metal under to rust. Acrylic sinks may seem as though veneer however they scratch all the more effectively and warmth can be harming—our hot pot liquefied the surface.

    Strong Surface: Smooth and Consistent

    These sinks can be matched with counters made of similar material for a consistent look. In our tests, high warmth and dropping a sharp, light item, like a blade, harmed strong surfacing.

    Tally Inches

    Twofold bowl sinks let you absorb a pot in one bowl while you wash in the other. Simply be certain that in any event one of the dishes is sufficiently wide to fit huge pots or roasters. Sinks that are rectangular formed are standard; D-bowls have a bent back and offer more space, front to back.

    Consider Profundity

    Bowls are generally 6 to 12 inches down. The more profound ones lessen sprinkles, however, relying upon your tallness you may think that it’s awkward to arrive at the lower part of an extremely profound sink. Recollect that under-mounted sinks will be up to 1 ½ inches lower than a top-mounted.

    Bathroom Sinks

    Move over, porcelain. Glass, and surprisingly tempered steel are among the selection of materials that are changing the style and state of restroom sinks.

    Vessel sinks, an advanced contort on the first bowl and pitcher, sit on top of a counter or cupboard. You’ll see them in glass, tempered steel, and different materials.

    A portion of these new materials can cost about equivalent to standard porcelain, known as glassy china, and a few materials were better at opposing spills, scratches, and different disasters. However, most have at any rate one downside. You can likewise introduce the sink underneath the ledge for a smooth look that accentuates the ledge. These undermount sinks are additionally simple to clean since there’s no lip to get the trash.

    Glass: Extreme to a limited extent

    Channel cleaner, nail-clean remover, and other extreme staining specialists didn’t leave an imprint on our treated glass sinks. Warmth and scouring wasn’t a danger, however, these sinks broke into little shards when we dropped a pointed 2.5-ounce dart from a stature of 20 inches.

    Pick the Mount

    Undermount sinks make cleanup simpler and sit beneath the encompassing counter, so there’s no lip or cleft to get soil. Yet, they cost somewhat more, are more earnestly to introduce, and normally require a waterproof ledge. So think about your ledge, at that point the sink mount.

    Remember the Fixture

    Consider the stature of a vessel sink when purchasing a spigot and ensure that any fixture stretches out into the sink to maintain a strategic distance from dribbles onto the counter. Try not to pick a huge spigot for a little sink, which can cause sprinkling. We additionally propose fixtures with an actual fume statement (PVD) finish and a lifetime finish guarantee. These completions imitate copper, nickel, and different materials and have performed well in our fixture tests.

    Types Of Sinks

    Match the style of sink to your space, needs, and spending plan. Kitchen Sinks: Capacity rivals structure since you’ll be utilizing the sink throughout the day for everything from hand washing to scouring pots and skillet.

    Twofold Bowl

    Twofold bowl sinks have a parcel that isolates them into two segments. A rectangular shape is generally normal, however D-molded sinks with a bent back are accessible. Twofold bowl sinks are convenient in light of the fact that they let you perform two undertakings – drenching and washing – simultaneously. Note that the smaller areas of a twofold bowl sink may not fit huge pots or roasters.


    Otherwise called cover front, farmhouse sinks generally have a profound single bowl with the fixture introduced in the ledge or divider. This classy decision can give a customary or country kitchen look, and treated steel adaptations can function admirably with present-day plans. Be that as it may, they’re costly and require a unique bureau, and water can trickle on and harm the bureau.


    These are best for use as prep or bar sinks. They’re thin and long, from 8 to 14 inches wide and up to 50 inches in length. Yet, box sinks are costly and more fun than practical.


    Instead of being brought down onto the counter, under-mounted sinks are raised into place from beneath. Undermount sinks give a smooth look and simpler cleanup since they sit marginally underneath the outside of the counter, so you can wipe spills and pieces from the ledge straightforwardly into the sink and there’s no lip or fissure to get earth. Yet, under-mounted sinks are more costly to purchase and introduce, and ought to be utilized with a waterproof ledge.

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    Washroom Sinks

    Supplanting a washroom sink can be an acceptable approach to refresh the room without going through a ton of cash. Here are the sorts of restroom sinks to consider.

    Pedestal Sinks

    A few property holders favor platform sinks for more modest restrooms that may appear to be confined with a vanity. Platform sinks come in numerous styles, from antiquated to smooth and current. However, while a Pedestal sink may cause a little restroom to appear to be more open, you lose extra room underneath the sink and counter space above.

    Vessel Sinks

    Style is the large fascination for these above-mount models that rest on the counter. You’ll see them in glass, treated steel, and different materials. Ensure that the spigot stretches out above and beyond the sink to stay away from dribbles onto the counter and note that vessel sinks may require new fixtures and different changes that are probably going to add cost.

    Top Mounts

    Additionally called drop-in and self-rimming, these sinks are brought down into the counter, with the lip covering the ledge. They work with any ledge material and are moderately easy to introduce, so they’re a decent decision for a limited financial plan. Yet, a top-mounted sink can reduce the vibe of a delightful ledge and grime can develop around the lip of the sink.

    Benefits of Using Pedestal Sinks

    Properly holders taking on a significant washroom redesign or those basically attempting to spruce up the room could profit by the upsides of a platform sink. While the style and polish that these excellent apparatuses can add to your restroom is obvious, there are extra benefits just a few impediments you ought to consider prior to picking a platform sink. The accompanying post will address probably the most widely recognized ascribes related to these installations to help you settle on an educated choice and one the suits your requirements.

    Pedestal Sinks Don’t Occupy a ton of Room

    Platform sinks truly sparkle in more modest restrooms where space is restricted. Since they are pre-drill and tapped, the pipe parts are normally contained inside the actual platform.

    This keeps the plan of these sinks oversimplified and smoothed out. The shortfall of a lower bureau makes its impression more modest, which implies they require less area in the washroom. These sorts of sinks can be ideal for little powder rooms and half showers.

    They Are Adjustable and Flexible

    There are numerous styles of platform sinks to browse, which makes it conceivable to track down a practical choice for practically any washroom stylish. Moreover, custom sink alternatives of this style are likewise accessible.

    This implies you can take restroom stylistic layout to the following level by utilizing this style of sink in innovative manners inside a washroom. Likewise, the ordinary development of a platform sink will in general be very tough, so it gives numerous long periods of utilization.

    A Platform Sink is Not difficult to Keep up and Clean

    Because of their smoothed-out and straightforward plan, platform sinks give simple support and cleaning. Since they don’t have ledges joined with the sink bowl, they don’t loan themselves to the average mess that can in many cases plague this territory of a washroom. Besides, the platform leaves the floor open and available, which can help make cleaning the washroom a breeze.

    #1 CeraStyle 007800U-PED-One Hole Bella Round Ceramic Pedestal Sink

    Best Pedestal Sink

    CeraStyle 007800U-PED-One Hole Bella Round Ceramic Pedestal Sink
    Product color White
    Product brand CeraStyle
    Product material Ceramic
    Installation Method
    Finish type
    Amazon ratings No customer reviews or ratings


    The CeraStyle pedestal sink features excellent properties and features for maximum efficiency and style. The sink is powered by the well-known and famous brand CeraStyle and is the perfect product to add to your bathroom’s aesthetics. One of the best pedestal sinks available in the market, the product is an excellent choice for an inexpensive, durable, and gorgeous pedestal sink.

    The 24-inch sink makes the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. The trendy and elegant white design of the sink adds to and improves your bathroom’s overall look. With a ceramic make and finishing, the product flaunts a strategic and clever built for maximum functionality.

    With one faucet hole available, the sink also features a helpful overflow. The advanced features and benefits that come with the sink improve performance and allow you to make the best product. With the ideal dimensions and weight, the sink is the perfect aesthetic addition to a modern bathroom.

    The sink is ADA compliant and is designed, keeping in mind your needs and requirements. The product packaging further includes the pedestal and the sink. With a round white body of the sink, it is crafted with maximum precision to give you durability and efficiency. The standard drain size and the one-hole option further add to the long list of the CeraStyle pedestal sink features.


    • The CeraStyle sink comes with excellent features and properties at an affordable price just for you.
    • The sink is crafted with high-quality ceramic, and the trendy design of the product makes it a valuable addition to the bathroom. Moreover, the white and round design of the sink makes it aesthetically pleasing.
    • The best pedestal sink 2021, the product is powered by the renowned and high-end brand CeraStyle.
    • With high-quality material and an overflow feature, the CeraStyle sink features an elegant and stylish design for modern bathrooms.
    • The sink’s ideal dimensions and construction further allow the sink to blend in with your bathroom’s aesthetics effortlessly. With the perfect design, the sink is a convenient and valuable option for you.
    • The ADA-compliant sink also comes with a one faucet hole option for maximum functionality and optimum performance.


    • The sink does not have any storage space.


    #2 Fresca Ovale 24″ Modern Glass Bathroom Pedestal


    Fresca Ovale 24″ Modern Glass Bathroom Pedestal
    Product color Glass
    Product brand Fresca
    Product material Glass
    Installation Method – –
    Finish type – –
    Amazon ratings 4.2 out of 5


    Another excellent choice for a durable and affordable pedestal sink, the Fresca Ovale bathroom pedestal sink, features advanced properties. The simplistic and minimalistic design makes the product a good pedestal sink for small bathrooms. With a clever construction and excellent features, the sink looks stunning and adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom

    With a clear sink, the product also features ideal dimensions to blend into any bathroom space and design without much hassle. The beautiful countertop and design feature an aesthetically pleasing sink. The product will give your bathroom a whole new and modern edge. With a trendy design, the sink also features durability, longevity, and optimum functionality.

    The tempered glass countertop, combined with the gently sloped glass vessel basin, makes the sink a perfect addition to your modern bathroom. With a single-hole faucet mouth, the pedestal sink allows for maximum efficiency. The product is designed to keep in mind all your needs and requirements and provide you with high-performance and service.

    The product also comes with a glass shelf designed to be hung above the pedestal sink. This excellent addition to the product follows the basin’s outer curve and allows you to quickly and efficiently store all your essential products. With a simplistic design and clever construction, the product is fit to satisfy all your demands in the best way possible.


    • The pedestal sink comes at a reasonable price, with excellent features and advanced properties for maximum efficiency and performance.
    • With stunning yet straightforward construction, the pedestal sink allows for functionality and ease. You can easily install the product in your bathroom and achieve more in less with the Fresca Ovale sink.
    • The gently sloped vessel basin comes with a tempered glass countertop to form a stunning yet elegant design. The trendy pattern of the sink makes it a perfect addition to any bathroom.
    • With the ideal dimensions and size measurements, the sink is made to efficiently satisfy all your needs and requirements.
    • The pedestal sink with storage includes a glass shelf hung over the sink, following the basin’s outer curve. You can store all essential products in the sink without any hassle.
    • The chrome stand and the towel bar featured in the product add to the sink’s aesthetics and enhance the product’s functionality.


    • The sink may leak sometimes.


    #3 InArt Ceramic One-Piece Pedestal Sink, Bathroom Sink Wash Basin


    InArt Ceramic One Piece Pedestal Sink, Bathroom Sink Wash Basin
    Product color Wood
    Product brand InArt
    Product material Ceramic
    Installation Method – –
    Finish type Wooden finish
    Amazon ratings No customer reviews or ratings


    The InArt ceramic pedestal sink is an excellent product that flaunts a stylish design, high-quality performance, and durability. The glossy wooden finish of the product makes it aesthetically pleasing. One of the best pedestal sinks in the market today, the product will make the perfect addition to your modern bathroom. With delicate European touch to your bathroom, the sink delivers the best results for you.

    The fine finishing of the sink adds to the overall look of the product. The sink includes excellent features and properties to maximize functionality. The long list of benefits of the product aims to satisfy all your needs and requirements in the best way.

    The sink is made using high-quality material for the best results. With durability and longevity as the core benefit of the sink, it blends nicely into any bathroom and house. The sink is further easy to install and handle, with a minimalistic and straightforward construction. The excellent features of the product additionally make it the best pedestal sink in the market today.

    With an elegant finish, the pedestal sink is also ideal for the outdoors, at the pool, patio, garden, or garage. You can use the sink for various applications without any hesitation. The InArt ceramic pedestal sink further flaunts a clean color glazing for added protection and to enhance durability.


    • The InArt ceramic sink flaunts a trendy design with modern features and advanced properties for the best results.
    • The long-lasting sink s designed with high-quality ceramic, keeping in mind all your needs and requirements.
    • The ideal dimensions and measurements allow the sink to blend in perfectly with your bathroom and fit in without any hassle.
    • The fine wood finishing adds to the sink’s style and design and makes it aesthetically pleasing. With beautiful construction, the product will make a great addition to your modern bathroom.
    • The fine material and the sink’s excellent quality, combined with the affordable price range, make it the best pedestal sinks on the market.
    • The clean color grazing adds to the product’s seamless texture and gives it protection and durability.
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    • The product lacks storage space.


    #4 Kohler K-2362-1-0 Cimarron


    KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink
    Attributes Specifications
    COLOR Available in Dune, Ice Gray, and White color variations
    BRAND Kohler
    MATERIAL Vitreous China
    AMAZON RATING 4.6 out of 5 stars


    Kohler Cinnamon Pedestal Washroom Sink is a premium washroom decór product from Kohler. With a 4.6 out of 5-star rating, it ranks within the top 25 products in Pedestal Sinks for Washroom. With multiple color options and several other benefits and features, this is definitely a product to consider if you are on the lookout for a pedestal sink.

    Kohler Pedestal Sink solves the issue that deters most individuals from going for a pedestal sink. It has a comparatively larger basin compartment and a generous deck size. This pedestal sink has been designed very smartly to conceal which ensures that the network of pipes does not look shabby. The faucet is not included, which actually works in your favor by offering more flexibility. This gives you the option of choosing your own faucet to suit your tastes.

    The Kohler Pedestal Sink effectively prevents overflow as it has been equipped with an overflow drain, that does not allow the water to rise too high before draining it.

    With a cinnamon color theme, the Kohler Pedestal Sink best suits cinnamon washrooms and kitchens, but it could be paired with just about any color theme. It even comes with faucet holes of different dimensions- single hole, four Inch centerset holes, or eight-inch widespread holes. Thus, you have the luxury of choice here as well.

    The versatility and design ensemble of the Kohler Sink make it even more attractive. It has been earning the trust of customers for the last fourteen years since it was first released in 2007. The one-year warranty that comes with the product does not hurt as well. Thus, it is not only attractive, but a durable and trustworthy product to go for as well. This would definitely make it to the nomination list for “Best Pedestal Sink 2021”.


    • It comes with multiple color options.
    • It has a sleek, attractive design.
    • It is affordable.


    You might have to incur heavy installation costs.

    Buy Now

    #5 Ondine 16 inch Pedestal Sink


    Ondine 16 inch Pedestal Sink
    Attributes Specifications
    COLOR White
    BRAND Renovators Supply Manufacturing
    MATERIAL Porcelain
    AMAZON RATING 4.7 out of 5 stars


    Ondine 16 inch Pedestal Sink is like an all-in-one pedestal sink. One of the best points of this pedestal sink is the absolute simple installation. In fact, it has an open back and slide-in installation which not only saves space but also makes it perfect for small washrooms.

    It has also been provided with overflow drainage holes. It goes a long way in preventing water overflow and flooding in the washroom. Thus it also effectively prevents the accidents that can be caused as a result of children accidentally or mischievously leaving the taps open. Thus, it is ideally and practically well-suited for children’s washrooms. This can be seen as the best pedestal sink for small bathrooms.

    The combination of Grade A Vitreous China, as well as Porcelain in the structuring, ensures durability, stability, scratch resistance, and consequently, long-life. Another plus point is that you do not need to spend long hours and tremendous effort drilling faucet holes into the sink because it comes with pre-drilled faucet holes.


    • It is ideal for small washrooms.
    • It comes with an effective drainage system.
    • The cost is economic.


    • It does not come with warranty.

    To get more details about the product and check the cost, click here.

    #6 Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink


    Fine Fixtures Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink
    Attributes Specifications
    COLOR White or Biscuit color
    BRAND Fine Fixtures
    MATERIAL Ceramic
    AMAZON RATING 4.4 out of 5 stars


    The Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink by Fine Fixtures has been widely used and loved by renovators, designers and home-owners for four years now. It was first brought out in 2017.

    This pedestal sink comes with a ceramic (Vitreous China) pristine finish that ensures a scratch-resistant and rust-resistant surface for years to come. So, you do not need to worry about cleaning it constantly to keep it shiny as new. You will just need to clean it occasionally to maintain the hygiene standards.

    This is probably the best pedestal sink for small bathrooms because of the host of models of different dimensions that it offers. You also get to choose between white or Biscuit color, so you can opt for the one that suits your tastes and decór the best.

    We would say that this pedestal sink comes with a double advantage. You not only get to choose between various models and dimensions, but you also get this pedestal sink with storage as well. However, while the sink is big enough to allow adequate storage space, it is not as large that it will take up most of the space in your bathroom. So, you do not need to worry about decluttering as well!

    This rectangular-shaped ceramic pedestal sink comes in a rectangular shape. Once you order the product, because of the size and weight, it may be delivered in two or more parts.


    • Can be used for a long time because of its durability and resistance.
    • The material is absolutely rust resistant.
    • It is quite affordable.


    • Items arrive in multiple parts so you might need to wait for some time before putting together the sink.

    To check the price and more details, click here.

    #7 American Standard Ravenna Pedestal Sink


    American Standard Ravenna Pedestal Sink
    Attributes Specifications
    COLOR White
    BRAND American Standard
    MATERIAL Vitreous China
    AMAZON RATING 4.1 out of 5 stars


    First released in 2007, this pedestal sink by American Standard became an instant hit with people who were looking to renovate their bathrooms or kitchens. Manufactured in Mexico, this pedestal sink is brought to you by one of the brands that are most trusted when it comes to Bathroom fixtures and products.

    You could easily go for this sink if you are looking for a pedestal sink with storage. This pedestal sink offers a rear overflow drainage system, generous storage shelf space for soap and other accessories, along with a sleek design, smart finish, and many other features and benefits.

    The contemporary design of this pedestal sink goes well with the single centered faucet hole, which makes the design much more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. You get the benefit of a one-year warranty as long as there is a defect from the manufacturer’s end and you also get a User Manual and Guide with this product that will definitely make the process of installation and application much simpler and convenient.


    • It comes from a very trusted brand.
    • It has been equipped with adequate storage space.
    • Comes with a warranty period.


    • It might have a high installation cost.

    Click here to buy the product

    #8 Swiss Madison Monaco Circular Basin Pedestal Sink


    Swiss Madison Monaco Circular Basin Pedestal Sink
    Attributes Specifications
    COLOR Matte Black or Glossy White
    BRAND Swiss Madison Well Made Forever
    MATERIAL Ceramic
    FINISH TYPE Matte/ Glossy
    AMAZON RATING 4.3 out of 5 stars


    This circular basin pedestal sink by Madison Monaco is a premium product that will take your breath away every time you see it. It combines the best features of traditional pedestal sinks with the originality of the manufacturers to give a contemporary twist to the design that is absolutely mind-blowing.

    This is a comparatively recently released Pedestal Sink, which was first made available in 2020. Till now it has been doing quite well and the product reviews clearly show that the users are more than happy with it. This pedestal sink elevates the sophistication standards of any bathroom and lends it an ethereal grace that comes with its innovative design.

    Both the matte black and glossy white designs are impenetrable and stain-resistant, so you need not bad about it going bad too soon. Circularity is maintained throughout the design which makes it even more aesthetically pleasing. You can choose to pair it with any Swiss Madison faucet of your choice and it will be perfectly compatible. One unique feature about this pedestal sink is that it comes in a single-piece format, which means you do not need to go through the hassle of complex installation, nor do you need to spend anything on it.

    The smart compact design will make a beautiful addition to your washroom while at the same time leaving enough space and scope for other renovations. What’s more, it comes with a one-year warranty period so you need not worry about any manufacturing defects.


    • It has a modern, aesthetic circular design.
    • The installation process is very simple as the entire sink comes in one piece.
    • It offers multiple color options.


    • The price might not be affordable for everyone.

    Click here to Buy Now

    #9 Renovator’s Supply Manufacturing Bohemia Glass Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Towel Bar Faucet and Drain


    Product Brand Renovators Supply Manufacturing
    Product Colors Gold-Brass Accent, Chrome Accent
    Product Material Glass
    Product Installation Method Pedestal
    Product Finish Type Bohemia Modern Metro High Class Design and Contemporary Finish
    Product Weight 54.8 Pounds
    Amazon Ratings 3 out of 5


    This pedestal sink by Renovators Supply Manufacturing comprises a faucet, drain, towel bar and a P-Trap. It has a tempered glass modern, timeless design and finish, which makes it look classy and bold. The bohemian design glass vessel comes with a solid red oak pedestal and gold/bronze color PVD stainless towel bar.

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    Pedestal sinks are best suited for bathrooms with limited spacing or for powder rooms. People who prefer to get the look of the early 20th century vintage style bathrooms can also opt for Pedestal sinks instead of opting for a vintage bulky vanity cabinet.

    This model by Renovators Supply Manufacturing was available in the market in 2012.

    The product is available in two colors – Clear Glass Pedestal with Gold-Brass Accent and Clear Glass Pedestal with Chrome Accent. Both the color options uniquely differ from each other.

    Even though this Pedestal sink is ideal for a small bathroom, the color combinations mentioned above will perfectly complement any vintage style bathrooms too. This sink gives a class early 20th Century feel and look to your washrooms, and will make you revisit your memories back in those days.

    Remember the days, when you were just a 13-year-old, and you returned from the football field all tired and super hungry and just as you were about to touch your yummy evening snacks, your mum shouted from the kitchen to wash your hands.

    And even though your washroom was tiny, this type of pedestal sink made it look more open, and did not make you feel all cluttered after a very sweaty evening.

    You have the chance of revisiting these precious memories while giving the classy look to your washroom through this pedestal sink.

    The option of not including the P-trap is perfect for those people who want to avoid a bland bath and are looking to enjoy an upscale upgraded premium and bold design, which is not only timelessly modern but also contemporary.


    • Saves the useful and valuable bathroom floor space.
    • Light-weight as compared to other vanity sinks.


    • There is no storage space below.

    Buy now

    #10 Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Plaisir Pedestal Sink


    Product Brand Swiss Madison
    Product Colors Glossy White
    Product Material Ceramic
    Product Installation method Pedestal
    Product Finish Type Glossy Smooth Finish
    Product Weight 47 Pounds
    Amazon Ratings 5 out of 5


    The Swiss Madison Plaisir Pedestal sink is a beauty that you would want to get your hands on. From, the product material to its finishing everything about is just so bold.

    This model by Swiss Madison was available for the first time in the market in 2019. And is considered to be the best Pedestal sink in 2021.

    This sink is easy to install. Being made of ceramic cleaning it is very easy and hassle-free.The high gloss ceramic finish protects it from scratches and stains. The sides of the sink are so smooth that it looks very elegant and classy to the eye.

    The sink is made up of ceramic which gives you a durable long-lasting fitting and also provides a smooth surface.

    Swiss Madison comprises a ceramic glossy-white sink and a pedestal with a drain. This model gives you the flexibility of fixing a faucet of your own choice, which all the more gives you the option of making it look more complementary to your bathroom or powder room.

    This model of Pedestal sink is well suited for small commercial/office/workplace bathrooms as the glossy white color adds a decent and a complete look to the washrooms. It is also suitable for backstage powder rooms, public-places washrooms and other such washrooms which have limited space.

    It is light-weighted as compared to the other models of the Pedestal sinks. This model is an elegant, easy to-use, easy to-clean and bold.


    • Easier to move to different locations because of its lightweight
    • Being made up of ceramic it is easy to clean
    • Long-lasting durability
    • Ceramic also prevents scratches and stains
    • Small and compact
    • Flexibility of choosing your own faucet type


    • Faucet is not present and has to be fixed manually
    • No countertop room is available
    • Not a lot of color options are available

    Click here to buy now

    #11 InArt Ceramic Wash Basin Bathroom One Piece Pedestal Sink


    Product Brand InArt
    Product Colors Golden White Color
    Product Material Ceramic
    Product Installation method Freestanding
    Product Finish Type Stripped Glossy Ceramic Finish
    Product Weight 55 Pounds
    Amazon Ratings No Ratings


    The InArt Pedestal single piece pedestal sink is one of the most stylish and modern pedestal sinks that one can have. The Golden colored sink along with White stripes on it gives it a western and modern look, which is rare to be found in any pedestal sink model.

    This model of pedestal sink by InArt was first launched in the market in 2019.

    This pedestal sink is easy to install as it is a single piece sink and requires no fixing of a pedestal and sink. The ceramic gives you a look of a high gloss finished product. Ceramic gives it a smooth and elegant look, prevents the sinks from scratches and stains and is super easy to clean and maintain with no hard work.

    The plumbing mechanism of this sink is a bit different, i.e., the plumbing can be done only from the wall and not from the floor. It requires no additional installation hardware

    The single-piece pedestal sink is round and comes with a drain vessel hole only. It does not include the faucet, giving the option of choosing your own faucet type according to your own style and look that you prefer for the sink.

    This model is best suitable for small washrooms/powder rooms having very limited floor space. Being a single-piece pedestal stand, it is easy to move to different places and is small and compact. The ceramic ensures a long-lasting fitting and durability.

    Even though pedestal sinks were most commonly used in the early 20th century, the design and color combination of this model is modern and western which gives your washroom/powder rooms a fresh new elegant, and bold look. It can make a boring washroom look like a sassy one.


    • Easy to install as compared to other pedestal sinks
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Ceramic prevents scratches and stains on the surface
    • Small and compact
    • Saves a lot of bathroom floor space


    • Plumbing has to be done from the wall which can be troublesome and cause damps
    • Heavier than compared to other pedestal sinks

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1 How long does it approximately take to install a pedestal sink and how difficult is it?

    Well, the answer to this question totally depends upon the size and nature of your sink, and to a large extent on the plumber, you are assigning the work to. A pedestal sink has to be installed in two parts- first the sink, then the pedestal. The whole installing process will take about 5 hours at a stretch.

    An experienced plumber might be able to finish it in a day, but a novice might not be able to. Installing the pedestal sink will cost you about $45-$60. Also, if you are planning to install the sink yourself, we recommend that you not do that, if you do not have at least the basic experience in the matter, because it can then get complicated.

    Q2 Can I remove the pedestal from the sink?

    The installation of a pedestal sink happens in two phases. First, the sink is set in place and stuck to the wall. In the second phase, the pedestal is attached to the sink to complete the setup. So, if you ever feel the need, know that the pedestal is very much detachable from the sink. The best part is, removing the pedestal will not mess in any way with the sink, or the plumbing, or the setup. This is because the sink and the pedestal are two Individual parts installed separately. So, you even get the advantage to change the style of your sink if you go for a pedestal sink!

    Q3 Are pedestal sinks expensive?

    Again, it totally depends upon your budget, the nature of your washroom, and your taste in design. You can procure a basic pedestal sink for as low as $50. If you choose to go for variations and even customizations in style, color, and size, the price will go up. We suggest that you evaluate what would go best with your washroom decór, match it with your budget, and then select a pedestal sink that satisfactorily complements both of these important aspects.

    Q4 Are pedestal sinks outdated?

    Not at all. And we don’t believe that it will go out of style anytime soon, because it is timeless. It so beautifully combines classic beauty with modernity, anyone looking to rejuvenate their house with a touch of newness would never be able to ignore a pedestal sink. The smaller countertop is a plus- neither does it take up a lot of space, nor do you have to declutter the place continuously due to placing a lot of things on it. And, as we have already mentioned, you get the option of choosing a pedestal sink with or without a storage cabinet as well!

    Q5 What type of faucet should I use for my pedestal sink?

    Well, pedestal sinks, especially the ones that come in modern styles, give you a lot of freedom to choose what type of faucet you wish to use. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the width of the faucet hole already drilled into the sink. Normally, the holes are of 4″ to 8″. Once you have taken care of finding a compatible faucet in terms of width, you can absolutely go ahead in finding or choosing a design that suits your tastes. Or, you could choose a pre-built structure of a faucet and customize it as you wish to!


    If you are looking to add a touch of classic newness to your home and especially your washroom, then congratulations! You have come to the correct place. Having a faucet sink at home is a very good idea if you haven’t had it before or if you are making a conscious effort to reduce the clutter in your washroom.

    Apart from this, our collection of memory foam slippers will fit right for your washroom. Check them out by clicking here.

    All, if you have more than one washroom, or space for more than one sink at home, you could take experimentation to the next level. You could try installing one faucet sink and a vanity sink and see what works for you best. Or, you could go with a pedestal sink with a storage cabinet and one without a cabinet. Either way, we can guarantee that once you install a pedestal sink, you wouldn’t want to let go of it!

    In this article, we have included all the information you could possibly need to make the best decision in choosing the most suitable pedestal sink for your washroom. We have included a comprehensive, all-round buyer’s guide to guide you as to how exactly you could follow the best path to procure a pedestal sink. We have not only provided information about the various types of pedestal sinks out there but have in fact provided products of different types.

    This is so that you can compare and contrast among the various types and choose the one that is best suited for you. The information and products have been handpicked carefully so that you are never misled while making a choice. So, make the best use of it while you choose your pedestal sink!



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