7 Surprising Facts about Delicious American Chop Suey

    American Chop Suey! A popular treat for most foodies, especially those who are fond of macaroni pasta and noodles! Mention the name and see them drooling over it! However, many of you are probably interested to know more details about it. And why should not you!

    After all, being a foodie, knowing your preferred food can help you enjoy the taste better than ever. We understand. Hence, we are here with a detailed discussion on American chop suey. From its origin, variants to some interesting, fun facts- get all of them here. Let’s proceed.

    American chop suey
    Sugar and Soul

    American Chop Suey: What is it?

    Before we ponder over other facts about the popular delicacy, let’s have an idea about what American chop suey is. It is an American casserole dish prepared with ground meat, macaroni pasta, and sweet-tangy tomato sauce. Usually, beef is used in it as meat.

    American chop suey is quite popular in the areas of the United States and New England. It is a famous option in the cuisine of New England. Here is the American chop suey recipe.

    How to Prepare:

    To prepare the dish, you need – elbow macaroni, cornstarch, oil, water, any meat (preferably beef), minced garlic, ginger, sliced onion, chopped carrot, chopped green bell pepper, shredded cabbage, white vinegar, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, sugar, salt, egg, and finely chopped spring onions.

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    american chop suey
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    First, boil the macaroni. Keep it aside and prepare the sauce. To prepare the sauce, add ginger, garlic, and all of the vegetables to the oil. Stir well until the veggies look tender. Now, mix cornstarch with water in a bowl. Add tomato ketchup and vinegar to the veggies.

    Then, add the cornstarch mix to it. Mix salt and sugar as per taste. Add macaroni to it. Finally, sprinkle chopped spring onions on top of the dish. Serve with a fried egg omelette on top of the whole plate.

    Well, you might think that it has some close connection with Chinese chop suey as both of the names are similar. No, it does not have. American chop suey is famous with other variants like American goulash, Johnny Marzetti in different regions outside the United States. But, there is barely any similarity between the two dishes- American chop suey and Chinese chop suey.

    Let’s have an idea about what are the differences between the two.

    Chinese Chop Suey and American Chop Suey: How are they different?

    Chop suey, or the famous Chinese chop suey, is a renowned delicacy in American Chinese cuisine. When American chop suey is made of ground beef, pasta, and sauce, the ingredients in chop suey are different. The meat used in this dish can be of any kind.

    It may be beef, chicken, pork, and any other variation. Instead of simple macaroni and tomato sauce, chop suey includes cabbage, celery, and bean sprouts. The meat is cooked thoroughly with the veggies. All of the items are soaked in a sauce that is thickened with starch. Well, do not forget eggs. It is also an essential factor in this dish.

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    american chop suey
    Times Food- Chinese Chop Suey

    Not only in the ingredients but also in taste and texture, they are different. American chop suey tastes sweet and sour, while Chinese chop suey has a spicy flavour. With a bright orange-red colour, the American chop suey is a treat to the eye. It is often used as a main course. Chinese chop suey is served with rice or traditional Chinese noodles.

    Along with Chinese and American, chop suey also has many other variants. Consider the ones in India, Indonesia, Canada, and so on. When the variant changes, the ingredients also differ. We will discuss the famous Indian variation of the dish.

    Indian American Chop Suey

    Try this version of American chop suey if you are bored of your regular boiled noodles, roasted beef, and other dishes. Indians never fail to amuse the world with exceptional qualities when it comes to food.

    After all, it is a country of diversity. While you find the innumerable hot steamed dumplings at one place, you can enjoy a delicious curry at the other place. Indians never cease to add Indian flavour to every continental dish they discover. Hence, this American dish has also got its Indian variant.

    Indian American chop suey is primarily famous as street food or college canteen dish. Unlike the original version, this dish includes carrots and other veggies dipped in a thick orange-flavoured sauce.

    american chop suey

    On top of the vegetables, you can find deep-fried noodles and eggs. Well, it is similar to the Chinese variant. However, this Indian variation has a rich history. Let’s know what the story behind the dish is.

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    The Origin and History of Indian American Chop Suey:

    The famous anthropologist E.N. Anderson discovered the history of chop suey. According to him, the dish was influenced by another dish called ‘tsap suei.’ In Cantonese, it is translated as miscellaneous leftovers. Nonetheless, the history of Indian chop suey is another exciting story. During the China-Burma-India Theatre operation, a large number of US troops came to India.

    First, they reached Delhi and later on Kolkata(then Calcutta). Then, to serve their tastebuds, when they asked for chop suey in Kolkata’s China Town, the Indians of Chinese origin prepared the dish of ‘tsap suei.’

    Due to a lack of authentic ingredients, they prepared it with locally available items like noodles, eggs, local vegetables, etc. gradually, it became famous among the local Indians. Thus, Indian American chop suey was born. Although the story is not fully proven, it is one of the best stories roaming around.

    Interesting facts about American Chop Suey

    Enough of the grave historical details and recipe updates! Now, let’s learn some interesting information about the dish.

    american chop suey
    Classic Recipes
    1. Usually, the meat pieces are small in this dish.
    2. High-quality American chop suey includes elbow macaroni.
    3. Popular restaurants use sautéd onions along with cooked ground beef for the dish.
    4. It is generally served with bread. Sometimes, it is preferred as a simple main course dish.
    5. Some chefs experiment with grated parmesan cheese.
    6. Worcestershire sauce is also used in some places.
    7. Italian seasonings are popular with this dish.

    Wrapping it Up

    The sense of gluttony is knocking at the door? The recipe is already mentioned. What are you waiting for? Prepare American chop sue and enjoy it with your loved ones. Satisfy your sudden craving for food perfectly. Let us know how you liked it.

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