7 Different Types Of Lips- Which One Is Yours?

    There are many different types of lips, ever wondered which one is yours? Let’s find out.

    Many times when we surf social media, we often come across pictures of our favorite celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor, Selena and we try to match ourselves with them. Don’t know about you but I often try to spot similarities between facial features. We try to apply lipsticks like them to make our lips puffy, isn’t it? Although we all are beautiful in our skin, we tend to mimic our favorite stars.

    Also, while putting on make-up, it is important to know our facial features in order to apply the right makeup so it suits our face and we look our best. For instance, how we fill our brows largely depends upon the face shape we have. Mainly, high points of our face act as the deciding factor to determine the type of make-up.

    Lip make-up is also adapted using certain tricks which include what suits our lip shape the most. For perfect lip make-up, you need to know the different types of lips so that you can figure out easily which one is yours, right?

    Let’s see different types of lips and how you can enhance them using the right make-up tricks.

    Types Of Lips

    You might be familiar with different types of lips by seeing certain pictures, but how many types are there and the name of each type is not something generally people know. Let’s have a closer look at types of lips.

    1. Heart-shaped Lips

    types of lips
    Be Beautiful

    The first and foremost category in types of lips is heart-shaped lips. Heart-shaped lips are among the most desired lips right now and why wouldn’t they be? Our favorite pop star Taylor Swift is popular not just popular for the amazing tracks and music she makes, she is also known for her romantic lip shape. Her lip shape is known by a well-defined cupid’s bow.

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    If you have this lip shape, you do not have to line them repeatedly. You easily see a dip in the middle of your upper lip making a beautiful heart shape. The lower lip may or may not be heavy. To enhance this lip shape further, you can always line it in the middle using a white pencil or also use a heavy creamy nude shadow for making it appear fuller and heavy.

    2. Perfectly Proportioned Lip

    types of lips
    Be Beautiful

    There is such thing as a perfectly proportioned lip, ever looked carefully at Rihanna’s lips? I bet you have, she’s gorgeous. This perfect lip shape is defined by perfectly balanced top and bottom lips.

    The bottom lip usually protrudes outside distinctly. You can apply lipstick in two ways based on your mood and likings. Either use subtle pink to balance out your lips or use bold matte lipstick with a lip liner to make your lips the focal point of your makeup.

    This will eventually make your lips more attractive. Full lips or pillowy lips are often distracting so it’s good to balance them out sometimes. You can also do this by highlighting the rest of your face. Try to flush your cheeks to tone your lips a little bit down. Meanwhile, try to go on the neutral side when it comes to your shade which goes with your complexion to blend your lips with the rest of the face.

    Perfectly proportioned lips are truly among the most popular lip shapes in types of lips.

    3. Top-heavy Lips

    types of lips

    These types of lips are very common in Indian women. Also, supermodel Rosie Huntington is also popular for her top-heavy pout. This lip shape is heavier on the top and online the previous one, it does not have any dip in the middle of the cupid’s bow. The best tip you can use on these types of lips is balancing the distribution of weight as much as you can. Below given are some simple tips to try out:

    • Start applying lipstick or liner at the center of your upper lip and follow your natural line on the lip to avoid overdoing or overdrawing the liner.
    • Apply one lip shade on the upper lip and another lip shade on the lower and make sure the bright lipstick is at the bottom. The lip shade on the upper lip should be darker at the top. This is an important tip to create an illusion of balanced lip shade and it also makes your face appear proportional.
    • If you do not like applying a different shade to both lips, you can also avoid it by using a white pencil or eyeshadow on the lower lip. Just dab it slowly to give it fuller look.
    • Another easy trick you can use is to underline your top lip just beneath the natural lip shape. You can finish this look by filling in such an outline.
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    4. Bottom Heavy Lip

    types of lips

    Can you ingore Kylie Jenner’s Insta famous pout? We surely cannot! Her lips look proportional due to her make-up tricks but eventually, she has cute bottom heavy lips naturally. We personally adore her lip shape. While Kylie Jenner has the best types of lips she tries to make them appear puffy and fuller. You can also try some tricks to have the same effect.

    Try to dab some creamy nude line or eyeshadow to the upper lip’s center as it helps you add fullness to your lips. You can also gently blur the lip line of your lower lip and blend it with your complexion.

    5. Thin Lips

    types of lips

    The next category in types of lips is thin lips. These types of lips consist of less space and dimension on both lips equally. The best way to use while applying make-up to thin types of lips is to overline them using a pencil or smudge the edges for them to blend perfectly with the lip shape you naturally have.

    This way you can use both liquid lip colors and matte lip shades to create a perfect illusion of fuller or puffy lips. If you go with a lighter shade on your lower lip, you can give your lips a plumpiness sort of effect. This looks absolutely gorgeous. A dab of gloss in the middle of the lower and upper lips will make it appear more plumpy than usual.

    6. Wide Lips

    types of lips

    Have you ever been complimented on your smile or has anyone said you have a pretty ear-to-ear smile? If yes, you have wide lips. These types of lips have the tendency to overwhelm other facial features, which clearly dominates your look whenever you give that pretty smile.

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    When you apply lip make-up balance the width ob overlining your lips so that they look bigger. You can also just overline the lower lip to add a cute weight to the mouth. The soft matte texture of nude shades will make them appear chic and less distracting than they actually are. If you do not want them to be noticeable, just highlight other facial features in order to replace the focus on your face rather than lips. For instance, try flushed cheeks or smoky eyes, they would actually balance out these types of lips.

    7. Small And Round Type

    types of lips

    Small lips usually have a limited width, but the pout is undoubtedly stunning. The protruding pout adds a different level of cuteness to your face. These types of lips have a natural pout to them that most women crave for. Some of the most amazing and flattering textures of makeup to apply on such lips are glossy, shimmery, and frosted lipsticks with a bit of a tint.

    Try to steer clear of dark shades, as they are just going to make them appear even smaller whereas if you apply bright undertones, you will be surprised at how gorgeous they look. These will accentuate your lips right away.

    There were several different types of lips that are very common. All these lip shapes are stunning, you just have to apply the right shade and highlight your facial features to make them appear stunning than ever.

    If you have monolid eyes, here is a detailed guide on how to apply make-up on monolid eyes.


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