6 Amazing Chihuahua Terrier Mix Sub-Breeds To Adopt!

    Chihuahua Terrier Mix- Complete Breed Guide With Types Of Dogs!

    The Chihuahua Terrier Mix breed is a result of breeding one of the mixed breeds of the terrier with chihuahuas as the name suggests. The most commonly used breeds that are bred with chihuahuas are the Yorkshire terrier, Russell terrier, and, fox terrier.

    Each of these crossbreeds gives birth to different types of dogs having unique traits and personalities of their own. However, these dogs mostly inherit the same traits from parent breeds. Let’s explore all the traits and see which are different types of chihuahua terrier mix dogs.

    Keep reading to know more fascinating personalities of these cute little dogs.

    Chihuahua Terrier Mix- Complete Guide

    chihuahua terrier mix
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    1. History of chihuahua terrier mix

    The chihuahua dogs are most commonly bred with rat terrier, fox terrier, Russell terrier, and Yorkshire terrier to give mix breeds. While most of the parent breeds of chihuahua terrier mix are recognized as a breed by American Kennel Club, chihuahua terrier mix is not recognized because it is a crossbreed. However, International Designer Canine Registry recognizes some of the dogs of this breed.

    To know more about the origin of the chihuahua terrier mix, one must know where the parent breeds originated from.

    Back in the 1800s and 1900s, when all other dogs were bred to be fighting dogs, chihuahuas were specially bred to be companion dogs. In the early 1900s, deer head chihuahua gained AKC recognition. They split into two separate varieties, Apple head chihuahuas and deer head chihuahua.

    Yorkshire terrier was bred initially to hint rodents and rats in the 1870s. This took place in Northern England in the beginning. They were mostly used in industrial settings like textile factories and coal mines. Soon they became popular as fashionable companions to humans.

    Not many of you might know this but they are among the most popular breed housed by many people in the US! They are also recognized by the American Kennel Club amongst their toy group. However, the variety of these dogs is still not recognized much.

    This was a tiny piece of information on the history of Yorkshire terriers and chihuahuas in general. Let’s see the characteristics of this mix breed-chihuahua terrier mix.

    Know that many of the terrier breeds have slightly the same characteristics and traits. These dogs are intelligent, independent, and really very active. When a cross is made between these dogs and the liveliness of chihuahuas, what we get is a fin ad interesting breed.

    A chihuahua terrier mix costs normally between 400 dollars to 800 dollars. They are highly expensive because they are prone to face some serious complications when they are given birth. Even if you have a waitlist, make sure you reach out to a reputable breed to get your chihuahua terrier mix or you may head towards a shelter or rescue home if you find them there. They will cost comparatively less.

    2. The appearance of chihuahua terrier mix

    To know how the chihuahua terrier mix appears like, it is a great idea to have a look at their parents. This will give you a clear picture of how they look like. Depending on which terrier breed one of their parents belongs to, they may vary in appearance.

    The size of these digs is small and their height is between 10 to 28 inches tall based on terrier breed. Their weight is somewhere between 6 to 25 lbs.

    3. Coat and color

    They have both types of coats- the long and the short one. Again, depending upon the parent breed their coat differs. Some dogs are smooth coated while some are wire coated chihuahua terrier mix. The grooming needs of these dogs are also likely to differ based on the coats they develop in the future.

    Chihuahua terrier mix may come in plenty of colors. Some of the most common cat colors of these dogs include tan, brown, white, black, and brown. Not only these single colors, but a chihuahua terrier mix may also be bi-colored or tri-colored.

    4. Temperament

    Animal So

    As already mentioned in the article above, you already know these are mixed breeds, so it is difficult to make sure of the exact temperament your dog is going to develop over the years or from birth. This is mostly true because all the parent breeds are slightly different.

    Normally, chihuahua terrier mix dogs are highly energetic and active dogs and they love spending time with their owners exercising or plying something. They love being around people but are most suited for home having adults only. They do not do very well when kept with children due to problematic behavior. They will most likely accompany you when you go out jogging or running. They are intelligent which means it is always better to keep them occupied with toys or your company.

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    Unfortunately, a chihuahua terrier mix can sometimes become stubborn due to some characteristics from their parent breed chihuahua who considers themselves to be the boss. This habit of chihuahua terrier mix makes them slightly difficult to train. They may also develop small dog syndrome and struggle with socialization with other people and dogs in the neighborhood.

    However, these issues can be fixed with early socialization. The dogs need to learn to mix and tolerate other pet animals and human beings they met. Just take them to dog clubs and dog parks at a young age where they can socialize.

    Overall, a chihuahua terrier mix is playful, fun-loving, and a friendly companion to be around.

    Now that you know the different traits and characteristics of the chihuahua terrier mix that they inherit from both the parent breeds, let’s take a look at their daily life and living. This will include their diet, grooming needs, and exercises needed.

    5. Food and diet of chihuahua terrier mix

    Chihuahua terrier mix is small greed so they do not need a lot of food on daily basis. They just require nearly 40 calories per pound f their weight. This equated to nearly 1 cup of dog food in a day. You must always check twice at the packet of dog food to see how much food should be fed based on your dog’s weight. The nutrition value differed from one company to another so it is a smart move to check twice.

    Always make sure that whatever you feed meets their daily nutritional requirements and has enough nutrition to keep them healthy and happy with no disease. These dogs are highly active so they do need a large amount of protein in their food. Always go for high-quality food fulfilling all the basic needs.

    These dogs are prone to gaining some weight so make sure to monitor all their eating habits and food carefully to make sure they do not binge eat. Try not to give them a lot of snacks and treats and don’t let them feed freely because this may increase their weight. Protein is highly needed in their diet because it helps keep their muscles strong and lean and ensures a good amino acid profile in their bodies.

    Alongside protein, minerals and vitamin s must also be given to the dogs. Vegetables and fruits should be included as they have a lot of antioxidants and fatty acids to promote coat health and good skin. Make sure the dog food has no added artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors in it.

    6. Exercise Needs

    As already mentioned above, the chihuahua terrier mix is highly active therefore it requires a lot of exercise and physical activities to remain in check. This also keeps the dog mentally stimulated. Due to their high energy, they will benefit from a 60-minute session of workout or daily exercise. More exercise is also preferable but make sure you take them outside to keep them mentally stimulated.

    They love going for brisk walks and love to join their owners while they are ut exercising. It is also better to keep your dog on a leash in public places when you are busy exercising because they tend to bark at other dogs nearby and chase rodents or anything they find interesting. However, proper socialization at a young age can help you avoid such behavior in your dog.

    7. Compatibility with the family

    Unfortunately, these dogs are not very well suited to families that have many small kids or young children. They are extremely great in families having one or two active adults. Because of the size, they do struggle to get along with children and might turn to nip because of the hunting history their parent breed terrier had. However, if you have older children, they might not be a problem.

    Chihuahua terrier mixes may also struggle with other pets living in your house and will require proper socialization to remain on good terms and for them to learn that they are no threat to them. If you already have pets living n your house, make sure they are the same size as the chihuahua terrier mix because large dogs may not get along well with this cute yet stubborn breed slightly.

    These hybrid dogs are highly active as already mentioned above so you also need to make sure that you are giving them enough time to dedicate to their exercising every day. You may have to spend a lot of your time training them too. If you think you can spare so much time on your little furry BFF, you are always welcome to get this breed as a new companion of yours.

    8. Training

    As you already know chihuahua terrier mix can be lightly stubborn and therefore training is a must but it is not as easy as you expect. However, their high intelligence power will help them grasp quickly everything you want them to do.

    They respond best to training led with positive reinforcement techniques. This includes handing them rewards whenever they make you happy and do their training well. Verbal praise and treats are the best way to enjoy the training sessions with your dog. Make sure you keep your calm even in the worst of situations because your frustration and anger are not good for the dog. They may not understand what you want out of them and this causes them to not learn anything you say. Also, it scares them and they may act abruptly out of self-defense.

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    Preserving with patience is the key to train a chihuahua terrier mix. They will eventually know what they are supposed to behave once you practice positive reinforcement.

    9. Socialization

    These digs may be slightly wary of other animals and strangers walking in your house. They may get slightly yappy and tart barking at starters because they have a hard time trusting others other than family. They may even start nipping at other humans and pets.

    This is the foremost important reason why you must socialize them at an early age. Just introduce them to new sounds, new sights, smells, places, animals, and people around you when they are young and learning things. This is a safe way to control your chihuahua terrier mix until they learn everything and three is nothing to be afraid about.

    10. Grooming of chihuahua terrier mix

    Coming to grooming requirements f a chihuahua terrier mix, it totally depends upon the type of dog you have and the arent breeds from the terrier side. They also possess different dogs. They may have short, long, smooth, or wired coats depending on the parent breeds.

    Normally, you are required to brush their oat twice or thrice a week. They may shed but not excessively like many other breeds. You can bath them whenever needed and it would not be an issue due to their small size.

    Make sure you are checking their ears every other day and trimming their nails when needed. You should also brush your dog’s teeth regularly to avoid any dental disease or decay in your dog. Many dogs often face dental issues because their owners are not able to keep a regular check on the most often. This should be completely avoided and you should pay attention to their oral health, nails, ears, and other body parts to notice an infection or inflammation.

    11. Health Issues in Chihuahua Terrier Mix

    Unfortunately, like other dogs, even chihuahua terrier mix is prone to getting some health issues. These issues are normally the same as what parent breeds of chihuahua have and passed down to the younger generation through breeding. Some of the main concerns you must pay attention to includes the following:

    • Luxating patella- This is quite a common condition among smaller dogs like chihuahuas. It is caused when the patella is not aligned correctly as it should. This may further cause lameness in the dog’s leg or an abnormal gait like hopping or skipping and not being able to walk properly.
    • Hydrocephalus- This disease is also known as water on the brain. Again, it can be quite common in smaller breeds like this one and causes an increase in pressure on the skull of your dog. Damages caused due to hydrocephalus can be really fatal when not checked in time.
    • Heart diseases- This usually limited the ability of the heart to pump blood properly throughout the body. Some common symptoms you can notice include fatigue, respiratory disease, coughing, lethargy, etc.

    Keeping an eye on your dog and taking them to a vet for regular checkups can help prevent the diseases in their initial stages as they can be caught before it’s too late or they become untreatable.

    If you buy your chihuahua terrier mix from a reputable breeder who practices ethical means of breeding the dogs, you can reduce the chances of your dog being prone to genetic illnesses. Trusted breeders also go for health checkups on the parent breeds before mating and will avoid crossbreeding if there are the slightest chances of passing down genetic diseases from parents to offspring.

    12. The lifespan of a chihuahua terrier mix

    The average lifespan of this breed is in between 12 years to 20 years. They have quite a long life expectancy compared to many other breeds and fall under the category of longest-living dog breeds.

    13. Types of chihuahua terrier mix dogs

    You cannot really predict everything about all the dogs that fall under this breed accurately, let’s see how many sub-breeds are there and how they differ from one another.

    This will help you decide which sub-breed you want to house and what size of crate will be required. Also, exercise and grooming needs differ for these dogs. Without knowing this you can proceed with the procedure because you might train your dog in the wrong way which could create a messy situation at home for the dog as well as the owner.

    1. Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix

    Animal So

    This dog has a cute nickname too, which is Rat-Chas. You can probably figure out by their name what type of activities they like or what they are good at that is chasing and hunting rats.

    The rat-terrier chihuahua is believed to be an all-American working dog. They are extremely friendly, eager to please, social, and food with kids. Also due to their eagerness to please the owner, they are really good at training. unless they spot a rat of course. This gets them distracted and they rub after them until chased.

    Their size is about 12 to 18 inches which makes them perfect dogs to be in an apartment with their owners. The only workout these little guys need is chasing balls indoors. A mouse can be fun too if you have one in your house.

    With a chihuahua and rat terrier mix, keeping them mentally stimulated is much more necessary than their physical activities so make sure your little dog has plenty of toys to play with. Do not leave them alone for too long.

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    2. Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix

    Animal so

    This unique mix between Russell terrier and chihuahua needs an owner having plenty of energy and patience. These dogs are interesting as they never seem to really get tired and have a unique mind that focuses on only one thing at a time.

    You should also know that they are slightly larger than other sub-breeds of chihuahua terrier mix but slightly smaller than jack Russell. Their size is nearly 25 inches. They have a strong prey drive so they are better suited for owners who do not have other pets like hamsters, gerbils, or rabbits. Not even around the house because jack Russel terrier chihuahua cannot stop its prey drive.

    3. Fox terrier chihuahua mix

    Animal so

    Fox terrier chihuahua mix is also referred to as Chitoxy and Taco Terriers. This breed has quite a long history in the countryside. This dog stood behind plenty of colonels and appeared in painting from the 15th and 15th centuries. Isn’t that interesting enough?

    Its muse status definitely has something to do with the signature wired coat of fox terrier chihuahua. These features make it stand out among all other dog groups of this breed.

    They have a single coat so it would be better if they stay indoors in winters or were raised in warmer climates. They love nothing more than being a part of a family. They just attach to their owners wholeheartedly with no second thoughts. They are highly devoted, energetic, bright, and loyal to the family they reside in.

    4. Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua Mix

    Animal so

    Out of all the sub-breeds of chihuahua terrier mix, a Yorkshire terrier chihuahua is the smallest. It has a size of just 9 to 10 inches and weighs nearly 7 pounds only. They are also referred to as Chorkie.

    Don’t allow their little sie to fool you as they carry quite a strong work ethic. By worker thic, we mean they love involving in mice chasing ad always have something to do on their plate. They are highly busybodies and the last thing these dog desires is getting low energy and lazy owner.

    Also, they require the owner to brush and groom them almost daily due to their coat as it is very thick. They are better suited for living in cold as compared to a fox terrier chihuahua mix sub-breed.

    Their coat color totally depends upon their parents and it could be black, chocolate, tan, white, or cream.

    5. Bull Terrier Chihuahua Mix

    Animal so

    Here comes the most unpredictable breed among all the chihuahua terrier mix dogs. This is because it involves a third pedigree line other than chihuahua and terriers.

    Bull terriers were bred belonging to the bulldog breeds back in the 19th century. Although they no longer exist now, we still know a third dog was in the picture too.

    With their name the Bull terrier, you’d definitely have a picture of these dogs to be strong, masculine, intimidating, and bigger in size in general. You are absolutely right, the bull terrier was a fighting dog in the 19th century. Due to their fighting skills, a chihuahua mix of this breed has a spicy personality than there.

    The bull terrier and chihuahua mix are insanely energetic and lovable dogs. They are slightly harder to train due to their stubborn and mischievous nature. Also, if you are lazy, you cannot go for this dog.

    Another important thing you must know is that they are not known for getting along well with any other pets you have. They can be large in size and finds training immensely boring so they would rather fight for love with other pets making them an uneasy mix in the family.

    6. Pitbull terrier chihuahua mix


    It may seem weird to you, right? It may seem uneasy due to their size difference but this sub-breed exists. Inside the small body of a chihuahua breed, they have the fitness and muscles of a pit bulldog.

    They are energetic, courageous, and protective of their owners. They have sweet-natured personalities which makes them extremely easy to train unless the chihuahua genes are dominating making them slightly stubborn at times.

    Bringing a pitbull chihuahua mix must be an easy transition. This is because the pitbull art of the dog gets along really well with children, adults, other pets, and strangers. They are very easy to socialize with and love having a good time with everyone.

    As for the grooming part, they shed moderately and require a bath once or twice a month only. Also, as an owner, you must make sure to clip their nails routinely and check their ears for infection. Make sure you brush your little masculine friend daily.

    Bringing A Chihuahua Terrier Mix at home

    These dogs come with a big personality and think that they can easily sacre a rottweiler. Well, it is great to think we can do the unbelievable, right?

    Among all these breeds, the Yorkshire terrier mix is among the loudest dogs and they bark a lot. If you have the slightest of doubt about your neighbor’s comparing, you can skip this option for sure.

    Know that all the dogs under chihuahua terrier mix shed to some degree. Just be prepared to clean the apartment more than you usually do in winter and summer. They are often scared of children and need early socialization otherwise they may get out of control.

    You just have to remain patient when you are going for adoption or rescuing a dog. The one thing that all the sub-breeds have in common is that they love and crave companionship. If you are slightly lazy and love nothing else other than laying on the ouch, this dog is not a good match for you.


    Depending upon the parent breeds, all the breeds differ. However, these dogs are intelligent and fun-loving. They have high energy levels which makes them perfect for owners who love exercising. They can be slightly more cautious around other dogs and people but they love their owner and family immensely. They will do pretty well in adult homes.

    So, if you are planning to get a feisty little dog with a huge personality, a chihuahua terrier mix may be the perfect choice to go for.


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